A Review of Wix Shoutout Email Marketing Solution

Wix Shoutout is a beginner-friendly drag and drop email marketing/newsletter service provided by Wix.

Their service makes it possible to craft beautifully designed emails in a matter of minutes without needing to have any exceptional technical skills. 

They also offer a variety of other services related to customer relationship management within Wix ShoutOut.

Today I’m going to be doing an in-depth Wix ShoutOut Review

So that way you’ll know what to expect from their software prior to signing up!

Wix ShoutOut Review | What Is Wix ShoutOut?

Wix ShoutOut is an all-in-one email, list building, and marketing package.

It is very user friendly, and the functionality of it can be picked up with ease whether you have very little technical skills or are an experienced digital marketer.

Although I would say that Wix ShoutOut is geared more towards beginners, or business owners that plan on doing their own customer relationship management as they do take you, step by step through the process which was a bonus!

Wix ShoutOut is also available in 16 different languages, which is by far more than most of its rivals.  

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wix shoutout review

Wix Email Marketing

Wix ShoutOut does an amazing job at providing you with vital statistics relevant to your email marketing campaigns while integrating social media seamlessly.

They even have a feature which allows you to turn your email templates into Facebook Ads (Although other email marketing software offer this same service and do a better job at handling bulk email distribution)

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Is Wix ShoutOut Easy To Use?

wix shoutout review

Wix ShoutOut makes it incredibly easy to send out beautifully crafted newsletters whether you have a website on Wix and are familiar with their platform or if it’s your first time ever using any type of newsletter service.

(You don’t have to be a customer of Wix or have a website on their platform to use Wix ShoutOut)

wix shoutout review

They have various pre-built templates that are categorized by industry, different background images you could choose from, as well as a fully customizable drag in sections. 

And the ability to edit anything that is already on the pre-existing templates.

If you’ve ever done anything as advanced as posting something on social media then you’ll be able to send out professional look newsletters through Wix ShoutOut.

The caveat to it being so beginner-friendly and easy to use is that they offer very little personalization within your email marketing campaigns.

Such as: Adding the names or information of the recipients, or being able to implement any advanced email marketing techniques that make it seem more like a personalized experience.

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Is Wix ShoutOut Free?

A nice feature of using Wix ShoutOut is that you can start email marketing virtually for free.

As they do offer a plan that is 100% Free.

While it is very limited to how many campaigns you’ll be able to send per month it is very well suited for someone who has a small email list or only planned on sending a couple new’s letters out per month.

If you’re planning on using their Free plan, you’ll be able to send out a maximum of 3 Newsletters (3 Email marketing campaigns) per month and up to 5,000 emails. 

Keep in mind that if you’re planning on utilizing their free plan, all of your emails and campaigns will have Wix’s branding and logo on your newsletters.

A Great Alternative To Wix ShoutOut I Recommend Is GetResponse. Read An Article I Have About It Here.

Wix ShoutOut Pricing

While they do have a Free version, their paid service offers additional features. Which is broken down into 3 different tiers.

# Of Campaigns Per Month3520Unlimited
# Of Emails Per Month5,0009,50050,0001,000,000
# Of Contacts 5,00010,00025,000200,000
Remove Ads In Emails?NoNoYesYes
Newsletter URLs
on Your own domain
Monthly PlanFree$4.90 Per Month$12.90 Per Month$44.90 Per Month
Yearly PlanFree$4.35 Per Month$8.60 Per Month$32.75 Per Month

You can find out even more about about Wix ShoutOut’s Pricing here!

Wix ShoutOut VS An Alternative

There are various alternatives to use other than Wix ShoutOut and when I was deciding to compare it to another software I concluded that Wix ShoutOut couldn’t be properly compared as it only offers a fraction of tools that even the most basic email marketing Softwares out there offer.

Would I recommend using Wix ShoutOut over another Tool? Not unless you fall into the following category:

  • You’re already a Wix user, have a website or online store through Wix. You’re looking for a newsletter tool that can integrate seamlessly into your pre-existing site and contacts
  • You enjoy Wix’s templates and easy to use design and want to use them in your newsletters without much trouble
  • You don’t have a Wix site, but only have basic needs when it comes to email marketing/newsletter
  • You only require basic reporting (Email open rate, clicks, unsubscribe, ETC)
  • You aren’t looking to invest much if anything into your email marketing
  • You only plan to run a few basic campaigns per month.

Ultimately you could achieve so much more from your email marketing campaigns for a similar price if you decided to go with just about any other CRM service. 

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Wix ShoutOut Review | Summary

While Wix ShoutOut is beautifully designed and very easy to use I found that the features available were very limited.

The strongest point of their service is the seamless integration with pre-existing Wix users. 

Making it possible to effortlessly start running email marketing campaigns from your Wix contact list you’ve built from your site/e-commerce store.

But would I recommend this over another tool like Getresponse or MailChimp? No, unless you’re already using Wix then I would definitely go with another service as they will provide you will more control and tools that can benefit your campaigns compared to Wix ShoutOut.

With the exception, if you’re looking for a newsletter service that is really basic, wouldn’t like the extra customization, and are really just looking for something that is EASY to use.

With that said though, as it is entirely Free to use their basic plan it wouldn’t hurt to utilize it in the meantime while you figured out something else that will suit you in the long run. 

As it could help boost your customer engagement and it could prove useful especially if you aren’t currently using any type of email marketing in your business.

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