Wix Affiliate Review – Just How Much Can You Make?

Wix.com is one of the fastest-growing software companies in the world, and through the use of relevant drag and drop tools, Wix provides its clients with cloud-based web development and design services.

As part of its marketing strategy, Wix has a robust affiliate marketing program for website owners looking to make money by sharing Wix-related content.

How much can you make as a Wix affiliate?

Your earnings as a Wix affiliate depend on how well you market the company to potential clients. Registered affiliates earn a mouth-watering $100 per premium user registered on the platform. However, to get paid, your premium referrals mustn’t cancel their upgrade before the 14-day trial period.

Want to know more about the Wix affiliate program and whether it’s worth your time and effort?

Read on as we discuss the main features of working as a Wix affiliate, and how much you can realistically earn by marketing Wix on your website.

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Wix.Com: An Overview

Since its formation in 2006, Wix has gradually developed into one of the best web development companies.

You can choose to set up a free website or upgrade to the premium package to remove Wix ads, connect to your domain, access form builder, install eCommerce capabilities, and purchase extra bandwidth. 

Through the Wix App Market, the company gives its clients access to both subscription-based and free applications.

You can easily integrate third-party applications such as email marketing, file management, photograph feeds, and music playlists on your Wix website.

The Wix Affiliate Program: How to Get Started

wix affiliate review

The Wix affiliate program targets site owners that can drive high volumes of organic traffic to Wix through original content. Some of the accepted marketing techniques include how-to videos, tutorials, informative articles, and infographics. 

Registering as a Wix affiliate is pretty easy. All you’ll need to do is fill a signup form. In the form, you’ll need to provide basic details such as your official names, company name, email address, country. Besides your personal details, you’ll also need to provide your site name and URL when filling the form.

The registration process is pretty straight forward, allowing you to save time when signing up. Once you’re done filling personal and website details, you’ll need to wait for approval from the Wix team. 

Chances of approval are usually high if your website is well-managed and active.

Wix will send you an email with a link to your affiliate dashboard once you get approved for the affiliate program.

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How Much Commission Affiliates Can Earn on Wix

Wix takes a unique approach in regards to commissions and payouts. All affiliates stand to make $100 whenever a referral registers to a premium package and doesn’t cancel within the trial period.

This means that you can earn as much as possible, provided your referrals subscribe, and don’t cancel their premium packages.  

Although Wix is known for its free website builder, it has an array of premium services that give users an extra edge when setting up their sites.

A Closer Look at Wix’s Premium Plans

Since working as a Wix affiliate revolves around selling the company’s premium plans, it’s crucial to check on the various features that come with the premium plans.

Wix premium is divided into two main categories, website plans, and business and eCommerce plans. We’ll take a look at both in this section, starting with the website plans.

VIP Package

The VIP package costs $24.50 a month and comes with a host of merits. In addition to unlimited bandwidth, clients who subscribe to this package also get 20 GB storage, free domain for a year, two video hours, a site booster app worth $60, a visitor analytics app worth $60, priority response, and VIP support. 

Unlimited Package

For just $12.50 a month, clients who subscribe to this package get several features, including 10GB storage, removal of Wix ads, one video hour, free domain for a year, and unlimited bandwidth. This package is ideal for freelancers and entrepreneurs looking to create an online presence for their businesses.


This package targets clients in need of website plans for personal use. Clients only get 3GB storage, 2GB bandwidth. Subscribers to this package also get 30 minutes of video minutes and a free domain for a year, making it ideal for small-scale use. When selling this package, your target will be clients looking for a professional site layout without breaking the bank.

Connect Domain

This is the most basic of all Wix premium packages. Clients need to pay $4.50 a month to access this plan. Unlike the other plans, clients will have to put up with Wix ads when on this package. This Wix plan’s main features include 500MB storage, ability to connect domain, and 1GB bandwidth.

Business VIP

The Business VIP is the most expensive and feature-rich package of Wix’s business and eCommerce plans. In addition to accepting online payments, clients who subscribe to this package get 50GB storage, unlimited bandwidth, sales analytics and reports, priority response, VIP support, and pro-eCommerce features.

This package is suitable for businesses looking to capitalize on secure and fast online transactions. Therefore, creating content that appeals to medium and large businesses will help you to sell this package.

Business Unlimited

This is Wix’s second package in its business and eCommerce plans. For $25 a month, clients who purchase this package can accept online payments, connect their domain, remove Wix ads, and receive 35GB storage. Although clients don’t get priority support when on this package, they still stand to benefit from pro eCommerce features and a visitor analytics app worth $60. 

Business Basic

This is the final package provided by Wix in its business and eCommerce plans. Clients need to pay $17 every month to access features such as 20Gb storage, five video hours, sales and analytics reports, and a free domain for one year. This package is ideal for small businesses, so you should target startups when selling this package. 

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Wix Affiliate Link Tracking

Wix allows its affiliates to use their links on blogs, social media, and emails. Once the links are placed on your website, Wix will then track the links, keeping a record of when customers sign up for a premium package on the official site.

All Wix affiliate links have unique identifiers that track traffic to Wix from your site. The identifiers ensure that Wix’s tracking system attributes your URL to the conversion of new clients from prospects into members.

To ensure that affiliates get their due (fairly), Wix observes the First Click Model, meaning you’ll receive a payment if a client registers on Wix after first visiting your site before clicking on other affiliate marketing links.

Wix has set its affiliate cookies to expire after 30 days. This means that you won’t get any commission if a client registers on Wix 30 days after being referred to the site through your affiliate link. 

Check Out A Review Of Wix Affiliate Program Below

Does Wix Have a Sales Target?

Yes. Wix holds that all active affiliates can only receive payments once they’ve earned a minimum of $300 a month.

In case your monthly earnings don’t amount to $300, the available funds will be kept in your affiliate account until it reaches the minimum withdrawable amount. 

Wix pays consistently on the 15th business day of every month, meaning you can always anticipate your affiliate earnings provided they are above $300.

Benefits of Joining the Wix Affiliate Program

Competitive Commission Rate

Wix pays $100 whenever a premium client subscribes without any cancellation. Although the payment system is different from the percentage system used by most companies, it helps to increase the earning potential of active affiliates.

You don’t have to worry about hitting your income ceiling as a Wix affiliate since the company allows its affiliates to bring in as many new clients as possible. This means you can earn as much as you want as long as you use the right marketing and client conversion strategies.

Wix Has High Conversion Rates and High Sales

When setting up an affiliate account, the idea is to partner with a site that has impressive conversion statistics. Marketing Wix is easy due to its transparent and value-adding packages.

Although the majority of Wix’s clients are on free subscriptions, finding clients willing to access premium features shouldn’t be too hard.

Wix’s premium packages are designed to give clients an edge over competitors, making it easy to sell and market. Most affiliates have maintained consistent earnings due to the steady stream of prospects willing to upgrade their subscription.

The trick is to understand each package’s target market and tailor your content and how-to videos on how to make the most of Wix’s advanced features.

Wix Provides Loads of Creative Materials

Your Wix affiliate dashboard is where you’ll generate your link and creatives. You can choose from a wide array of banners and landing pages that come in several languages.

The creative banners and posters are updated regularly to help your site stand out and convert prospects.

Combining Wix’s creative materials with informative content can come in handy in your affiliate marketing activities.

Not only will the banners and posters affirm your status as an authority, but they also show your seriousness and commitment to providing value to clients.

This allows you to attract serious clients, especially those in search of premium features.

Wix Has Informative Blogs That Provide Assistance

Wix is fully committed to helping both its affiliates and marketers acclimatize to the site and its functions.

In case you’re struggling with one or two areas, you can easily access the blogs and learn more about how Wix’s affiliate program works.

From blogs on how to set up an affiliate account to conversations on how to increase your conversion rate, Wix provides a wide array of informative resources to guide you.

You no longer have to worry about learning the ropes on your own since the Wix team will guide you every step of the way. 

Consistent Payment

Wix pays its affiliates on the 15th business day of every month without any delays. The consistent payment allows you to plan for your finance in advance, which in turn improves your financial organization. 

Wix’s decision to pay commissions after they surpass the $300 limit ensures that affiliates receive their payments in bulk.

While not everyone likes the relatively high minimum payout, it can come in handy for affiliates who prefer withdrawing large amounts.

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Drawbacks of the Wix Affiliate Program

One Time Pay Outs

Although Wix has one of the best paying commission rates in the market, the company only pays its commission once per client.

Therefore, this means that affiliates must work extra hard to bring in new clients lest they stop making passive income from Wix.

The $300 Minimum Payout Is High

Wix only pays its affiliates when the account balance surpasses the $300 mark. While this might work for some affiliates who prefer earning in bulk, it can greatly affect the earnings of new affiliates, especially those with relatively new websites.

Some affiliates have complained that reaching the $300 takes long when getting started, arguing that Wix should lower its threshold to accommodate new members.

Affiliate Links Have a 30-Day Cookie Life

Wix only pays commissions after clients buy premium packages within a month of clicking the affiliate link. Although not the shortest cookie life span, the 30-day duration means affiliates need to be more convincing and intentional in their marketing strategies. 

Therefore, to beat the cookie deadline and convert prospects into Wix clients, try your best to package your content in a professional way to ensure you come off as an authority.

Clients Prefer the Free Packages

Unfortunately, not every site visitor is interested in premium packages. In fact, 80% of Wix clients use free accounts, making it fairly difficult to convince new visitors to buy the premium package.

The price margin between the free and premium packages is fairly high, which discourages clients with tight budgets from paying.

Another disadvantage of the affiliate program is Wix’s monthly payments. Most potential clients prefer paying one-off fees, which can prove problematic considering almost all of Wix’s premium packages require recurrent monthly payments.

Unfortunately, not every site visitor is interested in premium packages. In fact, 80% of Wix clients use free accounts, making it fairly difficult to convince new visitors to buy the premium package. The price margin between the free and premium packages is fairly high, which discourages clients with tight budgets from paying.

Another disadvantage of the affiliate program is Wix’s monthly payments. Most potential clients prefer paying one-off fees, which can prove problematic considering almost all of Wix’s premium packages require recurrent monthly payments.

Affiliate Dashboard Could Use Some Simplification

Several affiliates have registered their complaints about the complex nature of Wix’s affiliate dashboard.

The argument passed across is that the affiliate dashboard should be simplistic and easy for new members to grasp.

However, with the Wix site, you’ll need to be tech-savvy to successfully navigate the affiliate dashboard and check on important statistics.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Wix’s Affiliate Program

Are All Websites Eligible for the Wix Affiliate Program?

Any site owner can apply to join the Wix affiliate program. However, Wix reserves the right to approve or reject applications based on the nature of the sites.

Sites containing objectionable material like explicit content and violence won’t get approved to join the Wix affiliate program. 

It is crucial to package your site to match Wix’s primary services to increase the chances of approval.

Is It Possible to Track Performance and Sales on the Wix Affiliate Program?

Yes. Using your affiliate dashboard, press on ‘reports,’ and your statistics will pop up. You can opt to view several stats, check payments, and customize your reports.

Wix uses its unique identifiers to track traffic directed from affiliate links. The tracking system is set to ‘remember’ URLs, which helps to guarantee that you are credited for premium sales referred to Wix. And to ensure that commissions are paid fairly, Wix uses the First Click Model.

How Often Does Wix Pay?

Wix requires all its affiliates to earn a minimum of $300 to receive payments. All ongoing conversions and earnings will remain in your affiliate account until the amount passes the $300 threshold. 

Affiliates who have satisfied the minimum withdrawal amount receive email notifications on the 15th business day of every month with payment details.

How Much Can One Make From Wix’s Affiliate Program?

Affiliates earnings depend on the effort put into marketing Wix’s various products and services. Based on online reviews, well-established affiliates can earn thousands of dollars monthly.

On the other side of the spectrum, affiliates who are just starting out tend to struggle with sales and can even fail to meet the minimum threshold for withdrawal. 

Either way, your success on Wix’s affiliate program is hinged on your ability to produce value-adding content that can convert prospects into premium clients.

Is There a Referral Limit?

Wix encourages its affiliates to advertise as much as they can and bring in new clients on board.

With Wix, you don’t have to worry about reaching your earnings ceiling since you’re eligible to earn as long as you bring in the numbers (premium).

You can have tens or even hundreds of referrals as long as you’re using organic marketing techniques to create awareness about Wix’s products.

Can I Earn When Referrals Create Free Accounts?

Unfortunately, Wix only pays a commission for premium members. That is, you won’t get paid when a client uses your referral link to create a free account.

This explains why affiliates are encouraged to package their content in such a way that appeals to premium clients. Or those that are willing to try the premium package.

Can My Wix Affiliate Account Be Terminated?

Wix reserves the right to accept, reject, or terminate affiliate accounts. The site remains adamant that all affiliates must honor the core rules of operation.

This means that Wix can terminate your affiliate account if it deems your site unfit to carry out its marketing activities.

How Can I Increase My Commission Earnings on Wix?

Similar to other affiliate marketing programs, the key to earning more on Wix is posting high-quality content consistently.

Besides posting informative articles on your website, you can also use your social media accounts to market Wix’s various products to your followers.

However, for successful outcomes, it is advisable to create and share video, content, and infographics that relate to Wix’s main services.

Try answering questions that potential Wix clients would want to know, and you’ll soon start to increase your commission earnings. 

Remember to post consistently as this will make you an authority and a trusted source of Wix-related information.

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Alternative Affiliate Programs to Consider

WordPress Affiliate Program

The WordPress affiliate program is among the hardest to join. WordPress must thoroughly examine a website’s traffic and content before approval, which makes it hard for upcoming websites to join the program.

WordPress claims that its desire to provide the best revenue opportunities is the main reason behind its low approval rate. Although WordPress operates its affiliate program in an invite-only capacity, it still welcomes interested applicants to try their shot at joining the referral team.

While getting approval to join the WordPress affiliate program isn’t easy, maintaining your status as an affiliate is even harder. Partners with less than $100 in accrued rewards for an extended period are usually removed from the program.

WordPress makes all its payments through PayPal and takes slightly longer before paying its affiliates. For instance, you’ll be paid for referrals made in January between the 16th and final day of March.  


Weebly is a web-hosting service that provides website building services similar to Wix. Approved affiliates earn a $25 referral credit (or its equivalent in supported currency) for any premium client that signs up on Weebly.

However, the commission stands only if the referred party doesn’t cancel a subscription or request a refund within a month.

All referral credits are paid approximately 30 days after the referred party purchased a subscription plan. Point to note, though, Weebly’s referral credits are usually limited to $100 (or its equivalent in approved currency) a month. 

You can use your referral credits to purchase a Weebly subscription; however, you can’t use the credits to purchase domains and apps. It is also impossible to transfer referral credits or exchange them for cash.


Although not as popular as WordPress and Wix, Squarespace has a well-managed affiliate program that attracts thousands of affiliates. To join Squarespace’s affiliate program, you’ll need to apply by providing accurate details about yourself and your site.

Squarespace provides its affiliates with custom links and banners that can be used to promote the services on a personal blog or website.

Despite the site’s claims that it accepts all types of websites, your chances of approval will be high if your site posts content that’s relevant to the services provided by Squarespace.

Squarespace doesn’t place any caps on the limit of referrals, ensuring that its affiliates can earn as much as they want.

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Things to Consider Before Applying to Market a Website Builder

As an affiliate, it’s crucial to sign up on sites with high conversion rates as this increases your chances of earning.

Consider the following factors before you start marketing content management systems (CMS) and website builders.

Usability of the Websites

Avoid overly-complex sites as they rarely attract potential customers. Most users prefer registering on platforms that are easy to use. This means that your affiliate marketing strategies are likely to fail if you sign up on a difficult site for clients to understand and use.

And in case a website builder is fairly complex, it should have enough articles dedicated to helping clients understand how it works. Due to this, it is advisable to become an affiliate on well-known sites that are easy to run.

Affordability of Products and Services

Since you’ll be attempting to sell premium products and services to random visitors, it is crucial to select affiliate programs that are within the financial reach of most clients. Your chances of success are extremely slim when looking to sell overpriced products and services. 

Therefore, before signing up as an affiliate at a CMS or website builder, check on the pricing policy to ensure it’s within the industry average.

Terms and Conditions

Most website builders have varying policies when it comes to affiliate marketing. While some sites like Wix might pay one-off commissions on registered premium users, others like Weebly pay in referral credits that cannot be redeemed for cash.

Therefore, be sure to do your due diligence and check on terms and conditions before registering as an affiliate.

Customer Support

Working as an affiliate in a highly-unresponsive site is a sure recipe for disaster since no client will sign up or register on sites with poor customer service. To be on the safe side, always partner with websites that have enough resources to communicate actively with clients. 

Remember, as an affiliate, it is your role to refer potential clients to value-adding sites as opposed to those that bring heartbreak and disappointment.

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Final Takeaway: Is the Wix Affiliate Program Good Enough?

The referral commission paid by Wix is arguably among the best in the world regardless of industry. For you to succeed as an affiliate, you’ll need to publish informative content on a consistent basis.

With Wix, you won’t have to worry about creative banners and posters since the site provides its affiliates with regularly updated marketing tools.

The downside of working with Wix is the high payout threshold of $300 that is relatively hard for new affiliates to hit. However, by posting informative articles regularly, you’ll be well placed to earn a consistent affiliate income from Wix.

Also, try your best to target new clients since Wix’s referral commission is only paid once per premium client.


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