Wishpond Affiliate Program Review – Pros and Cons

Wishpond is a digital marketing software that offers a plethora of tools for people looking to move their marketing online.

And is utilized by some big brands like Walmart, ESPN, and YELP.

They also have an affiliate program that offers a 30% recurring commission pay-out for every successful referral that you can make for as long as they use the software.

In this article, I’ll be going over the Pros and Cons of their affiliate program and be giving my honest Wishpond affiliate program review.

Wishpond Affiliate Program Review

Wishpond’s affiliate program offers a healthy 30% commission for every successful referral that you can get signed-up.

This is also a recurring commission which means that you’ll be paid 30% of the cost of service for as long as the person uses their software.

Whether the referral decides to pay monthly or annually. 

You’ll be paid every time that they pay their bill.

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How To Sign Up For Their Affiliate Program?

Signing up for their affiliate program is very straight forward.

Doesn’t require you to get screened or pre-approved which means you can start promoting and potentially creating revenue instantly!

From their home page, you can scroll to the bottom and click on the button like the image below to begin the sign-up process.

wishpond affiliate program review

Alternatively, you can head directly to wishpond.com/affiliates/ to begin the sign-up process.

You’ll be prompted for your email address, PayPal information, and any online assets that you might have (website)

Upon completion, you’ll be taken directly to their affiliate dashboard.

Inside the affiliate dashboard you’ll be able to see everything from:

  • Your unique affiliate link
  • Relevant statistics for each social media platform and the performance you’ve been receiving on each one of them.
  • Information regarding pending payments and commissions.
  • Assets, such as pre-made banner advertisements, which are available in multiple languages.

They provide you banner ads that look like:

Wishpond Wishpond Wishpond

How Much Can You Make From Wishpond’s Affiliate Program?

Wishpond offers 3 different tiers of subscriptions, based on the needs of the customer. 

wishpond affiliate program review
Plan1 Referral10 Referrals50 Referrals
Starting Out$22.50$225.00$1,125
Everything You Need$44.70$447.00$2,235
Rapid Growth$89.70$897.00$4,485

This is what your commissions would look like if you were promoting Wishpond and got successful referrals.

These numbers would be a monthly recurring commission. 

And would continue until the people who signed up through your affiliate link stopped using their service.

Alternatively you the customer could pay annually instead of monthly, where you’d receive a lump sum/30% commission of the cost for the annual price.

The price if paid annually is cheaper, however, you’d be reviving a big commission once per year.

Instead of receiving $38.00 per month, you’d be paid out $475.00 once a year per referral. 

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Wishpond Affiliate Program Review Pros & Cons

I’ve joined a lot of affiliate programs. 

And I mean a lot.

I have a massive list of programs that I actively promote.

So what were my honest thoughts on the Wishpond affiliate program? 

I broke down some pros and cons so that way you can know what to expect prior to promoting or even signing up for their affiliate program.


  • Recurring Commissions – The ability to create a passive income stream without a time limit on how long you’ll be paid.
  • A Mini Affiliate Course – Upon signing up they’ll send you a mini course on how to have success as an affiliate for Wishpond.
  • Relevant Assets – They provide you with content to promote their software for various platforms and in multiple languages.
  • Introductory Account – Just for being an affiliate you’ll gain access to their software where you can publish landing pages, send emails and create on site pop-ups for free.
  • Low Competition – You aren’t going to be competing against hundreds and thousands of people trying to promote this software. As there are bigger companies out there and the standard is promoting a select few.


  • Difficulty Signing up – Signing up for the affiliate program isn’t difficult, but to actually use their software. It would be hard to get referrals to complete the process because they don’t have an option where you can just start using it. You have to schedule a demo/consultation to even begin using Wishpond.
  • Isn’t Very Popular – The caveat to not having very much competition is that it isn’t that popular. Being someone who’s been in the digital space for a few years, there are big brands who provide the same services as this company and getting referrals to sign up just because of the brand might prove easier even if it came at a greater cost.
  • Pricing – Other companies that offer similar services come at a fraction of the cost. While it would be beneficial as an affiliate to promote more expensive services, getting someone to commit to a cheaper subscription would be easier and the chances of them using it longer would be higher.


While the potential to make a significant amount of money with their affiliate program is prevalent.

There are some challenges that will be faced, the biggest one being that a referral can’t just begin using their software and there isn’t a free trial.

You have to schedule a consultation and appointment to even begin using Wishpond, which could be a huge deterrent to people looking to move their marketing online in a reasonable amount of time.

Another thing that concerns me with their affiliate program is that some of the services that they offer can be found from other companies at a fraction of the cost (Which also have affiliate programs)

However, they do have a very beautiful affiliate dashboard which is packed full of statistics that could really prove to be useful at creating well-optimized marketing campaigns.

They have a lot of material that could be used to promote their company in multiple languages.

They offer Payment through Paypal which makes getting paid a breeze as an affiliate marketer.

All-in-all if you get creative, and are able to find customers who’re looking for the marketing automation that Wishpond offers, you could make a great recurring revenue with it.

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