Which Email Marketing Software Should I Use? The 3 Best Options.

Whether you’re just starting to move portions of your business online or you’re just looking for ways to automate some of your email marketing, deciding which platform to go with can be overwhelming..

Especially with all of the options out there.

But which email marketing software will not only give you the most value for the cost of using it, but is user friendly and can be set up without needing to know all of the tech stuff that is usually required to integrate your email marketing to services you’re already using.

Which Email Marketing Software Should You Use?

which email marketing software


Not just your average email marketing service, Active campaign is a complete email marketing and automation platform.

(As all 3 of the software companies that i’ll be talking about are.)

What are some of the key features that they offer that you won’t find within other platforms?

There is a vast amount of features that active campaign offers. So many, that their platform actually has quite a big learning curve and if email marketing is something that you’re new to, you’ll miss out on some of their feature or not get full use out of all of them.

which email marketing software

Key Features: 
  1. Ability To Build Any Type Of Automation
    Active Campaign is very flexible when it comes to automation and what type of email marketing workflows that you’re trying to create. Everything from your basic, ‘Send email when someone opts into your list’, to ‘send an catered email when a subscriber visits a certain page on your website’.
  2. You Can Share Automation Templates / WorkFlows
    Similar to the feature that Clickfunnels offers, where you can share you Pre-built templates with others. Active campaigns offers something very similar. Say you’re looking to get a certain type of automation created or have created one. You can either reach out to someone who has created one and import their workflow into your account or share one you’ve created with someone who’s in need of it!
  3. The Versatility / Scales With Your Business
    A really nice part about choosing to use active campaign as your email marketing automation platform is the fact that it scales with your business really well. Offering everything you’ll need from a very basic email marketing stand point. All the way to automated CRM (customer relationship management) and sales pipeline automation’s.
  4. Their Affiliate Program
    They have an amazing affiliate program which will pay you a 30% commission every month for each person that you can refer to their company! It isn’t unheard of to make a healthy amount of money from being an active campaign affiliate, as if you’re able to get a couple big brands signed up and they have the premium tier subscriptions you’ll be able to make some big commissions with very few referrals.

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Their pricing ranges, like most email marketing software companies they charge you per list size, and for addition features. You also will get a slight discount if you pay annually vs monthly. 

Pricing If Paid Monthly:

which email marketing software

Pricing If Paid Annually:

which email marketing software

Active Campaign FREE Trial:

They offer an amazing 14-day Free trial, which unlike most trials or subscription-based services you actually don’t even need to enter your credit card information in to start using some of the features that they offer! Click Here To Start Your FREE Trial! 

Option 2: AWEBER

Unlike other email marketing software companies out there, you’re going to get all of their features and services at a base price. The only time that the cost of your monthly subscription will go up is if your email list continues to grow in size. The larger the list, the larger the monthly cost is going to be..

And compared to the pricing of other options out there. You’re able to have a huge list for cheaper than you could get a base plan from some of the alternatives.

which email marketing software

Key Features:
  1. Automation
    Like all 3 of the choices in this blog post. Aweber is no different and offers a wide range of email marketing automation, however they’ve probably been doing it for longer than any other company out there. Their biggest claim is that they actually invented the autoresponder which is no little feat. They’ve been around for 20+ years and are an established company
  2. Sales tracking
    Similar to having a Facebook pixel (Piece of code) installed on your website that will track your sales, conversions, open rates and page views.  The same thing can be achieved within other platforms however they offer a built-in split testing, that way you’re going to be able to see what is performing better and why without having install extra things to do so.
  3. Very Beginner Friendly
    A great option if you’re new to email marketing, fast and friendly customer service, great educational tools for first-time users, full of articles, training videos and podcasts that’ll help you get all your campaigns up and going with no experience needed.
  4. Mobile App
    They have not just 1, but 3 mobile apps. Creating your email campaigns and building out workflows and things like that can be quite difficult from your phone but re-sending ones you’ve already built or checking to see how well ones you’ve already sent have performed from your phone is a very nice feature.
  5. Affiliate Program
    If you’ve read any of my blog posts you know I’m a sucker for software companies that offer affiliate programs, as it’s an easy way to add useful tools to your belt but negate the monthly cost by referring them to other people in similar industries as you.

A nice feature of Aweber is you get all of their services at a base price and the only time that the cost of use will go up is when your email list grows. 

which email marketing software


They offer a risk-free 30-day trial, which means you have a substantial amount of time to get comfortable with using all of the tools available to you from day 1, before you commit to a monthly payment! Check out Awebers FREE 30 Day Trial!


My last and favorite option when it comes to automating your email marketing campaigns is by far, Getresponse.

The number of features that they offer combined with some of the visualizations you’re able to utilize when creating your workflows was a huge selling point for me.

They also offer more than just email marketing, things like webinars & sales funnels / landing pages can be built within their platform.

You can also create Facebook Advertisements within their software as well!

which email marketing software

Key Features:
  1. Automation Workflow / Visualization
    Now Getresponse isn’t the only platform that offers a workflow / automation mapping, however, I’ve yet to find one that is as easy to use while giving you the ability visibly see what is going on with your email marketing campaigns. Setting up advanced email marketing techniques can be very easy within their platform without really even having a vast amount of knowledge in the subject. I was able to set up campaigns that were directing people to different types of emails based on their interactions and their activity from the emails I was sending. This can be crucial to your open rates and your success because it give you the ability to make every email you send feel like it was personally catered to the recipient. 
  2. More Value / Less Cost
    For the same amount as the other 2 platforms mentioned you’ll be able to get similar or the same features plus more. Getresponse also allows you to build as many landing pages and sales funnels as you want with their basic plan and in comparison to any other landing page building software that is less than 1/4 of the monthly cost as something like Clickfunnels. They also give you the ability to host webinars and build Facebook Advertisements all within one platform.
  3. Mobile App
    Similar to Aweber, they also have a mobile app however building email campaigns and drafting newsletters are much easier and can be done with ease from their app. It also is a very useful tool to re-use or check on the stats or open rates of previous email campaigns while you’re on the go.
  4. Affiliate Program
    Getresponse has a very generous affiliate program, where you can either chose to be paid a 33% commission every month, that your referral uses their platform, or you can chose to be paid a flat $100 for every person that you can recommend to their company and they sign up through your affiliate link.

Depending on whether you’re planning on paying monthly, annually, or every 24 months the prices will vary. However, being someone who has created multiple online businesses over the last few years, I haven’t had the need for anything more than the Getresponse Plus Plan. When I did have the professional I wasn’t using a lot of the features as it’s geared towards teams of people and allowing more than one person to use one account to access all of their tools.

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If Paying Monthly:

which email marketing software

Paying Annually:

which email marketing software

If You’re Paying Every 24 Months:

which email marketing software


They offer a risk free 30 day trial, which means you have a substantial amount of time to get comfortable with using all of the tools available to you from day 1, before you commit to a monthly payment! Check out GetResponse’s FREE 30 Day Trial!

So Which Email Marketing Software Should You Use?

Well in my opinion you got 3 options, all being suitable and great choices whether you’re brand new or are an experienced digital marketer.

  1. My personal favorite | GETRESPONSE 
  2. Automation Nation | ACTIVE CAMPAIGN 
  3. Beginners Paradise | AWEBER 

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