What Is The Best Blog Theme? #1 Option For Bloggers

Whether you’re just starting or you’ve been blogging for a while.

Getting yourself to the point where you can just start putting out as much content as possible without having to spend countless hours trying to make your menu look nice, or getting every piece of code correct so your site is fully functional.

So what is the best blog theme?

In my opinion, the best blog theme would consist of something that gives you the versatility to plug in pre-existing content if you’re already an established site, A theme that will generate some type of template so you have some starting point for a new site.

Something that built for speed and optimized for search engines.

And something that gives you the ability to have a beautiful looking blog without the need to know how to code or having to hire an expensive website developer!

This theme is for people who’re using WordPress.. And if you’re not using it I can’t really give you a recommendation on a theme compatible with platforms other than WP.

However, I can tell you that if you aren’t using WordPress you should be..

First of all, it’s free, and the versatility that they offer is unmatched.

What is the best Blog Theme? Acabado

Being someone that isn’t very experienced with coding and never even touching anything on WordPress before starting my blog, let’s just say that I spent a good few weeks trying to fine tune the functionality of my website and it wasn’t very good.

It wasn’t until I stumbled across the Acabado Theme By Income School that everything changed.

I went from having a clunky website that was loading very slow.. Didn’t look that great.. And took an entire process to get a thumbnail onto the page so you could preview a portion of every article that I wrote..

To something that was search engine optimized, mobile-friendly, and imported the entire layout for you within a matter of minutes. 

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What Can You Expect From Their Theme?


What is the best blog theme

Acabado offers a very aggressive pricing plan… And by aggressive, I mean it blows any other pricing plans out of the water..

Usually, you can get Themes for around $20-50 USD, But that doesn’t include any additional plugins or anything other than the basic Theme.

Some will also require you to subscribe to a monthly software to get a discount or to get a discount..

Acabado only offers 2 pricing plans! 

  1. The first option is $50 A Year. Unlimited use on as many websites that you personally own.
  2. The Second And In My Opinion, The Better Option Is A $99 Charge But Gives You The License To Use The Theme On Any Website You Personally Own For 100 Years. 

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Their Theme is designed to achieve 100 on Google’s speed test!

What is the best blog theme

If you’ve been in the digital space for any time at all. You’ll know just how important it is that your website and every page loads as fast as possible.

It’s 2020 and with very advanced technology readily at everyone’s fingertips, 100% of the time speed has become a crucial factor when it comes to your ability to rank on search engines.

Ideally, you’re going to want your site and pages to load within 3 seconds. If you aren’t able to achieve that. It is going to be difficult to rank towards the front pages of google because naturally, you’re going to get a higher bounce rate.

People aren’t patient like they were when there was dial-up internet. If your article isn’t up and ready to be read right away someone is just going to click back and move onto the next.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Built-In

If you’ve been blogging, I’m sure you’ve used some type of SEO plugin.

But it probably didn’t do as much as you thought. Or you weren’t getting the amount or type of traffic you wanted..

If your new or are just starting your blog, this is going to be key because it’s how you’re going to get people to read your articles and make money online.

Whether you’re planning on gravitating towards affiliate marketing, ad sense, or a combination of both.

Ranking A blog can be very lucrative if done correctly.

What is the best blog theme

Their entire theme comes packed with search engine optimization features! Which Means Less 3rd Party Plugins = Even Faster Load Times!

As you go through their training on how to import the theme into your WordPress account they tell you the exact plugins to use and what will help you achieve the best results with their theme.

Clean & Organized

One of my favorite parts about their theme.

The minimalist feeling, not only on the front end of the blog but also on the back end of your WordPress account.

What is the best blog theme

Themes today are so complex, full of extensive amounts of customization and so many features that you could spend weeks or even months trying to figure out how to get everything working just how you’ve always pictured it.

Acabado is the opposite of the traditional theme. While you’re still able to customize just about everything within it, you also have the capability to redesign any website in a matter of minutes.

Allowing you to really focus on creating amazing content and writing your articles and less time spent on minor details and learning how to code.

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Mobile First

Most themes come in two versions.

Desktop and mobile-friendly, some require you to edit each version separately.

What is the best blog theme

Nearly 65% of all website traffic now days is actually on mobile. However, most themes still prioritize desktop first.

Acabado does the opposite!

This means any pictures that you upload from your desktop, as you’re writing your articles and crafting your blog post.

They will automatically optimize everything needed for things to load properly and look just as good on mobile as they do on the desktop.

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