What Is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing in the United States is a multibillion-dollar industry backed by more than 10,000 affiliate marketing programs.

While the selection is broad, some affiliate marketing programs offer abysmal commission rates.

To maximize your affiliate marketing earnings, you need to zero in on the high ticket affiliate marketing.

High ticket affiliate marketing is promoting high-priced products to earn high commissions. High ticket affiliate programs offer high commissions per sale, have high conversion rates, and are highly popular. Some plans provide recurrent commissions on subsequent sales.

Increasing your earnings per referral is the key to affiliate marketing success. Read on and find out more about high ticket affiliate marketing.

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How High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Works

With high ticket affiliate programs, affiliates focus on picking products and services with higher margins. That allows them to focus their marketing efforts on a few products while earning higher than average commissions.

what is high ticket affiliate marketing

While lucrative, many affiliates stay away from high ticket affiliate programs because they have a higher entry barrier than regular affiliate programs.

For instance, Amazon Associates is the most popular affiliate program, and it offers publishers a limitless. However, the commissions are category-based and range from 1% to 3%. With such rates, you’d need to sell lots of items to generate substance income.

With high ticket items, you’re rewarded with fantastic pay rates that could range from ten to thousands of dollars per sale. These programs are suitable for publishers who want to move beyond the super competitive, low-effort affiliate programs.

With high ticket affiliate marketing, you should pick a niche that lets you leverage your passion, background, and experience. Building on your superior knowledge lets you build subject expertise and establish yourself as an authority.

Building brand authority allows you to cultivate a substantial online following, which translates into an extensive email list, social media followers, and web traffic. You can then leverage these numbers to get and join better and stronger affiliate programs.

As a super affiliate, you go beyond the standard affiliate marketing practices and focus your efforts on building an authority site. The end goal is to create a reputable brand that will attract the right target market.

Depending on the niche, you should target hobbyists, enthusiasts, professionals, and corporate clients. Such a target market understands the product’s value and is often on the edge of buying the product.

Hobbyists and enthusiasts aren’t put off by the cost because they’re passionate about the niche. The professionals and businesses are often looking to improve their efficiency and profit of the products.

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High Ticket Affiliate Commissions

Affiliate programs use different structures to reward their affiliates but often fall into three standard formats:

  • CPA. This commission structure rewards you with a commission rate when a prospect takes a given action. Most businesses use this model to build their email list, and the commissions are on the lower side.
  • Recurring commission. This structure is standard with subscription services, and it lets the affiliate collect a monthly commission from each lead. Some programs offer a lifetime commission as the subscriber pays, while others cap the duration.
  • Hi-ticket. In this structure, affiliates earn high commissions to close expensive products such as software solutions, courses, or coaching programs. The commissions are high because the product requires more effort and brand authority to sell.

Features of a High Ticket Affiliate Products

There are no fixed rules for picking out the best high ticket products and services. However, it’s best to pay attention to products that:

  • Are popular. You’ll have a hard time trying a product with little to no market presence. It’s best to pick a well-known product with a considerable following.
  • Superior in quality. Check the vendor’s reputation and the product’s reputation before joining a program. Promoting inferior products with horrible reviews will damage your credibility.
  • Legit. Some products might offer massive commissions because they circumvent the law or have a dubious production process. Promoting such products might harm your reputation, as well.
  • Offer recurring revenue. Such programs allow you to profit long-term from each lead you send them. That provides you with a reliable and predicate affiliate income each month.
  • Provide a long cookie duration. Complex products and solutions come with a long buyer journey. The program should provide a valid cookie throughout the buying journey, so you’re credited with the sale.

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5 High Ticket Affiliate Products

Below, you’ll find some of the most lucrative high ticket affiliate programs spread across various niches.


Udemy is a leading Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) provider with a global presence. Founded in 2010, Udemy boasts more than 100,000 video courses to help learners build and improve job-related skills.

The platform boasts more than 35 million students, 400 million course enrollments, and over 50,000 instructors. The courses come in more than 65 languages to let Udemy serve more than 180+ countries.

Udemy offers a 15% baseline commission on qualifying sales and provides a 7-day cookie. The site’s popularity and high traffic compensate for the low commission rate and short cookie duration.

To become an Udemy affiliate, you need to meet the following conditions:

  • Have more than 1,000 followers—Udemy partners with people with an engaged audience. Therefore, you need an email list, fanbase, or social media following at least 1,000 people.
  • Steady web traffic. Your site should have at least 1,000 monthly visitors for the last three months and updated content to qualify. If using a social media page to promote Udemy courses, you should have an active handle with high-level audience agreement.
  • Premium site content. You should populate your site with relevant and helpful content when applying to become an Udemy affiliate. Brand new sites with minimal content and inconsistent traffic don’t qualify.
  • Brand alignment. There must be an alignment between your site’s brand and Udemy’s mission and products. The site’s content should be relevant to the courses you’re promoting.


Grammarly is one of the world’s leading editing tools. It allows users to edit, check for errors, and plagiarism as they write, allowing them to deliver professional-grade written content. The powerful editing tool is intuitive to use and serves students, freelancers, and learning institutions.

Grammarly uses a subscription model and boasts lucrative affiliate programs that reward each referral – both paid and unpaid. Affiliates receive $0.2 for every free registration and $20 for a paid subscription.

It offers a generous 90-day cookie window to let you earn a commission if a subscriber upgrades to a paid plan within three months.

Most Grammarly users start with a free plan and upgrade later after experiencing the tool’s powerful features. That assures you of a 20 to 30 conversion rate, corresponding to a high affiliate income.

Grammarly sweetens the deals for its affiliate with an activation bonus, regular performance incentives, and world-class support. The service provider rewards top performers with increased payouts, cash bonuses, and exclusive bonuses.

To become a Grammarly affiliate, you need to sign up at Click Junction or ShareASale. You’re rewarded with an activation bonus as soon as you place a banner on your website and write a post promoting Grammarly.

Grammarly is a lucrative affiliate product since it’s a popular product in the education sector and has diverse applications. The program offers three payment modes – Direct deposit, bank wire, and check (US residents).


HubSpot is a leading digital marketing solution provider with a stellar reputation in the content marketing world.

The firm offers a host of software products to fuel business growth by improving customer engagement and interaction. The products include a CRM, Sales Hub, Marketing Hub, and a Service Hub.

The firm boasts more than 37,000 customers and uses a subscription model spread between three pricing points.

The HubSpot affiliate program offers a flat-rate commission based on the client’s first purchase and the product’s tier. It boasts a generous 90-day cookies window to increase your affiliate earnings:

  • Basic: $250
  • Professional: $500
  • Enterprise: $1,000

HubSpot offers a 90-day cookie and will credit you with the sale if the customer purchases through your affiliate link during the active window. Such a lengthy cookie is ideal when promoting business solutions. It allows the decision-makers in the corporate setting ample time to go through the buying process.

HubSpot uses an in-house affiliate program, and they have a dedicated affiliate support team and supply their affiliates with banners and other marketing materials.


Teachable is a learning management system provider that online educators. This online course platform facilitates bloggers, webmasters, and entrepreneurs to create courses and classes and sell them to their audience. The site offers more than 34,000 courses and boasts more than 7 million students and 22,000 students.

Unlike Fiverr, Teachable uses a subscription model and charges users a monthly fee. It offers three monthly payment plans – $39 for the Basic plan, $119 for Pro, and $249 for Business.

The teachable affiliate program offers a 30% commission on successful purchases and provides a 90-day cookie. Once you refer a customer, you’ll earn a residual commission each time they renew their subscription.

Teachable supplies affiliates with excellent support, including marketing aides such as marketing funnels, visual, and swipe copies. The platform offers excellent training to help users launch online courses, adding to its popularity.

With Teachable, you can also create a course and diversify your site’s revenue streams alongside the affiliate income paid through PayPal each month.

Teachable is a high ticket affiliate product because it uses a monthly subscription model and allows you to earn forever from each customer you refer to them.


Fiverr is a leading freelance marketplace and offers a beginner-friendly high ticket affiliate program. The service connects freelancers with clients seeking digital services spread across 300 categories and eight verticals. Some of the popular verticals include digital marketing, graphic design, programming, animation, and video production.

In 2019, Fiverr had 2.4 million customers spread across 160 countries and generated $141 million in revenue.

Fiverr affiliate program offers two commission structures:

  • Fiverr CPA. The commissions range from $15 to $150, depending on the customer’s product category. Affiliates are qualified for CPA commission once a referral converts into a customer and pays for a service. Fiverr Pro Services are the most rewarding at $150 in commission per sale. Other rewarding Fiverr categories include video and animation, graphic design, game development, Programming, and Tech services.
  • Fiverr Hybrid. The newly introduced hybrid commission uses a revenue share model to help Fiverr affiliates earn more money. The model pays a fixed $10 CPA for all first-time purchases and an additional 10% revenue share for every subsequent order by the customer for an entire year.

The commission method’s choice comes down to preference, target audience, services you’re promoting, and traffic source. Fiverr CPA is excellent when using paid web traffic, while the hybrid commission provides passive income for sites relying on organic traffic.

Fiverr affiliate program pays once a month and allows you to use both commission models on your site.

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Final Thoughts

High ticket affiliate programs carry higher than average commission rates to let the affiliates earn a high passive income. The products require you to build brand authority to gain the reader’s trust and convince them to buy.

The best high ticket programs offer:

  • Recurring commission
  • Popular products
  • Legit items
  • High commissions rates


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