What Is ClickFunnels Affiliate Program? 7 Best Ways You Can Make Money Online

Similar to other affiliate networks Clickfunnels has its own affiliate program but unlike other dedicated sites, they only have products that they’ve created for you to promote.

This takes A lot of the guesswork or worries out of finding A high converting product or something that is of A quality that you’d want to put your name behind.

So what is Clickfunnels affiliate program?

What is clickfunnels affiliate program

Their affiliate program starts at A 30% commission until you’ve got 40 people to sign up for Clickfunnels then your commission level will go up to 40%.

This is based on the active users that have signed up to A monthly subscription to Clickfunnels and the commissions you could receive for promoting their physical products would vary.

Getting people to sign up for the subscription is A great way to build A passive income and probably one of my favorite ways to building online income because you’ll be paid every time that someone you referred pays their bill.

When first starting you’d be receiving: $29 Per Month For Every Person Who Signs Up For The Base Plan Or $89 For Every Person That Purchases ClickFunnels Upgraded Plan

By the time you reach the 40% commission level you’d be making A minimum of: $38 Per Person Who’s Signed Up Or $1,552 Monthly Recurring Revenue 

Now I know that A $29 commission might not seem like much by itself but as you can tell it can really start to compound and add up as you get more people signed up. It also is A monthly recurring revenue so once people are signed up through your affiliate link you’ll be paid every time that they pay their bill. Software companies such as Clickfunnels also have A high retention rate so you’re not going to have to worry too much about chasing new sign-ups over and over again.

Want ClickFunnels To Pay For Your Dream Car?

You read that right and it’s not clickbait.

Clickfunnels will actually help you pay for your dream car.

A bonus to being an affiliate that I haven’t seen any other company offer.

They will reimburse you either $500 or $1,000 every month towards A loan on your dream car if you can achieve 100 active members or 200 members to Clickfunnels through your affiliate link.

Which would equate to:

  • $3,880 MMR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) + $500 For 100 Members 
  • $7,760 MMR + $1,000 For 200 Members 

You don’t actually need to be A user or pay to use Clickfunnels to become an affiliate even though I would highly recommend it.

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Up until January 1st, 2020 the affiliate program was open to anyone and if you were an active user of click funnels you were automatically an affiliate.

However that is not the case anymore and you do need to apply to become an affiliate, due to A massive influx of applications you can expect to hear back within about 10 days.

Sometimes they aren’t accepting applications and will be closed until A certain date so you might want to head over there and see if you’re able to apply now!

You can do so by checking out whatsyourdreamcar.com

Clickfunnels Affiliate Program: Physical Products You Can Promote

Clickfunnels also has physical products that you can promote alongside or instead of promoting their funnel building software or monthly subscription.

A lot of companies offer some type of cookie which means if you can get someone to purchase anything from them through your affiliate link you will have A period of time that if they purchase anything else you will receive an additional commission.

Clickfunnels however offers A lifetime Cookie which can become A very powerful tool if used correctly. Say for example you promote one of Clickfunnels very low ticket / Free items and you can get someone to purchase one of their books or swipe files. You’ll receive A commission on that albeit small but you’ll be getting someone to interact/give their email address to clickfunnels through your affiliate link.

Which means you can then put off the heavy lifting to none other than Clickfunnels itself. They’ll start promoting themselves through email marketing, social media, google ads, you name it. Everywhere throughout the internet and when they convert and eventually sign up for Clickfunnels or purchase A different product you’ll receive A commission because they first became aware of their brand or interacted with their website through your affiliate link.


One of the first products I would like to talk about is one of Russell Brunson’s books DotCom Secrets. “The Underground Playbook To Growing Your Company Online”

You can actually give the book away for Free the person just pays A $7 shipping fee and you’ll receive A minimum of $1 commission.

But you are promoting something from ClickFunnels and you can expect them to maximize the full potential of their sales funnel.

What is clickfunnels affiliate program


This sales funnel / the upsells and down sells are very similar to DOTCOM Secrets as you can see you could earn A potential of $927 for giving away A free book.

Now not everyone will purchase all or any of the up-sells but the thing is you will be getting someone to enter in their email address to clickfunnels website to build out your sticky cookie.

What is clickfunnels affiliate program


Another one of Russell Brunson’s books. This one is shorter than the others that he offers and has A lot of fun cartoonish pictures & drawings is great for someone wanting A read but also A visual experience also.
What is clickfunnels affiliate program


The last of the books that they offer / you can promote. This one is all about copywriting and is the newest book out of them all.

What is clickfunnels affiliate program

Using free / low ticket items to promote Clickfunnels as an affiliate can seem backward to some because you’re building out funnels or promoting things that aren’t guaranteed A high commission.

Which means you don’t have much room to spend money on advertising if that is the route you’re going, but in my opinion it is probably the most powerful way to go about it because you’re promoting something that is virtually very low risk and doesn’t require some type of huge commitment.

Yes, Clickfunnels does have A Free 14 day trial to everyone who wants to try it out but after that trial is up a lot of people aren’t going to want to commit to the $97 A month price tag right at the beginning of their journey of starting an online business or moving portions of their existing one online.

So it becomes more beneficial not only to you but to the potential customer to send them to something that they can gain value from. Such as A book that will teach them more about sales funnels and creating high converting sales funnels. Upon learning more and realizing the full potential of implementing sales funnels in their business they will naturally sign up and since they purchased the book through your affiliate link you’ll receive the commission when they do. That is the power of the sticky cookie and usually what separates people who have little success with affiliate marketing and people who become really successful.

The easier you make it for someone to learn about Clickfunnels / Ensure their success and educate them about it the longer they are likely to stay using the software which means the longer you will be commissioned per person. You could send people all day to the 14-day trial but what after that? When they’ve spent their entire trial trying to build A funnel and getting it up and going but don’t have much success and cancel.


The OFA is an amazing product to promote for people trying to learn more about sales funnels or anyone interested in building A business online.

What the One Funnel Away Challenge is A 30-day blueprint that takes you from A-Z to getting your offer, your sales funnel / Up-sell and down-sell, how to create value ladders, and how to add perceived value to your product or service and even to other peoples products if you’re an affiliate. It teaches you the psychology being them and why they work so well across every industry that you can imagine.

The owner of Clickfunnels did A case study where he reached out to A bunch of very successful entrepreneurs and asked them “If you lost it all and had to start over and all you had was A Clickfunnels account what would you do from Day 1 to Day 30?”

What is clickfunnels affiliate program

You will receive A $100 Commission for every person that you can get to register for the One Funnel Away Challenge, Which is an unbelievable amount of value for you as an affiliate and to the customer. You’re getting 100% of the commission and the customer is getting an entire business plan & how to implement it for $100.

Upon purchasing the challenge you will be granted access to A private Facebook group where lessons will be released every day with certain tasks for you to do. It really holds your hand and takes you through the entire process of getting your sales funnel up and functional, and doing it all correctly the first time.


Funnel scripts is A high ticket product without up-sell or down-sell you would receive A minimum of $318 commission. It is A software that eliminates the need to write your own copy for your sales funnels, Email marketing, Ads, or video scripts. For people that don’t know one of the most expensive things when it comes to outsourcing or hiring someone to do something for you online, it is actually copywriting. I’ve seen people charge around 10k to write the copy on sales funnels which makes this product viable because it is A reasonable one-time price for even A small or new business.

What is clickfunnels affiliate program

The funnel promoting Funnel scripts leads into A free 2 hour Web Class / Webinar which is pretty much the standard for selling high ticket products online. They have the highest conversion rate because they are strategically scripted by some of the most successful entrepreneurs at this time. I’m sure if you’ve been in the digital space at all within the last few years you’ve been taken to A webinar to be pitched on A course at the end. Well, the owner of Clickfunnels / Russel Brunson is the one who has pretty much revolutionized “evergreen” webinars so the chances of his converting over someone else’s are a lot higher.

You will also get someone into the sticky cookie just by having them register for the free webinar. So whether they purchase at the end or end up making A purchase later on even if it is a different product than Clickfunnels promotes to them through email or advertisement you’ll be paid A commission.

So What Is Clickfunnels Affiliate Program?

The Clickfunnels affiliate program consists of physical products as well as the ability to receive payments if you can get people to sign up for their monthly service. (Funnel Building Software)

As of 1/1/20 Affiliates now start at 30% commission until you’ve got 40 people signed up to their service through your affiliate link.

Then you’ll be bumped up to 40% commission on your monthly recurring revenue as well as 40% on additional products that you’re promoting.

You do also need to apply now and are not automatically an affiliate if you use Clickfunnels To Apply Go To WhatsYourDreamCar.Com

Clickfunnels will also reimburse you $500 per month if you can get 100 people signed up or $1,000 for 200 people towards A loan on your dream car.

Physical Products to Promote:

ClickFunnels Affiliate Resources

Whatever product you decide to promote within Clickfunnels whether that be the monthly subscription to their software or one of their physical products they’ll give you all of the resources that you need to become successful as an affiliate.

Everything from Email Marketing templates, social media posts, Advertisements and pictures that you can use to promote their products!What is clickfunnels affiliate program

This is what the back end of what their Christmas special looked like they give you images and done for your emails you just have to cater them to your audience.

They are really giving you all of the resources needed to be A successful affiliate marketer and they offer one of the best affiliate programs around alongside having some of the highest converting offers out right now. Being an affiliate for Clickfunnels couldn’t be A better option.

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