Warby Parker Affiliate Program Review – Can You Make Tons Of Cash?

Warby Parker is an American-based online retailer with a massive inventory of trendy eyeglasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses.

On top of affordable eyewear and free home try-ons, there’s one other perk of getting involved with Warby Parker — the affiliate program.

You can make a good sum of money via the Warby Parker affiliate program. With a commission rate of up to 20% and the average purchase price of $125, you can earn $25 for every referral you make. This program can be lucrative if you’re a fashionista or influencer with a large online following!

The Warby Parker affiliate program is a little-known referral program that you won’t find on the official website.

To find out what this program is all about and whether you’ll end up with some extra cash in your pocket, keep reading!

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Everything You Need to Know About Warby Parker

Warby Parker has only been around since 2010, but in those ten years, the eyewear company has taken over the industry.

Now valued at over $1 billion, Warby Parker “wows” its customer base by making eyewear purchases simple — customers can do just about everything online!

Here’s a look at what Warby Parker sells, what it has to offer customers, and why consumers seem to be so impressed by it:

  • Warby Parker sells its own frames, often starting at just $95.
  • Customers can split eyewear purchases into three payments without any extra fees.
  • The company sells daily, biweekly, and monthly contact lenses from brands like Acuvue.
  • Consumers can get free at-home “try-ons” for up to five frames at once.
  • Eye exams are available at several in-person locations across America.
  • Warby Parker has in-person stores in many major cities.
  • Customers can virtually try frames on via the Warby Parker app.

Based on these perks and benefits offered by Warby Parker, it should come as no surprise that most customers maintain their loyalty to the brand.

Data shows that the average Warby Parker customer will purchase more than one pair per order and make an annual purchase!

A Warby Parker advertisement from a few years ago puts the $95 price tag for a pair of Warby Parker glasses in perspective. Check it out below!

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Warby Parker Affiliate Program Details

The Warby Parker affiliate program exists, but you probably wouldn’t know it by scouring the official company website.

To sign-up for this referral program, you’ll have to go through a go-between of sorts.

Here’s What You Need to Know About the Warby Parker Affiliate Program

Like any other affiliate program, you’ll have to complete an application to see if you have the right audience to promote Warby Parker products. But since you can’t join via the official website, you’ll have to enroll via affiliate marketing networks like Share A Sale, Viglink, Skimlinks, and Awin.

Once an affiliate marketing network approves your application, you’ll receive a unique affiliate link to begin advertising.

Warby Parker will store a cookie on your visitors’ devices for up to 45 days (unless they clear their browsing cookies) after they click your link. That means you’ll cash-in if your referrals purchase from the company within a month and a half.

Commission rates for the Warby Parker affiliate program seem to go up to 20% on all purchases, though this might be as low as 10%.

You’ll earn an extra 50¢for all free home try-ons that your referrals request. There also seems to be an additional incentive ($10) for any new affiliates that you refer to the program.

Promoting your affiliate link is simplified thanks to the marketing materials offered by Warby Parker.

As an affiliate, you’ll receive weekly newsletters that’ll walk you through the content worth promoting, such as sales, promotions, and upcoming contests.

The affiliate program seems to be highly-regarded in the affiliate marketing community.

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The Pros of the Warby Parker Affiliate Program

The Warby Parker affiliate program might just be a program worth writing home about! In this section, we’ll dive into the pros of joining this program and who the ideal affiliate really is!

First, let’s talk about the reason you’re here: The money. This affiliate program can be a good source of passive income, especially if your referrals act like the average Warby Parker customer. And by that, we mean that they’re making an average sale of $125 per order.

The table below shows how your take-home will vary based on how many customers you end up referring to the company each month.

Total Referral Spending
Your Monthly Take-Home
(20% Commission)
Your Annual Take-Home

When you crunch the numbers, it’s possible to take home over $1,000 a year in commission by simply referring four new customers to Warby Parker each month.

Plus, you’ll get some extra pocket change in the form of 50¢for at-home try-ons. That probably won’t even make a dent in your water bill, but it’s more money in your wallet than you had before!

There’s also the added benefit of having your cookie saved on your follower’s devices for up to 45 days after they click your link. This 45-day period is far longer than other affiliate programs, which sometimes only last for seven days.

This prolonged period ensures more 20% commissions in your pocket and gives the vibe that Warby Parker generally wants its affiliates to cash-in and succeed.

This program is best if you have a large online following, especially if you consider yourself a fashionista or fashion influencer.

If your followers like to stay on-trend and be “hip,” they’re going to be impressed by the frames and shades that Warby Parker sells.

The Cons of the Warby Parker Affiliate Program

There’s no such thing as the “perfect” affiliate program, which remains true with the Warby Parker affiliate program.

In this section, we’ll reveal some of the not so great aspects!

The greatest downside about this affiliate program is that you aren’t joining directly through Warby Parker.

Now that doesn’t mean you’ll make any less money than other affiliate programs; it just means that you don’t have Warby Parker to guide you through the marketing process and guidelines you must follow.

So here’s a look at the cons of joining the Warby Parker affiliate program:

  • Most affiliate networks state that you can earn up to 20% commission on sales, but there isn’t a breakdown of how to get to that 20% rate.
  • You can’t use paid search ads to bid on Warby Parker-related keywords, limiting your reach and traffic.
  • If your conversion rate surpasses 25%, Warby Parker will lower your commission rate.
  • You can’t advertise your link via Facebook Ads or through Warby Parker’s official Facebook page.

Many of these guidelines come standard with an affiliate program, but there’s one that really catches our eye: A higher conversion rate.

You’d think that Warby Parker would appreciate your bringing more traffic to their site and ensuring sales, but instead, you’ll take in less money for your efforts.

It’s not a dealbreaker, but it’s a little unusual.

The Final Verdict

The Warby Parker affiliate program poses a lot of benefits, especially if you’re a social media pro and amass thousands of followers.

It’s possible to generate $25 in commission for every referral you make to the company, which can help you rack up over $1,000 in annual commission if you can refer 48 paying customers a year.

The 45-day cookie practically guarantees you’ll earn a commission when your followers click the link.

But this program does have downsides, including not joining through the Warby Parker site, getting a reduced commission for converting more sales, and having limitations for how you market your link.

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