Traffic Secrets Book Review & How To Get It For Free!

The problem that most entrepreneurs or business owners face isn’t creating amazing products or services.

It’s actually getting their future customers to realize that they even exist.

Every year thousands of businesses fail because they don’t understand that one essential skill.

The art of getting traffic, and how to get your customers to come to you vs the other way around.

Traffic is just people and Russell Brunson’s new book is all about how you can find “your” people so you can focus on changing their world with the products and services that you sell.

This blog post is going to break down everything that is packed into this 329-page book and how you can get a copy of it for yourself for free!

Traffic Secrets Book Review

This book starts off with a foreword from Dean Graziosi, the author of Millionaire Success Habits and a real estate mogul.

Very similar to how every one of Russell Brunson’s books starts out, with a credibility statement, and some recognition from other famous entrepreneurs.

In his previous book’s he has had Dan Kennedy the author of Direct Response Marketing, and Robert Kiyosaki the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad do the foreword so it was nice to grab another one of his books and have it keep the same flow.

Traffic Secrets begins with how Russell Brunson’s relationship with Dean Graziosi enveloped, then it jumps right into the preface which touches on points that have been covered in the 2 previous books in the trilogy. 

As this is the latest in the book series if you haven’t read either of the previous ones I would highly recommend you check them out.

I wrote reviews on both which you could check out by clicking the links below

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The Introduction

The introduction of this book gives you a preamble of what could be expected within this fairly short read.

This could be summarized as, Never relying on a singular platform to be the main or only source of traffic (client acquisition) as you’ll always be at the mercy of it.

A simple policy change or a price change in the cost it is taking to acquire new clients could leave your entire business in ruins.

By platforms, he means Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google, and all of the main channels people are using to generate revenue online.

Diversifying and never relying on a singular platform will give you the ability to cushion yourself so that you can utilize the strong points of each so that way when something does change your still able to monetize from other platforms while you’re figuring out what will work best after a change.

Digital marketing is an ever-evolving world and a fast one at that, what was working even a few short weeks ago is no longer relevant. 

That’s what the introduction talks about and this entire book covers, how to be prepared and use more than one channel to make money online.

The rest of the book can be broken down into 3 different sections and is comprised of 20 different secrets.

Section 1: Your Dream Customer

This section of the book has a heavy focus on finding your dream customers and answering the 2 key questions that you need to ask yourself.

  1. Who Is Your Dream Customer?
  2. Where Is Your Dream Customer Congregating?

Secret #1: Who Is Your Dream Customer?

The first secret of the book goes over how you’re going to identify what niche your business falls into.

That way you’re really able to identify with your dream customers so you can position yourself to highlight the pain points that they’re having and offer your products or services as the solution to those issues.

It then gives you an exercise that you can do so you’re able to think like your customer and ask yourself the same questions that they’d be asking themselves.

Check out this article that goes over how to discover your perfect customers!

 Secret #2: Where Are They Hiding? The Dream 100

This section of the book goes over how you’re going to build what they refer to as the “Dream 100 List.”

Secret #2 will give you some exercises that will teach you how to find people that are already interested in the types of products that your selling or the services that you offer.

There are already places that people are gathering who are ready to buy products in your industry and instead of forcing them to your sales funnels you can go to where they are already at.

Ask Yourself Questions Like: 

  • What websites do my dream customers already go to?
  • What types of Facebook groups are they engaged in?
  • Who are the influencers that they follow on social media?
  • What podcasts would they listen to?
  • What blogs to they actively ready?
  • Who are they subscribed to on Youtube?

This will help you with writing content, paid ads, and doing things such as search engine optimization.

Giving you the ability to see things from your dream customers’ perspective will give you the ability to identify with them, and evoke emotion.

Secret #3: Hook, Story, Offer, And The Attractive Character

This secret is all about the importance of having a Hook, Story, and An Offer.

In every step and aspect of your sales funnels. You can’t have good marketing without it.

Doesn’t go too in-depth in creating these as they are all things that he’s covered in his previous books.

There is an entire section in DOTCOM Secrets dedicated to creating an Attractive Character.

Secret #4: Work Your Way In, Buy Your Way In

This section is referring to either building up traffic organically/earning your customer base or paying for it from the start.

It touches on the benefits of both and the methods that will need to be used for either one.

And the art of doing both at the same time, as paying for traffic will usually have faster results in the beginning but will fizzle out over time.

As earning traffic is the opposite, and will be minimal at the start but will continue to grow as you build your brand and your audience.

Secret #5: Traffic That You Own

The best type of traffic to have, the type that you own or in other words, an email list.

Secret #5 is about building a highly engaged email list, and the incredible statistics behind email marketing.

In the book, this form of traffic is often referred to as “The Only Real Secret To Business, List Building”

On average you should be able to achieve a $1 Return for every 1 person on your email list.

traffic secrets book review

List Size

  • 1,000 People =$1,000 Per Month
  • 2,000 People = $2,000 Per Month
  • 10,000 People = $10,000 Per Month 

And so on, as you could imagine this number only continues to grow and can become a serious amount of income depending on the number of people you have on your list.

Imagine sending out an email and making more than most make in an entire year.

Grab a copy of my 180 done for you email templates that I’ve used to build my brand! (In The Make Money Online Industry But Could Be Edited)  That is over an Entire Year Of Emails For Free!

Secret #6: Follow-Up Funnels

“The Fortune Is In The Follow-Up” This section of the book is all about creating follow-up funnels and how people are able to stay profitable and basically spend as much money as they want on advertising.

In the simplest terms, It doesn’t matter how much it costs you to acquire a client in the front end, because at some point down the line in your sales process you’ve built your offers in a way that it is going to be profit. (By following up through email marketing and continuing to build rapport)

Don’t worry about how much it is costing you to acquire leads because once they’re in your ecosystem, you own that traffic and can build a true relationship with them.

Secret #7: Infiltrating The Dream 100

The methods that Russell teaches and follows aren’t new things that he’s discovered or really revolutionized.

He’s really just perfected the art of it, and at a crucial time. As methods 20 years ago are becoming irrelevant and moving toward different channels online.

This section of the book gives you insight into how you can relate them and see how they’re correlated.

Old Forms Of Marketing That Are Translated Into 2020

  • Instead of watching talk shows, people are on Facebook
  • Instead of listening to the radio, people are into Podcasts 
  • People aren’t watching Sitcoms, They’re on Youtube
  • Instead of watching reality Tv, They’re following that influencer on Instagram
  • Instead of reading newspapers, they’re reading blogs or articles that can be released minutes after something has happened.

The reason that they’re emphasizing the modern interpretations of these old business models is that you’re going to have to choose one of these platforms to build a following on.

In the book, Russell recommends that you create content for at least 1 year and it is on a platform that you personally spend a lot of time on.

Enjoy Reading Blog Posts? Start Your Own! This Article Takes You Step By Step! 

The rest of secret #7 is broken into 4 different steps and how to put it all together

  1. Publish daily content for at least a year – On a platform that you personally enjoy being on. If you enjoy watching videos create videos, if you like reading blog posts, create a blog.
  2. Document The Journey – Instead of trying to create content, document it. Documentation is still creating content, but it is predicated on practicality instead of fantasy.
  3. Testing Your Material – Nothing is ever going to be perfect from the start and there is always room for improvement. Always test your material and build on it, Learn, and Continue To Grow
  4. Introduction To You Dream 100 – Focusing on the first few episodes of content or videos you’re planning to create to be written in a way that when someone stumbles on it tomorrow or a couple of years from now it’ll still be relevant. Also known as “evergreen”

Section 2: Fill Your Funnel

The first section of the book focuses on understanding who your dream customers were, finding out who has already congregated them and how to access them so you can get them onto your own list.

The second section of the book begins to shift focus towards the tactics of how you’re going to actually fill your funnels with your dream customers and can be broken up into the 4 following advertising platforms.

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Google 
  • Youtube

Secret #8: Filling Your Funnel Organically (Working Your Way In)

Secret #8 is all about creating content on social media with the goal of filling your funnels as a result.

As you’re already probably spending a decent amount of time on various forms of social media, as everyone else is.

If you’re not producing content, then virtually you’re wasting time and leaving money on the table.

Jump into groups relevant to your industry, engage with people, network, and establish a name for yourself. Even if you’re just helping others with little tasks

Secret #9: Filling Your Funnels With Paid Ads (Buying Your Way In)

Determining your advertising budget and figuring out the right balance between Prospecting Advertisements and Re-Targeting Advertisements.

Prospecting could look at as a cold audience or someone who isn’t aware of you or your brand.

You’re reaching out to them with an offer and once they’ve engaged with you then they can be pooled into a retargeting category.

Retargeting advertisements are very effective and are usually cheaper, as they require you to already have some type of relationship with the demographic you’re running ads to.

Secret #10: Instagram Traffic Secrets

This section of the book dives into the history of Instagram and how the story feature that they offer can be one of the most powerful forms of driving traffic through social media.

And building an engaged audience.

Russell credits a lot of the things he learned about Instagram from a fellow entrepreneur Jenna Kutcher.

She really does have some amazing stuff about IG, Check out her website here!

traffic secrets book review

You’ll then be given an exercise that will help you create your IG publishing plan.

Which will help you get even closer to your dream 100, as you’ll be using the stories feature to document your process like your own reality show.

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Secret #11: FaceBook Traffic Secrets

This part of Traffic Secrets breaks down the history of social media and various attempts that were made prior to Facebook.

It then goes into depth about how to utilize your personal profile and creating a fan page/branded page As well as Groups and Messenger.

Keep in mind that if you’re planning on running paid advertisements on Facebook, or Instagram they can both be done alongside each other and from Facebook’s business manager

Similar to the last secret in the book you’ll be given a publishing plan 

Secret #12: Google Traffic Secrets

Google Traffic secrets are all about how to achieve traffic from search engines.

As they’re referring specifically to Google throughout this book the methodology behind it and the concepts will also be applied to other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo.

It is broken up into 4 phases

  1. Popularity – How many people on the world wide web are linking back to your website or your content.
  2. Page Rank and On-Page Optimization – The content is created around specific search terms and is optimized to be indexed by the search engines.
  3. The Google Zoo – This section of the book is referring to keeping up with the algorithmic changes that come out every so often. As to what is actually relevant and what will cause your website and content to rank.
  4. Mobilegeddon – Is referring to the shift in consumer usage. For the longest time, 99% of visitors were searching things from computers, so naturally, website themes and layouts were created to look appealing on those platforms. Now the roles have reversed and things are playing catch up, because a lot of things are still prioritizing desktop when the majority of the visitors are from a mobile device.

This section also ends with another publishing plan.

Secret #13: Youtube Traffic Secrets

Some say that this is the holy grail of traffic.

As it is really the only platform that traffic grows exponentially for each video overtime.

Unlike doing a Facebook live which would be over and might be seen for a couple of days after.

Or even writing a blog post, that could potentially get traffic for a substantial amount of time doesn’t compare to Youtube.

People enjoy watching videos, and after a video is up it could be getting traffic for years and years to come as long as the topic of the video doesn’t become irrelevant.

He mentions in the book that he uploaded a video over 5 years ago that is still getting hundreds of views a day.

The book then covers some key elements to creating and having a successful Youtube Channel.

  • Channel Set Up – Profile image, channel trailer, and description
  • Thumbnails – The importance of having highly engaging images that will draw visitors to click on your videos.
  • Publishing Plan – Like the other sections of the book, this chapter is ended with a publishing plan

It then goes into some more detail into how to actually fill your funnels with your dream clients from your channel and your videos.

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Secret #14: After The Slaps And The Snaps

So what’re you supposed to do if you are reading this book and Facebook has recently been shut down, or there is a different social media that is getting a lot of traction? (Tik Tok is huge and the main social media platform as I’m writing this article)

Even though the previous chapters are titled after specific platforms the principals taught within them are evergreen and can be used to grow your audience and build your traffic source throughout whatever platform is currently trending.

The publishing plans given throughout this book will help you stay in front of trends and will help ensure that you’re getting traffic no matter what the wave is.

I was recently listening to a podcast where someone was talking about marketing, and the places “to be” right now.

Someone called in with a rebuttal, saying “why should I be on Tik Tok, when it could just be a fad and fizzle out in 6 months?”

His response was, “I don’t care if TiK Tok is dead tomorrow, it’s working right now, so I’m going to utilize it and get all of the traffic I can from it, while I can”

This really resonated with me because I felt like it was such a good explanation of social media and building traffic online in general.

Things are constantly changing, and what was once effective might be irrelevant tomorrow and vise versa.

Utilizing the publishing plans that are given in Traffic Secrets give a serious advantage and a plan of action.

Secret #15: Conversation Domination

This secret and section the book is all about not spreading yourself thin across all of the platforms.

As they’re talking about the need for diversity and being able to be fluid, you also at the same time need to focus on one primary traffic source before moving onto another.

The reasoning for this is because you want to be getting traction on a platform and have knowledge of how to achieve customers on it prior to moving onto the next because you’ll never really get good at all of them, you’ll just be ok.

Say you were needing to get some housework done, to be efficient you would usually do one task followed by the next and so on.

Instead of trying to sweep, mop, and load the dishes all at the exact same time.

Section 3: Growth Hacking

The third and final section of the book starts off by elaborating more on Russell’s experience over the last 15 years in the digital space.

Talking about some of the challenges he had to overcome, and strategies he was implementing long before Clickfunnels and “hacking” was the in thing to do.

And by hacking I don’t mean like stealing, in the book it is referred to doing anything to ensure that they had eyeballs looking at their sales funnels.

Whether it was frowned upon by the search engines or what the standard practice, whatever was required to get traffic was done.

traffic secrets book review

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Secret #16: The Funnel Hub

The funnel hub is about creating such an information-packed funnel that you’re building brand awareness, priming the customer to purchase, and providing the potential customer with everything that they’d need to feel amazing about making a purchase.

Giving different options based on the consumer’s interaction with your sales funnel is what the “Funnel Hub” chapter is about.

Secret #17: Other People’s Distribution Channels

The art of utilizing other people’s distribution centers to build your own traffic sources.

Things like joining established Facebook groups and interacting with people that have similar interests to you.

Paying people to give shout outs or a promo, or doing solo ads are a great way to build your email list incredibly fast!

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Secret #18: Your Affiliate Army

Building an army of affiliate marketers that will promote your products and services for you for a commission is an amazing way to get traffic.

It is by far my favorite way of making money online, and it can be a very powerful form of traffic for the owners of the companies because in a sense they’re getting free advertising and notoriety from their affiliates.

This chapter is broken into 4 sections

  1. Recruit Your Army Of Affiliates
  2. Make Them Affiliates
  3. Give Your Affiliates A Reason To Promote
  4. Train Your Affiliates To Become Super Affiliates
  5. Compensate Your Affiliates

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Secret #19: Cold Traffic

So far in the book, they covered a couple of different types of traffic: warm traffic (the fans and followers and lists of your dream 100) and the hot traffic (your own email list)

This chapter is all about priming cold traffic and the art of warming them up.

And various methods of actually utilizing cold traffic into sales

Secret #20: Other Growth Hacks

The last secret of the book is about other growth hacks that leverage human psychology to gain traffic.

And various other fun ways that he enjoys getting traffic to his funnels.

Then it is followed up by him tying it all together and wrapping up the book by stating You’re just one funnel away!

Traffic Secrets Book Review | How To Get It For Free. 

This book is packed from start to finish with valuable information.

If you’re in the process of learning sales funnels, digital marketing, or how to make money online then I would highly suggest you grab a copy of this book.

Not just because of the amount of value that this book has.

But because you can get this book for less than you’d spend on 2-morning coffees!

Now if you went to Amazon or any other retailer this book would cost you around $26.99

But Russell, being the marketing genius that he is…

Will give this book away to everyone and everyone for FREE, just cover the cost of shipping.

Which at the time is under $10.95 anywhere in the United States.

Grab Your Free Copy Of Traffic Secrets Here!

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