Top Affiliate Programs for Podcasts

Affiliate marketing is a fantastic way to monetize a podcast show with a small or big audience. Unlike paid ads, where you chase after upfront payments, you get paid for converting sales after driving traffic to an e-commerce store. So, what are the best affiliate marketing programs for podcasts?

The top affiliate programs for podcasts include Nootropics Depot, BarkBox, Legacy Storage Foods, Skillshare, and RedBubble. They promote wildly popular products and services from reputable companies with considerable market presence and offer a hefty commission on sales.  

Top Affiliate Programs for Podcasts

You don’t have to wait until your podcast has tens of thousands of listeners to monetize the show. These programs accept podcasters of all sizes as long they have quality content and broadcast regularly. Let’s dive in and explore what each of the programs offers its affiliates.

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Nootropics Depot Affiliate Program

In a world where the ability to remain alert for longer, think clearly and with more focus, or become smarter is an asset, nootropics are in high demand. Nootropics or smart drugs are supplements that improve cognitive skills and abilities, including memory, motivation, and creativity in healthy individuals.

Nootropics Depot carries a diverse range of nootropics to help people crush any goal they seek to achieve. From better sleep to increase concentration and focus to fitness goals, the depot has something for everyone.

The product range appeals to a diverse audience, making it the perfect affiliate product for a podcast. The products are wildly popular with people looking to improve or change their life circumstances. As is the case with health products, you only need to be sure that you’re promoting products from reputable labels to avoid legal troubles.

Nootropics Depot affiliate program offers affiliates an 8% commission on qualifying sales. Each affiliate link carries a 30-day cookie, and the program boasts a 15% conversion rate. Coupling the two features with an average value order of $53 makes the program highly lucrative for podcasters and affiliates.

Nootropics Depot offers same-day shipping and free shipping on orders above $50 in the US and $200 internationally in addition to a 10% on a customer’s first order. Such features make the online store popular with users, a feature you can exploit to grow your affiliate income.

BarkBox Affiliate Program

BarkBox is a subscription box service that delivers monthly canine care packages to a dog lover’s doorstep. The packages contain treats and toys with a substantially higher value than the monthly subscription.

The service comes with an air of mystery as you’re never sure of what each box contains. You only need to indicate your dog’s size and subscription length, and wait for the BarkBox to get to your doorstep.

Each box contains 4 to 6 dog treats that follow a fun theme each month and match the seasons and holidays. At first glance, BarkBox might seem like a tough sell for a podcast. However, given that 85 million American families own pet dogs, a large chunk of your listeners might have an animal companion.

You don’t need to be a pet owner to join the BarkBox affiliate program, which pays a 10% commission on qualifying sales. It allows you to promote the BarkBox and Super Chewer monthly subscriptions.

The company offers two products with monthly, bi-annual, and annual plans.

  • BarkBox: A monthly subscription costs $35, a six months subscription costs $25 each, and an annual subscription costs $22 a month.
  • Super Chewer: Monthly subscriptions cost $39, a six-month subscription costs $3, and an annual subscription costs $29 a month.

BarkBox offers a high and recurring commission on products with a large audience, which is the hallmark of a rewarding affiliate marketing program. BarkBox uses Impact Radius to manage and monitor its affiliate program. Affiliates receive weekly newsletters with new offers to help push their affiliate offers.

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Legacy Food Storage Affiliate Program

If a global pandemic has taught us anything, it’s best to get ready when the unexpected happens.

Previously, emergency food supply was the preserve of a doomsday prepper. Not anymore! Today, there’s nothing odd about stashing away several months’ worth of freeze-dried food. If anything, buying food in bulk is an excellent way to secure an all-year food supply without breaking the bank.

Legacy Food Storage is a leading supplier of full line freeze-dried storage products. The superior quality food is perfect during an emergency and for outdoor enthusiasts.

Legacy’s survival food kits feature premium gourmet foods low on calories and cater to both vegetarians and meat lovers. The gourmet taste sets the meals apart from the rest of the garden-variety survival kits, growing their popularity and demand.

Legacy Food Storage affiliate program offers affiliates an 8% commission on qualifying sales, but the rate can be as high as 15% for high performers.

Since the average order on the site is about $500, you stand a chance of earning good money from this program. Affiliates report a 14% conversion rate, thanks to the product’s popularity.

The program offers a 30-day cookie and furnishes affiliates with text links and beautiful banners to help push their affiliate offers. You’re entitled to a dedicated affiliate manager to help iron out any kinks and grow your affiliate success.

Skillshare Affiliate Program

Skillshare is a leading online learning platform that curates more than 33,000 courses that you can promote to your audience. The platform allows people to gain valuable skills that can improve their lives, careers, and business.

The courses range from photography, graphic design, music to running an online business, and some of them are taught by world-class practitioners.

Skillshare has tapped A-list actors, celebrities, and other notable figures as teachers and promoters. The platform uses hands-on learning over classroom-like learning to make the whole process fun and engaging.

Skillshare affiliate program pays a $7 commission on all leads. You get the $7 whenever someone signs up for a free or paid membership on the platform. It also offers a 30-day cookie to increase the earning potential of all its affiliates.

The program payout of commissions is every month but uses a net-45 day’s pay cycle. It means you get a payday in the middle of each month as you get the last month’s dues 15 days into the new month.

Skillshare engages in an aggressive marketing campaign and runs special offers with discounts and coupons to grow market presence and popularity. That attracts more users to the platform and helps its affiliates close more sales.

The platform accepts beginners if you have a viable podcast that aligns with their mission and value. If your podcast aims to help people learn and improve their lives, Skillshare can help you earn more money as you help your audience.

RedBubble Affiliate Program

RedBubble is a global print-on-demand marketplace for user-submitted artwork that lets you monetize your podcast in many ways.

If you have a loyal following, you might consider creating a range of branded merchandise and selling them to your listeners. Selling branded merchandise is one of the smartest ways to monetize your podcast.

Branded t-shirts, gift bags, caps, keyholders, mugs, hoodies, notepads, and phone cases are some of the hottest items you can sell to your podcast audience. RedBubble lets you create all these products and more.

Better yet, the platform does all the heavy lifting and takes a cut for its troubles, leaving you with pure profit. Once you’ve designed the merch, the platform handles manufacturing and shipping. Alternatively, you can opt to join the RedBubble affiliate program. The beginner-friendly program comes with an easy signup process with a one-stop approval.

RedBubble affiliates earn up to 10% commission on qualifying sales. The program offers a 30-day cookie to ensure that you’re rewarded for each qualifying sale you refer. You’ll also enjoy bonus incentive opportunities. RedBubble affiliate program offers a host of gorgeous creative assets to get the word out and comes with a lively promo calendar to get shoppers’ attention.

You can join RedBubble as a creative artist and as their affiliate for a chance to grow your show’s income. You can drive the affiliate offers to your range of products and improve your financial position.

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You don’t need a podcast with tens of thousands of listeners to start monetizing the show. Some affiliate programs accept small podcasters with a small follower base if they produce quality content and upload regularly.

Here are five of the best affiliate programs for podcasts:

  • BarkBox
  • RedBubble
  • Skillshare
  • Legacy Food Storage
  • Nootropics Depot


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