Thrive Themes Affiliate Review

An affiliate marketer’s success depends on promoting popular and reliable products, and Thrive Themes fits this bill. Thrive Themes is a famous brand committed to helping online entrepreneurs build successful businesses. It’s also home to one of the most lucrative affiliate programs.

The Thrive Themes affiliate program offers affiliates a 35% commission per purchase plus 25% recurring commission. It provides a 2-year cookie, pays monthly through PayPal, and excellent affiliate training and support. The brand carries a myriad of products targeting online entrepreneurs.

This piece takes a detailed look at the Thrive Themes affiliate program to explore its offerings to affiliate marketers. To determine if this program is worth your time, we’ll examine the program’s pros and drawbacks.

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Thrive Themes: A Basic Overview

Thrive Themes provides an advanced suite of website tools to people using WordPress to run their online businesses. The brand’s products aim to help webmasters boost conversion rates, improve customer experience, and grow their revenue.

As the name suggests, Thrive Themes’ product range comprises WordPress themes and plugins geared towards improving conversion rates. Some popular products include Thrive Architect, Thrive Theme Builder, Thrive Quiz Builder, and Thrive Leads.

Thrive themes affiliate review

Thrive Themes is popular with webmasters because it reduces building a professional website to a few clicks of a button. The platform eliminates the need for coding and web development skills when running an online business.

That makes it a hit among the non-tech savvy people looking to launch an online business. As a result, it has a global market presence, and massive fanbase as online shopping takes center stage.

As an affiliate promoting Thrive Themes products, you’re assured of a steady and consistent passive income from a leading global brand.

Perks of the Thrive Themes Program

Here are the top 10 perks of joining the Thrive Themes affiliate program:

  • Hefty recurring commissions: Thrive offers a 35% affiliate commission for all the converting leads you send them. Thrive sells single products and monthly membership billed annually or quarterly. At a 35% commission, that translates into huge affiliate income for its affiliates.   
  • Trusted brand: Founded in 2013, Thrive Themes boasts a stellar reputation and has a customer base of more than 100k people. It’s a market leader in the online marketing space, thanks to its solid reputation. The products convert well since they provide real value to their users.
  • Recurring commission: On top of the hefty 35% commission, Thrive Theme offers a 25% commission on recurring sales. You’re credited for the first sale and any subsequent purchases your referrals make from the company. Recurring commissions are the epitome of passive income in affiliate marketing.
  • Low payment threshold: Thrive Themes pays affiliate commissions monthly through PayPal for balances above $20. The low payment threshold makes the affiliate program newbie-friendly. You can use the money to improve page views and boost your conversion rates.
  • Marketing and branding assistance: Thrive Themes views and treats affiliates as business partners and goes a long way to root for your success. The program furnishes affiliates with excellent copy swipes, professional banners, and other design elements. Such materials help to grow your online presence and improve your conversion rates.
  • Comprehensive training: Anyone stands to benefit from the extensive Thrive Themes affiliate training program. It comprises an onboarding course and affiliate tutorials to help grow your affiliate marketing site. You gain access to insider secrets, converting landing pages and products.
  • Product tutorials: In-depth tutorials are must-have items when promoting Thrive Themes’ range of products. Rather than waste time creating your own, Thrive Themes provides you with comprehensive product tutorials that you can swipe and use on your website. By doing all the heavy lifting, the program lets you concentrate most of your efforts on improving your conversion rates.
  • Access to Thrive University: As the name suggests, the university revolves around building a thriving online business. The course will teach you to build a successful website, create converting landing pages, build email lists, and launch an email marketing campaign. It’ll equip you with all the skills you need to build a successful online business.
  • Dedicated affiliate support: Since Thrive views affiliates as business partners, they provide a reliable help desk for them. You can reach out to their affiliate support if you have questions, suggestions, or problems with your affiliate account. You’re assured of quick and efficient service to resolve your issues.
  • A 2-year cookie: A Thrive Themes’ lengthy cookie stays active on a prospect’s browser for two years to help affiliates maximize earning potential. You’ll earn a commission from the sale if you refer a prospect and they purchase a product within the next two years.

Since Thrive Themes is on a mission to help entrepreneurs grow their online businesses, their products are popular and have a growing demand. As online shopping popularity surges, so does the demand for effective online business solutions.

By joining the Thrive Themes affiliate program, you’ll be promoting products with a spiking demand for years to come. That assures you of a steady and predictable passive income.

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Potential Deal Breakers in Thrive Themes Affiliate Program

While Thrive Themes’ affiliate program is an excellent way to build a passive income, it comes with some potential drawbacks.

  • The products are pricey: Since the products are innovative, the pricing points are a bit high. However, the cost isn’t prohibitive, considering it offers business solutions. The products may have a long buying cycle, but a 2-year cookie helps to maximize earnings.
  • Highly competitive affiliate space: Given the hefty commissions and low entry barrier, this affiliate space is highly competitive. Newbies will face off with some authoritative and established players in the market.
  • Many competing products: Thrive Themes operates in a space with lots of competing products that might lower your conversion rates. However, most of these products have affiliate programs that you can join as well.

Luckily, none of these potential deal breakers offset the myriad of potential gains that come with being an affiliate.

Should You Become a Thrive Themes Affiliate?

Thrive Themes is a reputable firm with useful products that help online entrepreneurs improve their conversion rates and grow their income. It allows non-tech savvy people to build professional-grade websites by doing all the heavy lifting.

The firm operates in a rapidly growing space with massive potential as the products don’t require any specialized skills or knowledge to use. To date, more than 100k webmasters use Thrive Themes products to grow their online businesses.

Joining the Thrive Themes affiliate program lets you earn hefty commissions, promoting an excellent range of products with a potentially large market.

There aren’t any crippling downsides to joining the Thrive Themes Affiliate program, here’s why:

  • It offers enormous recurring commissions.
  • It pays monthly through PayPal for balances over $20.
  • It provides comprehensive affiliate marketing training.
  • It includes copy swipes, landing pages, and other marketing materials.
  • It’s newbie-friendly and has a low entry barrier.
  • It gives a lengthy 2-year cookie.
  • You have free access to Thrive University.

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The Thrive Themes affiliate program is an excellent way to build a residual income as an affiliate marketer. The program pays a hefty 35% commission on converting sales.

You’re also entitled to a 25% recurring commission for each referral, which is a terrific way to maximize your affiliate income alongside the 2-year cookie. The program pays monthly through PayPal if you have at least $20 in your account.

Affiliate marketers undergo extensive training to help grow their conversion rates and online business. The training comes in handy in promoting Thrive’s product and in growing your affiliate website.


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