Super Affiliate Intensive Review – Is SAI Worth It?

SAI is a program that was launched by Jacob Caris to introduce aspiring affiliate marketers to the concepts that have allowed him to break 6 and 7 figures throughout different programs online.

Super affiliate intensive is a cost-effective way to start learning the fundamentals of online business. It is spread across 4 days and will cover Mindset, Offer Creation, Conversion Strategies, and Audience Building. The methods taught are evergreen and can be applied to various different business models.

super affiliate intensive review

Throughout this post we will explore the benefits of the super affiliate intensive program, some of the things you should know before signing up, and if it a good fit for you.

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What Is Super Affiliate Intensive?

Super affiliate intensive (SAI) is a 4-day training program designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs launch their own business through high ticket affiliate marketing.

However, the concepts taught within the course can be applied to almost any business model, as they are focused on evergreen methods.

It is broken into 4 different days and core strategies that are referred to as M.O.C.A

What is M.O.C.A

MOCA is an acronym that Jacob Caris refers to throughout this entire course which includes the following 4 frameworks.


Arguably the most important aspect of any business online or not. The entire first day of training is all about how to shift your mindset and getting into the right mental space to set yourself up for success.

He shares strategies that he’s used in his own affiliate marketing business that has allowed him to reach 7 figures and how to deal with your own fears and limiting beliefs.

Offer Creation

The second day is all about picking a product and crafting the unique offer that will make you stand out.

This a very powerful step because if you go out and start to try to make sales without really having anything to offer in return you’re not going to have much success.

Jacob Caris also includes some tips and tricks within this lesson that will add perceived value to the product without actually adding anything.

Conversion Strategies

The art of making yourself a selling machine, turning your leads into cash.

This lesson is focused on the core concepts behind making sales and will put you ahead of 99% of the affiliates out there.

The frameworks taught in this lesson aren’t platform-specific and can applied wherever there are people because it is introducing you to the core concepts of sales and phycology behind them.

Audience Building

Day 4 is all about building up traffic and how to get exposure to yourself, your brand and your offer.

Building an audience and gaining consistent traffic is the lifeblood of any business, yet it is the hardest part for most to predictably do. The concepts in this video are very similar to the ones taught in Traffic Secrets By Russell Brunson.

After MOCA

Throughout the 4-day training, you’ll be prompted to schedule an implementation call with either Jacob Caris, Jamie G, or another 6-figure affiliate marketer on his team.

You’ll be given access to his private group exclusive to people taking the Super Affiliate Intensive Program

As well as 5 separate interviews with students of the program who’ve all broken $1,000 days online using the strategies taught within SAI.

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Who Is Jacob Caris?

With all the mention of Jacob Caris so far you’re probably wondering who he is and why you should listen to him in the first place.

For starters, he’s a multiple 6-figure affiliate marketer and has went on to achieve some of the greatest accomplishments in not one program but multiple.

super affiliate intensive review

He has been given some of the most prestigious awards in the affiliate community such as:

  • Clickfunnels Dream Car Winner – He was awarded a dream car through the Clickfunnels affiliate program.

    He is also one of the affiliates inside of their program Affiliate Bootcamp which is a free case study that takes you, step by step through the process of how they achieved such success with affiliate marketing.
  • Legendary Marketer 6-Figure Ring – He was awarded a ring from the Legendary Marketer affiliate program for breaking 6-figures and was also given the opportunity to speak at one of their events.
  • 11Th Place For KBB Launch – KBB (Knowledge Broker Blueprint) was a massive launch by some of the biggest entrepreneurs in the industry. Russell Brunson, Tony Robbins, and Dean Graziosi launched a mastermind that teaches people how to turn what you already know into a living.

    Jacob Caris placed 11th overall competing with some of the biggest names in the industry, being quite the feat as he’s relatively new to the scene compared to people who’ve been in the industry for years.

He is a very inspiring content creator, putting out valuable marketing content almost daily.

You can follow him through his free Facebook group and by subscribing to his YouTube channel.

Inside Of Super Affiliate Intensive

As previously mentioned the core component inside of the Super Affiliate Intensive program is the 4-day MOCA training.

super affiliate intensive review

Upon joining though, you receive access to a few different things on top of the MOCA training.

Inside Of SAI

Below I’ve listed everything that you could expect to get inside of the super affiliate intensive program.

  • Super Affiliate Intensive
    • Welcome To SAI – A personal letter from Jacob, pre-framing you for the entire course.
    • Join The Family – Access to a private community exclusive to members of super affiliate intensive
    • How to get maximum results from SAI – Tips and tricks on how to get the most out of the masterclass.
  • MOCA Blueprint 4 Day Training
    • Introduction – Quick introduction that will give you context to where and why this training is relevant.
    • Day 1 – Mindset – It All Starts With Understanding The Right Mindset To Make 6 or 7 Figures Online 
    • Day 2 – Offer Creation – We Want YOU Getting Paid ASAP. To-Do That You Need To Choose A Product & Craft Your Offer. 
    • Day 3 – Conversion Strategies – Today We Will Turn You Into A MACHINE When It Comes To Turning Leads Into Customers
    • Day 4 – Audience Building/Traffic – Time To Flood Your Business With Hot Prospects Who Want To Buy From YOU!
  • Free MOCA Implementation Call
    • Book Your Free MOCA Implementation Call – A free 45-minute implementation call with Jacob Caris or someone on his team 
  • MOCA Graduate Interviews
    • Evan & Eugene Wong – The Wong Brothers Plugged Into The MOCA Blueprint & Have Gone On To Build A 6 Figure Online Business From SCRATCH!
    • Blake Fontana – Blake Has Leveraged The MOCA Blueprint To Go From No Online Business To Regularly CRUSHING $10k Months.
    • Nhi Bui – Nhi Leveraged The MOCA Blueprint To BLOW UP Her Affiliate Business & Win A Trip To Thailand After Crushing A Launch.
    • Joshua Ong – Joshua Used The MOCA Blueprint To Go From A Few Hundred $ Per Month Online To $20k+ Per Month & Quitting His Job As A Nurse. 
    • Aaron Szczotkewycz – 0 – $10k / Month With MOCA & HTAM
  • Bonuses
    • Super Affiliate Story Formula – More Stories = More Money
    • How to attract People with Money – Position Yourself As Someone Who ONLY Wants The Highest Quality Of Prospects & Customers
    • How to start, grow, & monetize a FB group – Utilizing high ticket affiliate marketing to grow your own group

Note: All of the lessons inside of this course are huge meaty videos. Most of them are 90 minutes long and the amount of value inside of this course is insane for the price.

Which we’ll cover how much it is and if it’s worth it below.

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How Much Is Super Affiliate Intensive?

When first launched it was priced at a whopping $50, a few weeks after being live though the price was increased to $100.

Even after the price tag doubling, the amount of content, value and methods within this course makes the investment of $100 quite a steal.

Is Super Affiliate Intensive Worth It?

Considering that most masterclasses are usually around $1,000 and this one is 1/10th of the cost and includes more lessons than some of the full-price ones it is definitely worth the investment.

Sign Up Now & Get Bonuses

If you sign up for super affiliate intensive I will provide you with the following bonuses at no additional cost to you!

Bonus 1 – Daily Action Plan

A daily action plan that will help you jumpstart the process of getting high ticket affiliate commissions leveraging your social media profile.

Bonus 2 – Facebook Organic Traffic Secrets

A complete E-book that takes you through the process of optimizing your FB profile to make sales, generate leads and brand yourself.

Bonus 3 – Facebook Groups Checklist

A checklist that will help you set up your own FB group and get you on track to building your own tribe of people who want to purchase products from you.

Bonus 4 – 45 minute Strategy Call With Me

I’ll jump on a live call with you and personally help you with set-up, get a plan started and help you get to the point of where you can start earning commissions online.

Super Affiliate Intensive Review – Final Thoughts

Being someone who was involved in the affiliate marketing space for 2 years prior to stumbling on this course I was quite surprised when I did.

Jumping into this program really made me realize some of the flaws within my business model and the mistakes I was making.

This training is amazing because it really focuses on the phycology behind sales and teaches evergreen methods that you can really take with you wherever you go and whatever platform that you’re using.

I would highly recommend jumping into SAI if you’re an aspiring affiliate marketer, online entrepreneur, or even someone who is involved in any type of sales.


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