SFI Affiliate Center Review: Is SFI Legit?

Since the words ‘affiliate’ and ‘pyramid schemes’ have become synonymous due to many self-proclaimed affiliate companies’ deceitful practices, it is a valid question to ask whether the SFI Affiliate Center is legit or not.

SFI Affiliate Center is legit as it is evident from its track record for over twenty years. Over twenty million people have used the program, and still, the company has a positive rating on BBB. This is because it is free to join, and there are multiple ways to make money without recruiting.

The rest of this article dives deeper into the SFI Affiliate Center, and you will learn:

  • Top reasons to join The SFI Affiliate program
  • Why you may not want to join the program
  • The multiple ways of making money with SFI
  • Tips and tricks on how to earn more with SFI Affiliate Center

Top Reasons to Join the SFI Affiliate Program

There are many reasons why the SFI affiliate center stands out from most affiliate programs. Here are some of the reasons why you will want to join:

  • The membership is free, and there are no mandatory purchases required to start earning money. Most affiliate programs require you to pay a fee to join and then use the fee paid by your recruits to pay you a commission. SFI is different; you can make money without purchasing a single product.
  • It is backed by legitimate e-commerce with multiple products you can sell. Most multi-level marketing companies push you to buy products that you are supposed to resell to make money. SFI has the advantage where you can market the products without directly buying the product. You don’t have to order or even handle orders.
  • Because you don’t have to process the order, your income is almost-automated. SFI even takes care of payment processing and customer service for you. This contrasts with many network marketing companies that burden you with the risk of product purchase alongside the responsibility of shipping, packaging, and handling possible returns. 
  • You get 50% of the commission volume on your personally referred customer’s purchases and 25% of the commission volume on the purchases made by your personally sponsored affiliates. 
  • There is comprehensive free training provided upon joining. While affiliate marketing programs all have some form of training, SFI Affiliate Center has some of the most comprehensive training I have across any affiliate programs. That is because the program does not rely on only one thing to make money.
  • There are over four ways to make money aside from recruiting. Some people are not interested in becoming recruiters. They don’t like the idea of pushing people to join a program. It is possible to make money without recruiting, unlike MLMs that give you only the option to resell products you have bought or to hire others who will buy.

Please note that while there are other ways to make money aside from recruiting, this article’s guidance portion will mostly help you with recruiting as that is the best way to scale your income.

Why You May Not Want to Join the Program

Every opportunity has a downside. With the SFI affiliate center, even though the downsides are nominal, the disadvantages do exist. Below are some of these drawbacks.

  • Recruiting is still the best way to make a substantial income. Many people join affiliate programs to earn a side income. To market a product actively, despite good payouts, you have to be hands-on in your efforts. The only way to automate this is to recruit people who will handle marketing. With no sign-up fee, it is free to recruit people.
  • It can take a long time to make money. One of the biggest advantages of the SFI affiliate center is also its biggest drawback. You can join for free, but since many people only join because it is free, they add no monetary value to the company, and you don’t get payouts. This article will teach you qualifying methods to avoid such recruits and get the right individuals on board.

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The Multiple Ways to Make Money With SFI

One of the reasons why people join SFI is that it does not rely on only one way of producing income.

It is even possible to have multiple income streams using one method. Here are the ways you can earn online:

Play Games to Earn Points

Yes, it is possible to play free games to earn a point, which you can convert to real cash. The company offers play-to-win games backed by the money people spend to buy points for various advantages. Upon winning the game, you get a certain number of points. 

This is like gambling with skill because almost anyone trying to win a substantial number of points will need to buy the advantages (like extended playtime) to win. It is also possible that your purchase of the points does not lead you to win more points, and you earn fewer points playing. Below are the games provided by the Eager Zebra insignia of SFI.

  • Crystal Ball: It is named after the fortune-teller trope in pop-culture; the game challenges you to get the right predictions. Of all the predictions made on the network, 25 of the closest to reality will win prizes and badges. You also have the chance to win “Oracle’s Cup,” which is worth 15,000 rewardicals.
  • Hidden: Hidden is a game like the Hangman, where you are supposed to guess the hidden word. It is different from Hangman in that you get a limited number of clues. 
  • Brain Sprint: This game is trivia-focused and relies on a rapid-fire answering approach to award badges, prizes, and top spots.
  • Grandmaster Poker: This game is an extension of classic poker with up to three hands and includes hand-to-hand moves, winder strategy, and timely discards. 
  • ZackJack: This game is titled after BlackJack, from which it derives its base rules. It uses an international leaderboard to process reward-worthy victories.
  • Card King: This relies on your predictions of whether the next card will be higher or lower in value. The more accurate you are about the difference, the more points you get. If your score is among the top 100, you win prizes according to the game’s rules.
  • Gold Streak: This is an interesting game where trivia and guessing are gamified in a unique combo. You guess which answer is the most popular or least popular from questions in interesting surveys. Correct guesses are rewarded.
  • Knockout Trivia: This game combines trivia with a multi-player feature. You have to get the right answers and outlast your competitors who are also engaged in answering trivia-based questions.

Buy Products to Earn Points

Don’t worry; this is not a way to get you to buy products so you can over-priced them and sell them to someone who doesn’t want them.

You can, quite literally, purchase products that you need. They are priced right, and each purchase makes you eligible for VeraPoints. As you know, these points can be converted to cash.

Bidding on auctions is an interesting method that combines the gamification method and purchase-to-earn method by allowing you to win points upon every purchase you make on the company’s auction marketplace.

Play BadgeQuest

While this is technically also a play-to-win game like BadgeQuest, it is a tournament with levels you can advance while progressing through the five ranks. 

  • Level One – Rising Star: You get 150 rewardicals, one entry into the game’s Big Draw, and of course, the Rising Star badge itself. To be on this level, you must collect 12 badges.
  • Level Two – Pro: Pro level is 350 rewardicals higher as you receive 500 and an additional entry into the Big Draw. You also receive a badge titled after the level. To be on this level, you must collect 30 badges.
  • Level Three – Master: You get 3000 rewardicals, three entries into the Big Draw, and a Master badge. To get to this level, you should collect 40 badges.
  • Level Four – Grand Master: You get 2000 points, four rewardicals, and the Grand Master badge on this level. However, you cannot get here simply by the quantity of the badges you collect. You should collect enough rare badges to rank among 200 top players worldwide.
  • Level Five – Grandmaster Elite: This level comes with 5000 rewardicals, five entries into the game’s Grand Draw. Moreover, you receive the Grandmaster Elite badge.

The grand prize of the game for which the draw, as mentioned earlier, takes place is a rewardical jackpot. That is twice as large as the number of badges collected by the players over the month. In other words, if players collect 200,000 badges, the Big Draw will have a 400,000 rewardical value. 

In order to make the game more appealing, the prize is divided equally between four winners. In the hypothetical scenario of rewardicals, each winner would get 100,000 rewardicals.

Market Products to Earn Commission

You can market products from SFI’s e-commerce website, which has over two hundred thousand products from different categories, including beauty, health, electronics, and consumer goods. Here some ways you can make money while marketing products:

Niche-Authority Affiliate Marketing

You can create multiple niche blogs to target very small niches and start generating money from multiple streams.

Remember that doing this can completely side-step recruiting just to get more recruiters under your recruiters. If recruiting does not suit you, your next bet is to rely on marketing.

YouTube Marketing

Another great way to market affiliate products is with YouTube. The interesting thing about YouTube is that it is less competitive than blogging when it comes to ranking.

Most of YouTube content is aimed at vlogging and podcasts. Of course, this requires you to be on camera.

However, this is very scalable and worth it, but you must make sure you have an audience-match with the product you are trying to market. You don’t want to be a beauty influencer pushing jackhammers for sale.

This makes the SFI affiliate center very lucrative because there are over thirty categories of products, including apparel, tools, health and fitness, beauty, and toys. 

Toys are not the usual products pushed by an affiliate marketing program, yet toy review channels receive over 1 billion views. If these YouTubers were aware of SFI Affiliate Center, they could be making a lot of money.

Search on Twitter

No one likes the affiliate product-pusher compelling people to purchase what they do not need.

On the other hand, the pleasure of helping someone is a much better feeling. By simply searching “I need” (in quotation marks) on Twitter and switching to the latest tweets instead of top tweets, you can start seeing what people want in real-time. Most of these would be irrelevant. 

For instance, a tweet saying, “I need a boyfriend” is not useful to your goal because you cannot push someone to purchase one through your SFI e-commerce store.

The following tweet was found in one minute: “I need to get my speakers to fix both done bust, and I don’t like it.” The person tweeting this is an ideal candidate for affiliate marketing.

Many speakers on the SFI’s TripleClicks store are cheaper than what it costs to repair old speakers. Tweeting back that information with a link to the product would be a great move.

If you find one relevant tweet every minute, you can find up to five hundred tweets in a day, working just a few hours. And with a 10% conversion rate, you can sell 50 products a day.

Ask friends and family; while this is the least comfortable way of marketing affiliate products, it is quite effective because when you recommend a product to someone you are closely associated with, they consider it more seriously than strangers on the internet.

However, because not everyone is vocal about what they need, the product-need fit won’t happen too often with this method.

Message Instagram Business Pages

One of the great things about SFI’s e-commerce solution is that it also allows you to sell products wanted by businesses.

If you can message Instagram business pages and start building rapport with them, you can become their supply consultant. To do this, you will first approach them without pitching. Just tell them you like their business, comment often on their posts, and reply to their stories. 

Once you have a back-and-forth going with the page admin, you can consider the business a warm lead. Don’t rush to pitching just yet. Wait a few more days and send them a helpful article. Tell them you believe the article will be helpful to them. 

Once you have done the steps so far, you have built enough trust to get them to check out the business. In a few days, you can send them the affiliate product links for items you believe would be valuable to their business. 

There are a few downsides to this method. You are spending too much time with leads you are not sure of. Moreover, there is always a possibility that they will open the link through their Instagram browser but shop by directly visiting the website on a laptop. This puts you at a disadvantage. 

Therefore, the method is only good for high-priced products, and it is advisable to ask for their email on Instagram, saying you have some product suggestions you’d like them to consider. 

Open an Instagram Page

You can buy niche pages on Instagram targeted towards specific segments. For instance, there are bakery pages, fitness motivation pages, and beauty pages.

These are ‘no face’ pages that are run with user-generated content. You can buy one of these or start your own page. You can link it to your e-commerce store and get people to purchase products by positioning them as limited-time discounts. 

Another way to push your products is by partnering with pages that do shoutouts. However, it is advisable to be cautious when choosing a page to deliver your shoutout.

If the product does not fit the page’s niche giving the shoutout, you are not likely to get any orders. This method is a lower effort than niche blogging but is not as effective. However, it converts more than messaging business owners on Instagram.

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Tips and Tricks on How to Earn More With SFI Affiliate Center

Do you want to be a worker or a business owner? If you are working daily on the SFI affiliate center, you are a worker.

But if you recruit people who work, you have scaled to the business-owner level. That is why recruiting is the best way to make an income with the SFI Affiliate Center.

One of the SFI Affiliate Center’s drawbacks is that many people will join it only because they don’t have to pay. 

But if they don’t make any payments and do not put in the effort to get someone to pay in some form, the system does not make money. When the system doesn’t make money, you make no commissions.

Therefore, the most crucial aspect of getting paid with the SFI Affiliate Center is recruiting the right people. Here are a few ways in which you can make money recruiting for SFI:

Advertise on Job Boards

While on social media, most people will click the link to sign-up only because of curiosity and/or a desire for a side-income; people on job boards will apply because they need to work full-time.

With this method, you can get salespeople, marketing managers, and social media executives to apply. Qualify them by experience and take those whose resumes aren’t very impressive. 

Even though this may seem counterproductive, you don’t want people who have other options because you are not offering an opportunity with base-pay. You are offering a commission-only position.

You can get thousands of resumes by posting on free job-boards like indeed and even craigslist. It is possible to start making an interesting sum in a relatively short period by sending out thousands of offers.

Recruit From Reddit

Reddit is a website with multiple forums called ‘subreddits.’ These message boards range from arts to stock tips and everything in between. There are multiple subreddits dedicated to making money.

Some Reddit forums like r/beermoney and r/hireafreelancer are geared towards making smaller amounts of cash. 

People browsing these message boards have lower expectations in terms of compensation. You can hire people by posting a thread asking for a commission-only affiliate marketer. Often, many website owners will take you up on the offer.

Approach Blog Owners

This is an incredible opportunity to recruit would-be niche blog owners who haven’t monetized their blogs efficiently. To do this, you will need significant research.

First, look at product categories in your e-commerce store. For instance, let’s say the product you want to push is aprons. Simply ask yourself, ‘who needs aprons?’ 

The answer is obviously: stay-at-home moms. The next step is to search, ‘Top blogs for stay-at-home moms.’ Look at the blogs that pop up and start approaching blog owners with your offer. You will have to do with every category available. 

Remember that there are over forty categories. This method has potential as you don’t need to put in the effort to create a niche blog for any market. Moreover, you are not vulnerable to rank changes because whoever climbs Google’s ranks, you can simply approach them with your offer.

Go to New Blogs

The niche blogging world is competitive, and everyday bloggers set out to rank for certain keywords and queries. Imagine partnering with one who becomes the next top blogger! Here is how you can make sure you spot the next big blogger:

Search for queries relevant to your product. For instance, if you are pushing a home-baking kit, simply Google “Top Home Baking Kits.” This will show you the blogs that are on top. But click “Tools” and change the search time to “past weeks.” Soon, you will see if any bloggers made a post about home baking kits. 

Approach them with the same affiliate offer you reached top ranking bloggers with. You will find more bloggers interested when they are not ranked than when they are at the top. 

By approaching all fresh bloggers, you increase the likelihood that you will be partners with the bones who rank on top in the future. Add to that the fact that many bloggers already have an audience, and you will start generating revenue in a short amount of time.

Do a Webinar

This is a unique approach as most SFI affiliates do not rely on webinars for recruiting. But that is what makes webinars one of the best options. Creating a webinar that teaches people how to make money from home will attract people who want to make money, and by charging a $5 fee, you will recruit people who are not in it because it is free. This is an excellent method to filter freebie-seekers by charging a small fee. 

Those who have invested some cash are likely to put in more effort to earn a return. Another great thing is that you are making money regardless of what they do with the system because you are getting paid for the webinar. 

Of course, recording a webinar and covering different methods to make money requires effort. But you can use content from this post to convey five methods to make money. All of them can be from the SFI affiliate center as it has multiple ways to make an income.

Write an Ebook

You can write an ebook on making money. Again, the idea here is to charge a small amount to avoid recruiting people who only get engaged in free-only activities. By charging the same amount to advertise the ebook, you will break even on every purchase, and the system will get you free leads. 

These leads are better than other methods because they are paid to learn about the SFI Affiliate Center.

The biggest drawback of this method is that it requires you to write an ebook. Fortunately, you can use platforms like Upwork and freelancer.com to get a ghostwriter to write the ebook for you. While you may need to pay initially, it is still worth it in the long run.

Use Motivational Pages and Websites

While all the above methods focus on finding recruits who will market the e-commerce products to paying customers, this method focuses on recruiting people who will get good recruits under them. People who own motivational pages have a great audience hungry to hustle for success. 

If you can recruit them to market the SFI Affiliate Center, they will likely get hundreds of recruits. Many of them will remain free entrants who produce no revenue, but a few of them will use their energy and focus on building businesses with the SFI Affiliate Center, which will lead to commissions for you.

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SFI Affiliate Center is a legitimate way to make money because it does not require anyone to pay to join, unlike most multi-level marketing programs.

While it is possible to make income without investing in the system, you have to offset the zero-investment by putting in serious effort and wait a long enough time because most of the people who click your links will likely not invest in the system.


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