In-Depth Sendlane Affiliate Program Review

Sendlane is an email marketing software that is heavily focused on smart automation.

They also have a partner program that can be broken up into 3 different tiers.

All 3 options offer a 30% monthly recurring commission, forever.

In this article, I will be giving an in-depth Sendlane Affiliate Program Review.

Sendlane Affiliate Program

Sendlane offers 3 different types of partner programs.

  1. Integration Partner – This is a partner program designed for people who have a software/subscription-based product or service. This plan will give you cross-promotional incentives.
  2. Affiliate Partner – Designed for people with an audience of people in the e-commerce space, content creators, or people who’re involved in the digital marketing space.
  3. Agency Partner – Designed for agency owners who plan on recommending Sendlane to clients which can be used for their business.

The process of signing up for each of the partner programs is the same.

You can either head over to to begin the sign-up process directly.

Or you can find a link to sign-up from the bottom of their home page like the image below:

sendlane affiliate program review

You’ll then be taken to a page where you can choose which partner program suits your needs, where you’ll be prompted to give contact information and they’ll follow up with you through email.

sendlane affiliate program review

Joining Their Affiliate Program

Actually getting access to their program was quite a long process.

It took them a couple of days to follow up with me through email.

And instead of being granted access to their affiliate program, I was required to schedule a meeting with them.

Where I was required to attend an online webinar that basically gave you the rundown of their company.

Their onboarding webinar is about 40 minutes long and upon attending you’ll be granted access to their affiliate dashboard.

This was actually quite an amazing feature because you learn a lot about their business and the features that they offer.

So if you’re planning on promoting SendLane be sure to begin the sign-up process in advance, because it will take quite some time to actually be able to promote it as an affiliate.

You can also head on over to Affiliates.SendLane.Com to streamline the process and upon being accepted you’ll be emailed your log-in information. 

What’s Inside Their Affiliate Dashboard?

While some affiliate centers provide you all of the assets that you could possibly need to promote their product, Sendlane does not have anything other than metrics related to your referrals and a variety of different affiliate links.

I was recently talking with an employee at Sendlane who is in charge of the affiliate program and he mentioned that he was working on building some extra assets for their affiliates.

However, even if there isn’t any provided material, don’t let it deter you from promoting Sendlane.

While yes, promoting them might require a little bit more creativity on your end, but that also means there will be less competition because some won’t be willing to put forth the effort.

There are 5 different affiliate links within their dashboard, which means you’ll be able to utilize 5 different promotions/sales pages.

The Default Affiliate Link

The default affiliate link will send someone to Sendlane’s home page that looks like the image below.

sendlane affiliate program review

On-Demand Demo Affiliate Link

The on-demand affiliate link drives your referrals to a beautifully designed webinar that gives the potential customer a complete rundown/demo of all of the features and integrations that Sendlane offers.

The Starter Package Affiliate Link

The Sendlane starter package is built around promoting the purchase of their premium service but paying for access to your first 6 months up-front. (After A 14-Day Trial) 

They also have a bonus stack of their e-com email academy, which is an online course comprised of 57 videos and various other resources teaching people how to utilize email marketing.

Compare Page Affiliate Link

This is a really cool promotion page that could be utilized if your referral already is using a email marketing or CRM software provided by a different company.

This page lets the visitor compare the features of Sendlane and various others side by side.

sendlane affiliate program review

Pricing Page Affiliate Link

The last affiliate link that you’ll be giving to is one that sends people directly to their pricing page, which highlights all of the features and the cost for each one.

sendlane affiliate program review

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How Much Can You Make From Their Affiliate Program?

They offer a 30% lifetime recurring commission for every successful referral that you can get signed up to their software for as long as they use it.

Their pricing is on the pricey side, which ultimately means that you’ll be receiving a high payout per referral.

They do have even more pricing options other than the ones listed in the picture above which are based on subscriber count and the size of the email list.

So I made a table of the commissions that could expect to make at a minimum, but there could also be the possibility for more depending on the given circumstances.

Plan1 Referral10 Referrals50 Referrals

Keep in mind that all of these numbers besides the Starter plan are a monthly recurring revenue, which means you will make these commissions for as long as the people you refer to SendLane are actively signed up. 

If referrals purchase the starter package you will receive a lump of $178 per sign up, and upon the expiration of their 6 months grace period, you’ll start to be paid $45.00 per month.

The only time that these commissions would appear to be smaller is if they decided to purchase/subscribe annually versus monthly.

By doing so they would receive a slight discount, but you would be paid out 30% of the lump payment once a year.

For example, the most basic plan if paid annually would pay out a $284 commission per referral once a year.

They only Payout in PayPal and you’re required to have a minimum of$100.00 in pending commissions to be paid.

Pros And Cons Of SendLane’s Affiliate Program

There are going to be challenges to face as well as amazing features throughout every affiliate program that you join so what are some of the things that you should expect before jumping into Sendlanes affiliate program?


  • Low Competition – their affiliate program is fairly new, and isn’t saturated with hundreds of people trying to promote the same exact thing in the same way.
  • Free Trial – They offer a free 14 day trial, that doesn’t even require the customer to enter payment information. Which makes actually getting sign-ups a breeze because there is virtually no commitment.
  • Recurring Commission – Their 30% commissions combined with their higher price tags can be utilized to create a serious amount of residual income if done correctly.
  • Customer Service/User Experience – The way they interact with their subscribers, customer service and really making sure that their users are having a good experience is excellent. Which means your referrals are likely to stay using this software for a long time.
  • The Difficulty Of Joining Their Program – While this could be looked at as a con as well, I would lean more towards it benefiting you, because the process of signing up for their partner program and scheduling a consultation is not only going to weed out the not so serious affiliate marketers but it will also deter the ones that plan on promoting unethically.


  • Difficulty Of Signing Up – While I listed this as a pro too, it was a pain actually getting access to their affiliate dashboard. The whole process took a couple of days, email exchanges, and was required to attend a webinar. Which means you better sign up for their affiliate program ahead of time.
  • No Affiliate Assets – Not that you should rely solely on assets provided by programs that you join, as creating your own actually help you stand out in competitive markets. Having the visual aids, and seeing what has been working for the company is always a benefit and can help fuel your creativity.
  • Pricing – Their pricing plans are a bit higher than competitors, which I am by no means saying that purchasing their software isn’t worth the cost, or even that it is too expensive. However you will have to find specific customers that are willing to commit to those monthly costs and be able to identify what demographics are going to not just sign up, but continue to use their software for months or years to come.

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While getting signed up and achieving access to their affiliate dashboard did prove to be challenging in the beginning, however, the entire process did help me come to realize that this companies customer service skills and desire to help their affiliates and users are exceptional.

I would highly recommend signing up for their affiliate program, their generous commissions combined with their high price tag can be a true powerhouse for building residual income.


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