Sales Funnel VS Landing Page | What’s The Difference?

A common misconception is that a sales funnel and a landing page is the same thing.

While the two do share some similarities, they’re different and can both be used effectively in various applications.

Sales Funnel VS Landing Page | What’s The Difference?

The main difference between sales funnels and landing pages is that your landing page is comprised of a single web page with a clear call to action.

Whereas your sales funnel is compiled of various web pages with multiple calls to actions and up-sells or down-sells.

It could be visualized as multiple landing pages are used to build your entire sales funnels/sales process. 

What Is A Landing Page?

A landing page can be looked at as a website with a single web page.

With a minimalist design, with the sole purpose of getting a potential customer to take action.

They can look similar to the homepage of a traditional website, however, they don’t have any distractions or other options other than the one prompted.

sales funnel vs landing page

They’re commonly used alongside paid advertising or with any type of promotion, as they’ll have a higher conversion rate because there aren’t any distractions.

Someone who lands on it will either take action or leave.

Landing Pages Are Usually Comprised Of The Following Elements

  • A Page Entirely Focused On The Offer
  • A Place For The Potential Customer Who Lands On The Page To Take Action 
  • A Thank You Page, Or A Brief Follow-Up Providing More Information 

Landing pages can be effective for brick and mortar businesses and businesses that only exist online.

Whether the goal is to schedule an appointment at your store or to capture an email address landing pages are a very effective means to do so.

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Sales Funnel vs Landing Page | What Is A Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel can be visualized as the entire sales process which is comprised of multiple landing pages throughout every page.

Each one offering an up-sell or a down-sell, taking customers through the process of completing your journey with the end goal of making a sale.

sales funnel vs landing page

Sales funnels are all about building a relationship with your potential customers, whilst creating the opportunity to generate more revenue for every person that goes through the process at the same time.

There are various Softwares that will allow you to map out and built these Sales Funnels and your entire sales process with ease and without the need of knowing how to code or have any extra technical skills. Companies like Clickfunnels & Getresponse both have amazing sales funnel and landing page features.

While the term “sales funnel” has become a normalized term in the digital marketing world over the last few years, it is by NO MEANS a new method being implementing throughout businesses across the globe.

A sales funnel could be defined as your entire sales process that you’re using to achieve a sale.

From your first point of contact with the potential customer to the completion of them making a purchase, and everything between can be classified as a part of your sales funnel.

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Sales Funnels VS Landing Pages | Why You Need Them For Businesses Online & Offline

Whether you’re an affiliate marketer, an e-commerce store owner or you have a brick and mortar business implementing sales funnels can be a gamer changer.

If you plan on building an email list, setting appointments or making sales online utilizing sales funnels instead of driving traffic to your traditional websites is going to greatly increase the conversion rates while reducing the cost at the same time. (If you’re using paid advertising)

The reason for this is because there are minimal distractions or options offered on landing pages or each step of the sales funnel, which means every person who lands on your page will either sign up for whatever it is you’re promoting or leave.

Your online sales funnel is A 1-way road.

Everything on it goes in 1 direction and that is towards A sale.

Sales Funnels are proven to have A higher conversion rate when it comes to online sales or lead generation.

They are designed to minimize any distractions to your potential customers. Such as outgoing links or share buttons. Each page highlights what you have to offer which can be used to either up-sell or down-sell the visitor.

But the entire basis of your sales funnel is to capture A lead / Contact information and prompting visitors to purchase what your offering.. or leave.

A website is more like A freeway. Your homepage acting as A the main lanes within the freeway and your other pages and sections like the on and off-ramps.

Visitors will navigate through your site through various other pages which would be similar to existing the freeway in your car.

Some will take the ramp to your about page, others will browse through your services or products your offering while the other will prefer reading blog posts. Unfortunately, some visitors will fail to find what they are seeking and never return.

The downside to using A traditional website for online sales or lead generation is that there are too many options and not enough direction.

As A result, visitors can often find it hard to navigate your website highway which results in confusion and ultimately no sale.

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Sales Funnel VS Landing Page | Summary

The main difference between a sales funnel and a landing page is that your sales funnel is comprised of multiple landing pages with calls to actions throughout each stage.

All of the steps working toward the goal of making a sale, and building a relationship with the potential customer at the same time.

Utilizing these strategies throughout your business, online and offline will greatly reduce the amount of money you’re spending on advertising as they have been proven to have higher conversion rates.

Also giving you the ability to up-sell and down-sell customers as they go through your sales process.

Very similar to how when you purchase something on Amazon, the customers also bought section can be summarized as what the concept behind your entire sales funnels will emulate.

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