4 Sales Funnels for Mortgage Brokers That Convert

Consistently getting leads as a mortgage broker is the lifeblood of your business.

But getting a lot of leads doesn’t mean that they’re qualified to actually become a client.

Creating a sales funnels for funnel mortgage brokers can eliminate low-quality leads while automating the process of actually collecting them.

While the type of funnel needed is different compared to the standard there is are some companies that are performing this art very well.

5 Websites That Are Utilizing Sales Funnel For Mortgage Brokers

  1. LendingTree
  2. LowerMyBills
  3. Kiel Mortgage
  4. RocketMortgage

The type of sales funnel that will convert the best for mortgage brokers is the Quiz Funnel. It is a sales funnel that takes your potential client through a series of questions prior to even collecting their contact information. This is a prevalent method used for high ticket products, as it qualifies your leads prior to you ever reaching out to them.

Throughout this blog post, I’ll be taking a look at 4 different companies that are implementing this type of sales funnel very well.

And at the end, I’ll go over a tool that is built around creating sales funnels specifically for mortgage brokers.

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Type Of Sales Funnel That Converts For A Mortgage Broker

4 Sales Funnels for Mortgage Brokers That Convert

While having a sales funnel designed specifically to capture leads might do great at collecting contact information but a vast amount of people who’ll go through your sales process won’t actually be qualified as someone who you could expect to do business with.

The type of sales funnel that in the standard throughout finance and loan industry is something called the Quiz funnel.

Similar to a standard sales funnel, but instead of providing some type of lead magnet in exchange for their contact information your prospects will go through the quizzing process before being put on your email list.

The Quiz Funnel

  1. Create A Quiz That Your Target Audience Would Be Interested In
  2. They Answer Multiple Choice Questions
  3. After going through the quiz they will be put onto your email list

This is a very common method used in high ticket sales in the digital space and is just as effective for financial services.

Requiring your prospects to go through a quizzing process will allow you to segment them into categories based on their answers.

Ultimately giving you the ability to create a more personal experience when you do reach out to those leads, eliminate the ones that aren’t serious (as most won’t even go through the quiz), and it acts as a pre-frame before you ever getting in contact with your potential customer.

The concepts of this and various other sales funnel methods are broke down in a Book called Dotcom Secrets which you can get for free.

Read my Dotcom Secrets Book Review Here

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Don’t Reinvent The Wheel

There is very rarely a need to go out and forge a new path, hoping that what you’re doing is going to work and that you’re not going to be wasting time or money.

This is prevalent in almost every industry and utilizing this trick as a mortgage broker is just as useful.

Reverse engineer the sales process of companies that are where you want to be, and then re-create their sales funnels.

Don’t copy them, but model your own business and sales process on a smaller scale.

There is usually a ton of investment that goes into building sales funnels, and websites as it is digital real estate for companies.

Reverse engineering businesses that are in your industry give you the ability to leverage that companies research and benefit from it.

Below are 4 examples of big brand name companies that are utilizing the quiz funnel process, check them out, and go through each of their quizzes to understand the type of things you should be implementing.

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One of the largest lending marketplaces in the United States.

They utilize the quiz sales funnel that I mentioned above for not only mortgage loans but various other ones as well.

You can check out their entire sales funnel process for yourself at LendingTree.com


Another company that is primarily geared towards mortgage calculators and home finance is LowerMyBills.

They also have a blog tied to their services which are mostly about mortgages and helping potential clients understand loans and how the process actually works.

You can go through their quiz funnel here.

Kiel Mortgage

Their website has a very simplistic design which directs you to apply and begin the process of the quiz funnel.

The minimalist approach can result in very high conversion rates because it doesn’t leave very much room for the visitor to do anything on your site other than go through your funnel.

I would even go as far as recommending that you keep your sales funnel separate from your traditional website/home page that way you can really create a linear traffic source.

Check out Kiel Mortgage quiz funnel here.

Rocket Mortgage

Rocket Mortgage is by one of the biggest lenders in America, Quicken Loans.

It isn’t another tool or mortgage calculator but an actual way of getting approved a mortgage.

And yet again, this powerhouse of a brand is utilizing the quiz funnel.

Click Here to go through their quiz funnel so you can start mapping your own out!

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How Do You Create The Quiz Sales Funnel?

While I do have quite a bit of experience creating sales funnels for businesses related to making money online.

I’ve actually never created on for a mortgage broker, and some of the tools that I’ve specifically used to build my endeavors wouldn’t suit the needs of a financial service without a huge learning curve or cost of hiring someone to build one for you.

While I was writing this article, I came across a tool that is catered to creating landing pages and sales funnels for real estate agents and mortgage brokers.

Below is a video that talks about their software and how it is crafted for real estate professionals.

While you could effectively create the same funnels using other, popular software companies like Clickfunnels.

Being someone who’s used Clickfunnels to create all of their sales processes i can tell you that there is very little direction geared towards financial services or anything related towards real estate.

Most of their funnels and templates provides are geared towards public speakers.

Leadpops is a funnel building and a digital marketing software that is geared specifically toward mortgage brokers and real estate agents.

They also have a completely Free 30 Day Trial

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The standard throughout most mortgage companies, as well very high ticket sales in other industries is the Quiz Funnel.

As it really give you the ability to weed out the prospects who’re casually browsing prices, wouldn’t be classified as your dream clients, and create a more personalized experience for the lead.

All prior to ever even getting on the phone or contacting them over other forms of digital marketing, because of the quiz funnel every prospect you reach out to is already pre-framed for a sale and is qualified as a lead.

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