Powerhouse Affiliate Review: Is It Worth It?

For affiliate marketing, Powerhouse Affiliate offers a detailed training program.

It has all that you need to know in order to effectively attract more traffic as a marketer and the content is segregated to offer you learning right from day one all the way through to an advanced level.

In order to make an informed decision, however, you need to see what the program offers and how that might benefit you in the long run.

Powerhouse Affiliate is well-worth a try. The training program has a Cost Per Action pricing and it teaches you to drive more traffic to various product sites and get a percentage of the product sold as a commission. The affiliate program is pretty straightforward with no upsells involved.

The Powerhouse Affiliate program is designed for both – quick learners and those who wish to take their time by allowing the learner to set their pace.

The program offers a great way for you to build an affiliate business using affiliate marketing. Keep on reading this review to learn more about what makes Powerhouse Affiliate a sought after affiliate marketing program.

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What Is Powerhouse Affiliate?

Powerhouse Affiliate is an affiliate marketing training course that is designed to be interactive and immersive.

The course is covered in a set of modules and multiple case studies as well as webinars. There are over 40 text and video lessons in total and the training is primarily focussed on lead generation, traffic analysis, and email marketing, among other things.

The course teaches how to grow your audience organically as well as through paid options. You can also interact with other participants of the course by accessing the community forum.

Apart from this, there are also regular help and support functions that will prove useful in answering your queries.

Additionally, Powerhouse Affiliate also provides you with landing page templates that you can choose from. These are heavily detailed and require minimum to nil customization.

You do not have to type in any additional words or tailor the images or the layout before using it. Rather you can take the template as is and upload it on your website. You will only need to add the affiliate link to that page before you start channeling traffic from your site.    

The Powerhouse Affiliate program comes with detailed step by step instruction that helps you set up the above affiliate link page. All information on how to add the affiliate link to the page is included in the affiliate program and is explained during the training process.

A Little About the Founder of Powerhouse Affiliate

Joey Babineau is the creator behind Powerhouse Affiliate. He is a Canadian entrepreneur who has his own online business that he has been managing since 2002. He also has his own YouTube channel and a website.

You will find videos on monetizing online web traffic on his YouTube channel. Joey believes content is what will spearhead all businesses and sales, and creating good content that garners people’s faith is the way forward when it comes to affiliate marketing.

He believes that content is king. On his YouTube channel, he aims to share his knowledge about monetization strategies through affiliate marketing, using Google AdSense, and even by building your own products. His website and YouTube channel will also help you learn how to generate more traffic to your site.

Here is one of the latest videos by Joey Babineau telling you how you can build an email list with the help of solo ads:

He built an online performance marketing business of considerable monetary value – approximately 7 figures by using strategies to increase traffic flow to various sites. He used both paid as well as free methods to increase the traffic.

Joey regularly uploads videos about online lead generation, affiliate marketing, advertising, content marketing, and other strategies to increase monetization. There are also videos on building landing pages and sales funnels to maximize your business.

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Who Can Benefit From Powerhouse Affiliate?

Powerhouse Affiliate can be beneficial for both – experienced online marketers and those who are new in the field. If the latter, you will find the training to be quite comprehensive.

The course does not necessarily need you to have any previous experience or a mandatory skill-set. You are encouraged to participate and learn right from scratch.

Having said that, even if you are an experienced marketer, the Powerhouse Affiliate marketing training program will help you in honing your already existing skills further. 

You can build on what you know and learn from experience, but you can also keep yourself updated on the latest trends and techniques relevant for 2020. The market is a constantly evolving place and the more you keep yourself updated, the better you are likely to perform.

A caveat is essential at this point – it is needless to say, of course, that this training program is not a “Get Rich Fast” or a “Earn in Thousands By Doing Nothing” kind of scheme.

You are required to put in the hard work and keep yourself updated and educated if you are to bank some serious profits using this tool.

Advantages of Joining the Powerhouse Affiliate Program

There are distinct advantages to joining the Powerhouse Affiliate training program.

If there is one thing about the entire training program that stands out, it is perhaps the overall quality of the training program itself.

A more detailed look at each of the benefits of joining the Powerhouse Affiliate program is discussed in further detail here:

The Modules Are Crisp and Concise

Unlike many other training programs, one encounters on the web today where the lessons are hidden under mounds of verbose literature of no value, the Powerhouse Affiliate program is refreshingly crisp and concise.

The entire course is divided into modules and it is designed in such a way that the course content does not seem to be overwhelming at any point.

The content is crisp, but it also ensures that all-important points are covered and no part comes across as too short or abrupt.

Content Is Well-Constructed

Each of the lessons in the training program focuses on a singular aspect of marketing and deep dives into the subject matter of that topic. The lessons contain texts and video clips that are fairly short and simple to follow.

Every little detail in the course has been placed with a lot of thought so that the course does not seem to be intimidating and can be followed through easily.

There are many other online business and affiliate training programs with a lot of content sitting there. This only makes the course seem lengthier with no substantial value to derive from it. Long videos and supplementary reading guides are all good, but a large volume of it thrown at you might seem a bit overwhelming.

Joey, of Powerhouse Affiliate, understands this. His course is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of the subject without overwhelming you with a ton of reference materials and hour-long videos. The course content is very user friendly and is kind and considerate of the users who will be learning from this tool.

The Tutor Is Dependable

Joey Babineau, the founder of Powerhouse Affiliate, is himself the tutor of this marketing training course. Since he has designed the course from scratch, it makes him the best person to tutor you on your journey with Powerhouse Affiliate. He is a genuinely helpful person who has both the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to guide you.

Having been in your shoes before becoming successful in his domain, he is the best person to understand and explain any queries you may have regarding the course. You can trust your tutor at Powerhouse Affiliate as you find your footing in the world of digital marketing.    

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Course Content of Powerhouse Affiliate Marketing Training Program

The course content of this program allows you to set your own pace. Even though it is tailored in a certain way and is recommended that you follow the order in which the module is structured, you are also given enough freedom to skip a lesson and come back to it later.

After you finish each lesson, you can check a box to mark it as complete. However, it is not mandatory to do so. The course gives a lot of leeway to the user and this allows them the freedom to pursue the course in a way that suits them best.  

Here is a brief overview of the course contents. Each of the modules is further subdivided into lessons and at the end of the modules, there are also the case studies and webinar details provided.

Module 1: Affiliate Marketing Certification

  • Lesson 01 – How You Will Achieve Success
  • Lesson 02 – How You Make Money As an Affiliate
  • Lesson 03 – Niche & Target Market Research
  • Lesson 04 – Setting Up Your Website Part 1
  • Lesson 05 – Setting Up Your Website Part 2
  • Lesson 06 – Time to Make Money With Blogs & Landing Pages
  • Lesson 07 – Set Up High Converting Landing Pages
  • Lesson 08 – Tips for Profitable Landing Pages
  • Lesson 09 – Tracking
  • Lesson 10 – An Overview of Website Traffic
  • Lesson 11 – Free Traffic? Really?
  • Lesson 12 – The 90 Day Challenge

Module 2: Email List Building Certification Course

  • Lesson 01 – The Affiliate Funnel & Email Autoresponder
  • Lesson 02 – Creating Your “Opt-In Bait” & Squeeze Page
  • Lesson 03 – Auto Responders & Squeeze Pages
  • Lesson 04 – Auto Responder Sequences
  • Lesson 05 – Tracking Your Email Opt-ins & Subscriber Rates
  • Lesson 06 – The Blog “Pre-Funnel” Strategy
  • Lesson 07 – List Segmentation 

Module 3: Performance Marketing Certification – CPA

  • Lesson 01 – What Is CPA Affiliate Marketing?
  • Lesson 02 – How to Get Accepted into Top CPA Networks
  • Lesson 03 – CPA Offers, Restrictions & Traffic Sources
  • Lesson 04 – How To Collect Leads and Prepare Your Killer Sales Funnel
  • Lesson 05 – Setting up The Squeeze Page
  • Lesson 06 – Setting Up The Tripwire/Landing Page (Advertorial)
  • Lesson 07 – Connecting the Dots & Setting Up Auto-Pilot Sales
  • Lesson 08 – Strategy 2 – The Landing Page “Hack”

Module 4: Website Traffic Certification

  • Lesson 01 – 4 Pillars for the Foundation of a Traffic Surge
  • Lesson 02 – Solo Ads
  • Lesson 03 – Bing Ads Traffic
  • Lesson 04 – Push Notification Traffic
  • Lesson 05 – Video Traffic
  • Lesson 06 – Facebook Traffic
  • Lesson 07 – Native Ads

Module 5: CPA Display Academy

  • Lesson 1 – Webinar worth watching
  • Lesson 2 – What Are Native Ads and Display Networks
  • Lesson 3 – Best Landing Pages for Native Ads
  • Lesson 4 – What is the Perfect Advertorial?
  • Lesson 5 – The Ads and Networks
  • Lesson 6 – Optimizing and Scaling Native Ads

“Mastermind” Case Studies

  • Bing Ads – Black Friday & Q4 Gift Ideas Campaign
  • Push Notification Ads – Airpush (dead traffic source)
  • Native Ads – Profitable Campaign for Lead Gen
  • Facebook Ads – White Hat Diet Campaign & List Building
  • Google Ads – How to Crush Ecommerce CPA With Search Traffic


  • How to Build an Email List Fast – This webinar will walk you through all the key aspects you will need to know to build a proper email list.
  • Everything You Need to Know About Affiliate Offers – In this webinar, you will learn about the techniques you can implement to gain the most benefit from your affiliate campaigns.
  • How to Set Up Profitable Native Ads (MGID Edition) – The general strategies that can be employed to set up native ads more effectively are covered in this webinar. It also talks about the best ways to utilize live data samples and widgets and tracking methods that will help you analyze your marketing strategy more fruitfully.
  • How to Choose Profitable Affiliate Niches and Discover What Competitors Are Doing – The title of this webinar is quite self-explanatory. It helps you develop that business knack to figure out which affiliate niches will be more dependable in terms of generating revenue. The webinar will also show you how to keep track of what your competitors are doing so that you are not left behind.  
  • How to Create High Converting Landing Pages – There are certain key elements that every landing page must include in order to help the traffic make a purchase using their affiliate link. Powerhouse Affiliate has identified 18 such key elements that each of these landing pages must have and the webinar discusses these key elements in detail.
  • How I Made $10,000 Last Month on Adsense While Running CPA Affiliate Offers – Here, the host of the webinar will walk you through their own experience where they generated a large income by running offers on their sites.
  • How to Make Money With Native Advertising & CPA Offers – The basics of how native advertising and CPA offers work is included here. The webinar will also help you understand how to set up a tracking system for your ads revenue, sales generation, and the traffic inflow and traffic activity on your landing pages.
  • How to Set Up Direct Linking Campaigns & Get Free Traffic With No Investment – This is perhaps the most interesting webinar where you will learn about the process of earning commissions without having to pay any amount of money upfront. It is basically all profit with zero dollars spent on investments. The webinar will also guide you on the top sources to generate traffic free of cost.

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Landing Pages of Powerhouse Affiliate

Powerhouse Affiliate has developed a little over 35 landing page templates that you can make use of in your affiliate marketing campaigns. These templates have you covered for some of the top most categories that are known to sell well:

  • Gaming
  • Dating and relationships
  • Health
  • Finance
  • Business Opportunities
  • Gadgets

In addition to the templates, Powerhouse Affiliates also provide free marketing graphics that you can download and use on your site. You do not need to pay anything extra for these graphics. 

This is especially helpful because many times, it can be frustrating to get an eye-catching graphic that is also copyright free. Developing them from scratch is immensely time-consuming and you do not really want to do that when you have graphics readily available.

Powerhouse Affiliate marketing program includes the following graphics in its package:

  • Animated Graphics – These are colorful and animated graphics, usually accompanied by a text that calls for some kind of action such as “Free,” “Click Here,” or “Join Now.” These graphics heavily use checkmarks, buttons, badges, and seals.
  • Premium Characters Business Pack – Different kinds of vector graphics that are related to business are included here. They are very high quality and can be used to lend a very authentic look to your web page.
  • Premium Pricing Graphics 2 – All things related to price display are covered in this set. From price stickers to price bubbles and pricing tables – you can find anything that suits your requirement and use it to fashion your marketing campaign in style.
  • 3D Icon Maker – You can use over 35 pre-made landing page templates that come with its own arrangement of texts and signs. They use catchy color combinations and are highly stylized, which helps project a professional yet eye-catching web page for your campaign.

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Cost of Powerhouse Affiliate Course

The course costs around $47 per month, but there is a discount for the first month if you join early. You will end up paying only $19 for the first month if you take action within the first five days of joining. Otherwise, if you would like to browse the course for free, you do get restricted access and at no cost to you.

In addition to the course fee, you will also need to invest in a few other things to have a holistic learning experience. This will include basics like a web hosting site, a WordPress editor, and a discretionary purchase of ads. Here are the details of each of these expense categories:

  • Course Fee (Monthly): $19 for the first month if you pay early and $47 for every month thereafter. 
  • Web Hosting Annual Fee: Many web hosting sites are available for affiliate marketing. Bluehost is one such site that is considered very reliable in the online marketing community. It costs between $40 to $100 a year, depending on the plan you choose. An initial investment in a web hosting site is needed for you to start your business. 
  • WordPress Editor Annual Fee: A visual editor is essential for online marketing, especially if you want to give credibility to your landing pages. Optimize Press is one such tool that you can use in this regard. It costs around $99 per year. 
  • Paid Traffic Fee (Discretionary): You can also opt for paid traffic to your site, which will cost you extra and the amount is totally dependent on what you are ready to spare. You can also explore other ways of generating free traffic. Powerhouse Affiliate training will guide you on how to manage both paid as well as free traffic on your site.

This is a rough estimate of the basic amount you will need to spend yearly to get started on your affiliate marketing career. A lot of these costs can be curbed further. For instance, if you are adept in building and editing landing pages, you can do away with the annual WordPress editor fee. Similarly, you can opt for a web hosting platform on the lower end of the price range to save up to $60.

It is okay to start off with the bare bones initially, but over time, as you would want to bring in more growth in your business, you will also have to upgrade and invest accordingly.

Negative Reviews of Powerhouse Affiliate

The affiliate marketing training program has, however, seen some negative reviews online. Most of these comments revolve around the same matter with regard to the training program and so they have been clubbed together under three different headings hereunder.

You Need to Pay to Get Traffic to Your Site

One of the most common concerns raised in the negative reviews for Powerhouse Affiliate is that one must pay to get traffic. However, this is an assumption and not true.

Powerhouse Affiliate marketing training program teaches you both the methods to create more traffic for your site – both free and paid. There is no compulsion to pay for generating traffic. If done well, you can generate enough traffic organically as well.

However, there are certain advantages to having paid traffic. It helps generate more traffic quickly, resulting in greater sales, whereas traffic that is herded organically takes time to grow and so the result may not be as instantaneous.

There are many options that you have in case you do not wish to pay to generate traffic. Content marketing is one such way. You will have to consistently create content and use the right keywords for your content to be optimized for search engines and show up in the results section.

This may take anywhere between six months to a year. Alternately you can invest a small amount in advertising and then scale up as your business grows.

Powerhouse Affiliate Does Not Teach Search Engine Optimization

Powerhouse Affiliate does touch upon the technique of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but does not deep dive into it. This is because SEO is related to content marketing and Powerhouse Affiliate program does not deal with content marketing but with lead generation and driving traffic to your affiliates page instead.

When you are into content marketing, you will need to generate traffic by promoting products on your blog and by creating vlogs on YouTube, etc. If you want to grow your business doing content marketing, then you will need to master SEO. However, as an affiliate, that is not the only method you will be relying on to generate income.

The Powerhouse Affiliate program focuses on creating powerful landing pages and using call-to-action prompts to generate business. This is a quick and effective way to generate income.

There Is Too Much Content in the Course Material

The course has been developed so that there is a fine blend of video and text. While it may seem that there is too much content in the course content, others may find it quite optimal.

After all, you do need a medium to convey your knowledge forward, and Powerhouse Affiliate has designed the course using the available mediums of text and video without relying too heavily on any one form so that the user is not overwhelmed.

You can join the course by clicking on this link.

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This program is especially great for experienced marketers who have a basic idea of online affiliate marketing and are ready to invest their time and money to further their skills.

It is also helpful for novices looking to open their own affiliate marketing business. This program teaches you how to open an affiliate marketing business and it does not require a lot of money upfront.

Hopefully, this article has shed some light on the pros and cons of the Powerhouse Affiliate program and will enable you to make an informed choice about the training program.


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