Post Affiliate Pro Review: Is It Worth It?

Handling affiliate marketing sales, conversions, and deals can be challenging, especially if you don’t have the right tool.

With the internet continuously evolving, businesses need to adapt with the times and find ways to sustain new customers and get more leads. This is why you’ll love the Post Affiliate Pro tool as it helps you track your affiliate’s leads and payments. 

Post Affiliate Pro is an affiliate management tool for eCommerce websites that’s worth a try. The tool includes an advanced track and monitors feature to stay updated with all your affiliate referrals, payouts, clicks, commissions, and more. Affiliate tracking software is fast, intuitive, and useful. 

In this article, we’ll cover in detail:

  • What Post Affiliate Pro is
  • The features of Post Affiliate Pro
  • How the affiliate software program works
  • The pros and cons of Post Affiliate Pro
  • The cost of Post Affiliate Pro
  • The types of commission offered by Post Affiliate Pro

What Is Post Affiliate Pro?

Post Affiliate Pro is an affiliate software that enables organizations to control and manage their affiliates, commissions, and setups. The easy to set up an affiliate tracking system connects with any website or payment gateway. Having Post Affiliate Pro helps you improve your SEO ranking by having the affiliate link back to your site. 

post affiliate pro review

A wide range of services is available, depending on your budget. Below are some of the features of this affiliate tracking software.

DirectLink Linking

DirectLink Linking is an advanced SEO-friendly tracking tool. Whenever a visitor clicks a link on your affiliate page, the HTTP-REFERER becomes the affiliate page’s address. Once the system checks the database to verify that the page belongs to an affiliate, it will assign that person the referral and click.

The feature works in a way that visitors won’t know they are clicking on an affiliate link. DirectLinks linking allows your affiliates to link to your website without extra parameters, making it an excellent SEO method. 

Fraud Protection

Post Affiliate Pro implements the Fraud Protection System to monitor the transactions that happen in the system. The feature can decline fraudulent transactions without annoying pop-ups or alerts. Moreover, fraud protection protects the customer against repeated orders.

Custom Affiliate Dashboard

The affiliate software program has a drag and drop options that allow you to customize the affiliate panel. If you would like to remove or add a menu item, you’ll need to head over to the Post Affiliate Pro merchant panel to configure it. Click on the affiliate panel and scroll to the menus and screens to customize the panel menu to do what you like. 

There’s also a customizable URL that enables you to change the affiliate code from random numbers or letters. You can also get direct linking from specific sites.

Tracking Methods

Post Affiliate Pro has advanced types of tracking systems to help you create accurate tracking results. These methods include HTML5 cookie tracking, browser cookie tracking, IP address tracking, and IP address tracking. 

The software program uses multiple trackers to create redundancy and ensure you’re not relying on one method. One exemplary tracking method is the ability to track a visitor’s behavior on the site. Any action the customer takes can be tracked. These actions can be reading a specific page, viewing a video, signing up for a newsletter, and more. 

Shopify Refunds Syncing

You can sync Shopify refunds with commissions. That means once you process a refund on Shopify, the corresponding affiliate’s commission is deducted from the account automatically. You can use Post Affiliate Pro License on multiple stores with single affiliate logins.

Split Commissions

The feature allows your company to reward all participating affiliates who refer to a specific sale. Previously, merchants could reward the first affiliate who referred the sale or reward the last affiliate who referred the sale. There was nothing between these two possibilities. Nonetheless, this feature is only available on the Network and Ultimate plans. 

To activate split commissions, you’ll need to head to the merchant panel, go to the configuration, click on the features and click the activate button on split commissions. 

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How Does Post Affiliate Pro Work?

Post Affiliate Pro allows you to choose between the two options available-paying a monthly fee to have it hosted on their server or using your server to host the software.

Once you decide on the plan, you’ll need to copy and paste the click integration code from the installation into your website’s footer. 

After this, you are given access to the app’s web-based interface. You can decide how to get your marketing campaign started. 

Features and Widgets

Once you log in, you can access the dashboard and explore the various features and functionality.

You’ll find main features at the dashboard’s bottom-placed in a dock. The right side of the dashboard has various widgets that you can quickly access. A few great widgets are access to current online users and campaign trackers. 

Campaign Manager Window

The interface also gives you easy accessibility to the campaign manager window. That is where all your campaigns are listed together with information like start date, commissions per click, the status, and more. You can also create a new campaign on the campaign manager window. 


Commission groups help you choose a rate that various groups will be paid. You can also add performance rewards to incentivize affiliates. The campaign page also gives you control over how you pay and interact with your affiliates. 

A good example is that Post Affiliate Pro has automatic payments that you can configure like paying for advertisement. You also get to control which affiliates participate in a private campaign. 

Customization Options

While here, you can give the campaign a name, add an image, write a description, set the status, determine which cookies to use, and come up with a way that affiliates will link to your product or service. 

You can generate reports and customize the information you get from the application to fit your needs. The software program gives you reporting options like trends, commissions, raw click data, among others. 

Navigating the Interface

You can move windows around from within the browser. That allows you to include the features you need and use them. The top navigation bar has two buttons for plugins and features.

The remaining features in the merchant panel include panel and account settings. However, you should note that although the affiliate program has plenty of features, not all come standard. You’ll have access to the available features once you sign up for a specific plan. 

Post Affiliate Pro not only tracks clicks, but it checks the visitor’s behavior. You can set it only to give a commission when a visitor makes a purchase or customize it to perform any action you want. 

As a Post Affiliate Pro user, you get access to various tools. A few examples include the ability to upload your image, access to flash banners for your affiliates to use, and HTML.

The software program also comes with different display options to allow your ads to stand out. You can have the ad hover over content to use the sticker peel visual effect. Create coupons for visitors to use after being taken to your store. 

  • Campaign menu. The campaign menu also enables you to manage your affiliate tracking campaigns. A campaign can handle one or more items that you pay the same commission for. You can delete existing campaigns or create various categories for your campaigns. 
  • Banner section. The banner manager is available in varying forms like a flash, text link, image, or promo email templates. However, you should note that every banner needs to be linked to a campaign to have a commission connected. The best part is that you can link banners to your target URL. 
  • Affiliates menu. Get to know how many affiliates are in your program, any pending payments, how many approved payments you’ve made, among other things. This is where you agree and screen your affiliates and where you get to view or change any details of your affiliates. If you have a LiveAgent account, you can set up and integrate LiveAgent service to support your affiliates via the Affiliate Help Desk. 
  • Transaction menu. Transaction menu that shows all transactions generated by your affiliate program. You’ll see details like pending commissions, commission total, sales total, etc. The feature also offers you a list of clicks your affiliate program tracks. The placement overview sub-menu shows you the list of affiliates that meet certain conditions of compressed commission. 
  • Reports menu. The Reports menu section is where you get all the significant statistics like finance and traffic stats. You also get daily reports, trend reports, short reports, raw clicks list, commissions, payouts by affiliates, payouts history top affiliates, online users, keyword performance, and top-performing URLs via the reports menu. It’s the best feature when you need to track and monitor the performance of your affiliate campaign. 
  • Payouts section. The payouts section gives you an overview of pending affiliate earnings and previous payouts. You can also use the search tool to find affiliates that get to the minimum payout balance.
  • Tools menu. This menu comes with various useful tools. You can access integration settings that include sales/lead tracking, clicks tracking, API integration, job integration, and other settings. The news section enables you to publish news visible to affiliates, merchants, or both. Other tools like problem reporting, login history, events logs, views, visitor affiliates, and roles also come in handy. 

Advantages of Post Affiliate Pro

Some of the benefits of joining Post Affiliate Pro include:

Excellent Services

Previous users of this affiliate software program attest to the services offered. The site helps you in the setup and enables you to navigate any problems you may be experiencing with the affiliate program. 

You can reach Post Affiliate Pro customer service via email. They also have a forum where people exchange information and a detailed knowledge base. 

Simple to Set Up

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced affiliate software program user, Post Affiliate Pro provides an easy way to set up an account. Once you complete your purchase, you’ll receive download information via email. Simply extract the files, upload them to your site, and use the web-based installation wizard to install the app.

The best thing is that they have a team that will help you navigate any technical issues you may have during the signing up. 

Inclusion of Predictable or Fixed Fees Without Extra Costs

Post Affiliate Pro includes in-house affiliate program hosting and downloadable licenses. The affiliate software program has plans for hosting on the Post Affiliate Pro servers, all the costs are outlined, and you won’t incur any extra charges. They have different pricing plans that are designed to fit various merchants.

Reliable Reports to Track and Manage Your Affiliate Programs

The site offers reliable reports with data and information to help you track and manage your affiliate programs. Post Affiliate Pro tracks your affiliate referrals using flash cookies, IP addresses, and standard cookies. With this information, you can improve your current techniques and strategies to grow your business. The result is a higher income and faster business growth. 

  • Expandability and extendability. It provides enough room to expand your affiliate program functionality. The site allows you to add functions like new banner types, new tracking methods, commission settings, among other things. The site also provides supported integrations that include lifetime commissions, GeoIP tracking, subsequent sales commissions, split commissions, and more. 
  • Lots of flexibility. Post Affiliate Pro is a flexible affiliate software program that gives you the flexibility to customize the interface as you wish. You get to select and customize templates, define commission settings, configure the affiliate dashboard, and more. 
  • Allows for scalability. Post Affiliate Pro not only helps you meet your business needs, but it also enables you to grow with it. This affiliate software is a robust platform with plenty of customization options, excellent customer service, and an array of features depending on the plan you choose. 

Disadvantages of Post Affiliate Pro

Although Post Affiliate Pro is one of the best sites to manage your affiliate programs, it has some issues that you need to be aware of before purchasing the set plans. Below are some disadvantages of Post Affiliate Pro.

High Prices

Price is a critical aspect when shopping for an affiliate software program. Unlike other software programs, Post Affiliate pro has high costs that you need to pay to enjoy the various features available on this platform.

The site is ideal for anyone already in business and is willing to set aside some money for the monthly fees. However, considering the features that the site offers, the price is worth every feature available. 

Hard to Understand Terms

Sometimes the business terms and language used on the website can be confusing, especially for beginners. You may have a difficult time understanding what the site is offering.

Fortunately, their customer service is always available to help with anything that may not be clear. 

You Promote the Affiliate Program

Unlike some affiliate programs where your account gets exposure to a network affiliate database once you complete the signup process, Post Affiliate Pro puts you in charge of promoting the affiliate program. 

You Need Technical Skills to Handle the Downloadable License Version

Signing up for the in-house hosting plan means you get a fully installed and hosted solution. You won’t have to deal with complicated server installations.

However, when you opt for the downloadable license version, you’ll need to have a web server and have technical skills to install the server’s software. 

If you don’t have a web development team or the skills to handle the installation, installing this software will be challenging. The above issues could affect you as a beginner who’s trying to set up your website.

The terms used are confusing, and the banner section misses out on critical aspects like YouTube video ads, Facebook image ads, Instagram ads, and other things. 

With that said, Post Affiliate Pro has plenty of articles that will guide you to complete setup, and their technical service is always ready to resolve any issues you may be facing.

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Post Affiliate Pro Pricing Plans

When choosing an affiliate software solution, you can opt for downloadable licenses and in-house affiliate program hosting. In-house hosting plans offer you fully installed and hosted software solutions as they are subscription-based. You won’t have to deal with server installation. Instead, you only need to login and set up your affiliate program. 

The affiliate software program provides a 14-day free trial with every function included. Below are the plans offered in Post Affiliate Pro:


The Pro, which is also the basic version, starts at $97 per month. This plan offers a robust, flexible, and high-performance solution for anyone new to the affiliate program. It’s an excellent plan for small to mid-sized affiliate programs. 

With the Pro Plan, you get a basic affiliate system, free lifetime updates, rock-solid tracking, full setup and website integration, support for 365 days a year, 500,000 tracking requests in a month, and unlimited affiliates. 


The Ultimate Plan is perfect for high traffic affiliate programs. Its price starts at $197 per month and includes full scalability, advanced functionality, and adaptability to your needs as a professional. 

This plan gives you access to unlimited affiliates, a full-featured affiliate system, high traffic ready, SEO friendly, multiple administrators, free lifetime updates, and 1,000,000 tracking requests each month. Once you sign up, you also get extra professional features to support you for one-time fees straight from your account.


The Network plan is the highest in the tier and is priced at $477 per month. This version has all the features of the above plans and integration service. You also get unlimited affiliate network software, unlimited merchants, onboarding consultation services, free lifetime updates, and 10,000,000 tracking requests each month. 

Downloadable License

Unlike in-house affiliate program hosting, downloadable license versions include a one-time payment. However, you’ll need to have your web server where the software installation will take place. 

Getting a downloadable license means you have a web development team or the technical skills to install the server’s software. The best part is that the Post Affiliate Pro Team provides free installation service with all the versions. 

Some of the plans offered include:

Starter Plan

The Starter Plan starts at $890. This plan includes unlimited affiliates, a full-featured affiliate system, professional features, and free installation services. That plan is designed for small and mid-sized affiliate programs. Note that this is a one-time fee.

Elite Plan

The Elite Plan starts at $2490. Once you sign up, you get access to unlimited affiliates, a full-featured affiliate system, advanced professional features, free integration service, LiveAgent startup, and free installation. 

Network Plan

The Network Version goes for $4970 and comes with all Elite Plan features plus advanced network features that come in handy when you need to start an affiliate network. That makes this plan unsuitable for regular users. 

The Post Affiliate Pro plan you choose will depend on your budget. Moreover, additional requests can quickly add up the cost and increase your subscription. It’s best to select a higher plan with all the features to save money in the long run.

Note that all these plans come with hosting on the Post Affiliate Pro servers. If you plan on hosting on your server, you’ll need a license that costs $199 and up, depending on the features you are looking for in the license. 

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How Do I Get Started With Post Affiliate Pro?

Getting started on Post Affiliate Pro is not complicated. All you need is to follow these guidelines:

Choose a License That Fits Your Needs

You need to decide between the downloadable version and the hosted version. If you are a beginner, you should opt for the hosted solution as it’s simpler to get started. However, you should understand that this option will be costly in the long run. 

As an experienced person with technical skills or access to a skilled support system, you can choose a downloadable version, which is cheaper over time. The disadvantage of affiliate networks is that you may incur monthly minimums and can’t control the payment and fees towards affiliates. 

Provide Your Name, Email, and Billing Information

The sign-up process takes one minute, where you need to provide your full name, email. And account name. You can also include company and phone details for billing information.

Review the Settings

Once done, review the settings, state commissions, and ad marketing materials. You’ll also need to set up emails and customize your affiliate sign up form. At this stage, you can customize your panel and integrate the affiliate tracking into your online store or website.

The setup process can be easy or complicated, depending on your tech skills. Once done, test everything to ensure it works. Go ahead to promote your affiliate program. 

Other Things to Know About Post Affiliate Pro

Running an affiliate program has its challenges, but Post Affiliate Pro is designed to help you run and manage your affiliate program. It also enables you to track the movements and actions you are making in your affiliate business. 

Although we’ve covered most of the information you need to know about Post Affiliate Pro, here are some things to consider when considering this affiliate software program. 

Post Affiliate Source Code

Post Affiliate Pro avails the source to you. That means you can hire a programmer to edit it or edit them. If you’re planning to edit it yourself, you need PHP skills, but you can get around it with some technical skills. Note that this doesn’t mean that Post Affiliate Pro is not open source. The software sellers get to retain the software’s rights, but you can see, edit, and change the source code.

Setting Up Multiple Sites

Post Affiliate Pro doesn’t allow you to install it on several sites. Nonetheless, you can set up different sites and products and manage them in one place. With a single installation, you can manage multiple products, even if you sell them on several sites. 

Technical Details 

Post Affiliate Pro supports different operating systems like Linux, Windows, iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile. Language support is available in English, German, Chinese, Indian, and Japanese. 

The software program’s customer types include medium business, small businesses, large enterprises, and freelancers. Deployment is on-premise. 

Getting Support

The software program allows you to send an email, make a call, or use their live chat support option when you need help setting up an account. You can also reach out when you have any queries regarding their service. Post Affiliate Pro has a unique knowledge base that addresses various topics. Their open forum allows you to share your experiences with other users and support staff. 

Upgrading of Plans and Money-Back Guarantee

You can upgrade your current version of the software. All you need is to pay the difference between the plan you have and the one you’d like to switch to. Post Affiliate Pro also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you feel like you are not getting value for your money.

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Every business is unique in terms of characteristics and requirements. If you’re looking for a software program to manage your affiliate marketers, Post Affiliate Pro is a fantastic choice.

The installation is fast and straightforward. It also has advanced features to help you track the performance of your affiliate program. You may want to try out the 14-day trial before choosing a plan that fits your business needs and budget.


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