Plant Therapy Affiliate Program Review: Is It Worth It?

As an affiliate with Plant Therapy (PT), you will collaborate with a stable company that offers an affordable, high-quality line of essential oils.

But is it worth your time and effort?

Given that the health and wellness field is extremely popular and marketable right now, and Plant Therapy has a reasonably priced and natural product used to complement an already healthy lifestyle, it’s smart to explore a potential partnership.    

The Plant Therapy Affiliate Program provides an affiliate with commissions, bonuses, education, and support to culminate in a program that’s worth it. The 7.5% commission rate is average, but affiliate support, consumer incentives, and informative videos help from a sales perspective.

In order to better understand the affiliate program, this article will articulate what an essential oil is, why essential oils are helpful, common uses, and safety issues.

To make an informed decision, Plant Therapy, a distinctive privately owned company, is reviewed in depth.

plant therapy affiliate program review

Additionally, a thorough understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of the PT affiliate program and its third party affiliate service, Pepperjam Ascend, is contemplated, leaving no unanswered questions.

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Who Is Plant Therapy?

A privately-owned company was founded in 2011 by President Chris Jones, after defining the need for a direct to consumer aromatherapy product.

All procurement, manufacturing, warehousing, order fulfillment, and shipping takes place at headquarters in Twin Falls, Idaho. 

Direct connections are made with suppliers, all around the globe, in order to fulfill Chris’s mission to create oils that maintain purity standards and are economically priced without a middleman inflating prices unnecessarily for the consumer. His goal is not to be the biggest company but to help as many people as possible. 

On the Plant Therapy website, Chris Jones writes many interesting and illuminating blog posts about his travels. For instance, Morocco Visit in Search of Blue Tansy describes his trip to France and North Africa.

It’s a great read, and he proves he is meticulous in sourcing his supply, isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty and has fun doing it. Alexa Jones, his 12-year-old daughter, and the Plant Therapy Vice President, came along for consultation and reinforcement. 

Product purity is ensured by on-staff certified aromatherapists as subject matter experts. The process is followed, in its entirety, for compliance to regulations relating to clean ingredients and safe manufacturing.

The organization is committed to environmentally friendly packaging, utilizing recyclable material, and, as expected, communicated directly to the consumer by way of DIY blog posts. An example is a post, Our Best DIYs For The New Shipping Tubes, describing creative ways to reuse containers. 

Essential oils and aromatherapy have been utilized spiritually and therapeutically, dating back to ancient civilizations.

With Plant Therapy’s commitment to continuous improvement, resilience, user satisfaction, and honest and ethical standards, the company is an advertiser that an affiliate can clearly stand behind.

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Essential Oils Defined

Essential oil is a liquid derived from plants found in the fruit, seeds, flowers, bark, stems, leaves, or roots.

Oil consistency is not necessarily oily or greasy, as implied. Furthermore, the term essential does not mean the oil is a necessity, but instead, it means it’s the essence, or fundamental part, of the plant. 

The aroma produced from a plant may attract bees, repel pests, or just smell wonderful.

The pure essential oil is naturally occurring, grown in an indigenous environment.

In order to create the highest quality, the oil is harvested at the plant’s peak and is properly distilled and not otherwise tampered with. The oil does not contain additives and remains in its purest form. 

Another important point is that essential oils are not medicine or even an alternative medicine as sometimes assumed.

Since using essential oils can be a sensitive topic, most websites state a disclaimer to seek a doctor’s recommendation before using it.

PT also states, as well as clearly outlining Policies Where We Stand on Controversial Topics.

In summary:

  • Do not ingest oils.
  • Dilute all oils.
  • Use a diffuser to dilute the oil in public areas.
  • No oil usage for one week before chemotherapy or surgery.
  • Follow responsible guidelines for pets, babies, and children.

Plant Therapy sources oils directly. If the shipment does not meet PT’s rigid criteria, it gets sent back.

Quality and ethical practices are serious business to the company, and time is taken to get to know the suppliers.

Factors that affect the value include:

  • Growing weather
  • Timing and harvest strategy
  • Plant part and manufacturing process
  • Storage method

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Why Use Essential Oils?

The reasons you should use essential oils are only limited by the imagination.

There are benefits that complement a healthy body. Among many other utilities, specific oils are known to help regulate the immune system, improve mental state, assist the respiratory system, and increase energy levels.

Moreover, on the Plant Therapy website, the fun and practical sides of essential oils are also clearly transmitted in articles and videos. Here are just a few examples.

Fall Blend RecipesInstructions for using fall-related aromas for a variety of uses.
Top 20 Oils for SleepA list of oils and the specific properties contained in them that help with rest.
DIYs for DadsFour humorous but practical recipes for dads (and anyone else).
His and Hers After Shave Skin Soothers Recipes for softer, glowing skin.
Top 10 DIY Projects for Natural LivingCombine natural ingredients with essential oils to provide beauty, cleaning, and pain relief products. 
Vetiver Pillow SprayA beautiful combination of oils to provide a calming experience to drift off into a restful sleep.
Back to School:  Hogwarts EditionsIf you’ve read the books, the thoughtful, safe-for-kids recipes geared toward school time success will be a lighthearted pleasure to read and prepare. 

How to Use Oils

  1. Add a few drops to the bathwater.
  2. Drop into a carrier oil, such as almond oil or any type of lotion.
  3. Fill the diffuser with water and a few drops of oil. For example, an excellent diffuser on Amazon is the Plant Therapy NovaFuse USB Diffuser.
  4. Diffuse 30 minutes on and 30 minutes off because the essential oil completes disbursement in that period.


  • The topical application must be combined with a carrier oil or lotion for pure substances. 
  • Keep essential oil bottles away from children due to potential toxicity.
  • According to the Plant Therapy chart, oil shelf life spans 1 to 8 years.
  • Flashpoint or flammability differs based on the concentration of each essential oil.

Common Oils and Their Uses

Due to individuality, each oil variety synergizes with every person differently.

It’s important to pay attention to your body and how each essential oil affects the way you feel.

As an affiliate, trying out the product is a wonderful resource for authentic recommendations.

The following list are a few common types of oils and uses.

Essential OilProperties
BasilRepels mosquitos and boosts mood
BergamotReduces inflammation
CitronellaRepels insects
EucalyptusStimulates clarity and focus, relieves congestion and other respiratory issues. Typically known as a germicide.
FrankincenseReduces stress and anxiety
GingerRevitalizes energy
HyssopDecreases scarring and inflammation
LavenderPromotes rest, encourages hair growth
LemonSupports immune system, energizes, cleanses
MyrrhTreats cracked skin and acne
OrangeEliminates toxins, aids digestion
Tea Tree oilRids the air of smells, cleans, treats acne and other skin problems
PeppermintEnergizes and aids digestion
RosemaryEncourages strength and mental power
SageCalms skin and contributes to hair health
Ylang ylangIncreases self-esteem and hair health

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Affiliate Program Perks

Refer customers via affiliate links and earn commissions on sales within 14 days of click-thru.

  • Zero cost to join
  • 7.5% commission baseline
  • 14-day cookie window
  • Personalized one-to-one affiliate support
    • Samples provided, situation-dependent
  • Weekly marketing updates
    • New offers and discounts
    • Creative ideas for essential oil usage
  • Bonus plans dependent on on-site traffic

Anyone can apply, but there are limitations for acceptance.

If your site checks out, a welcome email will be sent from a third-party service provider, PepperJam.

  • Website URL must be working
  • No pornographic or offensive content

Who Is Pepperjam, Affiliate Service Provider?

Partnerize acquired Pepperjam in the summer of 2020 and have just embarked on a new chapter in their history.

Branding has not been changed on the PT website, but it is assumed to happen in the months to come.

As a digital marketing company that began over 20 years ago, the business has positioned itself as an expert, providing affiliate partnerships for large advertisers such as:

  • Baublebar
  • Bonobos
  • Business Insider
  • Buzzfeed
  • Everlane
  • Nordstrom Rack
  • RetailMeNot
  • Shutterfly
  • TimeInc

Pepperjam claims over 750,000 partners and 250,000 influencers in a range of industries.

Affiliates are provided with a personalized experience based on Pepperjam’s data-driven metrics and innovative culture.

Company core values are to value partners and make decisions to benefit partners in an open, honest, and accountable environment.

Digital marketing tools and information in areas of interest include:

  • Attributes or characteristics identification for commission tracking
  • Structured pricing that grows with your partnership as opposed to being flat and static
  • Metrics and analytics easily accessible through your network account, and no time wasted on manual reporting
    • Insight in real-time
    • Average Order Value (AOV) tracking
    • Traffic information
  • Monitoring brand for awareness and loss protection
  • Coordinating and tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for business planning

Supplemental resources for growth and improvement come in many forms. The PepTalks podcast is available to inform affiliates about industry news and other information to become a better partner.

There are ebooks, informational whitepapers, and infographics for individuals who want to dig into the written word to gain insight. Also, webinars and industry case studies are cataloged for you to plow through. 

With Pepperjam, there is no shortage of material to boost your performance and become a more lucrative affiliate marketer.

Demonstration video presentations or articles are a huge source of support for the new affiliate. Two examples are listed here:

With an Application Programming Interface (API), an affiliate can gather data by registering for the app, WeCanTrack, integrating with Pepperjam, providing market lifecycle reports, and comparing aggregate data against Google, Bing, or Facebook numbers.

Follow the guide provided by Pepperjam to connect your website to WeCanTracka, and they will be able to talk, resulting in you being able to see the report results on your dashboard. 

The tools and technology provided by Pepperjam are exactly what an advanced affiliate partner will need.

Plus, website resources are inexhaustible. If you can’t find something on the site, the live chat box is available to speak to a Pepperjam support representative right away.

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Application Expectations

Pepperjam is a partnership service provider.

Join by providing the following information.

  • Describe your social media presence.
  • Provide your website URL.
  • Provide your contact information.
  • Answer three questions about your publishing channels where Plant Therapy will be promoted.
  • Provide banking and payment details.
  • Read and accept the service agreement.
  • Indicate that you are over 18 years old.

After this information is reviewed, you will receive an acceptance email from Pepperjam, assuming all of your application details are acceptable. Further details are provided in the welcome email.

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Plant Therapy Advantage

There should be specialty niches, and incentives offered to consumers. As a marketer, these are extremely helpful in keeping your content fresh and keeping the consumer engaged.

  • Oils specifically for kids, pups, and ponies
  • CBD oil
  • Seasonal aromas
  • Bulk buying
  • Free shipping
  • Free returns within 90 days
  • International shipping
  • Rewards program for customers called PT Perqs. Earn points for discounts and free products by:
    • Dollars spent
    • Referring a friend
    • Posting on social media
    • Joining PT YouTube channel
    • Providing birth date for a bonus on your birthday
  • Oil of the month club for consumers to encourage trying new aromas and for repeat business
  • Bargain bin shopping for close-outs and off-season deals at extra special pricing

Certified Aromatherapist

Becoming certified in aromatherapy is a career path that can add legitimacy and increase sales as an affiliate of Plant Therapy essential oils.

If this area of the health and wellness industry interests you, it is an excellent way to increase commissions.

In the United States, there is no licensing requirement and certification is optional for an aromatherapist.

However, certification is completed by taking 200 hours of training and practice at an accredited school, according to the National Associate of Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA).

Although the requirements are different in every country, the NAHA maintains a list of approved schools online.

Essential topics include courses in botany, chemical blending, anatomy, and physiology.

In addition, business ethics, legalities, privacy, and safety issues are taught to certification candidates. 

According to the American College of Healthcare Sciences, the median starting salary for a credentialed aromatherapist is $46,000. With a successful essential oil affiliation, your income could increase.

Plant Therapy Disadvantage

There are hardly any drawbacks to the program worth mentioning.

However, there is always room for improvement. For example, Plant Therapy will not write content specifically for an affiliate website.

The Plant Therapy blog is very active, and helpful videos are posted three times per week on YouTube, which aims to inform customers directly about the products and give them ideas on which to use them.

Traffic can be directed to the posts and videos on Plant Therapy. Therefore, a personalized blog or social media post from the advertiser is not necessary.

The YouTube content is plentiful, and you can take a look here:

Also, the URL,, slightly misses the mark because it is easily misinterpreted as a site that sells live plants instead of essential oils derived from plants.

The logo even depicts a leaf, which also lends itself to the plant assumption. Of course, if communicated properly, an affiliate can bypass any misunderstandings, but it’s obviously a big branding misstep.

Lastly, a new affiliate may not be aware or take advantage of the abundance of technological feature-rich metrics and tools offered at Pepperjam.

Without affiliate marketing knowledge of the common lingo and concepts, many of the services, integrations, and additional opportunities will remain unused.

With time, a new partner can learn to appreciate the Pepperjam expertise and increase commission income accordingly.

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To become an affiliate for Plant Therapy is an intelligent decision, assuming your interests lie in the health and wellness marketplace. If so, the 7.5% commission, an average rate, is just part of the attraction. 

Working with a very focused and marketing-centric organization, Plant Therapy, makes your job so much easier.

Customer discounts, educational videos, and recommendations are constantly being created, making it simple to keep your customer engaged.

Also, the affiliate service provider, Pepperjam, offers an engaging design, full-featured, but simplistic dashboard with all of the bells and whistles but none of the metrics overload, culminating in a beautiful and healthy partnership.


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