Pabbly Affiliate Review – A Good Recurring Program?

Pabbly is an online marketing platform popular among small business owners, recognized for its convenient subscription billing and invoice services.

To broaden its client base, Pabbly now offers partner marketing in the form of a recurring affiliate program. Whether or not it’s a good program — that’s to be determined.

The Pabbly Affiliate Program is a good recurring program if your audience includes business owners. It offers a 30% commission for all users that sign up via your link, averaging more than $176 per year, but you’re only entitled to this money if users stay on the platform for 40 days or more.

Just like any affiliate program, Pabbly’s version has pros and cons.

To find out what the Pabbly platform offers users, what the recurring affiliate program looks like, how much money you can potentially make, and whether this program is worth it, keep reading!

Everything You Need to Know About Pabbly

Pabbly is a lesser-known marketing program that highlights the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

The platform’s goals are clear: To help companies maintain contact with customers, generate more sales, and receive secure payments.

Here are the apps or subscriptions that Pabbly offers users:

  • Email marketing (email tracking and doubled open rates)
  • Email verification (reducing bounce rates and removing invalid email addresses)
  • Form builder (lead capture forms and payment collection forms)
  • Subscription billing (secure customer payment collection and practical invoicing)
  • Connect (integrates Pabbly with all of your favorite apps, like Google and Facebook)

Just $29 a month will serve businesses with up to 2,500 email subscribers and 50 subscription billing customers.

Larger companies benefit from adding more “stacks” to their subscription, which will bump up monthly costs by accounting for broader customer bases.

For example, a 17x Stack costs $3,000 a month and allows you to reach out to 2.5 million customers via email and handle subscription billing for over 50,000 customers.

We’ll go over why these numbers are essential a little later on.

The video below discusses the services you can access by registering for Pabbly Plus.

This service offers all of the individual apps developed by Pabbly for a small monthly fee:

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Pabbly Affiliate Program Details

Since Pabbly users pay monthly membership fees, the Pabbly Affiliate Program is considered a “recurring affiliate program.”

A recurring program will allow you to earn consistent payments (commission) as long as the users you recruit stick with Pabbly’s services.

Here’s what you need to know about the Pabbly Affiliate Program.

After you register as a Pabbly Affiliate via the Pabbly Affiliate Form, the company will send you a unique affiliate link.

You can share this link via email, your website, online articles, or social media for your followers and readers to click. 

You’ll also gain access to an affiliate dashboard on Pabbly to track how many users you’re bringing to the service, how much they’re spending, and what your take-home commission is.

You’ll earn a 30% commission for any sales or subscriptions that begin after an online user follows your unique link.

So if a customer chooses a $29 per month plan, you’ll earn 30% of $29 every month — these numbers calculate to an extra $8.70 a month in your pocket. Customers deciding on a $49 a month Pabbly subscription can draw $176 a year in commission.

You can also earn a 20% commission if your recruits invest in any Pabbly Lifetime Deal.

Pabbly also prioritizes affiliates that generate the most business for the company.

The more paying customers you recruit for Pabbly, the higher a commission rate Pabbly will offer. 

The company will send you your commission check monthly via PayPal or a bank transfer once you reach the minimum $50 payout.

However, the users you bring to the platform must be paying customers for 40 days or more before you’re entitled to the 30% commission.

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The Pros of the Pabbly Affiliate Program

There are specific scenarios where the Pabbly Affiliate Program will make more sense and generate significant passive income.

For example, suppose you’re a small business owner yourself or have a large following on social media. In that case, there’s a higher chance that somebody you know is interested in the business marketing services that Pabbly provides. The larger the business’s needs, the more you’ll earn in commission.

The other key benefit is that Pabbly can be profitable, though, to an extent.

The owners at Pabbly state that the average customer will continue to use it for an average of 12.5 months. That’s well-past the 40-day payout threshold and can bring in significant earnings if your recruits choose the pricier plans long-term.

In the chart below, you’ll see how much your Pabbly recruits could be spending each month and what your take-home based on a 30% commission would be.

What Your Pabbly Recruits Are Spending Each Month
Your Monthly Take-Home
(30% Commission)
Your Yearly Take-Home

Based on the math, even recruiting two new Pabbly users on a $49 a month plan will add $360 to your bank account by the end of the year.

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The Cons of the Pabbly Affiliate Program

We can’t deny that the Pabbly Affiliate Program can help you earn passive income and line your wallet once a month.

Yet, it seems like Pabbly affiliates sometimes have to jump through hoops to guarantee paid commissions.

The most glaring problem is that there’s an approval process for all commissions.

You might have 15 users sign-up for Pabbly through your affiliate link, only to find that Pabbly denied some of these commissions for something as vague as “violating” the company’s terms and conditions.

It’s not entirely clear what that means, as you won’t find detailed information about it in the terms and conditions.

There’s also the fact that Pabbly won’t send you any commissions if your users leave the service after their free trial ends or the 40-day threshold is up.

Not receiving the commission after your recruits leaves make sense, as they aren’t bringing Pabbly any revenue.

But, not earning a commission from paying customers for those first 40 days can be touted as “unfair.”

There are also a few situations that Pabbly details as negating any commissions they owe you. These include:

  • Advertising your affiliate link through coupon websites or via ads on Google or Bing
  • Purchasing through your Pabbly affiliate link
  • Having any of your Pabbly recruits cancel or ask for a refund in 40 days or less

Based on these guidelines, you have a few limitations on how you can generate your sales and commission.

It’s essential to read the fine print of the terms and conditions to ensure that you’re following Pabbly’s rules.

The Final Verdict: Is the Pabbly Affiliate Program a Good Recurring Program?

The Pabbly Affiliate Program can be a good source of passive income, mainly if your social circle includes business owners looking to up their marketing game.

All you have to do is send out your affiliate link to your entire email list or share it through a social media post. Everyone that signs up will qualify you for recurring payments.

Assuming you’re generating Pabbly sales and those you bring to the platform stay for more than 40 days as paying customers, you’ll be bringing in a 30% commission.

You may be yielding an extra few hundred in pocket change every year per user.

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