ODi Productions – Affiliate Evolution Review

Affiliate Evolution is likely to cross your path when looking to learn more about affiliate marketing.

You can’t help but wonder if this one is authentic and will meet your needs with so many similar courses available on the market. A detailed review of the Affiliate Evolution can help you make an informed purchase decision.

Affiliate Evolution is a short affiliate marketing course focusing on paid traffic to drive affiliate offers. It is the exact blueprint its creator used to earn thousands of dollars in monthly affiliate commission. You need an ad budget on top of the $499 tag to implement the lessons.

In this article, you’ll learn the following information about the Affiliate Evolution:

  • Pros and cons of buying the affiliate course
  • The course contents
  • Factor to consider before buying the course

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Perks of the Affiliate Evolution Course

One of the Affiliate Evolution course’s biggest perks is that a seasoned affiliate marketing veteran runs it.

ODi is a long-time affiliate marketer, popular YouTuber, entrepreneur, and music producer only known by his first name.

ODi got his big break in affiliate marketing by launching an affiliate site dedicated to reviewing headphones. The site took off and generated considerable affiliate income, which led to him dropping out of college.

He used his success with the affiliate site as a launching pad to teach other people about affiliate marketing.

He created the Affiliate Evolution course and started a YouTube channel that covers affiliate marketing topics.

Here are the five biggest perks of purchasing the Affiliate Evolution course:

  • It is quite comprehensive. The course will equip you with all the information you need to know about affiliate marketing. ODi takes you through two successful case studies, detailing every step of his journey. You get to walk in the footsteps of a seasoned affiliate marketing veteran.
  • It comes with cheat sheets. ODi provides the students with the templates he used to build his affiliate website. He reveals everything, including the exact sales funnels, email campaigns, and marketing campaigns he used. You get to download the templates so you can customize them to your own needs.
  • It comes with a 30-day refund policy. The Affiliate Evolution comes with a friendly 30-day money-back policy that’s pegged on one condition. You only get a refund if you claim within 30-days and you’ve accessed less than 20% of the course materials.
  • It is quite affordable. At $499, Affiliate Evolution is more affordable than most affiliate marketing courses that fetch up to $1,000. The students can afford the paid tools and have a sufficient advertising budget to run ads at that price.
  • It is relatively short. Affiliate Evolution is a four-week course to let you launch an affiliate website quickly.

As you can see, Affiliate Evolution touches on everything you need to know about affiliate marketing. It’s run by an affiliate marketer who has achieved considerable success in the sector.

However, that doesn’t mean the course is perfect for all, nor does taking the course guarantee success.

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Potential Deal Breakers of Affiliate Evolution

Unfortunately, Affiliate Evolution has some glaring shortcomings that you need to know before buying the course.

  • It is pricey. While the course might seem cheaper when compared to other courses, it retails at $499. Much of the course content revolves around paid advertising, which calls for additional expenses.
  • It’s relatively short. For that price tag, Affiliate Evolution is very short. Since the course is only four weeks long, there’s a high chance that the system offers only surface-level information.
  • It’s probably dated. Affiliate marketing is a highly dynamic field where strategies and tactics change overnight. The course revolves around Odi’s approach and results, something that might not be relevant and applicable today.

These issues could prove problematic, primarily because it relies on only two case studies that were done years ago. That said, the course might be beneficial to affiliates looking to follow in the footsteps of a seasoned expert and replicate their success.

Affiliate Evolution Course Content

Affiliate Evolution is one of the shortest affiliate marketing courses on the market with its four weeks duration. The course centers on two case studies that take you through Odi’s preferred paid methods of driving affiliate offers.

While the course does cover free traffic generating methods, that only happens in the last week of the course. Hence, you might only come away with surface-level information about such practices.

The four-week course is split into two 2-week sections – the first part covering a case study with paid traffic and the other one, Odi’s headphones affiliate website.

Case Study #1

The case study revolves around the ClickFunnels affiliate program. ClickFunnels is a funnel-generating platform that’s popular with the online marketing crowd.

It allows online entrepreneurs to create beautiful landing pages and squeeze pages to promote products and push affiliate offers. ClickFunnels is a great affiliate product because it offers a high commission rate and uses a monthly subscription.

The case study details journey to generating $4k/month by promoting Click Funnels. While impressive, this feat is beyond many of his potential students.

First-time affiliate marketers often don’t have a sizable budget to run paid ads.

They often rely on free traffic until the affiliate site gains traction and starts generating revenue. Only then can the affiliates afford to run paid affiliate offers.

If you don’t have an advertising budget, the first half of Affiliate Evolution will be lost on you.

Case Study #2

The second case study revolves around achieving runaway success with his headphone affiliate site. The site success allowed him to drop out of college and cemented his place as an accomplished affiliate marketer.

Some of the information is freely available on his YouTube channel, but in the course, Odi shows the exact strategies he used to make the site profitable.

While some of the strategies and tactics are transferable to other niches, some of them are no doubt jaded and lost their effectiveness.

Here’s a summary of the Affiliate Evolution in weeks:

  • Week #1: The course’s overview, motivation, and millionaire mindset, Odi’s affiliate marketing case study, sales funnels, and email templates.
  • Week #2: An in-depth discussion about the first case study – 0 to $4k recurring revenue.
  • Week #3: Second case study and building a successful affiliate website.
  • Week #4: You learn about free and paid traffic, search engine optimization, SEO tutorials, Facebook ads, and Instagram ads.

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Should You Get the Course?

Buying the Affiliate Evolution is a big financial commitment that will set you back almost $500. Therefore, you should weigh your options carefully before purchasing the course.

Go for it if:

  • You’re a digital marketer who’s already making money with free traffic and looking to dabble with paid traffic
  • Want to see a case study of paid traffic in affiliate marketing in action
  • $500 isn’t a sizeable purchase for you
  • Looking for an edge in paid search traffic

Look elsewhere if:

  • You’re new in the affiliate marketing sector
  • If you don’t have a budget to run ads
  • If $500 is a sizeable chunk of your budget  


Affiliate Evolution is probably the shortest affiliate marketing course on the market. While an accomplished affiliate marketer runs it, the system isn’t beginner-friendly and leaves a lot to be desired.

However, that’s not to say that it has nothing to offer. It details two successful affiliate marketing studies that helped the author generate thousands of dollars in affiliate income.

Regardless, there are better affiliate marketing courses on the market, and you’re better off checking them. Most people are unlikely to get their money’s worth from the Affiliate Evolution course.


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