NinjaOutreach Explained: A Full Summary of the Marketing Software

NinjaOutreach has become a top resource for marketing professionals to find and target the correct audiences for their businesses.

You have most likely received an email campaign that used NinjaOutreach to sell you a product, but what is NinjaOutreach?

NinjaOutreach offers email marketing tools to help find leads, automate emails, and build site traffic. The email campaign process is easy to set up for a small business or a large marketing agency. Watch your business grow without spending hours at the computer, trying to research new customers.

Whether you’re looking for marketing software to start your business with or are unhappy with the software you have, you will want to read this full summary of NinjaOutreach.

In the end, you will be convinced NinjaOutreach is simple to use and an effective way to reach new customers.

The Basics of NinjaOutreach

NinjaOutreach is marketing software designed to help you find and target influencers in any area. It helps make sure you’re targeting the correct customers for your product.

With the ability to search through Instagram and YouTube with keywords, NinjaOutreach will find influencers with the highest clicks, interactions, and traffic.

NinjaOutreach will help you design email campaigns to reach these influencers, who will, in turn, help sell your products.

The database holds over 78 million social media and blogger profiles you can contact and will automate your outreach to make sure you don’t forget to send your emails.

The NinjaOutreach website lists testimonials from satisfied customers and claims to be approved by sites like Amazon, Airbnb, and Walt Disney Pictures.

If these aren’t names you can trust, then NinjaOutreach isn’t for you.

Here is a video from NinjaOutreach explaining the basics of their services:

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Who Should Be Using It

The NinjaOutreach software is a marketing tool. It’s utilized by professionals who run marketing departments, PR firms, SEO services, marketing campaigns, and lead generation services.

If you do work in marketing, whether it be for a large company like Amazon or for a small podcast you want to get traffic to, the NinjaOutreach software will work for you.

The search software is the largest database for locating influencers on the web today.

Even if you don’t do PR for a major corporation, the software can be beneficial if you want to sell your product in large numbers.

In-House Marketing

The NinjaOutreach software is a good choice if you manage your own marketing, or do it for a single company.

It will automate your marketing and outreach, so you can spend less time actively working and focus more on development.

A big mistake made by do-it-yourself marketing is not following up. Marketing campaigns die when you don’t continue to remind your audience you’re there. The NinjaOutreach email system can be set up to send reminder emails to increase the chance of getting a click.

In addition, you will be able to send out bulk email campaigns. Once you have selected the influencers you want to market to, you can send out hundreds at a time. This feature eliminates needing to be “in the know” or have a long-standing career in marketing.

You don’t need to be a professional in marketing to use the NinjaOutreach software, and the Flex plan (see below) is the better choice for a small operation.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business or product you have. If you want to increase your online presence and sell your product to a larger number of people, NinjaOutreach will work great for you.

Marketing Agency

NinjaOutreach is available and can handle large scale agency needs.

Managing many clients requires a high level of organization.

The automated system is great when juggling multiple clients, plus NinjaOutreach offers analytics to get your clients better results.

You can build emails from templates and make changes to suit your client. You can see the formats with the most conversion and replies, which in turn, ends in better results.

An agency with employees will want the Pro plan to allow multiple users. There’s a communication feature to talk to other team members, if your team works remotely, to streamline the workday and make sure there’s no overlap.

What could have taken a couple of programs to achieve can be accomplished by NinjaOutreach.

You will streamline your business and be able to take on more clients. You will grow your clients’ business and yours along with it.

Scroll through the plan options to see the differences and which one will suit your needs the best.

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Plan Options

Before you decide if you want to pay for the NinjaOutreach software, the Ninjas offer a 7-day free trial.

The NinjaOutreach site claims to convert 30% of the people who sign-up for the free trial. A good conversion rate like this is indicative of a great product.

NinjaOutreach offers 2 different plan options that can be billed on a monthly basis, or yearly at a 60% discounted price.

The yearly price will be better for you if you can afford to pay the total upfront, and is recommended by NinjaOutreach.

Here is the breakdown of the 2 plans:

NinjaOutreach FeaturesFlex PlanPro Plan
Monthly Plan/Yearly Plan$299/119 Per Month$499/199 Per Month
7-Day TrialYesYes
Cancel WheneverYesYes
Easy SetupYesYes
Access To 64 Million Instagram InfluencersYesYes
Access To 7 Million Twitter InfluencersYesYes
Access To 19.5 Million EmailsYesYes
Access To 6 Million BloggersYesYes
No. Of Contacts1,0004,000
Seats1 Seat3 Seats
Connected Emails1 Email4 Emails
Email List10,000/Month15,000/Month
Data ImportYesYes
Lead GenerationYesYes
Customer Resource ManagementYesYes

The plans are about the same, except the Pro plan will be better for someone who manages multiple accounts.

For example, a PR Firm or SEO expert; that way, they can manage all your clients in one place.

In the table above the cost for each plan is listed as a monthly price, but a customer who chose the yearly plan will be billed upfront for the whole year.

For the Flex plan it’s $1428, and the Pro plan is $2388.

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How to Use the Software

The amount you can do with NinjaOutreach is overwhelming. Luckily, they have a very helpful page with video tutorials and blog posts explaining how to generate email campaigns, generate leads, find influencers, and more.

After all, NinjaOutreach is all about… outreach.

To have a successful blog, crowdfund, or podcast, you need to be able to promote your product. Click here to see the blog tutorial on how to promote content either through finding people who share similar posts or people who have been featured in the post.

The FAQ page on NinjaOutreach has more guides and answers a ton of questions. The How-to section has 23 blog posts, and the site ensures the customer service team more often than not responds within 20 minutes.

Constructing Emails

To begin using the software, you need to start searching for influencers you want to send email campaigns to find affiliates or people to interview for your podcast.

Once you have used the search options, you save their email address and construct your email.

You will need to connect your email, preferably your business email, for NinjaOutreach to send the emails.

Don’t worry; they have a guide for how to do that as well. A great feature of this software is the preloaded email templates to give you a starting place if you are new to email campaigns.

If you don’t need a template to start from, you can create your own and send a test email.

To see how to construct an email, watch this video from the “How to Send a Test Email” tutorial:

For an in-depth 4 part tutorial, follow this link to the NinjaOutreach Email Template Tutorial.

Creating an Outreach Campaign

The first step is to find leads you wish to contact. Whether this is searching websites, influencers, or potential podcasts guests, it’s all the same process.

Search for a keyword and wait for the results. You can narrow down your search to bring up those with emails, and/or results that will accept a guest blog post submission.

After your list of results loads, check the contacts you wish to email and save to a list. You can create a new list after each search and label them according to the campaign.

Each of those results will show they have been added to a lead list to prevent you from adding them more than once.

Once your list is created (up to 200 leads) and your email has been formatted, you can send the campaign.

Using the “auto sending” function, you will select the leads list, email template, and outgoing email account for the campaign. You can schedule the emails to be sent immediately or for another date and time.

Before launching the campaign, you can confirm the leads that will be sent emails and what it will look like from the leads’ perspective.

If you want to see how this is accomplished, watch this video from NinjaOutreach:

Building Backlinks

A popular venture for an online business is to build backlinks to increase your site’s traffic and sales.

But before we get ahead, let’s explain a backlink.

A backlink is a hyperlink between two webpages.

For example, this article has several links to NinjaOutreach pages; and so NinjaOutreach has backlinks from this webpage.

Backlinks will help you rank better on Google and get more traffic to your site. The more backlinks of your site are out there, the more confident Google is you are a reliable website.

Now, to get backlinks on other pages, you will need to reach out and ask to be featured on a leads website.

NinjaOutreach can help you do this in several ways. The most popular ways to build links is through broken links, competitor link building, and expert roundup links.

Broken Backlinks

A broken backlink is a link where the destination webpage is no longer available. It will be identified with a 404 error code.

NinjaOutreach will help you search for sites with your keyword that have broken links. Save the email for that site and offer them a link to your website to fix the broken link.

You now have a backlink to your site.

Competitor Link Building

This method for building backlinks is like broken links.

Instead of searching for broken links, you will search for backlinks to your competitors.

You don’t want to steal the backlink from your competitor, but ask if the webpage will add your link as well.

It could be in the form of a comparison to your competitor or as an additional option.

Chances are a reader will click both links, and at least you are getting the same traffic your competitor is.

Expert Roundup

Building backlinks through influencers and experts in a particular field can be an efficient way to get backlinks.

You will want to search for influencers with your keyword and ask if they would like to contribute to your list or roundup on a topic.

If they want to contribute, you will backlink to them, and later give them the link for the piece to promote (giving you a backlink).

It’s a tit-for-tat style of link building, but if you get responses from a good number of influencers, it can be a quick way to get backlinks.

NinjaOutreach claims this form of backlink building is their most effective tactic for their customers.

If you want step-by-step instructions for how to carry out each of these backlink strategies, visit the blog post “Link, Links, Links – Proven Tactics to Build Links” on the NinjaOutreach site.

Finding Influential Guests

It has been mentioned several times, the NinjaOutreach software can be beneficial for podcasts. Here is one reason why.

The search engine allows you to find influencers or experts to be a guest on your podcast, YouTube show, or in a blog post.

It can be intimidating to reach out to an expert and ask for an interview, but with NinjaOutreach social media search, you can find hundreds of potential guests in minutes.

Using one of the email templates, you can ask for an interview without the stress of formulating it yourself.

Reaching out to 20 different influencers is more likely to get you a “yes,” than reaching out to the few you already had in mind.

The search tool will suggest influencers you may not have heard of before and expand your potential guests, or set you up with guests for weeks to come.

Influencer Search

NinjaOutreach has a large database full of millions of influencers from Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and bloggers.

Type in a keyword or use the provided filters to find people to become affiliates or review your products.

What would take you hours of scrolling through social media takes NinjaOutreach seconds.

You can use this link to have one free try at the search engine before they ask you to subscribe.

Use your keyword wisely!

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Does NinjaOutreach Work?

Like all things in business, the success is determined by how much work you put in.

Fortunately, the NinjaOutreach program does the majority of the work for you.

Clients from the testimonials page say the automated email blast software allows them to do 2 weeks worth of work in 20 minutes.

One customer states he spends 10 minutes gathering 300 new prospects, and it drives at least 10,000 views to his blog.

More testimonials recommend the software to make your marketing processes easier and more efficient on the Ninjaoutreach site.

Major corporations like Walmart, BET Networks, Amazon, Airbnb, Alibaba, and Walt Disney Pictures trust the NinjaOutreach system to reach potential customers.

With big names like these using the program, it must be a successful tool for any marketing campaign.

The Ninja Academy

ninjaoutreach review

If you want the full experience to give your product the best opportunity to succeed, NinjaOutreach offers a 12-week course.

This company grew from a new website to earning $100k in subscriptions in the first year, and they will teach you how to do the same.

The course will teach you how to:

  • Create good content for your site. It’s important to get started on the right foot, and this step will help you strategize to make sure you start with a great product.
  • Increase your site traffic through email marketing, outreach, and link building. If the links in this article weren’t enough to help you, then part 2 of the course will explain it all to you.
  • Optimizing your site through analysis and conversion rates. Once your campaigns are released, you need to know how to improve and readjust to make your site more successful.
  • Scale your business to reach the next goal (as in hiring, management, and resources). Once you are fully automated on the NinjaOutreach site and making money, you will need to know how to expand.

The Ninja Academy is available for a one-time payment of $197.

It includes around the clock access to all video courses and viewing them at your own pace. If you’d like a consultation with a Ninja, you can buy the Academy course for $497.

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NinjaOutreach has thought of everything when it comes to helping you expand your business and reach new customers.

From finding influencers to creating large scale email campaigns, you are sure to succeed with the techniques NinjaOutreach helps you put in place.


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