The #1 Network Marketing Secrets Book Review & How To Get It For Free!

This book will take you behind the scenes of the 3 funnels that built 99% of ALL successful network marketing companies.

Then show you how you can replicate them online with your own simple sales funnels.

Network Marketing Secrets Book Review | This is the 3rd installment of Russell Brunson’s book series.

It is the shortest, yet I’ve found that it was the most enjoyable to read.

It is packed full of valuable information front to back.

As well as a ton of fun cartoon images!

Network Marketing Secrets Book Review

The Introduction

The first section of this book is like Russell’s other books: Dotcom Secrets, Expert Secrets & Traffic Secrets.

It take’s you a little bit through his back story, where his journey started and when his fascination with marketing started.

In this book specifically, he starts to introduce the concept that 99% of all successful network marketing companies use within their business.

And how you can implement those same strategies within your own business using simple sales funnels online.

This book emphasized the process of moving traditional network marketing methods that have been used in real world applications for many years, online. 

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The Evolution Of Marketing

This section of the book begins to cover the phases that every network marketing company goes through.

Whether you’re a distributor or you’re someone who’s selling the products.

The most common denominator is that at some point you’ll get trapped in one of these phases..

By implementing these 3 lost funnels (online & offline) will actually give you the ability to bypass these phases.

So what are the 3 phases of network marketing?

Phase #1: The NFL Club

network marketing secrets book review

The first thing that you’re told after joining a network marketing company is to reach out to your friends and family.

About how you should introduce them to the product or opportunity you now have.

The problem is that if your family members – the people that you respect most – don’t sign up, or end up talking negatively about it is what you’re doing it can be devastating..

And usually, your network of friends and family is limited.

Social media platforms have increased everyone’s reach a bit but it is only a matter of time before you’ve exhausted that list.

And you’ll be known as that person at the family function who’s always trying to recruit for that pyramid scheme.

Which where this phase of the book got its name: NFL (No Friends Left) Phase.

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Phase #2: The Anti-Sales Department

This section of the book is called the anti sales department because naturally a lot of network marketing companies are doing just that.

Having their marketers build some type of belief in the product or service.

Then having the potential customers directed to a corporate website.

That is usually built by lawyers, not marketers, which are usually designed beautifully.

But have lower conversion rates because they are designed for image and not converting into sales.

Which at times can be a huge turn off to potential buyers.

Because it is no longer a personal experience.

Phase #3: Clone Wars

Whenever you’re joining a network marketing company.

The owners or the person who is recruiting you is going to talking to you about the amount of success available.

Usually giving you the EXACT same template, products, and methods of selling.

This is actually creating a massive competition for you and everyone in your network marketing company.

Because everyone is pitching the same exact stuff, in the same exact way.

Instead of implementing the cookie-cutter concept, there needs to be a pattern interrupt in your process.

Or the pattern becomes, ignoring your process.

Network marketing secrets book review | You can implement these strategies that are taught in this book throughout other industries.

I’ve never done any type of network marketing, I make the majority of my income online through affiliate commissions.

Yet the amount of knowledge I gained from this book was amazing!

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Phase #4: The Homeless Man With A Ferrari

network marketing secrets book review

Not all network marketers will actually get to this phase.

But phase 4 is where you’re making enough commissions to start beginning to feel like it is a very profitable venture.

Most network marketers don’t implement any duplication process.

Or understand the concept of teaching their leads/recruits a method of teaching and duplicating their own leads.

Which is why this phase is coined the homeless man with a Ferrari

Because yes it is very possible to create a sustainable amount of money, for a short period of time.

But unless you learn new strategies that you can implement or teach to fellow marketers.

Creating long term wealth or residual income will be very hard.

The 3 Lost Funnels | Escape The Phases With Funnels

The next thing I’m going to cover in my network marketing secrets book review is the 3 lost funnels section.

Funnels are not hard (Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise).

In fact, all of the top earners online were using sales funnels in their business… In real life..

Funnels are not new, aren’t magic, and we’re not reinventing the wheel. 

The 3 lost funnels is merely replicating proven concepts that have worked within network marketing for decades in the real world and making an online version of it.

Lost Funnel #1: The Bridge Funnel Aka Three-Way Calls

network marketing secrets book review

Companies that grow big networks and have success with network marketing understand the importance of recruiting new members.

Not just recruiting in a spammy way, leaving new recruits to fend for themselves like a newborn deer learning to walk.

But actually bridging the gap between, someone who knew nothing about the product or service.

And becoming someone who believes in what it is your company is promoting.

The Bridge funnel is just that process of building a relationship but online.

Also have the ability to automate the process, and recruit/replicate the process without having to actually be on a conference call.

The bridge funnel is something That I implement throughout all of my online businesses.

It is also a requirement if you end up getting into affiliate marketing and paid advertising. 

Lost Funnel #2: Home Party Selling Funnel

network marketing secrets book review

Whenever you hear about any type of network marketing you think of the home party.

Whether it was a skincare product, essential oil, or even adult toys/lingerie, this is a process implemented across the board.. Because it works..

They work so well because people are able to experience the product in a nonpressurized sales setting.

There is also the added benefit of “FOMO” – The fear of missing out.

When people see others buying something, it subconsciously helps the purchase as well.

The real power comes from when the host explains how they got a bunch of free stuff for hosting an event.

Which is how the duplication process works in the real world because people will either host their own parties for free product or to join the opportunity.

The best part about moving this portion of your network marketing online is…

Unlike real-life home parties.. Your home party funnel can keep the party going even after a live event ends..

Lost Funnel #3: The Hotel Meeting Funnel

network marketing secrets book review

Hotel meetings, Seminars, and workshops are all about selling the idea of a product and an opportunity to people in the masses.

Hotel Meetings are designed to:

  • Introduce prospects to the product
  • Create the opportunity to make money
  • Show attendees how they can grow their own teams by bringing people to the meetings.

Whether you’re hosting a meeting at the Marriott or online with a webinar.

The processes are the same, but the amount of success you could have by doing it online greatly increases.

As you aren’t actually required to physically be anywhere and can use recordings of your live events to host meetings.

Network Marketing Secrets Book Review | How Can You Get It For Free?

The rest of the book basically goes over how to fill out your funnels.

That you can either get from the link that they give you within the book or by clicking the links below.

  • Bridge Funnel
  • House Party Funnel
  • Hotel Meeting Funnel

Whether you’re a dedicated network marketer or not.

This book has a ton of valuable information and the strategies taught within can be implemented and have great success in other industries.

My primary source of income online is through affiliate marketing, but things I’ve learned in this book have become standard practice!

So how can you get a copy of this book for free?

Similar to all of the books that Russell Brunson has written, you can actually get any of his books for free.

You just pay a small shipping and handling fee.

And by small I mean less than you probably spent on lunch.

I got my copy shipped to me for $7.95.

It was worth every penny!

Click Here To Grab A Copy For Yourself!

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