MyThemeShop Affiliate Review

Over the last few years, MyThemeShop affiliate has emerged as one of the most popular programs for online marketers. Many are already making stable incomes from this affiliate program, but a significant number of marketers are still hesitant to join because they’re unfamiliar with it. If you’re in the latter category, this is a post you don’t want to miss because we’ll be reviewing its inner workings to help you determine whether it’s worth your effort.

MyThemeShop affiliate is an excellent program because it provides marketable products and great commission rates. The company’s products come competitively priced, with features that make them attractive to consumers. Meanwhile, the 55% commission rate is one of the best deals available.

Read on for more details on the MyThemeShop affiliate program, an estimation of how much you stand to make, and handy tips to help you maximize your earnings.

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A Quick Look at Mythemeshop and Its Products

MyThemeShop is an online provider of quality WordPress plugins and themes. It targets all kinds of websites, from eCommerce sites to blogs. The company currently has over 690546 happy customers worldwide, and that number doesn’t seem to be going down anytime soon.

That’s because MyThemeShop products are competitively priced, among other benefits that include:

  • Fast setup. All MyThemeShop themes and plugins come with single-button installation, import options, and simple instructions for a fast, hassle-free setup.
  • User-friendly interface. MyThemeShop has put a lot of work into their products to make every user interface easy to use. This way, using the products and their various options feels natural for all users, even those that aren’t too tech-savvy.
  • Money-back guarantee. One of the many ways to guarantee the quality of any product is to offer a money-back option, and MyThemeShop does precisely that. If any product fails to work as described, consumers can ask for a refund within the first 30 days of their purchase. 
  • Premium security. Everything sold on MyThemeShop’s website is tried, tested, and audited to ensure that it’s secured against the various cyber threats.
  • Premium speed. MyThemeShop understands the importance of speedy support and website load speed in the modern online landscape. Thus, their themes and plugins are designed with an emphasis on speed, and their support is highly responsive.
  • Unlimited licenses. Consumers can purchase an unlimited number of licenses for any website type at a discounted price.
  • Onboarding process. Even the best themes or plugins will be useless if the end consumer has no idea how to to use them. That’s why MyThemeShop offers extensive documentation, video tutorials, and 24×7 support whenever needed to help consumers get familiar with their products.
  • Free resources. MyThemeShop takes customer support a notch higher by providing tools and tutorials through its members’ area to help its customers take their sites to new heights.
  • Translation ready products. With the understanding that different websites target audiences from varying backgrounds, MyThemeShop designed its themes and plugins translation-ready. This way, consumers can have their sites translated into their preferred language.
  • Beautifully designed products. Although things like website load speed and responsiveness often get more attention, making a good first impression is also important in online marketing. MyThemeShop understands the vital part aesthetics play in modern marketing, so their themes are designed to give clients’ websites a cool, modern look.
  • SEO friendly products. Today, most websites get their traffic from organic search, and everything installed on a website is bound to affect its raking. MyThemeShop’s themes and plugins are SEO friendly.
  • Lower server load. Underlying every MyThemeShop product is clean commented code. With less code, consumers enjoy less load on their servers, helping cut server costs. 
  • Compatible with the latest WordPress versions. MyThemeShop is continuously improving its products to ensure they work perfectly with the current and upcoming WordPress versions. 
  •  Highly responsive designs. MyThemeShop’s themes and plugins are designed to improve the user experience on client websites. This way, users of their clients’ sites can enjoy content on all types of screens.

With such benefits to consumers, it’s easy to see why MyThemeShop’s products don’t need much marketing; they sell themselves. As an affiliate marketer, you want to be working with such products because they give you a better chance of making a decent income. It also helps that MyThemeShop is already an established company in the theme selling niche because it’s easier to market brands that users are already familiar with.

Okay, so now you know why the products are easy to market. But just how much do you make off each sale as an affiliate?

Let’s find out in the next section.

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MyThemeShop Affiliate Program: How It Works

In a nutshell, MyThemeShop’s affiliate program lets you keep 55% of each sale you generate through your marketing efforts. Payments are made monthly, with no limit to how much you can pocket.

MyThemeShop also offers affiliate marketers a 60-day return cookie. This means that if a potential customer clicks on one of your affiliate links today, you earn a commission if they purchase any theme or plugin in the next 60 days. 

MyThemeShop Affiliate Review

This way, you get the most rewarded for your marketing efforts because a prospective buyer may be sold on a particular product but still take a while to make the actual purchase. While this is all part of a typical consumer’s journey, it often means affiliate marketers miss out on commissions from such purchases. With up to 60 days, your prospects can take all the time they need to evaluate their purchase, and you’d still earn from their purchase.

MyThemeShop Affiliate Program: Potential Earnings

Given the lucrative commission rate, you can make a stable monthly income with MyThemeShop’s affiliate program with minimal effort. That makes the program an excellent fit for online marketers with other businesses to run or successful bloggers who just want a decent way to supplement their primary income.

But just how much can you make, really?

To give you a better idea, let’s assume you make two sales per day. Depending on the membership plan, here’s a table showing how much you can earn from those sales.

Theme price$69.00
Commission rate55%
The commission you earn from each theme sold$37.95
Daily sales2
Computing your monthly earnings$37.95 x 2 x 30
Your total monthly earnings$2277.00

As you can see, you can make a decent monthly income through this affiliate program with just two sales per day. However, any experienced affiliate marketer will agree that landing two sales each day isn’t all that easy. You need to be crafty when promoting your affiliate product through your blog. 

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Tips on How to Promote Your Product

Assuming you already have an active blog, here are a few tips to help you create a quality post for promoting your product.

  • Perform thorough research on your chosen theme/plugin. Don’t just learn its main features. Research other similar products available on the market and find out what makes your plugin/theme stand out from them. Document your product’s standout features because they’ll be the main selling points of your post.
  • Perform in-depth keyword research on your theme/plugin. Note down the best ranking keyword combinations. You’ll want to naturally work these into your post to give it the best chance of ranking high on google search result pages.
  • Make the review page’s heading/title attractive to compel your audience to read the entire article. One way to achieve this is to incorporate power words like “top-rated, Top, Best, and so on” in your title.
  • Avoid overstuffing your review post with affiliate links. Stick to about two strategically-placed links per post. It’s all about link placement, not the volume.
  • Add a Call-To-Action button at the end of each review post to increase the click-through-rate. For even better results, work any discounts available for your product in this section.
  • Drive traffic to your review page. One way to do this would be to link this page to your blog’s most popular posts.


Overall, MyThemeShop’s affiliate program is one of the best options for anyone looking to make money through affiliate marketing because it ticks two crucial boxes: providing above average commission rate and having competitive products. The 60-day return cookie comes in handy, too, because it allows you to make the most of your marketing efforts.


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