ModCloth Affiliate Program Review — What to Expect

Affiliate programs are good options to help you earn money on a blog or website you own. By adding a link to your site, you can use the trust your readers have in you to earn money from some of their purchases.

As long as you pick products that you know and trust, and you pick ones your customers will actually enjoy, you can earn money on the side for these links.

ModCloth is an affiliate program that allows affiliates a chance to earn money for promoting unique and vintage clothes. With many unique options that can’t be found anywhere else, a free program, and the ability to sign up, ModCloth is the perfect program for affiliate marketing.

While there are many affiliate programs out there to pick from, ModCloth is one of the best options.

This article will take a look at what ModCloth is, how it works, how to set it up to earn money and the benefits of an affiliate program for earning money.

What Is ModCloth?

modcloth affiliate program review

Before you join any affiliate program, it is important to know a little about its basics.

ModCloth is an online fashion shop comparable to what we find in Modlily, Rotita, and even Amazon.

They offer vintage clothing as well as accessories that go along with the clothing. 

According to the company, their goal is to inspire using vintage sites while adding in some of the sensibility that many people enjoy today.

This results in some great vintage clothing that has its own flair, giving consumers clothing they can’t find anywhere else. 

Another unique feature that consumers like about this site is that the clothing is for everyone.

Many stores, especially ones you need to go in-person and visit, have limited sizes and styles to work with.

This makes it hard for many women to find outfits that fit them and look good. ModCloth has changed this by providing styles and sizes for everyone from tiny to plus sizes and everything in between. 

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What Is an Affiliate Program?

In addition to selling some amazing outfits for their consumers, ModCloth offers a great affiliate program for those who have their own website.

An affiliate program allows you to earn money, usually, a commission, whenever you encourage someone else to visit a company and make a purchase.

This link can be placed on your website and when your readers click on the link and purchase something on the site, you will earn an agreed-upon amount. 

Each affiliate program is a little bit different.

Some will give a flat rate for each purchase that you secure for them from your affiliate link.

Others will give you a set amount based on each visit to the website.

Like the ModCloth company, others will give you a percentage of the sale for each visitor off your link. 

For those who already have a website set up and a good readership, this is a great way to monetize the website. Your readers already trust you. They like to see your opinions and what products you recommend. It is easy to put up the affiliate link and make money when readers click on it.

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How Does the ModCloth Affiliate Program Work?

ModCloth makes it easy to set up an affiliate link on your website.

And with fantastic clothes and a large consumer base already, you know it is simple to get your readers to click on the link and make money.

ModCloth also allows you to use a combination of banner ads or links in a blog to get sales.

When signing up for this affiliate program, if a reader clicks on the link and makes a purchase, you will earn 5%. If your link is for a deal or a coupon, it is lowered to 2% of the total sale. Signing up is free, and if you already have a good reader base, then this is a simple way to make money.

How to Set Things Up

Some of the steps you can take to set your website up on the ModCloth affiliate program include:

Have Your Own Website or Blog

A website or blog is often one of the best places to use an affiliate link, though more influencers are popping up on social media sites as well. Either way, it is important to have a platform in place to put the link for your readers or followers to click on and look around on the ModCloth website. 

A website, blog, or social media page should have a decent following before adding an affiliate link. This makes it more likely that someone will click the link and then purchase something from there.

Do not try to do this with only a handful of people visiting you. This will not give you any sales and you will not get approved for this program.

Pick Out the Affiliate Link

Once the website is set up, it is time to pick out your affiliate link. You can sign up with the ModCloth affiliate program for free.

Just visit their website and sign up for a free link. It only takes a few minutes to provide them some of your contact information and information about your website. 

During the signup, you will also need to put in a little more information, including the payment threshold, or when they will pay the money out to you, your language preference, and then you will need to sign the membership agreement. 

After a short waiting period to check the validity of your site and make sure it lines up with the values of ModCloth and how they want consumers to perceive them, you will receive your link. It is then time to decide where to place the link to earn money.

Decide Where to Put the Link

You must also choose where to put the link. There are two options: creating banner ads at the top of the page and writing blog posts that talk about the product and give a recommendation. 

The first option is to make a banner ad. With this, you can create a nice graphic with the link embedded in it.

This will go on top or the side of your blog or website and the reader can choose whether to click on them or not.

They are easier to make, but be careful not to clutter the page with too many of these, or your readers will move on to another page. 

It is possible to write blog posts about the link as well. Do not make this too much about sales and only talk about the product.

With ModCloth, you may talk about some of the biggest trends of clothing for the season, and then include the link.

This provides the reader with some value instead of annoying them with some advertising copy.

Keep Track of the Commissions

Along the way, it is a good idea to keep track of your own commissions as well.

ModCloth and other companies do well with tracking commissions, but it is good to have your own records too.

If something comes up and your commission is lower than expected, you will have the numbers and data to back you up.

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There are many different options when it comes to an affiliate program.

ModCloth provides one of the best.

The commission structure is higher and they offer free signup for website owners interested in monetizing their website.

With a little work creating your own blog post or banner ad, you can make a bit of money recommending these products to your customers.


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