Lulus Affiliate Program Review: Is It Worth It?

Affiliates of Lulus are people who love fashion, embrace different looks for every occasion, and appreciate product value and consistency.

Although there are many affiliate programs in 2020, is Lulus’ worth it?

The Lulus Affiliate Program is worth it because of the 7% commission and the potential of high volume sales. The Lulus brand is well respected for its trendy, sophisticated style and carries many popular clothing brands that translate into more click thrus for the affiliate.

This article describes Lulus as a company and its consumer product line to give you the knowledge to undisputedly know if you want to associate with the business as an affiliate.

lulus affiliate program review

Lulus uses a third party affiliate service provider. Consequently, the service provider and the pros and cons of the affiliate program are discussed to determine if the income stream through partnering with Lulus is worth your time and effort or if it is better spent elsewhere.  

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What Is Lulus?

Founded in 1996 as a retail vintage clothing store called Lulus Fashion Lounge, located in Chico, California, it has morphed into new products only with a strong online and social media presence.

Founders, mother and daughter, Colleen Winter and Debra Cannon, employ over 750 people. More than 1 million customers, and growing, are registered online with Lulus, according to News-Review, Lulu of a Success.

The women’s product line entitled “Lulus Exclusive” is the company’s private label, but name brands like Free People and Levis are also sold on the Lulus website and in the retail store.

In addition to a retail storefront, catalog, and online presence, Lulus sells in-store at Nordstrom, including private label wedding and bridesmaid dresses. 

Lulus warehouses are in Pennsylvania and California and ship internationally. The customer service department gets excellent online reviews, as stated in this article, Is Lulus Legit?.

At this time, Lulus has well over 2 million followers on Instagram and is targeting teen fashionistas through their 20’s. The Lulus mobile app is also a great tool for purchasing products and currently has a 4.9 rating out of 5.

It’s not easy to last over two decades, but Lulus has mastered the art of testing and measuring the product line. Carefully curated new items are frequently added to the website, almost daily.

Customers are surveyed, and shopping patterns and choices are quantified. Inventory turns over quickly due to trends, numerous sales, and last chance offers to keep the product moving.

The key is, Lulus is not guessing. The company is committed to understanding past, present, and future e-commerce behaviors and practices.

Consumer Information

As an affiliate standing behind the product line, you will want to know everything a consumer may know about making a purchase.

The price point is from $16 to $300 (GBP 12.36 to GBP 231.84), and the merchandise includes a wide range of clothing sizes, meant to fit the majority of women’s body types, not just a target group.

Accordingly, read the following list to learn the detail of what else is available at Lulus:

  • Women’s clothing: intimates, dresses, sweaters, tops, bottoms, outerwear, sleepwear, loungewear, jumpers, denim, activewear, and two-piece sets 
  • Shoes: heels, sneakers, boots, and sandals
  • Accessories: jewelry, hats, belts, scarves, sunglasses, hair things, purses, and face masks
  • Bridal and bridesmaid dresses, shoes, and accessories
  • Beauty and wellness: makeup, skincare, tools, scents

The incentives for making your first purchase ever or becoming a return shopper are plentiful and generous.

Read on to discover all of the inducements:

  • Discounts for signing up for the newsletter
  • Sales
  • Flash sales
  • Promotions
  • Student discounts
  • Love Rewards, loyalty program
    • Free to join with name and email address.
    • Acquire product launch early access links.
    • Receive a 20% promotional code with every qualifying order to be used on the next order.
    • Get VIP exclusive discount codes if you place two qualifying orders in six months.
  • Contests and giveaways
  • Credit – pay in four separate installments
  • Refer a friend and receive $20 (GBP 15.45) for a qualifying purchase
  • Make purchases on the mobile app and get free shipping
  • Discounts for signing up for text alerts

Moreover, a bridal concierge is available for a one-on-one consultation for free.

Lulus has hundreds of wedding dresses to choose from at very affordable prices. If the bride chooses to buy a dress, the wedding party will receive 10% off their dresses and accessories. 

In addition, the concierge will be certain to hold extra bridesmaid dresses in various sizes until the correct fit can be determined so that you don’t run out of that particular style in the middle of the process. 

If all of the bridal party dresses are purchased from Lulus, the bride receives a $25 credit.

Returns can be made within 30 days of delivery for undamaged, new items. The attention to detail contributes to brilliant reviews.

The personal attention that is provided to the bride, for free, is a huge benefit and contributes to a stress-free wedding transaction. 

Other great perks for the undecided consumer are that within 10 days of purchase is free return shipping.

As a bonus, if you return for online credit, you will receive an additional $5 (GBP 3.86) credit to be used for future purchases. 

Exchange shipping is also free as long as the returned item is received within 10 days.

And, final sale items that cost more than $25 can be exchanged for a like item in another size or color. 

Still want more information? Watch Lulus YouTube channel, including this one minute video on the wedding collection:

Or just ask on the Live Chat with a customer service representative.

A Virtual Stylist is also available via live chat or follow them on social media venues. Every outlet is covered:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Pinterest
  4. Snapchat
  5. Tumblr
  6. Twitter

Billions of real women have shared images, since 2013, of themselves on #lovelulus. Also, as an organization that wants to give back to their loyal customers, Lulus formed an endowment to empower women to further their education. 

For an opportunity to become an ambassador, there is no formal process or mention on Lulus website.

Commonly, a person with a high number of social media followers and links back to the company may eventually get noticed.

At the very least, you may get reposted on Lulus Instagram and possibly gain a few followers.  

By becoming an affiliate, you are assured of having the opportunity to earn a stream of income through commissions.

The company has a long-standing business model based in America that is forever changing with the industry.

Lulus products endure exhaustive testing before being added to the company line, and the privacy policy and secure shopping are prioritized. 

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How Does the Lulus Affiliate Program Work?

Simply apply for the program on the Lulus website. By clicking on the apply button, you will be taken to the affiliate program’s service provider.

On Pepperjam, the Lulus affiliate servicer’s website, the Publisher Service Agreement is spelled out in minute detail.

By applying for the program as an affiliate, also referred to as a publisher, you are required to read and agree to comply with the document, or else the partnership can be terminated. 

As you might expect, supply both personal and business information to receive payment.

Although it’s free to join, you are asked to input your information online:

  1. Name, email, and password
  2. Company information
    1. Main URL
    2. Address
    3. Phone number
    4. Short, 25-word synopsis of your media presence.
  3. Publishing Channels
    1. Choose four categories; specifically, your choices include Clothing/Apparel, Accessories, Jewelry, Shops/Malls, among many others.
    2. PayPal email address.
    3. Social Security address

And that’s all there is to it.

Information will be processed, and an email is usually sent within 24 hours. Further details are provided in the welcome email from Pepperjam.

Affiliate Program

As with many organizations, a third party company, in this case, Pepperjam, performs the affiliate marketing solution because it’s easier and more cost-effective to outsource.

Pepperjam has made the process extremely user friendly and intuitive, providing tools and resources for the affiliate to prosper. 

Consumers are referred via links, and commissions are earned on all sales via clicks originating from your affiliate links.

As will most affiliate programs, there is no cost to join. The details are as follows:

  • 7% commission
  • Personalized one-to-one affiliate support
  • Marketing updates
    • New offers and discounts
    • Contests and giveaways
  • Refer a friend bonus plan

Anyone can apply, but there are limitations to acceptance.

In most cases, if your site URL is live, a welcome email will be sent from the third-party service provider, PepperJam, giving you further instructions.

The reason you may not be accepted are: 

  • Website URL is not working
  • Website or social media account contains pornographic or offensive content

Who Is Pepperjam, the Affiliate Service Provider?

A company named Partnerize acquired Pepperjam in the summer of 2020 and therefore have recently started a new partnership.

Partnerize, a global company, specializes in Artificial Intelligence powered solutions and plans to marry that with marketing automation to become a powerful force in the digital marketing arena. 

The partnership helps you as an affiliate because Partnerize brings a global reach to the business model.

Pepperjam, as a digital marketing company that began over 20 years ago, the business has already positioned itself as an expert, providing affiliate partnerships for large advertisers.

Here are just a few:

  • Baublebar
  • Bonobos
  • Business Insider
  • Buzzfeed
  • Everlane
  • Plant Therapy
  • RetailMeNot
  • Shutterfly
  • TimeInc

Altogether, Pepperjam claims over 750,000 partners and 250,000 influencers in a wide range of industries.

Affiliates are provided with a personalized experience based on Pepperjam’s data-driven metrics and innovative culture.

And company core values include valuing affiliates in a transparent and accountable environment. 

Digital marketing tools and information that you are offered as an affiliate are:

  • Attributes or characteristics identification for commission tracking
  • Structured pricing that grows with your partnership as opposed to being flat and static
  • Metrics and analytics easily accessible through your network account instead of manually tracking.
    • Insight in real-time
    • Average Order Value (AOV) tracking
    • Traffic information
  • Monitoring brand for awareness and loss protection.
  • Coordinating and tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for planning.

Resources for growth and improvement are available on the website in many configurations.

The PepTalks podcast informs affiliates about industry news and other information to assist in becoming a better partner.

But with Pepperjam, there is no shortage of material to boost your performance and become a more lucrative affiliate marketer.

Just in time, demonstration video presentations or articles are a huge source of support for the new affiliate.

For more information and examples, take a look at the following examples:

  • View the Publisher Interface Dashboard demo video, which is 20 minutes long. Valuable insight can be gained by viewing the screenshots and descriptions, and the result is becoming a more productive affiliate marketer.
  • Read quick articles similar to this one entitled, How Do I Add a Banner or Text Link to my website? outlining the process in a step by step document, including screenshots. 
  • Additionally, if you are affiliated with Pepperjam on behalf of Lulus, you will have access to many more resources: 
    • Whitepapers
    • Case Studies
    • Webinars
    • Industry News
    • Blog
    • Information sheets

With an Application Programming Interface (API), you can gather data by registering on the app, WeCanTrack to integrate with Pepperjam. Market lifecycle reports are provided, and data analytics are performed against Google, Bing, or Facebook numbers. Pepperjam supplies support to connect on the WeCanTrack Integration Guide. After integration, you will be able to view the report results on your dashboard. 

The tools and technology provided by Pepperjam are exactly what an advanced affiliate partner will need. Plus, website resources are inexhaustible.

If you can’t find something on the site, the live chat box is available to speak to a Pepperjam support representative right away.

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Pros of Lulus Affiliate Program

The benefits of maintaining an affiliate account with Lulus are huge. Tap into a huge amount of marketing tools and ever-changing promotions and contests. This company is not getting stale in the vast area of the fashion industry. There are: 

  • Promo codes and coupons 
  • Contests
  • Loyalty program
  • Great customer service

Fans are active in all forms of social media. There are hundreds of reviews and fan photos of real people wearing the item for many items currently for sale. Top-notch marketing is in play with Lulus. 

Pepperjam’s mantra is “Your Success is Our Success.” Therefore, it offers an easy to use dashboard with metrics and analytics to determine your best placement for links. For example:

  • Sales and commission reports
  • Trackable banner ads and widgets

Another key point is, the Lulus marketplace is niche, and the customers are defined into both Generation Z and Millennials, which are two very different marketing concepts.

While many articles and books on the subject, a Hubspot blog post entitled “Millennials vs. Gen Z,” is an insightful 14-minute read. 

Interestingly, marketing to both of these generations is very different in fundamental ways. Attitudes toward money, brand loyalty, and ideas regarding career valuations are in contrast.

And technology usage differs as well. For instance, 84% of Gen Z’s bypass video ads, and 64% have blockers on their phones. They prefer to learn about new content from social influencers. 

The affiliate marketer will want to study the two marketing strategies in depth and act accordingly since Lulus has a defined customer base.

This is an advantage over other affiliate programs that are not as specific.

Cons of Lulus Affiliate Program

There are no red flags, just a few choices to consider to determine if Lulus is the best choice for your situation.

You must be interested in women’s fashion, preferably a contemporary style. The brand is a niche in that the clothes are luxurious and trendy but certainly at a lower price point.

Consequently, consider the points below to decide if a link to Lulus is in your best interest:

  • In Lulus affordable clothing business model, high volume is the key to making money because the 7% commission is average.
  • Affiliate links are everywhere. Therefore it would be advantageous to stand out with a more familiar brand, although Lulus is growing steadily.
  • Other companies are utilizing the affiliate marketing model. Mark Morgan wrote a book entitled “Passive Income 2020,” that’s a wonderful guide of the affiliate partnership model if you would like to learn more. 

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Final Thoughts

There you have it, Lulus is an excellent affiliate program based on the fact that a well-known third-party service provider maintains it with many perks for tracking and metrics.

Also, Lulus is a stellar company that has been around for decades, proving that they are safe and relevant, providing the best in affordable, chic, and trendy clothing. 

The customer interaction, social media presence, and marketing techniques are first-rate.

To become an affiliate for Lulus is a big win because the sheer volume of items offered will enable you as a fashionist to easily link and earn commissions on high volumes of sales, resulting in a very worthwhile investment in your time.


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