Lazada Affiliate Program Review: Is it Worth It?

Lazada Affiliate Program is like many other online associate programs or affiliate marketing.

These programs provide thousands of people who have creativity in websites, blogging, and even online marketing to earn referral money. Lazada Affiliate Marketing Program should be worth it, right?

Lazada Affiliate Marketing Program is worth it as it can provide you a profitable opportunity that makes being an affiliate worthwhile. It also provides access to creative marketing and advertising solutions that will make it easy to display ads and other links to personal websites or blogs.

In this article, you are going to learn all about the Lazada Affiliate Program.

You will learn how the affiliate program works, its advantages and disadvantages of this program, and whether people actually earn in this program.

lazada affiliate program review

By the end of this review, you will know whether you should consider moving forward with it or not.

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How Does the Lazada Affiliate Program Work?

Affiliate programs or associate’s programs are arrangements website owners or bloggers make with an online merchant.

The merchant pays the website or blogger a commission to send over traffic that results in sales. The commission is primarily based on the completion and validation of the sale. 

Here’s an example of how it works:

  1. You write a review about a television set on your blog that is sold on Lazada. 
  2. You link that television to the merchant site to direct your readers.
  3. Someone clicks on the link and buys the television.
  4. The television will be delivered to the buyer, and the sale will be verified.
  5. Once the product has been successfully delivered, you will then earn a commission on the sale of that television set.

What the affiliate receives is an agreement between the merchant and the affiliate. Usually, it is based on the number of people the affiliate sends over to the merchant site.

Basically, if a website link brings traffic or sales to a merchant, the affiliate will get paid. Some affiliates only pay for verified purchases, which will be in the agreement. 

The pay rate is based on a percentage value, but the percentage that an affiliate receives is usually pre-determined with the merchant. Most pay rates are on a percentage scale, depending on the product category. 

Lazada Affiliate Program generally pays a lower commission rate to its affiliates than other merchants. However, Lazada does have many customers.

You can get some speedy and regular payouts if you do your affiliate part right. Doing the affiliate part right includes proper marketing and increasing organic traffic. 

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Advantages of Lazada Affiliate Program

There are many great things about this program that make it worth your time.

When determining if an affiliate program will benefit you, you need to look at what makes it worthwhile.

There are countless business partnerships across the web, many of which are similar to Lazada’s. So, why should you give this program a shot?

Here’s a list of reasons that makes Lazada’s affiliate program a great one:

Free and Easy Registration

Signing up for this program will not cost you anything. The program isn’t any more complicated than any other affiliate program.

As long as you have a platform such as a blog or a website, the affiliate links can be easily embedded. 

It would help if you showed that you could create specific content such as reviews, buyers guides, and blogs that can be linked back to the affiliate site, and you have enough traffic to bring attention.

A notification of approval will be received within a day or two of signing up.
Signing up is easy; you go to the Lazada website, fill out the form, including proof of a following, and wait for a few days to get approval.

Once you are signed up, you will have access to all kinds of things that can help you further your website and blog, making it profitable.

The types of things that you can have access to include both products and advertising tools.

A Wide Range of Products

One of the keys to a good affiliate program is an extensive range of products you can link to. Here are some of the categories being sold on their platform:

  • Electronic gadgets
  • Appliances
  • Furniture
  • Fashion
  • Travel
  • Health
  • Beauty Products
  • Groceries

You will not run out of things to link to as an affiliate of Lazada. Affiliates will do best by doing reviews of certain products. 

The most considerable amount of revenue for an affiliate generally lies in technology, gadgets, and fashion items.

If your niche is specific to things like shoes, clothing items, watches, cellphones, laptops, and the like, you are more likely to be successful as an affiliate of Lazada. 

30-Day Last-Click Attribution

All publishers and other affiliates who close purchases within 30 days will earn the affiliate commission.

You will always get your affiliate commissions within 30 days of click. This 30-day click is assured by the fact that a cookie that has a life of 30 days will be dropped on the user’s browser that can be traced back to your website as the affiliate marketer. 

You will always get paid for what you refer to the site. The 30-day is just an added bonus that you get what is coming to you.

Established Credibility

Lazada Affiliate Program has already established credibility among online consumers.

Even though there have been some issues with poor customer service, Lazada has been working to improve upon that in order to provide only the best customer service experience. 

They have listened to the consumers and are making sure their services are at par with all customers’ industry standards and expectations.

Lazada is a real competitor with other affiliate sites, and it is continuing to grow. With a large fan-base and consumer loyalty, there is potential for a large following to your website.

Since Lazada has credibility, you don’t need to take the time to convince consumers that buying from them is worthwhile.

They Offer Marketing and Advertising

Lazada’s affiliate program isn’t just for links to products. You can also be a marketing and advertising affiliate that is similar to Google AdWords.

Through this program, you will have full access to all kinds of advertising and affiliate linking that can bring you money just at the click of a button. 

The traffic on your website or blog alone can bring you regular income without needing to sell a thing. Once you are in as an affiliate, the marketing, and advertising tools are at your disposal.

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Disadvantages of Lazada Affiliate Program

Along with all the good things you can find out about Lazada, there are some things that aren’t necessarily the greatest. For an evaluation to be fair, you need to look at the good with the bad.

There’s no such thing as a perfect affiliate partnership, but some of the cons associated with Lazada can make it a deal-breaker for many potential clients.

Here’s what you need to know before you sign up for the Lazada affiliate program:

Sales Validation Takes Time

A valid transaction is one that has been purchased and delivered to a customer. The payment has to be processed and approved before delivery. Validation that a product or purchase has been made will take quite a long time. 

Many forums have discussed this issue, stating that the process is prolonged and that some conversions may not be approved regardless of the sale. 

Many consumers get frustrated and cancel orders because the delivery of products is sometimes delayed. The logistics process needs to be significantly improved to solve this issue because when Lazada loses business, so do the affiliates. 

When you, as an affiliate, have a reader who cancels an order through Lazada that was made on your recommendation, you can lose credibility as a referrer.

They won’t trust your word if they received a product or service that they didn’t like. Luckily, it’ll only affect your relationship with one reader.

The Marketing Program Is Sales-Based

If you sign up to be a Lazada affiliate and use marketing tools such as banners or ads on your website, clicking on those ads isn’t enough to get you paid. Lazada is very sales-based.

To earn your commissions, those who click on the ads need to purchase something so that you get your due. Many affiliates need to put forth the effort for extensive marketing strategies to be successful in achieving this.

Commission Rates Are Behind Other Programs

Lazada Affiliate Program offers you a considerably lower commission than you would get with other affiliate programs on the market.

The commission rates can run as little as 1 percent to about nine percent of the total sale.

Despite what you may think, the digital and high-quality tech items have the lowest commissions.

The higher-priced items and the lower-priced items such as fashion, watches, and jewelry have higher commissions. As an affiliate, it is easy to get frustrated by the commission process because it seems as though Lazada has set it up to ensure you get as little as possible.

Rejection of Sales

Even though the validation process is slow, a few affiliates are displeased with the service because many sale conversions are canceled, resulting in no commissions. These rejections can come after validation. 

Regardless of how many sales and how much traffic you drive, you will not necessarily get a high payout because many transactions are canceled without clear communication as to why.

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Have People Earned Money as a Lazada Affiliate?

When done right, some people have earned good commissions as a Lazada affiliate. Some have earned up to $1000 or $2000 per month with regular payouts. With a large enough following and proper promotion of products, you can earn quite a bit of commission from Lazada as an affiliate. Sure, there will be disappointments, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible to make quite a profit as a Lazada affiliate. 

You can earn good money as an affiliate when you have a steady and healthy amount of traffic going to your site. If you can sell many products by reaching consumers where they are currently, you can really gain a profit from affiliate programs. Don’t try to sign up for the program if you haven’t already established your website with a good traffic source.

However, it is good to consider that you may not make as much money as an affiliate, as some have stated. It isn’t a steady income because consumer habits change based on product projections and advancements. Think of the Lazada affiliate program as supplemental income rather than a full-time job replacement.

Ultimately, whether you make good money as an affiliate is going to depend on your audience. If your audience doesn’t buy online, you may have trouble being an affiliate. One thing to consider to make your affiliate relationship profitable is understanding how to market your niche. If you’re able to create high-quality posts, your chances of making enough money will double or triple.

Note: No business is guaranteed. Try optimizing web pages, running an email list, or purchasing search engine ads to increase your odds of making a notable income. Lazada’s affiliate program has many people who make great money, but many more who fall short due to a lack of traffic or a trusted domain.

The Verdict: Under the Right Circumstances, The Lazada Affiliate Program Is Worth It

There is a lot to consider before deciding whether or not to become a Lazada affiliate. You need to think about if you have enough traffic on your website or blog to make it worthwhile. Since affiliate programs work on traffic volume, that is the primary consideration before making the leap. 

Lazada has a few useful attributes that include how easy it is to sign up for, how their requirements are relatively straightforward, and that they are an established online merchant. However, with all the right things, there are a few things that are not so good. When you consider an online merchant, the idea is that they are going to put the customer’s needs first. Lazada seems to have trouble with establishing loyalty with customers. 

The lack of communication with affiliates, the canceled transactions with no explanation, the extended shipping times, and consumer frustrations can make being an affiliate with Lazada a very frustrating and credibility degrading experience. Lazada has made strides in improving their consumer experience, but they still have a way to go when it comes to validation times, shipping times, and consumer expectations. 

Some people are making money being an affiliate of Lazada. The broad range of offered products means that any niche you are working in can accommodate an associated product and provide you with earning potential. With the right combination of advertising and product offerings, you can make a decent income from being a Lazada affiliate. 

One thing to think about is the commission rates. With lower cost items offering higher commission rates and the higher-priced items offering the lower commission rates, it can quickly be frustrating trying to earn a real income with Lazada. 

Whether or not Lazada is worth becoming an affiliate depends mostly on your expectations. If you are hoping that by becoming a Lazada Affiliate, you can rely on that as a primary source of income, then it probably isn’t worth it for you. The lower commission rates and the rate of transaction cancellations mean that not all conversions will result in a payout. 

If you adjust your expectations and realize that being an affiliate, especially when just getting started, isn’t enough for you to live off of income-wise, then it is worth it. Using the Lazada Affiliate Program as a source of supplementary income makes being an affiliate worthwhile. 

Once you are popularly established as a credible source on a high-traffic website or blog with many products that are linked to Lazada, you can earn enough income to make a difference in your financials. It will take time, but becoming an affiliate and establishing yourself as a credible source will bring up your following and increase your conversions significantly. 

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Lazada Affiliate program is like any other affiliate program in that you link products in a review or blog to a product offered by Lazada. When someone clicks on the link to the product and completes a purchase, Lazada will go through a validation process to ensure that it was purchased and delivered to the consumer. Once validation has been established, you will receive a payout. 

Ultimately, being a Lazada affiliate can provide you a profitable opportunity that makes being an affiliate worthwhile. Many website owners and bloggers can gain supplemental income by working with Lazada. Don’t expect an overnight change in your bank account. Affiliate income takes a long time, regardless of the company that you’re working with.

Like any other affiliate program, extensive work will need to go into your website, blog, and advertising to earn anything as an affiliate. If you put in the work, you can be like thousands of others worldwide and earn a significant income being an affiliate with Lazada.


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