Kajabi Affiliate Program Review

Online entrepreneurs looking to boost their income can’t go wrong with the Kajabi affiliate program. Kajabi is a leading online business solution that hosts online courses. Its affiliate program, known as the Kajabi Partner Program, is a cut above the rest.

The Kajabi affiliate program targets customers using the platform to host their online courses. Affiliates earn a 30% lifetime commission on successful referrals to help them build a lucrative side business. Top performers are entitled to generous rewards, including a $500 monthly Dream Car Bonus.

This article takes a more in-depth look into the Kajabi affiliate program, which is officially known as Kajabi Partner Program, and explore:

  • The perks and drawbacks of joining the Kajabi Partner Program
  • What to consider when joining the program

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Perks of the Kajabi Partner Program

Unlike most programs, Kajabi’s affiliate program is reserved for active customers. You need to subscribe and use the hosting platform to become an affiliate.

kajabi affiliate program review

At first glance, that might sound a drawback, but it’s a massive perk for affiliates because it serves as a high entry-level barrier. It lowers the competition affiliates must endure while promoting the service.

Secondly, as an active user of the platform, you have intimate knowledge of the product and services. You can use that knowledge to your advantage while recommending the hosting solution to friends and other users.

Since Kajabi is a business platform for entrepreneurs offering online courses, it provides excellent ways to build a reliable side income.

For instance, if you run a course teaching people to create online courses, you can demonstrate the value of using Kajabi as a hosting platform.

Then you can create a free system showing them how to build their online courses then using Kajabi to manage and run the online business.

Suppose your students use your affiliate links to purchase Kajabi membership and succeed in creating best-selling courses. In that case, you’ll earn a commission each time they renew their membership.

Using Kajabi makes it easy to manage an online course and build a complementary side business at the same time. Best of all, it allows you to scale both businesses to unscaled heights without incurring additional expenses.

Currently, Kajabi Partner Program comprises eight reward levels:

  • Blue level – users with one active referral
  • Bronze level – Users with 3 active referrals
  • Silver level – Users with 5 active referrals
  • Gold level – users with 10 active referrals
  • Emerald level – Users with 25 active referrals
  • Diamond level – Users with 50 active referrals. Affiliates at this level receive a $500 monthly Dream Car Bonus.
  • Platinum level – Users with 100 active referrals
  • Legend – Users with 200 active referrals

Here are the top perks of becoming a Kajabi Partner:

  • Matchless product knowledge. As an active user of the Kajabi platform, you know the product and the company inside out. You can demonstrate to your friends and an online audience how the product is simple and convenient. Coupling demonstrable results with superior product knowledge make you a subject matter authority. That amounts to considerable convincing selling power.
  • A recurring monthly commission. Kajabi uses a subscription model, which translates into a recurring 30% commission on converting leads. The platform charges $149 a month for a basic plan and $399 for the Pro Plan. A recurring 30% commission on successful referral amounts to a substantial side income.
  • You’re entitled to a lifetime commission. You’re entitled to a third of all the subscription fees a successful referral pays on the platform. Given the products’ nature, each successful sale can provide you with a passive income in perpetuity.
  • Access to Kajabi Partner Community. Nothing beats having access to a large, vibrant community of like-minded online entrepreneurs. You get to pick the best affiliate’s minds and learn new strategies to improve your main and side business. The community offers you a chance to iron out any kinks and improve your conversion rate in both endeavors.
  • Affiliates are entitled to great rewards. Dubbed Kajabi Hero Program, the platform rewards all affiliates for each successful referral. You’ll enjoy rewards such as Apple watches, branded merch, and Amazon gift cards alongside the commission. Top-performing affiliates get a $500 monthly Dream Car Bonus towards purchasing any car they desire.
  • You get comprehensive training. Kajabi views its affiliates as business partners. The platform offers a comprehensive Partners Training Program to equip affiliates with the skills they need to promote and recommend the course hosting platform.
  • World-class marketing campaigns. In addition to linking you with successful online entrepreneurs and extensive Partner training, Kajabi lends you their marketing strategies. You have access to successful marketing campaigns that have helped the platform generate over $1 billion in customer revenue. You can use the marketing campaigns to grow your primary business and side hustle.
  • Tiered affiliate levels. Each new referral increases your affiliate commission and unlocks new and exciting rewards. The Diamond level puts you close to owning a dream car without any money down.
  • Dedicate affiliate support. Kajabi provides world-class customer support to both clients and affiliates. Reaching out to the dedicated Partner Team will have any issue ironed out quickly and efficiently.

Kajabi is on a mission to help its customers maximize their online earning potential. The platform treats its customers as brand ambassadors and business partners and provides them with all the tools they need to succeed.

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Potential Kajabi Affiliate Program Drawbacks

While the Kajabi Partner Program is an excellent way to build a substantial online income, it also comes with some potential deal-breakers.

  • It’s a tad expensive. The basic Kajabi plan will set you back $149 a month or $119 on an annual plan. The cost might be prohibitive to some people, but affiliates can earn enough to cover the membership fee.
  • You need an active Kajabi account. Only customers are eligible for the Kajabi Partner Program. You’ll not enjoy any of the generous affiliate income if your membership lapses.
  • You won’t be paid for canceled membership. You won’t earn any commission on any referral memberships canceled within 30 days. That’s because the platform offers a 3-day money-back guarantee.

While concerning, these drawbacks pale in comparison to the benefits you’ll gain as a Kajabi Partner. The platform doesn’t require affiliates to jump through hoops to join the program and makes every effort to root for their success.

Should You Join the Kajabi Partner Program?

Kajabi is a reputable business solution for anyone looking to build an online course without delving into programming and web development.

The platform does all the heavy lifting to let non-tech-savvy individuals build a professional-grade online course. It reduces creating a professional website and uploading course material to a few clicks of a button.

To date, Kajabi’s uses have generated over a billion dollars selling an online course. The platform lowers the entry barrier into the multibillion-dollar online learning industry.

Why Become a Kajabi Partner?

There are no downsides to joining the Kajabi affiliate program if you’re an active user of their platform, here’s why:

  • It provides you with a hassle-free way to grow your income
  • The additional training helps to build your skills and business acumen
  • You get paid for each successful conversion over their lifetime
  • The platform lets you replicate its marketing strategies to build your online business
  • The Kajabi Team and community are on hand to help you grow your primary and side business.
  • You stand a chance to buy your dream car without going into debt if you ascend to the Diamond level.
  • Seven Diamond Kajabi Partners have bought their dream cars since 2018.


Kajabi affiliate program or Kajabi Partner Program stands a cut above the rest as one of the most rewarding affiliate programs on the market.

Affiliates earn a recurring 30% on qualifying sales over the referral’s lifetime as a Kajabi customer.

The platform views affiliates as business partners and brand ambassadors and always roots for their success.

However, you need a current Kajabi membership to join its affiliate program and stand to lose any earnings if membership lapses.

Still, Kajabi Partner Program remains the most rewarding affiliate program in the online learning sector.


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