In-Depth Freedom Breakthrough Review – The Affiliate Blueprint Academy

Freedom Breakthrough is a newly released course by Jonathan Montoya.

For those of you who aren’t aware of who that is, he is the founder of Passive Income Lifestyles and an avid affiliate marketer.

Over the last year, I’ve personally watched him grow his business and his Youtube channel and due to his hunger for success and serious work ethic he has caused some of the biggest names in the industry to give him recognition.

This is going to be an In-depth Freedom Breakthrough Review, by the end of this post you’ll know what to expect from this newly launched course!

Freedom Breakthrough is a complete affiliate marketing masterclass that is comprised of 12 different modules containing a total of 150 information-packed videos. It is well suited for complete beginners as it takes you step by step through the process of starting your own affiliate marketing business.

freedom breakthrough review

Being someone who has purchased various online courses for affiliate marketing, I can honestly say that Jonathan Montoya’s Freedom Breakthrough is one of the best looking, and value packed courses I’ve come across.

If you aren’t convinced of making a purchase by the end of the blog post, at the very least you’ll be subscribed to Jonathan’s Youtube channel because you’ll understand the amount of value that he provides in his content.

I’ll jump right in and explain what’s inside of Freedom Breakthrough.

I also did an in-depth Freedom Breakthrough review on Youtube that you can watch below

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Welcome & Course Intro

This section of the course give’s you a breakdown of the process and a beautiful visual representation of what is comprised of an affiliate marketing business.

He pre-frames you and prepares you for what you could expect to see inside of the Freedom Breakthrough, by showing you a diagram of his entire business model.

I personally enjoyed this section because it gave me the ability to see what areas of his business he highlights the most.

And watching his level of success blow up over the last year and surpass mine helped me recognize what areas I was lacking.

There is also a section right after the intro video that breaks down all of the tech jargon related to affiliate marketing, and terms that you could expect to hear throughout the course.

This is an amazing video for people who’re just starting out on their journey.

Get Freedom BreakThrough Course Here

If you’re looking for more information on Jonathan Montoya’s story watch the video below:

Module 1 – Picking The Perfect Niche

As almost all affiliate marketing courses contains a section on this and all online entrepreneurs highlight.

This section in picking a perfect niche and the psychology behind it.

This is unarguably one of the most important parts of starting any business, as you need to be able to identify with your perfect customers.

But you also need to find something that you’re passionate about as it is easier to naturally sell something if you actually enjoy it.

Videos inside this module Include:

  • Picking The Perfect Niche – Explains why you need to pick one, and what niches that he’s had success with, also give various examples in different industries.
  • Is My Niche Profitable And Important Questions To Ask – A deeper dive into choosing the right niche that suits your needs and fits into your plans.
  • The Problem & Solution – This video covers how to highlight pain points that your potential customers are having and then how to present yourself as the solution, or finding a product that is needed for your referral to be successful.
  • BlueHost Affiliate Program – A quick rundown of signing up for their affiliate program and what commission rates could be expected.
  • Clickfunnels Affiliate Program – Shows the various different products and things inside of their program. I have a complete review of ClickFunnels Affiliate program you can read here.
  • GetResponse Affiliate Program – Another affiliate program break down, and how he is making money from their company.
  • Muncheye Affiliate Program – A little known affiliate network that focuses on products or course launches by other people.
  • Amazon Affiliate Program – One of the most known affiliate programs in the entire world, which is utilized by many companies.
  • ClickBank Affiliate Program – The go-to for new affiliate marketers, or anyone teaching you how to start affiliate marketing on Youtube. A dedicated network for finding products throughout every industry.

While some of the videos that he made in this module did come across as something you could expect to see inside of every other affiliate marketing course I do understand why he put them in and why they were made.

It was nice to see some real examples of programs that he is currently making commissions from instead of just programs that are the go-to or could potentially be the most profitable.

Ending the first module, the course is very geared towards starting your own affiliate marketing business, but doing so in a way that revolves around something you enjoy.

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Module 2 – Creating The Affiliate Website Asset

This is where the meat of the course begins, creating your affiliate assets takes you through the process of starting your own affiliate website through WordPress.

As building an affiliate marketing business is in a sense building your own brand even though you’re not branding a product, you’ll need a website.

This module leaves no stone unturned when it comes to creating the most valuable thing you could create as an online entrepreneur.

Videos Inside This Module Include:

  • Finding Domain – This video focuses on the importance of picking a domain name, but not stressing it to the point where it deters you from actually getting started. Try to pick a domain that aligns with your brand and be sure to use a .com.
  • Start Your Website And Lockdown Your Domain – Step by step process of signing up through Bluehost and some brief information about the back end of Bluehost.
  • Backend Tour Of Your Website – A very needed video, taking you through the backend of WordPress. For new people, getting started on WP can be so overwhelming. This video breaks down the dashboard and navigation which will be needed to create your site.
  • Deleting Slow Plugins – Whether you’re using them or not even having them installed on your WordPress can slow down your site. You’ll learn how to delete everything but your hosting in this lesson.
  • Installing Essential Plugins – This lesson breaks down 5 different plugins that can be considered essential to WordPress. I currently use all but one of the plugins on this current blog.
  • Installing WordPress Theme – Going over what a theme is, choosing one, and installing it into your account. I personally would recommend a different video than he offers in this video but the one showcased is still a great option and it is free so you can’t beat that price.
  • Creating A Post – This lesson breaks down probably the most important part of having a blog or a website. Where/how to create the content.
  • Creating A Category – A video breaking down how to create different categories for your posts. This can be important for keeping things organized once you have a lot of posts, but also for helping Google identify what your content is about.
  • Adding Legal Pages – An important part of being an affiliate or having an online business in general. Creating legal pages, terms of service, and affiliate disclaimers are covered in this video.
  • Creating Menus – Creating menus and different sections that your visitors can go to from any page.
  • Creating The About Page – A place to showcase who you are and provide more information about yourself and your business.
  • What Are Widgets – I was glad that he created a video on this section, a lot of new WordPress users tend to go overboard with widgets.
  • Creating Email Forms & Pop-Ups – Building an email list can be one of the most profitable parts of having a blog, this video shows you how to utilize Thrive Leads to capture contact information.
  • Website is down, now what? – This video is basically closing out this module and talks about how this is a foundation that should continue to be built upon, and what is to come through the rest of the course.

All in all, I really enjoyed this module of the course.

It reminded me of Savage Affiliates By Franklin Hatchett, who is a very successful affiliate marketer with over 500k subscribers on Youtube.

The only 2 things that I found to disagree with in this section of the course would be a plugin, and the theme.

However, both of these options he’s referring are very well suited for someone new to WordPress.

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Module 3 – Featuring Nathan Lucas – Google SEO Mastery

This was probably one of my favorite modules of the course, not just because it was featuring a highly successful affiliate marketer like Nathan Lucas.

But because it’s primary focus was blogging, and as of writing this I’ve written over 100,000 words on this blog in the last 7 months. This module was right up my alley.

For those of you that don’t know who Nathan Lucas is, he’s known as Freedom Influencer on Youtube.

With just under 400K subscribers, and right under 1,000 Youtube videos all geared towards making money online and affiliate marketing seeing him be a part of this course was very encouraging.

Watch The video Below To Learn More About Nathan Lucas:

Videos inside the module include:

  • Intro – A video introducing himself and what you could expect from this module
  • Why Blogging? Stats – The breakdown of relevant stats, and why you should be putting effort into building a blog.
  • Understanding Search Results – Even though everyone is on them, not everyone understands how they work. This video explains how they work.
  • Search Traffic For Buyer Intent – The art of creating content that revolves around something that someone is already trying to buy.
  • Search Traffic For Informative Intent – The art of creating content based around a topic that people are trying to learn about.
  • Find The Best Keywords & Siphon Traffic From Your Competitors – How to find relevant keywords and how you can have Google basically tell you what type of content you need to write.
  • Generate Endless Topic Ideas – This lesson broke down some methods of finding blog post ideas that I’ve never heard of and will be utilizing!
  • Crafting The Perfect Blog Post – To have any success with a blog, you’ll need to know what type of content to write and how to write it, as well as how long it should be. This video show’s you how to fine-tune your process.
  • SEO Keywords To Include LSI – Using a tool to find different variations of main keywords you’re writing articles about. To avoid keyword stuffing and making your content looking not natural.
  • How to generate Leads From Your Blog – The art of building an email list from your blog by providing a lead magnet or something that is of perceived value.
  • Automate & Outsource Your Blog – How to hire writers for your blog posts, and scheduling different publish times.
  • On-Page SEO – This video breaks down most technical things about writing articles and creating content that will actually rank on Google. Everything from creating content for the reader, Optimizing your load time, URL’s, Linking strategies, Post Length, and More LSI keyword information is covered in this lesson.

Being someone who’s primary traffic source is blogging, I really enjoyed this module of the course.

There is so much to learn when it comes to creating a blog , and actually writing content that ranks on Google.

These lessons were crafted in a way that are very well suited for someone who has no idea what they’re doing, but gives you enough information that you can actually get to the point of creating great content!

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Module 4 – The Perfect Affiliate Funnel

This Module is all about creating affiliate funnels, which are not only a very important part of being an affiliate marketer.

But are also a requirement if you’re planning on doing any type of paid advertising.

Videos In This Module Include:

  • What Is The Perfect Affiliate Funnel – Breaking down the science of a sales funnel and how to implement them as an affiliate marketer.
  • What Is A Lead Magnet Or Ethical Bribe – How to find enticing offers to convince someone to give you their contact information.
  • The Quiz Funnel – The art of having a prospect interacts with your funnel prior to pushing them to offer or getting an email address.
  • Which Funnel Builder Software To get – Talks about a beautiful software which is widely used by the industry. Clickfunnels, getting access to his done for you landing pages will require this software.
  • Signing Up For Clickfunnels Live – Was a nice feature to the course, instead of leaving you to your own devices he takes you, step by step through the process of signing up.
  • Creating Effective Affiliate Funnel Fast – Creating an affiliate funnel from scratch and introducing to using the Clickfunnels software.
  • Creating Extremely Highly Converting Funnel Pages – A video that breaks down the psychology behind his 3 most successful opt-in pages and how you can re-create them for yourself.
  • Steal My Funnels – How to get a copy of his sales funnels and how you can utilize them for affiliate marketing.
  • The Perfect Affiliate Marketing Business Model – A visual representation of how the entire process works and utilizing the tools in unison with each other.

Funnels are a crucial part of business whether you own a brick and mortar store or you’re an affiliate marketer.

Utilizing them as an affiliate can sometime feel intimidating or confusing as you don’t actually have a product. This module covers a ton of information needed about sales funnels.

And the methods taught within this module are relevant whether you use Clickfunnels or not.

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Module 5 – Email Marketing Mastery

Arguably the most important part about being an affiliate marketer, yet it tends to be one of the most skipped parts by new affiliates.

It is the most widely used form of online marketing throughout every industry and that is because it simply works and can be extremely profitable.

freedom breakthrough review

Videos In This Module Include:

  • Intro To Email Marketing – Breaking down the statistics behind email marketing, what’s included in the module, and what to expect from your campaigns.
  • Which Email Software To Use – Explains why you should be using GetResponse as your email marketing platform.
  • Signing Up For GetResponse – A video that takes you through the process of signing up for Getresponse and getting a Free trial.
  • How To Navigate GetResponse – Going through the backend of the software and talks about various tools and utilities inside of your account.
  • Creating Email Lists – A lesson showing you how to create an email list in Getresponse.
  • Connecting GetRespose To ClickFunnels – A step by step guide that shows you how to integrate the two softwares. Which is key to automating the process.
  • Adding Professional Email To Getresponse – Breaks down the benefits of using a professional email address and how to connect it to your Getresponse account.
  • How To Send Broadcast Messenger To Your List – explains how to send a broadcast letter/newsletter to the recipients on your email list and how it is different than automation.
  • Staying Out Of Spam & Increasing Open Rates – What to expect from your email marketing campaigns and how to decrease the chances of being sent to spam. Also how to increase the open rates by writing powerful subject lines.
  • Creating Automated Messages & The Customer Journey – One of my favorite features of Getresponse, a way to create automated workflows that will send out different things based on your lists interactions.
  • Advanced Email Automated Messages – Creating a workflow and the visual map of your email marketing campaigns.
  • What Type Of Email To Send & Creating The Perfect Email Sequence – Creating successful marketing campaigns are built on relationships. This video breaks down those concepts, similar to the ones in The DotCom Secrets Book.

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Module 6 – Free Traffic With Facebook

I was really looking forward to this section of the course, as the time of writing this my organic following and reach on Facebook has been very lackluster.

Facebook allows you to have a maximum of 5,000 friends, which in a sense could be a highly engaged list of 5,000 people.

Entirely for free..

Videos In This Module Include:

  • Facebook Free Traffic Intro – Goes over the methodology of creating a traffic source from Facebook and his exact process of using a personal profile to build relationships with an audience.
  • Optimizing Your Profile – How to set up your personal Facebook profile to drive traffic to your funnels, group, or even affiliate links.
  • Driving Traffic From Facebook Groups To Your Profile – How to drive targeted traffic from relevant Facebook groups to your optimized personal profile.
  • What Type Of Content To Post To Create Massive Engagement – The art of creating posts and content that will lead customers towards your objective without coming across spammy or by pushing sales aggressively.
  • Start & Grow A Facebook Group To Nurture Your Audience – An absolute monster of a lesson that takes you through every step imaginable related to creating Facebook groups.

Module 7 – The King Of FREE Traffic Youtube

I personally watched Jonathan Montoya’s journey on Youtube, as I first started following him when he had very little subscribers.

As I’m writing this he has broke 10,000 and the crazy part is, he only start uploading videos around 1 year ago.

So I was very excited to see what types of tips and tricks we’re going to be in this module.

Videos Inside Of This Module Include:

  • The King Of FREE Traffic Intro – A break down of everything that will be included in the module. Why Youtube is considered to be the holy grail of traffic.
  • How To Create The Youtube Videos (The Software & Tools) – A brief introduction on how to use OBS Studio to create powerful videos. And how to create presentation videos.
  • How To Create Videos Without Showing Your Face Or Using Your Voice – How to outsource all of your video makings, whether you’re going with a whiteboard or paying someone to do the video for you.
  • Setting Up Your Youtube Channel – A complete guide on setting up your channel, and getting some essential tools to help with your growth. Also includes a free Keyword Research Spreadsheet.
  • Keyword Research (Beginner To Advanced Training) – Covers everything that you could possibly imagine when it comes to finding keywords for a brand new channel, and how to find amazing one’s when you’re a medium-sized one.
  • Youtube Scripting, Video Optimization, & Getting Monetized – The lesson is about creating powerful headlines, titles, and how to format your videos.
  • How To Read Youtube Analytics For Long Term Success – How to understand the analytics behind Youtube and how you can use it to create even better content!
  • Youtube Keywords That Are Guaranteed to Work | Golden Keywords – Advanced techniques on how he finds keywords that are guaranteed to rank

Before you get to this section of the course, you’ll need to allot some serious time.

Each of the lessons in this module are not only packed full of information but are around 20 minutes long per lesson.

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Module 8 – Free Traffic With TikTok

Being someone who apparently isn’t with the times and hasn’t downloaded TikTok, I had no idea what I was headed into prior to jumping into Freedom Breakthrough.

So let’s find out just how much I was able to learn from this module!

Videos in this module include:

  • Intro To Using TikTok To Blow Up Our Business – An intro into TikTok and how he has grown his following up to 70,000 in just a few short months.
  • Downloading & setting Up The TikTok App – Step by step guide on how to install the app and optimizing your profile.
  • Optimizing Your Bio & Adding Social Media Handles – How to optimize your bio to answer questions that your visitors will be asking, and adding links to other social media profiles.
  • How We Will Use TikTok To Get Leads & Sales – A complete A-Z guide on TikTok. Covers everything from set-up, formatting, and how he has grown so fast.
  • Editing Videos & Batch Filming – How to edit videos and creating content for TikTok. And how to get viral songs and music that are royalty-free.
  • TikTok Algorithm Revealed – He breaks down the best way to make your videos go viral and a complete run-down of the TikTok algorithm.
  • Create 12 Videos In An Hour – A complete training on optimizing your TikTok profile, bio, and creating a lot of videos in a single hour.

The videos in this module were extremely long, which wasn’t a bad thing.

They were on average around 40 minutes each and they were re-runs of Jonathan doing a webinar/live training with other people on camera.

Leaving this module I was a tad overwhelmed, but that was only due to never even touching the TikTok app.

All in all, this module made me realize, that I shouldn’t have been sleeping on this app.

It has some serious potential, and Jonathan Montoya has has some insane results with it.

Get Freedom BreakThrough Course Here

Module 9 – Paid traffic With Google Ads

I wasted a lot of money when I first started affiliate marketing, primarily because I didn’t know what I was doing when it came to paid advertising.

I was basically burning money and hoping people would buy stuff through my affiliate links.

There is a huge learning curve for paid advertising, and sadly each platform has its own challenges, Let’stake a look at what this module teaches about Google Ads.

Videos In This Module Include:

  • Intro To Google Ads – How Google Ads works, and an introduction to the back end of the ad manager.
  • Installing The Google Ad Pixel – A step by step guide on installing the Google pixel, for tracking your visitors online and can be used for re-targeting.
  • Google Ad Campaign Structure Explained – What the different types of campaigns you could choose when setting up a paid advertisement.
  • Keyword Research (plan For Success) – Why you need to do research prior to running a campaign, and bid for keywords that aren’t too saturated.
  • How To Run A Search Campaign Ad – How to run a paid advertisement that shows up in the search section of Google.
  • How To Run Retargetting Ads On Google – Creating re-targeting ad campaigns of people that have visited your website, landing pages, or funnels.
  • How To Run Youtube Ad – Creating a video ad that is placed prior to a video, can also use re-targeting.
  • Youtube Ad Customer Placement – How to restrict the settings of your Youtube advertisement so you can only show your video to a very targeted audience.
  • Creating Custom Audience To Retarget – How to create an audience of people that have interacted with your content so you can run paid advertisements to specific people based on their actions.
  • Analyzing The Data In Google Ads – How to understand your Google ads data and the back end of your ad manager.
  • Scaling Your Google Ads – How to test and change settings within your ad campaigns so you have the ability to spend more on the ones that are performing well.
  • Copy My Exact Ads Safe Landing Page – Get a copy of his landing page that he is utilizing for every platform and it is performing well!

Paid advertising can be a very intricate, intimidating and confusing.

This course does a beautiful job of explaining the things needed to really get the ball rolling with Google Ads.

Get Freedom BreakThrough Course Here

Module 10 – Paid Traffic With TikTok Ads

Jonathan has been implementing TikTok Ads into his affiliate marketing business since they’ve started.

Unlike other traffic methods, this isn’t as saturated as platforms that have been around for years.

This is the not only the first course I’ve seen on TikTok, but no one is covering their advertising options.

So let’s jump in and see what’s inside this section of the course.

Videos In This Module Include:

  • Intro To TikTok Ads – An introduction to the untapped potential inside of TikTok right now, and the types of results he’s getting for pennies!
  • Signing Up For A TikTok Account – How to sign up for a business account which is needed to run advertisements, and what could be expected when signing up.
  • Getting Familiar With TikTok Ads – A video that covers the back-end of the ad manager, creating campaigns and adding required information.
  • Installing Tracking Pixel & Custom Conversion – How to install the tracking code that allows you to track your metrics and re-target.
  • Running A TikTok Ad – A complete guide on setting up and running a campaign on their platform.
  • Creating A Custom Audience & Lookalike – This lesson is about how to create an audience that is very similar to the people who’ve already interacted with your campaigns however you choose.
  • Copy My Exact Ads Safe Landing Page – Get a copy of his landing page that he is utilizing for every platform and it is performing well!

I have never run any type of TikTok Ad prior to watching this section of the course, It get’s broken down into a way that is very digestible.

If you’ve ever wanted to run paid advertising to your affiliate offers this might be the perfect lesson for you!

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Module 11 – Paid Ads With Facebook

I’ve personally spent quite a bit of time in the back-end of Facebook ad’s manager.

As it was actually where I first started I left my 9-5 job to start my Digital Marketing Agency.

So lets jump right into Module 11.

Videos Included:

  • Intro To Facebook Ads – An overview of everything that will be included inside of Facebook Business Manager. The power of learning how to advertise on one of the most used platforms.
  • Creating A Facebook Page For Running Ads – How to create a professional business page so you can actually run paid advertisements on Facebook.
  • Installing The Facebook Pixel – How to install the FB pixel on your website or funnel, and how to use the data gained to re-target people.
  • Campaign Objectives Explained – All of the marketing objectives available on Facebook explained.
  • Creating A customer conversion Ad – In this lesson, you’ll be taken through the whole process of building a conversion campaign. Which will place your ad to people more likely to take the action.
  • Facebook Ad Copy That Gets Approved – Coming Soon
  • Creating Multiple Ad Campaigns For Faster Results – Coming Soon
  • Creating Custom & Lookalike Audiences – Coming Soon
  • Copy My Exact Ads Safe Landing Page – Get a copy of his landing page that he is utilizing for every platform and it is performing well!

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Module 12 – Launch Jacking

Launch jacking is where you rank for keywords that don’t even exist yet.

Websites like are networks of courses or products that technically aren’t even released yet.

And writing reviews of the said product when there is virtually no competition means that you’ll be able to rank easier.

You won’t make a commission until that product has actually launched.

Videos In This Module Include:

  • Launch Jacking Intro – A lesson teaching the methodology behind launch jacking and a case study that he did with a brand new Youtube channel.
  • How It Works & How Much You Can Make – A detailed video of the process of launch jacking and its potential. Explains how you could expect to make the most profit when the launch happens.
  • Common Questions & Concerns I Get – A lesson that explains how you’re actually going to create blog posts or videos on products that heven’t even launched yet.
  • How To Get An Article On Your Website – In this video he creates an article based around a product in a-pre launch stage, and how you can get it onto the front page of Google.
  • Getting Articles Written For You – How he hire’s out all of his blog posts and articles.
  • How To FORCE Google To Show (Index Your Site) – Howq to force Google to index your page on the search engine results page, without having to wait for their AI to crawl it.
  • Advanced | Creating Bonuses – The art of adding your own bonuses on top of the product you’re promoting as an affiliate to encourage people to buy from you instead of other affiliates.
  • Lauch Jacking With Youtube – How to create reviews and utilize launch jacking on Youtube.

I found this module to be ironic. Not because it doesn’t work and it isn’t a very powerful way of making money online as an affiliate marketer.

But because this was the exact method i was using with the launch of his course.

As of yesterday, the beta access was launched to the Freedom Breakthrough, and it’s still currently being built.

Get Freedom BreakThrough Course Here

Bonus – How To Get Click Funnels Dream Car With Paul Mottley

This is a bonus module that was filmed by Paul Mottley, who’s earned his dream car by being an affiliate for Clickfunnels.

Videos Included In This Module:

  • Introduction By Paul Mottley – An introduction to who he is and the strategies he used to earn his dream car by Clickfunnels.
  • The Objective – A visualization of how he has been getting Clickfunnel sign-ups.
  • How To Find Businesses That Need Your Help – How he finds people that benefit from using sales funnels, and how he could help them in having them sign up to the software through his affiliate link.
  • Prospecting – How he prospects clients and people that he could get to sign up to Clickfunnels by proving them with a service.

Bonus – Alex Branning – How To Structure The Perfect Affiliate Offer

This is a bonus module By Alex Branning who breaks down how to create the perfect offer as an affiliate.

Videos included in this module:

  • How To Structure The Perfect Affiliate Offer

Bonus – High Ticket Sales Mastery Using Facebook Organic

This is basically an entire course inside of Freedom Breakthrough, which was created by Joshua Ong.

He was previously mentioned in the video above and was the person doing the interview with Nathan Lucas at Freedom Influencer.

It was a very nice feature to add, as the creator of Freedom Breakthrough wasn’t even expecting Joshua to release this much content into the course!

Videos included in this module:

  • Joshua Ong Intro – An introduction into who he is and how he is relevant in the affiliate marketing community.
  • Psychology & Mindset Of Success – How to leverage human interaction and the mental game of having success on Facebook, a platform that wasn’t intended for making money.
  • Success Cycle – A visual representation of how the cycle will work
  • The Power of Momentum – How it will be easier to continue to strive as you’re already moving vs a standing point.
  • Branding You – How to brand yourself, set up a funnel, and 40 lead magnet ideas.
  • Deleting Inactive Audience – How to optimize your friend’s list so it is only full of people who’re interacting with your content or making purchases.
  • Adding Your Ideal Client – How to actually add them on Facebook and how to find one’s just like them over and over again.
  • Daily Method Of Operation – How to plan out your content and what you can expect to do on a daily basis to build your organic following on Facebook.
  • Limitless Content Strategy – How to produce an endless amount of content and ideas for creating content.
  • Content Strategy – Content strategy 101, the process of creating powerful messages. Also free PDF of headline formulas
  • The VALUE Framework – How to provide actual value to your potential referrals
  • Engagements Algorithm – Why having an engaged audience is important for making money online even though it doesn’t equal sales.
  • Facebook Posting Strategy – The dos and don’ts of creating posts that will convert and keep your friends list engaged.
  • The Power Of Facebook Stories – How using stories as a way of promoting engagement and keeping your audience involved with your business
  • High Intention, Low Attachment – The art of making sales without actually being about sales. Focus on building a relationship instead of making sales.
  • Lead Generation With Facebook Groups – How to build your own list and following throughout already established Facebook groups, without coming across spamming.
  • Outbound Strategy – How to make new connections on Facebook messenger. A huge focus on your newly added friends.
  • Followup Strategy – How to follow-up with your relevant audience and friends to build relationships, which will lead to sales.
  • 5 Pillars To Close High Ticket Sales On FB Messenger – An absolute monster of a training video (over an hour-long) the breaks down the entire messaging process that he using to make high ticket sales through messenger

Get Freedom Breakthrough Here

Freedom Breakthrough Review – Conclusion

This course was an absolute monster. To date, I’ve purchased almost every affiliate marketing course available.

(By bigger named affiliates and people in the industry)

I can honestly say that this course provided every ounce of information that I’ve learned from various other courses and then some.

Usually when you purchase an online course you get modules with short quick videos, while those can be easy to digest.

There isn’t really enough substansce to learn a whole lot.

Almost every other video within this course is 20 minutes long and packed from the start to finish with valuable information.

The amount of time and energy put into this course truly makes it one of a kind!

Not to mention that 4 modules are taught by highly successful affiliate marketers.

As the time of writing this article, this is by far the most up to date affiliate marketing course. There are methods in this course that you will not find in others.

Take advantage of it while you can!

Get Freedom BreakThrough Course Here


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