How Can Landing Pages Help Your Business?

Whether your business is primarily online or you have a physical location, building landing pages for your business can be vital to your growth.

So how can landing pages help your business?

Landing pages can help your business because they give you the ability to increase your potential customer base whilst decreasing the amount of effort it takes to acquire that potential customer.

Landing pages are able to achieve this because their minimalistic design is built from the consumer’s perspective and they’re usually created based around a specific promotion. It makes it easier for your potential customer to gain access to your product or service.

Fun Fact: The method was first implemented in 2003 by none other than Microsoft.

They were having trouble selling an updated version of their product and someone suggested that they drive traffic to a stand-alone page dedicated to the product that they were promoting instead of to their traditional website.

By doing so they were able to increase the sales during that product launch by 30% in the first 24 hours.

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What is a landing page?

A landing page could be defined as a singular web page with a clear call to action.

The difference between a landing page and any page on every other site is usually a landing page is designed around a specific product, promotion, or service, and when a visitor arrives on that page they have 2 options.

Follow what is prompted on your landing page. Whether that’s making a purchase, scheduling an appointment, giving you their email address, or beginning the process of going through your sales funnel Or leave.

A well-optimized landing page leaves little room for anything else and that’s because they covert better, end up with better user experience and if you’re doing any type of paid advertising, save you money/lower the cost per conversion.

how can landing pages help your business

I would recommend going out and looking up competitors or other businesses that are in the same industry as yours and analyzing their landing pages and sales funnels.

Then re-create them for your own business. Don’t copy them but model your own like a version of theirs.

There isn’t any need to go out and re-invent the wheel, someone out there is already doing something that is working and there is usually a reason for it. When I’ve done this in the past it usually helps me notice things that I would have overlooked otherwise.

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Types Of Landing Pages

As you could imagine there are various types designed for specific purposes and have been shown to work better in certain situations compared to others.

If you use a landing page builder they usually have pre-built templates that you can build off of and add your own variables which makes creating them a breeze and doesn’t require you to have a lot of technical knowledge to create beautiful looking landing pages.

I’ve personally used Clickfunnels to create all of my landing pages and sales funnels over the last few years and would highly recommend them.
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Lead Generation Landing Pages

Lead Capture Page

A lead generation page is designed to get contact information from your potential customer where you’ll follow through with them or build a relationship through another avenue such as email marketing, calls, or a physical meeting.

Landing pages like this are usually not generating revenue right off the start and is really the first step to creating an actual customer.

It is where they’re showing that they are interested in what it is you’re promoting and would like to receive further information or contact.

how can landing pages help your business

They work really well if you combine this type of landing page with an automated email marketing software and some type of lead magnet.

A lead magnet is something that has perceived value and will entice potential leads into wanting to give you their contact information even more.

Things like PDF’s, Cheatsheets, or something Free always works wonders.

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Squeeze Page

Very similar to a lead capture page with a more aggressive approach.

With a squeeze page, the visitor isn’t going to be able to take any further action on your website/landing page until they give their contact information.

how can landing pages help your business

It should be designed fairly basic and straightforward. Highlighting your lead magnet while subtly forcing the visitor to give you their information.

Squeeze pages are very effective for building an email list.

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Sales-Focused Landing Pages

Click-through page

This type of landing page is usually used to establish the buyer’s intent.

You’ll use this page to highlight features of the product or service, and accent some pain points that your potential customer might be having.

While whatever it is your offering is the “solution”

This type of page is all about the copywriting and the images.

how can landing pages help your business

You’re really just priming them to buy which is usually on a page that follows this one.

Check out this website that talks about various types of click-through pages!

Sales Page

Your sales page is a standalone page that is created with the intention to sell the product.

Its meant to be persuasive and encourages people to buy right away.

how can landing pages help your business

Depending on the length of the sales page will determine how many call to actions (CTA’S) You’ll have.

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Key Features Of A Successful Landing Page

There is a lot of variables when it comes to how you should design your landing pages and optimize your sales funnels.

Everything from the type of product or service you’re selling, who your dream customers are, and what type of offer you have.

But here are some key components that should be applied to every landing page.

  • Captivating Headlines / Attention grabbers. Altering headlines can change the entire optimization of your landing pages.
  • Visually appealing, images, videos. Conversion Colors: Red, Green, Yellow, and Orange
  • Clear direction. You need to convey exactly what process they need to take.
  • Provide Value. Ask yourself why would someone want to purchase from you vs competitor.
  • Building Trust by having testimonials or logos if you’re an established brand.
  • A specific call to action button: Sign up, Buy Now, Learn more, ETC.
  • Mobile-Friendly! Something that tends to get overlooked, the majority of people are going to be interacting with your landing page from phone. Make sure it is optimized to look amazing on mobile devices as well as a desktop!

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How can a landing Page help your business? | Can a landing page replace your website?

Since there are various benefits to implementing landing pages into your business it Is only natural to think that it could replace your website.

However, this isn’t the case.

Where your landing page and sales funnels will excel in certain areas that your website doesn’t.
They will also lack in aspects that your website will be better at.

Ideally, you need both, so you can utilize the strong points of each in unison to really give yourself an edge over competitors.

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Landing Page Vs Website | Why Use A Landing Page

There are various benefits to using landing pages in your business.
Below are some of the reasons and areas that it will perform better than your traditional website

  • Paid advertising | if you’re planning on doing any type of paid advertising, whether it is to generate leads or sales-driving traffic to a landing page is going to greatly increase the conversion rates. Which will ultimately reduce the amount it costs per customer or allowing you to get more customers for the same amount.
  • Clear Direction | The problem with using traditional websites for sales is that there are too many options with very little direction. A lot of users will end up in a section of your website that has nothing to do with why they got there in the first place. Eliminating all the distractions and other variables also get rid of the opportunity for your customers to get frustrated with the user experience and the functionality of your site.
  • Versatility | Having your landing pages separate from your traditional site gives you the option to be versatile, you can implement up-sells and down-sells, capture an email address, or contact information between each step without having to change the entire interface or layout of your website.
  • Revenue | optimizing your landing pages and building out your sales funnels will greatly increase the chances of you turning more profit per customer that goes through your process.

Why Use A Website

Below is a list of areas that your website will outperform your landing page.

  • Search Engines | Ranking a landing page on a search engine can be quite difficult unless it is directly tied to your website that is already well optimized for search engines. That is because the simplistic design of them doesn’t give you the ability to create a lot of content and really build it out over the course of time. They are more of a set and forget type of thing.
  • Brand awareness | Building your brand and having a place where customers interact with you about your product or service is an area that your website is going to do better than your landing page because your landing page doesn’t offer any interactions other than making a sale or capturing a lead.
  • Content / Blogging | Blogging is an amazing way to get traction for your website, as it gives you the ability to build authority and have a lot of information tied to your website. This is almost impossible to do with a landing page because it’s a singular page and writing content over and over again on the same page would ultimately result in you having a landing page that is so long no one would ever even read it or load in a fast enough time for someone to see.

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How Can Landing Pages Help Your Business? | Summary

As more and more people gravitate towards moving portions of their business online.

The digital world only becomes more and more competitive.

Having designated landing pages for promotions or services within your business will just give you an upper hand.

They are merely another asset to add to your business and a very valuable one at that!

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