High Ticket vs Low Ticket Affiliate Marketing | Which One’s Best?

Choosing to what area you’re going to focus on, whether it’s High ticket vs Low Ticket Affiliate Marketing is going to heavily influence the way you operate.

While they both can be a viable way to create income online, one is definitely better suited for someone who’s just starting compared to the other.

Low ticket offers are going to require you to make consistent sales and a lot of them. High ticket will give you the ability to generate the same amount of revenue without making as many sales and this usually comes without adding any difficulty of actually making a sale.  It Is just as difficult as an affiliate to get someone who’ll commit to purchasing a product that will pay you a minimal commission, as it is getting someone to purchase an expensive product that would pay you a significant amount.

High Ticket vs Low Ticket Affiliate Marketing:

You Could Sell 1 Product and receive a $1,000 Commission or Sell 1,000 Products and receive a $1.00 Commission.

Which one sounds more sustainable to you?

Now I know your first thought is probably $1! What affiliate program is going to offer you $1 per sale?

And to be honest, $1 is actually a generous commission if you’re going with a low ticket offer.

Say you’re a blogger and you have a website that is all about cooking.

Naturally, you’d like to sell products like pots and pans or kitchen utensils because those would be relevant to the people visiting your site.

The current commission rate for Home Good and Kitchen Products as an Amazon Associate right now is 3%.

This means that for every $50 kitchen gadget you sold, you’d receive a $1 commission.

Now I know that the value of money is different for everyone, and $1 could be a decent amount of money depending on the geographical location of where you are.

So a rule of thumb I like to use is Low ticket offers are anything that would pay me a commission less than I would earn working a full day at a job.

And a High ticket offer being anything that would pay a commission that would equal more than I would make in a day at a job.

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What Is Low Ticket Affiliate Marketing?

Low ticket programs are usually found when you’re promoting physical products from places like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Or Target.

It can usually be broken up into 2 main categories

  1.  An expensive product with a low commission percentage | Just because the title is low ticket doesn’t mean that the product is cheap. Take Best Buy’s affiliate program for example. They offer a 0.5% commission on basically anything in their store (other than electronics) Which means if you got someone to purchase a treadmill from there for $2,000 you’d receive a $10 Commission.
  2.  Affordable Products With Medium Commission | Promoting products that are more affordable to everyday consumers with a bit higher of a commission level anywhere from 1-15%. So if you were promoting a $40 Product with a 10% commission you’d receive $4 dollars per sale.

I’m not saying that you can’t have success with low ticket offers, but it does take a significant amount of sales to add up.

It is a volume game and can be a never-ending cycle of chasing the next potential customer.

Even if you were promoting a product that paid out a $100 commission.

You would still need to make at least one of those every single day to replace your day job. (At least in my area)

If you do plan on doing some type of low ticket affiliate marketing, I would highly suggest that you do it alongside another offer or program and not rely solely on it or having it be your primary source of affiliate marketing.

What Is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing?

High ticket affiliate marketing is when you promote products that are not only expensive but also offer aggressive commission levels.

Ranging anywhere from 20% all the way up to the occasional 100% if you’re able to find a product that is in the stage of launching.

Commission levels like this are usually found within digital products.

Such as courses, online sales, or subscription-based companies.

This is where you’re able to see a significant difference in high ticket vs low ticket affiliate marketing.

Let’s take the example from above and instead of promoting a $2,000 treadmill.

We’re promoting an 8-week fitness program that offers a 20% commission but is the same cost.

That would be $400 payout to us for every person that we successfully refer to the program.

Or even a lower costing product with a higher commission level.

Finding a product that offers a 40% commission that costs $35 would still generate more revenue for you as an affiliate than it would if you chose to do low ticket and sold that $2,000 treadmill.

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Why high ticket affiliate marketing is the best option

Making money online isn’t easy, and anyone who tells you that it is, most likely is either lying to you or trying to get you to buy something.

When I first started out as an affiliate marketer, I had this notion that I was going to be able to throw my link up in a couple of places and the commissions would start rolling in.

But that couldn’t be farther from the truth, and the reality of being a successful affiliate marketer.

Just because you don’t own the product doesn’t mean that you aren’t building a business.

You’re going to have to build relationships with people to the point where they believe in you and the products that you’re promoting.

The chances of someone actually purchasing something through you without having built that relationship is slim to none.

What would you rather invest your time and energy into?

Promoting a camera that would pay out a couple of dollars in commissions for every sale or would you rather receive a couple of hundred dollars every time someone signed up for a class on how to take better sunset photos?

You aren’t restricted to Photography or any industry/type of product I’ve mentioned throughout this blog post, but it is going to take the same amount of effort from you to achieve a sale whether you decide to primarily do high ticket or low ticket affiliate marketing.

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High ticket VS Low Ticket Affiliate Marketing | Summary

While both can be utilized to make money online high ticket affiliate marketing is all around the better option if the main source of income is made by promoting other people’s products.

Low ticket offers can be great to add icing on the cake or add a bit of additional revenue.  But there isn’t any cookie-cutter, one size fits all marketing agenda.

Diversify, Do both, Promote multiple things at once and don’t rely on a singular affiliate program but prioritize high ticket offers in the beginning!

For years the standard has been to rely on Amazon’s low ticket affiliate program and Google Ads to uphold the majority of bloggers/website owners‘ revenue.

But doing so especially as times get more competitive is requiring people to have upwards of 500,000 page views monthly to make a full-time income online.

Switching to primarily High Ticket Affiliate Programs is giving online business owners to make serious amounts of money with very little traffic and without a massive following.

Ultimately making it more obtainable for the everyday person to achieve, and not feel like such an impossible and overwhelming task.

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