High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator Review

Cracking the high ticket market is the holy grail in affiliate marketing, and there are many courses geared towards this need. High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator is a popular training course to help affiliates crack this lucrative market. But is the High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator all it claims to be?

High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator is a comprehensive training program that focuses on selling high ticket items. It teaches using free and paid traffic to promote high ticket affiliate offers. It’s created by Josh Elders, a seasoned affiliate marketing veteran, and retails from $500 plus upsells.

This article will take a more in-depth look into the High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator to determine if it lives up to its promises. The program targets both beginner and experienced affiliate marketers looking to grow their income.

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What Is a High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator?

High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator is an online training course by Josh Elders, a veteran affiliate marketer and YouTuber. Josh runs the program together with Brain Dickson, another seasoned online entrepreneur.

The trainers claim to have built multiple businesses and leveraged their systems to generate millions of dollars in sales.

High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator Review

The program is designed to equip the learner with the tools and the skills to build a profitable online business. It’s designed to help students build the skills needed to create a high-ticket selling system in less than 30 days.

The course comes with materials built by successful instructors who’ve collectively generated more than $100 million in online sales.

Students can access custom, high-converting sales funnels to help push affiliate offers and hit the ground running. The done-for-you sales funnels lower the learning curve to let you hit the ground running.

High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator Course Module

The HTAA comprises four main modules and three bonuses that include a Q&A and over-the-shoulder training.

Main Training Modules 

Beginner Quick Start ($497 Value)

The module provides learners with the tools and skills necessary to build a thriving online business selling high ticket items. It teaches everything an online entrepreneur needs to run a successful business, including:

  • The quickest way to build online traffic
  • Top passive income markets
  • Using funnel building software
  • Using autoresponders to create an email list
  • How to partner with HTA

8-Figure Facebook Formula ($4,997)

The 8-Figure Formula is a five-week course that targets people looking for a Business in a Box solution. It comes with training, tools, and mentorship to help students build 6-figures and 7-figures businesses online selling high ticket items.

Students can join HTA’s #1 affiliate program and access effective traffic strategies and sales funnels from other members. The module teaches you how to:

  • Set up Facebook Page
  • Create a brand and craft your story
  • 7-figure Daily Action Plan
  • Setup bots on Facebook

YouTube Dominion ($4,997)

In this module, Josh teaches the YouTube strategies he’s used to building several 7-figure online businesses. It covers using YouTube ads to build, grow, and scale any business.

ChatBOt Profits ($997 Value)

The module is based on Brain’s and Josh’s success in using messenger bot sequence to generate 7-figures in online sales. The instructors show you how to automate qualifying leads and provide you with powerful scripts to close leads.

The module shows you how to automate the lead generation and qualification process and only speak to buying customers.

Some of the course material covers:

  • Setting up Facebook Ad campaigns
  • Building lists with Messenger Bots
  • Audience retargeting

Bonus Training Material

Private Facebook Mastermind Group ($997 Value)

The High Ticket Accelerator Facebook group gives you access to some top-performing affiliates in the program. It affords you a chance to seek advice, ask questions, and get support from successful online entrepreneurs.

Weekly Q&A and Over the Shoulder Training

This bonus features a live call with Brian & Josh to let you learn directly from them. They show you the innovative strategies they’re using to generate online sales.

It amounts to watching them launch marketing campaigns from scratch so you can replicate it on your website.

Students are also entitled to 1-on-1 coaching where Brian and Josh answer all your questions. They’ll criticize your sales funnels and marketing strategies and provide useful advice.

All live training events are recorded, so you can refer to them later and polish your shortcomings.

High Ticket Affiliate Opportunity

Students are invited to promote the Transcend Accelerator program, which is a high ticket item. Each successful sale comes with a $1,250 commission. Brian and Josh will take you through the motion and help you to make the sale.

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Perks of Joining the High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator

Some of the best highlights from HTAA programs include:

  • Learning from two seasoned players in the online marketing scene
  • Access to proven online marketing strategies and sales funnels that have generated millions of dollars.
  • Access done-for-you marketing strategies that you can swipe
  • Join a vibrant online community of successful entrepreneurs
  • Learn the art of high ticket affiliate marketing in less than 90 days
  • You don’t need to create a product to reap the benefits of selling high ticket items
  • Live 1-on-1 training with Brain and Josh
  • Access to a high ticket item with a generous commission

High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator has helped more than 10,000 online entrepreneurs conquer the high ticket affiliate market. It’s also run by two seasoned players in the affiliate marketing scene.

However, the HTAA program comes with some potential deal-breakers that you should investigate before purchasing.

Potential Deal Breakers of High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator

While High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator is a legit training program, it comes with some potential deal-breakers:

  • Obscure pricing. HTAA isn’t transparent in its pricing modules, so it’s impossible to determine the entire program’s cost. That amounts to questionable business practices that might saddle you with lots of hidden charges.
  • The course lacks depth. Some of the course materials feature basic information that’s freely available on the internet.
  • The course uses multiple names. It’s absurd that the system goes by three names on its website – Transcend Accelerator, High Ticket Accelerator, and High Ticket Accelerator. While this doesn’t amount to fraud, it’s never a good sign.

Should You Buy High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator?

While the course seems genuine and is run by two seasoned and seemingly successful online entrepreneurs, it leaves a lot to be desired.

The glaring shortcomings stem from an opaque pricing strategy that makes it impossible to estimate the program’s entire cost. Transparent pricing is essential for a course that teaches pushing affiliate offers using paid traffic.

Such tactics entail using other paid tools such as ClickFunnels and having an advertising budget. Buying into the program without addressing these issues might lead you into a financial black hole.

However, High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator uses plenty of social proof on its sales pages. It could mean that some people do find the course useful, and the system has brought them online success.

Before taking the plunge, you can join the High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator’s members area. The website offers a $7 one-time payment option to access the member’s area.

Only then can you determine if the content is worthwhile and useful to warrant shelling out any more money.

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While High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator is not a scam, it doesn’t seem like a worthwhile affiliate marketing course. It has some glaring red flags that potential buyers should be aware of.

The lack of a clear pricing strategy is the biggest shortcoming of this course that promises to mold rock star affiliates in less than 90 days. It also makes some bold claims that are had to verify or substantiate.

Such shortcomings make it difficult to recommend the High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator as a worthwhile purchase.


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