Grammarly Affiliate Program Review – Is It Worth It?

Grammarly is undoubtedly among the most popular and widely used digital writing assistance tools. Since its launch in 2009, the online text editor and grammar checker has experienced exponential growth.

As a result, thousands of digital marketers have sought to join its affiliate program, but despite Grammarly’s popularity, is the editing software’s affiliate program worth your time and efforts?

Grammarly is worth it. It has a straightforward affiliate program that allows partners to earn $0.20 when a client opens a free account and $20 when a client registers or upgrades to a premium account. It makes payments by check (US Residents), bank wire, or direct deposit but not through PayPal.

In this article, we’ll provide an in-depth assessment of the Grammarly affiliate program, assessing the pros and cons to help you determine if it’s worth the time and effort.

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How Grammarly’s Affiliate Program Works

Grammarly’s affiliate program functions in two main ways. You either place a banner or a tracking text link on your website, social profile, email or e-book, etc. The company will then pay you whenever a referred user signs up and makes an installation. 

grammarly affiliate program review

As a free product, you have the opportunity to make sales without being too pushy in your pitches. Chances of clients upgrading from free accounts to premium ones are usually high due to the advanced features that come with Grammarly premium.  

Grammarly has a unique commission structure that allows you to earn up to twice for a single client. For instance, as per the affiliate program, you can earn $0.20 when a client opens a free Grammarly account through your link. You’ll also stand to earn an extra $20 in case the client opts to upgrade to Grammarly premium (which is highly likely).

Every link posted on your site comes with its unique tracking code. Grammarly records conversions when clients redirect from your site and stores the data in the Reports section. You can easily track your earnings and conversions from the reports section.

How to Join the Grammarly Affiliate Program

Unlike other affiliate programs that might be fairly complicated to join, Grammarly has a pretty straightforward signup process. You can become a Grammarly affiliate by clicking on the ‘become an affiliate’ button (first of three options). Alternatively, you can also become an affiliate by signing up at ShareASale or CJ affiliate.

The signup process is a breeze, as you’ll be required to provide personal details. Once you’re done filling (and submitting) the form, you’ll receive a thank you note from Grammarly.

You’ll then need to wait for their response, which, as the site claims, usually takes two to three working days (might take longer in case of holidays).

It’s best to provide truthful and verifiable details when filling the form, as doing so will boost the chances of getting approved. If possible, use your work email ID, preferrable one with your site’s domain name at the end.

Assuming you get approved (hopefully you do), Grammarly will send you a welcome email with your password and email ID. You can then head over to your dashboard to view your performance statistics.

On the left panel, click on offers to view the banner ads. Copy-paste the codes on your blog, and voila! You’re already an active Grammarly affiliate.

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Does the Grammarly Affiliate Program Come With Bonuses?

In terms of bonuses, not too many companies can compare to Grammarly’s plan. So how generous is Grammarly in terms of bonuses?

Well, if you can make sales worth $2000 a month, you stand to earn a generous $200 bonus. In case you generate $4000 in sales, you’ll get a mouthwatering $400 bonus. Reach $8000 in sales, and Grammarly will send you $800 as part of your bonus package!

Granted, generating sales in the range of $2000 is no walk in the park. However, if you’re a serious affiliate with good-enough traffic, you can easily hit your targets and access the bonuses. It all comes down to how many premium clients you send over to Grammarly.  

And it gets better; Grammarly gives you (once approved) the chance to earn a one time $25 activation bonus after you place their banner on your site. You can also write an article and receive the activation bonus once your account manager approves it.   

Grammarly is also generous in terms of cookie window as you’ll have up to 90-days before prospective clients` links become defunct. This gives you a wider earning window, buying you the much-needed time to convert prospects to sales.

Advantages of Signing Up for Grammarly’s Affiliate Program

  • Grammarly has a good commission rate: The $20 commission is a wonderful opportunity to earn passive income, especially if your affiliate site has enormous traffic. You also stand to earn $0.02 for every free profile created through your referral link. Grammarly’s friendly commission policies make it one of the best companies to partner with.
  • High chances of earning bonuses: All approved affiliates stand to earn a $25 enrollment bonus. While you can’t withdraw amounts under $50, the enrollment bonus is a great way to get your account up and running. Grammarly is also direct about its payment protocols. Affiliates are paid monthly, more specifically between 20th and 21st.
  • Grammarly is a highly-rated product: Marketing products from trusted and well-known brands is easier compared to selling lesser-known products. With Grammarly, you won’t need to introduce or excessively market the product since it’s well known. Even better, it’s easier to convince clients with free accounts to upgrade due to the premium account’s advanced features.
  • Dedicated support: Besides a dedicated FAQ page on how affiliate marketing works on the site, Grammarly has a world-class affiliate support team (as stated on the site) that’s ever willing to reply to questions and provide clarifications. This means you can easily obtain additional information regarding the company’s affiliate program.
  • High chances of conversion: Some niches are genuinely hard to break into. However, the case is different with Grammarly since the software can be used for various purposes. Convincing clients to upgrade or open free accounts shouldn’t be too hard if you can publish informative articles.

Disadvantages of Signing Up for Grammarly’s Affiliate Program

  • Not recurring: Unfortunately, you won’t earn recurring commissions on Grammarly. While you can earn healthy bonuses and double commissions when clients on free subscriptions upgrade to premium, your earnings per client stop once Grammarly issues payments.
  • Approval isn’t straightforward: Although Grammarly claims to respond within two days of receiving applications, it can take longer than a week to get feedback. However, the wait will be worth the while, more so if your site has decent traffic.

Is Joining Grammarly’s Affiliate Easy?

Getting approved for the Grammarly affiliate program isn’t as straightforward as getting approval on some other sites. You’ll need to provide truthful and verifiable information, which will then be reviewed before a response is sent your way.

High-traffic sites with relevant content have higher chances of approval compared to new sites with little traffic. But to boost your chances of approval, it’s highly advisable to convey yourself professionally.

Wrapping Up

Based on the above assessment, it is evident that Grammarly’s affiliate program is worth the hype. The site has several pages dedicated to its affiliate marketing program, which helps provide interested parties with relevant information.

To succeed as a Grammarly affiliate, it’s important to plan out your content strategy and utilize as many digital marketing techniques as possible. It might take some time before you start earning from Grammarly’s affiliate program, but once you get started, your overall income will most likely continue to increase.  


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