GetResponse Affiliate Review – Everything You NEED to Know About the Program

GetResponse is one of the most well-known email marketing service providers, and their affiliate program allows anyone to make money by referring new customers to GetResponse.

However, is the program worth it? Can you make a decent amount of money by referring new customers to GetResponse?

The GetResponse affiliate program gives you two options: You can decide to get a one-time commission of $100 for every sale, or you can opt to get 33% of every sale, including recurring monthly payments. Cookies last for up to 120 days, and you will get free marketing materials.

In this review, we will go over the GetResponse affiliate program, explain the various commission options, and look into the pros and cons of working as a GetResponse affiliate.

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Pros of the GetResponse Affiliate Program

  • It’s incredibly easy to sign up as an affiliate. Your account won’t have to go through an extensive review process, which is required by many other affiliate programs. 
  • You can get recurring monthly payments and build up a passive income stream.
  • You can opt to get a flat payment of $100 for every sale you refer, regardless of whether they later cancel their membership.
  • Cookies last for 120 days. 
  • You will get paid monthly.
  • GetResponse will give you marketing materials you can use to promote the program and get more sales.
  • The dashboard is extremely easy to navigate.

Cons of the GetResponse Affiliate Program

  • Although you will get paid monthly, you may have to wait up to 75 days in order for your referral commissions to be paid out after you make a referral.
  • It would be better if cookies lasted 180 or 360 days.
  • The two commission options are essentially two different programs. This means that when you sign up to be an affiliate, you have to choose one or the other. It would be better if they allowed you to switch back and forth from one commission scheme to another quickly and easily. 
  • It would be better if there were more payment options offered. For example, some people may prefer to get paid via Payoneer or Stripe.

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Should You Join This Program?

getresponse affiliate review

Before answering this question, it is important for you to ask yourself why you would want to join this or any other affiliate program. You should understand what you are looking for in an affiliate program and how you plan to earn money. 

After all, different affiliate programs have different payment structures and work differently. Not all affiliate programs will match your goals. Here are some things to think about when asking yourself whether it is worth joining the GetResponse affiliate program.

Who Is Your Audience? 

You need to be promoting products that your audience is interested in. If you have a popular blog that talks about digital marketing, the GetResponse affiliate program fits right in. You may even have a few of your “top” digital marketing programs that you promote, and you can choose GetResponse for your recommended email marketing service provider.

If your blog focuses on email marketing, in particular, you can put GetResponse on your recommended list. 

On the other hand, if you have a general blog about random topics or an entirely different niche, the GetResponse affiliate program may not be the best program to join. Yes, you can always put up a banner on the side of your website promoting GetResponse, and you may get conversions. 

However, if your audience is not made up of digital marketers, website owners, business owners, and bloggers, most of them will probably have no interest in an email marketing service.

How Will You Promote It?

Do you have a plan on how you will promote GetResponse to your audience? There are many ways to promote a product, but if your plan is just to start posting GetResponse affiliate links on your social media profiles in the hopes that someone will buy it, you are probably wasting your time. 

Instead, you would be better off developing a strategy for promoting your GetResponse link. This can be writing GetResponse reviews on your blog, blogging about email marketing tips and recommending GetResponse as your recommended program of choice, emailing your list, and recommending that they use GetResponse, or running ads on Facebook or Google Adwords.

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Why Join the GetResponse Affiliate Program

In this section, we will go over the various benefits you can get from joining the GetResponse affiliate program, and how you can use it to make money.

They Have an Easy to Use Dashboard

The GetResponse dashboard is pretty simple and easy to navigate. You will get a quick snapshot of your stats, including:

  • Link Visits
  • Free referrals (trials)
  • Paid referrals
  • Pending earnings

If you want more in-depth statistics, go to the statistics section, where you will see more in-depth information about new sales, who you referred, and how much you earned.

It Is Easy to Join

Many affiliate programs make it difficult to join. Some will first need to review your website and determine that you are getting enough monthly traffic to bring in consistent sales. Others will want to know how many people you have on your email list. 

However, GetResponse makes its affiliate program very easy to join. All you have to do is fill out a basic form (which includes your website URL but not how many visitors you are getting), and you will be able to get started as soon as you click on the confirmation email they send you. 

Here’s a good video that shows you how to set up your GetResponse affiliate account:

They Have Generous Commissions

GetResponse has a pretty generous commission structure. First of all, they allow you to choose between a flat $100 one-time commission per sale and a 33% commission on all sales, including recurring sales. This is not an option that you usually have with most affiliate programs. 

If you are looking to build up a passive income stream, you may opt for a 33% commission. This might be a better choice if you are confident that you can keep bringing in new referrals. 

Remember, 33% of $15 (which is the starting plan available at GetResponse) is only around $5. 

$5 is not a lot of money.

However, if you add 20 people a month, and half of them stick around and become lifelong customers, you will be earning $500/month from recurring payments in just 10 months. As time goes on, you can continue adding new referrals, including lifelong referrals, which will just cause your income stream to continue growing. 

Of course, not all referrals will stick around after the first month, and some might cancel after two or three months. However, there are also higher-priced plans that referrals might sign up for, depending on how many email subscribers they have. For example, the Professional plan costs $139/month for up to 5,000 subscribers. 

If you are not confident that you can continue adding a lot of referrals to the point that enough of them stick around as lifelong customers for you to get a nice sum of money each month, you can opt for the one-time commission of $100 per sale. A $100 here and there can really help you out, even if you make just two sales a month. 

Going back to the 33% commission structure, it sure beats Mailchimp’s rewards program, which only offers you Mailchimp credits for referring new members. In addition, even Aweber only has a 30% commission payout.

They Have a Good Cookie Expiration Timeline

Although 120 days is not the longest cookie expiration date out there, it is still pretty generous. Although the most generous affiliate programs give you lifetime cookies or cookies that last at least 180 or 360 days, 120 days is still pretty generous. After all, most affiliate programs have cookies that expire after 30 or 60 days. 

Take Amazon’s Associate program, for example. Their cookies last only 24 hours. 

In case you were wondering, cookies are little pieces of data that a website uses to track their visitors. If your affiliate cookies last for 120 days, GetResponse will credit a sale to you even if a referral clicks your link one day but only comes back and makes a purchase three months later. 

This is important, as not everyone will make a purchase right away, but if you were the one who introduced them to GetResponse, you should rightfully be credited.

They Have Helpful Tools

Fortunately, GetResponse gives you access to free tools and marketing materials you can use to promote GetResponse to your audience. This will make your life a bit easier, as you won’t have to hire designers to create ad banners yourself. 

We will go through the tools in just a minute, but it is important to note that if you want to get optimal results, you may be better off designing your own banners and writing your own sales pages and ad copy. Of course, GetResponse’s own banners are designed with optimal conversions in mind, as that is what they are looking for too.

However, only you know who your audience is and what your audience will respond to best. In addition, it pays to be unique. 


Let’s go through the banners first. GetResponse’s banners are available in five languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Russian 
  • Polish

They come in various sizes and shapes, and they give you both an HTML code and a Javascript code that you can copy and paste into a blog post, the header or footer of your side, or a sidebar widget. In WordPress, you can paste the HTML code into a new widget and add it to your sidebar. 

The banners come in various themes as well. For example, one theme is “tools to sell knowledge online,” while another theme is “GetResponse Pro.”

Email Ads

The email text ads can be copied and pasted into an email you send out to your newsletter. If you created a followup sequence that gets sent to new subscribers automatically, you could use these email templates in your followup sequence. The templates can be edited or used as they are, with just your signature and affiliate link customized. 

The email text ads approach GetResponse from a variety of angles. You can use different templates in different followup sequences to avoid being repetitive. For example, one template approaches GetResponse from a “landing page builder” perspective, while another focuses on the ability to run webinars using GetResponse. 

Again, for optimal results, you should design your own emails while using these emails for inspiration. You won’t have to worry about duplicate content in your emails, but you should at least edit them to customize them to your audience.

Text Ads

These are similar to the email ads but designed to be placed on your website. They also approach GetResponse from a variety of angles, and they come in different lengths. 
On your own website, you do have to be worried about duplicate content. Therefore, if you decide to copy and paste these text ads onto your website, you need to mark the page as “nofollow” so that the search engines don’t crawl it and penalize you for duplicate content. You can do that using a free WordPress plugin like Yoast.


Infographics are visual in nature, and they are not annoying like banner ads are. Instead, they are informative and present useful information in a fun and easy-to-understand way. As such, they are perfect ways to promote a product you are using.

The infographics that GetResponse gives you can be added to your site using a shortcode. They will automatically include your affiliate link, so when a visitor clicks on an infographic, they will be taken to GetResponse. 

The infographics explain the benefits of using email and how to use email for marketing purposes.


You can insert these videos into any blog post or page on your site, or even in the sidebar of your site, using the HTML shortcode. Videos are also engaging, and these videos will link to your affiliate link so you can get more referrals.


The signatures can be placed into your existing email newsletters or promotional posts. They consist of a few short sentences explaining what GetResponse is, what it does, and how it can benefit you.


Finally, if you do decide to design your own promotional banners, infographics, and other materials, you can download the GetResponse Logo Pack. The pack contains a number of logos you can use or give to your designer.

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Downsides of the GetResponse Affiliate Program

Although GetResponse’s affiliate program is generally good, there are some downsides you should be aware of. For example, if you join the Bounty Program ($100 flat commission per sale), you may be waiting up to two and a half months before you get paid for your referral. Referrals for the Bounty Program payout between 60-75 days after the referral. 

On the other hand, if you opt for the 33% commission, you will get paid much quicker, as these commissions are paid out every month in the month following the referral. 

Another downside is that there are not a whole lot of payout options available. For example, although you can get paid via your bank account or Paypal, you may prefer to get paid via Payoneer or Stripe. Not everyone uses Paypal, and not everyone wants to give out their bank information (though you can be sure that GetResponse will keep it safe).

Another option is joining the program via Commission Junction instead of the GetResponse website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Started? 

You can go to the Affiliate Programs page and choose the commission structure you like best ($100 per sale or 33% for first-time + recurring sales). Then, just fill out a basic form, get your affiliate link from the dashboard, and start promoting it.

Do I Need to Be a GetResponse Customer?

No. Fortunately, you do not have to sign up to be a GetResponse customer in order to promote them. However, if you want to promote GetResponse through email marketing methods, GetResponse is a pretty good email marketing service provider you can use.

When Do I Get Paid?

You will get paid around the 20th of each month. If you joined the Bounty Program, payments would be from referrals you made 60-75 days prior. If you are getting 33% commissions, payments will be made from referrals from the previous month.

Is There a Limit on How Much I Can Earn?

No. Fortunately, there is no limit on how much you can earn. The more people you refer to GetResponse, the more money you will make as an affiliate; there is no cap.

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GetResponse is a great affiliate program that anyone can join.

You can start making money by using their promotional materials, but it is recommended that you already have an audience to promote to.

You can choose to get 33% on all sales (including recurring sales) if you want to build passive income, or you can get a $100 flat one-time commission on all sales, which will take a little longer to payout.


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