The #1 Expert Secrets Book Review And How To Get It For Free!

This book is the map that will allow you to turn your specialized knowledge, talents, and abilities into a business that will work for you.

Not you working for it.

This expert secrets book review will cover everything that I’ve learned from this great read.

For those of you who aren’t aware.

This book is the second installment of the series by Russell Brunson.

One of the most popular internet marketers at this time.

And someone who has popularized the concept of “Sales Funnels

He was directly mentored by Dan Kennedy, who actually wrote the foreword of his first book: DOTCOM SECRETS

And overtime has grown a $100+ Million Dollar a month company called Clickfunnels.

Expert Secrets Book Review | What’s Inside?

We live in a time where people are making a killing off of being influential on the internet.

Got social media icons who are forming trends and shifting markets with single posts..

In a nutshell, that is kind of what Expert Secrets is all about..

Not so much about how to become the next Kim K.

But more of, how to find your own voice… And better yet..

How to identify with your Perfect customers, no matter the industry..

Section 1: Creating Your Mass Movement

The first section of the book is all about creating your online persona.

Identifying what market you’re in and how you’ll be able to closely relate to your ideal customers.

Every great mass movement has a leader. 

And to become a leader you must become an expert or at least maintain the image of one.

This first section really gets you to believe in your own abilities and answer the question:

“Who Do I Really Want To Serve?”

Whether you have a vast amount of knowledge in your industry.

Or little, there is still someone out there that could benefit from what you know!

You just need to find them.

Then the book goes into the concept of breaking your business down.

From the 3 core markets of Health, Wealth, or Relationship into a submarket.

Then into A niche, so you can get a more accurate idea of “who”

This is important because the closer you are able to identify with your perfect customer.

The more receptive they’ll be towards you.

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Section 2: Creating Belief

The first section of the book was all about who you must be.

And what you must create to start building a mass movement.

The second section shifts focus on how you’re going to create certain beliefs in the minds of your followers.

The beliefs that you create are going to leave them more receptive to what it is you’re offering.

This section is all about the methodology of persuading your followers to believe in what you are doing.

This is achieved by mastering the art of storytelling.

And by highlighting your own struggles and journey so others like you are able to identify with your story.

With the overall goal of causing them to invest some type of emotion into your story.

“How To Build Something That Resonates With Them”

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Section 3: Your Moral Obligation

Section one was all about how you’re going to create your own mass movement.

Next, you’ve learned how to build up your follower’s beliefs so you can introduce them to opportunities that will change their lives..

The 3rd section is all about sales.. 

“If you truly believe in the product you’re selling, then you have a moral obligation to serve your customers in every way possible.”

And not just another sales book where you’re going to go over countless lessons of how to push more.

Or a method that would be forcing you to always chase the “close”.

This book focuses more on how you can create such an irresistible offer.

That your potential customers will literally be begging to buy your products.

This section of the book goes over all tried and true methods that have been implemented in different businesses across the globe.

Really teaching you the process of creating high converting sales funnels and irresistible offers.

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Section 4: The Funnels

In the first section, you’ve begun to start creating your mass movement by identifying your attractive character, creating your future based cause, and creating a new opportunity.

In section 2, you learned how to create beliefs within your followers by telling powerful stories that resonate with them.

You’ve then learned how to build out sales presentations to tell your story in a way that it’ll create an intense desire for people to buy into your opportunity.

In the last section, the book talked all about how you can create a bonus stack / irresistible offer to entice customers to take action.

This section of the book is about getting the right people into your sales environment. 

Getting The Traffic

Now if you’ve read any other Expert Secrets Book Review, this section of the book was most likely mentioned.

This section of the book talks about the process of online sales funnels and why they work so well. 

However, to some, Russell comes across in the book that his software: Clickfunnels is the only solution to do this.

Being someone who has used their software for a long time, I am more than happy with everything about their company and would highly recommend it to anyone.

Whether you have an online business or are trying to move portions of an existing one online.. Clickfunnels or any landing page software can be a game-changer.

If you decide to go with their software or not..

The methods that Russell teaches in this section of the book can still be applied.

The section then covers different methods depending on what type of product you’re selling.

With real-time examples of the sales funnels, he’s used in his business, as well as other companies he’s helped.

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Section 5: What’s Next?

The final section of the book basically recaps everything that was covered throughout.

Then it goes into talking about how you need to “Fill Your Funnel”

And by fill, I don’t mean with information.

But with customers.

Instead of going out and trying to create traffic sources.

Find where relevant people are already congregating, so that you can have a constant stream coming through your sales process.

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Expert Secrets Book Review | How To Get It For Free. 

This book is packed from start to finish with valuable information.

If you’re in the process of learning sales funnels, digital marketing, or how to make money online then I would highly suggest you grab a copy of this book.

Not just because of the amount of value that this book has.

But because you can get this book for less than a cup of coffee.

Now if you went to Amazon or any other retailer this book would cost you around $20.00

But Russell, being the marketing genius that he is…

Will give this book away to everyone and everyone for FREE, just cover the cost of shipping.

Which at the time is under $10 anywhere in the United States.

Grab Your Free Copy Of Expert Secrets Here! 

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