Envato Affiliate Program Review: Is It Worth It?

If you have used WordPress for some time, you have likely interacted with the Envato network.

Envato is not just a single site but a complete network of multiple branded sites that can all be found under the umbrella of Envato, and the site offers not just a platform for various branded sites, but it also has its own affiliate program.

Now, the question arises whether the affiliate program is worth it.

The Envato affiliate program is worth joining. The program pays you a 30% commission every time a buyer referred by you makes their first purchase. The affiliate program also equips you with banners and other useful tools to help your campaign succeed.

envato affiliate review

In this article, we will do a deep dive and try to understand the following:

  • How to register as an affiliate
  • What the affiliate program entails
  • How the program works
  • A few tips for making money through Envato

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What Is Envato?

Envato is a platform that houses 3D files, templates, codes, and themes, among many other tools. It basically functions as a single marketplace but is comprised of many such marketplaces:

  • GraphicRiver
  • 3D Ocean
  • Audio Jungle
  • Theme Forest
  • CodeCanyon
  • PhotoDune
  • Video Hive

Just the themes and templates section has over 43,000 different options to choose from. There are graphic assets that are up for sale from Woocommerce templates and WordPress themes that cost as little as $2.

In addition to this, Envato also offers tutorials in web design and other skills for no extra charge. Tutorials on how to efficiently use WordPress are also provided for free.

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How Do Affiliate Programs Work in General?

In order to understand how the Envato affiliate program works, a basic understanding of how affiliate marketing programs work in general is necessary. At a very rudimentary level, affiliate marketing is a structure where the marketer gets a predetermined amount or percentage of the sale they help you with by promoting your products and services.

As an affiliate, you will have to look for channels through which you can do some effective marketing and maximize the sales for the products and services you have chosen to market.

Both parties’ common goal is to make as many sales as possible, which makes it a very symbiotic relationship between the product owner and the affiliate through their shared common goals.

The more traffic the affiliate is able to drive to the product site, the more likelihood there is of a sale happening, and the greater the amount of sale, the more the profit earned by the product/service provider and the larger the commission earned by the affiliate. It is a win-win strategy for all involved.

Envato Affiliate Program: The Origin

Envato was founded in Australia more than a decade ago in 2006. It was the brainchild of Collis Ta’eed, Cyan Ta’eed, and Jun Rung.

The platform has grown since then, and over time, the Envato affiliate program has also been added.

As of today, Envato has close to 10 million assets in their digital marketplace.

This is a great time to be associated with Envato as a greater number of products will give a greater option to carry out marketing campaigns for those products and increase the probability of sales.

Any potential digital customer of these tools will definitely find something or the other use for their projects.  

What Is the Envato Affiliate Program?

In case you have been an avid user of the WordPress tool, you might already have come across the Envato network.

The Envato network is a cluster of branded websites that includes products for blogging experience and web development. The aim of these products is to enhance the experience for the end-user.

The Envato affiliate program is an easy-to-sign-up program that allows you to become an affiliate almost immediately on signing up. All you will need to do is create your affiliate link on their site and then use that link to promote Envato Market using any social media channels as you deem fit.

Basically, the idea behind this is to drive as much traffic as possible to the Envato marketplace, where the visitor ends up purchasing from the Envato marketplace. With each such successful purchase, you, as an affiliate, will be entitled to get a certain predefined commission amount.

Envato affiliate program is not just easy to use, it is also pretty profitable at the end of the day as the program pays out 30% in commission for every first purchase by a customer you brought to their site.

It is also very easy to use with just the one affiliate ID that you will need to link with the products that you are promoting on your website.

It is important to include this affiliate ID to help track any sales that happen to you and make the payouts more hassle-free.

Getting the affiliate ID is simple. All you will need to do is register in their affiliate network, and you will be provided with an affiliate ID soon after that.

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Envato Marketplace: From a Customer’s Perspective

If you are selling the Envato suite of products, it is also important to look at the marketplace from a customer’s perspective.

This will give you an idea of what will be most alluring to the end customer and how you can maximize these advantages to make the sales happen.

The customer will find Envato as an amazing source of tools that they may need for their web projects. These web tools will prove to come in handy for them no matter what the nature of their project is.

The resources are designed so that they can be morphed to any purpose of their liking and enhance the user experience in the process.

Here is a list and brief description of some of the resources that are available to your customers through the Envato network:

3D Ocean

This resource is useful for building 3D models. It will also help you create 3D textures and plugins, basically, everything that you may need to work with for your 3D projects, whatever the project may be. 

They also provide materials and shaders, CG Textures, animation data and render set-ups as well. With these toolkits in any content creator’s arsenal, they are bound to create content that is more immersive and superior in quality.


As the name suggests, this toolset has graphic design components such as flyers, illustrations, and logos. You can also use this tool to build your resume, icons, and business logos. You can build any kind of graphic that you wish using this tool—the options are endless.


This is a site that is piled high with stock photo images. You can buy your access rights to use these images that are all royalty-free.

The “dune” in the name, PhotoDune, is perhaps to indicate the large pile of stock photos that you can choose from.

It has a variety of licenses under which it gives out its products. There are separate licenses for photos, videos, and music. There is even a separate license for sound effects.


If you are into web development, then CodeCanyon is something that will spark your interest immediately.

It has scripts and code snippets that allow you to create different web functions and add interesting features to your page.

Not only this, you can customize any plugins you may be using on your site. The tool kit is equipped with code for different architectures, from PHP to HTML5 to Javascript. There are codes for mobile devices as well.

Audio Jungle

This is a library of different kinds of audio files. There are tracks included for any content and occasion, from vlogs to games to podcasts.

The tool kit also has sound effects that can be used across all kinds of content to achieve the desired effect.

In today’s world, where content is king, it is wise to create content that has the edge over others, and there is nothing like a good sound effect to achieve this.


ThemeForest is perhaps the most famous one in Envato’s marketplace. It is a huge database of themes, templates, and designs that can be used on different platforms, including WordPress.

It can also be used across Joomla, Magento, and Drupal. If you would like, the Theme Forest designs can be used for stand-alone HTML pages as well.


There is a collection of stock footage, video effects, and video intro snippets that can be used for video content production.

If your customers are looking to enhance their video quality by driving up the content’s quality by a few notches, then VideoHive offers them the best set of tools possible to achieve this.

Active Den

Here you will find numerous templates for Flash projects. It is also a repository that houses lots of images and animations along with templates for video and music players.

It is the building block on which the creative ecosystem at Envato is built. The trailblazing success of ActiveDen led to the creation of newer products and marketplaces that specialized in similar fields. 


This is a hub of tutorials that explains how to use various software and apps to build new things. In the course of the tutorial, it also involves other Envato resources available in the marketplace.

Tuts+ is not a part of the Envato marketplace in the strictest sense, but it can be looked at as a network that further connects the user to other resources available in the marketplace.

Envato Studio

There are services being provided in the Envato Studio in relation to the digital products that you get to see in the Envato marketplace. Essentially, this sells services to the end customers.

Some of the services included in the Envato Studio are WordPress coding, logo design, and other graphic design services, along with app development services.

If one were to analyze, two of the most popular tools are CodeCanyon and Theme Forest in the sphere of web development, though the others are also being used fairly frequently as well.

The Envato affiliate program ties all of these sites together and creates a unified program. As an affiliate, you can refer people to these sites using the Envato affiliate program and earn a commission from any purchase they make on these sites.

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How Does the Envato Affiliate Program Work?

If you were to publish affiliate links daily and on a number of sites, it can be a very taxing job and cost you a lot of your time. With the Envato affiliate program, there is a way to make this job easier for you. Envato provides you tools that you can use to get a bulk of the job done for you.

If you use WordPress, then these affiliate links can remain static on the web page, and you do not have to plug it in with every new post. WordPress is often only seen as a content management system, but it is so much more, especially with regards to being a tool for generating income. 

Today, many bloggers and web developers choose to freelance using WordPress and make a living by selling products and services on this platform.

However, if you are not that keen on web development, there are other ways to use the Envato affiliate program to generate income. You can use the WordPress tool for product promotion under the Envato affiliate program and earn a commission on the sales you make.

The Role of Envato Plugins to Help Generate Income

There are many plugins available on WordPress that can be used as a tool to increase sales from your website. One such plugin is called the Hand of Midas – Envato Affiliate Money Generator Plugin for WordPress. This plugin is named after King Midas, who, as legend has it, turned everything that he touched to gold. This plugin has been developed with the same ambition of turning the traffic in your website into cash.

Apart from this one plugin, there are many others that are available for your use, and being feature-rich, these plugins can be customized to your liking. You can use these plugins to post for you at a frequency that you prefer—once every few days or even once a day, or as often as you like. The posts can be tailored to contain content from Envato Market.

You can either choose the content you would like to display or use the plugins to display information of new or most popular products from the Envato marketplace. The plugins will, by default, carry your affiliate ID once you have set it up properly. This will basically allow you to earn money by investing the one time in setting up the plugin.

Each plugin comes with a ton of features that you can experiment with to derive the maximum benefit out of them. They will not only help you with adding affiliate links but will also give you a back-end interface that will help you track, edit, and customize the plugin.

You can even add keywords to the post so that your posts are more easily searchable. It will also help with search engine optimization and get you listed when a specific keyword search is performed.   

How Can You Efficiently Use the Affiliate Link?

In order to use the affiliate ID, you will first need to register for their affiliate network. Once you do that, an affiliate ID will be generated and shared with you. This affiliate ID is unique and created solely for your use and to help track the sales you make by driving traffic to the sales site using this affiliate ID.

Once you start creating marketing campaigns using this affiliate ID, you can start earning with the purchases made through the referral links from your site.

Envato also helps you achieve maximum sales by providing you with high performing marketing tools such as banners, etc. to help persuade the traffic you generate to be more inclined to make a purchase by using the referral link provided there.

In this video, you can see in further detail how you can generate income using the Envato Affiliate Program:

How Will You Be Paid for Using the Envato Affiliate Program?

Each time a new user clicks on the referral link you have provided and signs up for an account or purchases any item from the Envato marketplace, you, as an affiliate, will receive a 30% commission of that amount deposited or the purchase price of the product. You will also receive a 30% commission each time a new user deposits some money in the account.

If the new user buys a product worth $100 or deposits $100, you will be entitled to $30 as your commission. Similarly, if the purchase or deposit is of a higher amount of, say, $1000, then your commission also goes up higher to $300, making it a very generous commission percentage.

Envato Affiliate Program: Payout Threshold

Envato has one of the lowest payout thresholds online at just $50. This means that you can claim a payout when you have accumulated $50 in commission payments, and Envato will credit the sum to your account.

Giving some of the other payout thresholds in the market today, the threshold that Envato maintains is relatively lower, which is great for the affiliates. A higher payout threshold would mean that a much larger amount would be required to be accumulated before a payout claim could be initiated.

Add to this the high commission rates, as discussed in the previous segment. It makes it all the easier for the affiliate to earn the minimum commission amount to initiate a payout claim.

Key Advantages of Using the Envato Affiliate Program

The article mentions quite a few advantages of the Envato affiliate program, but for your quick reference, here is a quick summary of some of this affiliate program’s key features that make it stand out from the rest:

Envato Affiliate Program Pays Generous Commissions

This affiliate program pays a 30% commission for the first purchase made by a new user. This is a huge chunk and is not commonly seen in many other affiliate programs. The amount of work that needs to be done to earn this high percentage of commission is also minimal, or at the most, will require the same effort as any other campaign.

It Is Easy to Get Started With the Affiliate Program

The program requires you to register online as an affiliate, and it will provide you with an affiliate link soon after that, which you can then use on any site of your choice to drive traffic to the product purchase site.

It cannot get easier than this, where all you are required to do is paste the affiliate link on different sites to help generate traffic and subsequent sales.

The Instructions Are Easy to Understand

Being an affiliate, you may need some guidance in the initial few days to understand how the affiliate program works at Envato.

Envato has a clear and concise set of instructions for this purpose that are easy to follow and will help you find your footing in the first few days until you fully integrate into the system.

The Payout Threshold Is Low

As discussed in the previous segment, the Envato affiliate program’s payout threshold is relatively low at $50.

This makes it very easy for the affiliate to transfer their hard-earned commission to their bank account and prevents the unnecessary buildup of pressure to achieve a very high commission every time.

Envato Has a Vast Selection of Products

Envato is a marketplace where your target audience will find everything under the sun when it comes to graphic design and web development.

The fact that it is not a single marketplace but is home to several other marketplaces that provide a host of different products makes it a great place for your target audience and potential customers to browse.

It is very likely to turn these potential customers into a return customer as well.

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Using the Envato Affiliate Program: A Few Caveats

The Envato affiliate program comes with many advantages, but there are a few caveats too that you need to be fully aware of before you become an affiliate.

This is to ensure that you are making a fully informed choice and aware of your choices’ repercussions.

Envato Affiliate Program Is Cookie-Based

The entire program is designed in such a way that it is completely cookie-based. In case a customer has visited the Envato site earlier, then there is an unmarked cookie in the web history linked to this particular customer.

If the customer uses your referral link to visit the site at a later point, then your cookie will not override the earlier unmarked one.

Clearing/Disabling Cookies Will Impact Your Referral Points

In case the end customer at any point of time clears the cookies from his or her system or disable cookies from their computers, then, again, your referral will no longer be counted, and as a consequence, you will not get paid.

Referral Cookies Are Valid for 90 Days

If a potential customer uses your referral link to visit the Envato site and does not purchase anything for the first 80 days but buys something before the 90 days are over, then the cookies will enable Envato to track that sale to your referral link and help you get paid a commission. 

However, if the customer visits the site through your referral link and then clears cookies, you may lose out of your commission.

The Affiliate Who Has Put a Cookie in First Has Priority

If a customer visits both your and another Envato affiliate’s web page directing them to the Envato site, the one whose cookie gets registered first with that customer is the one who will be entitled to a commission if the customer purchases something from Envato.

Restriction of Use of Branded Keywords on Ads

There is a restriction on the purchase of Envato branded keywords on ads; you cannot purchase those, especially AdWords and misspellings. Envato guards their own advertising.

They prefer not to allow anything that would lead to misrepresentation or may even encroach on all the efforts they put in their advertising campaign.

Referral Link to Theme Previews Are Not Allowed

Another restriction is that you cannot add referral links to Envato’s theme previews. This is essential because these theme previews are mostly hosted on other domains, and it might end up causing a bit of ambiguity. 

This also means that you will have to drive your traffic to the product page rather than a third-party domain. Once they come to the product page, they can see information about the theme and choose to preview it on the third-party domain.   

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The Envato affiliate program is perhaps one of the easiest affiliate programs to join. You can sign up for a free account and become an Envato market affiliate immediately.

After that, it is up to you to create as many affiliate links as you can and promote Envato Market as you deem fit.


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