The 3 Best Things About Using Email Marketing For Affiliate Marketers

“Email marketing for affiliate marketers” One of the most vital tools that you can add to your belt as an affiliate.

Yet it tends to be one of the steps that get overlooked.

Or placed lower on the totem pole.. As if it’s a low priority.

Even though across the board and throughout every industry.

Email marketing is the one thing that all of the successful companies are doing.

But for some reason, a lot of people who start getting into affiliate marketing get the notion that it’s not applicable..

That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The 3 Best Things About Using Email Marketing For Affiliate Marketers

email marketing for affiliate marketers

#1 – The Bridge Page

Now, this method isn’t an actual part of your email marketing campaigns.

However, becoming familiar with this method and using it for EVERYTHING you promote will help you grow your business like never before.

Using this in unison with your affiliate promotions will give you the ability to capture an email address at the same time.

Building your email list and giving you the ability to follow up and promote even more products to that same person.

So what is a bridge page?

A bridge page is just an industry term for a landing page or a sales funnel.

Also known as a website.

email marketing for affiliate marketers

Using a bridge page is a requirement if you’re using any type of paid traffic to your affiliate offers.

Instead of directing someone straight to your affiliate link.

You’d send them to your bridge page.

Where you’d be able to collect their information or add a bonus stack.

Building An Email List

The first benefit of using a bridge page would be the fact that you can build your own email list.

Building an email list and collecting contact information in unison with promoting offers is vital if you plan on implementing any type of email marketing campaigns..

Without having your own email list, you’re not even going to be able to start email marketing.

So this reason alone should be enough to start using a bridge page..

But I’ve thrown in a couple more key reasons why..

The Bonus Stack

A bonus stack is where you add extras to your affiliate offer.

Making it even more convincing/enticing for someone to purchase through you instead of another affiliate.

Sometimes if done correctly.

You can add a bonus stack so well that purchasing through you the customer would get even more value than if they purchased directly from the vendor.

For Example:

Say I’m promoting a software company like Clickfunnels.

Which is a landing page building software / online sales funnels.

Instead of just directing people to their home page and prompting people to sign up.

I would highlight the benefits of using their software company.

Then offer to help set up everything for them or teach them how to use it.

Making their transition into using the software easier and also providing them with even more value than they would have gotten if they purchased directly through Clickfunnels homepage.

The easier that I can make it for someone to use a product that I’m promoting.

The longer they are likely to use it, which means the longer I’m going to receive a commission.

Keep in mind that adding a bonus stack doesn’t have to be something physical.

It can be something that adds perceived value!

Cheats sheets, Email Templates & PDF are great ways to add bonus stacks and can be found done for you online! 

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Paid Advertising

If you’re planning on doing any type of paid advertising to promote your affiliate products.


It is actually against the terms of service to run paid advertisements directly to an affiliate link.

Whether you’re using Google, Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube Ads.

Doing so without having a bridge page will result in your ad account being banned!

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#2 – Brand Recognition

The majority of businesses revenue comes from repeat customers.

Affiliate marketing isn’t any different.

Strategically implementing email marketing for affiliate marketers will give you the ability to build a loyal customer base..

email marketing for affiliate marketers

Building A Loyal Customer Base

If someone believes in you they will believe in any product that you recommend to them.

Think of bigger brands.

Sometimes they might have a lower quality product than their competitor.

Yet customers will go out of their way to purchase from them because it’s from “their” brand.

Email marketing for affiliate marketers will allow you to stay in contact with customers.

Give you the ability to build a loyal fan base.

Providing Value

Now, most of the time when you’re thinking about starting an online business.

The first priority tends to be on the amount of money that they can make.

While, yes you do need to generate some type of revenue and make a profit because otherwise, it wouldn’t be worth your time..

However, this shouldn’t be your top priority.

Instead, your main focus should be providing value to your potential referrals or customers.

If people feel good about purchasing, specifically through you.

They will seek out any other offers that you have.

As well as recommend you to any of their friends who’re looking to get a similar type of product or service.

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#3 Profitability

Who doesn’t want to make more money?

Or increase their profit margins..

Using email marketing for affiliate marketers will do just that.

Say you were directing people to an offer without capturing an email.

They either purchase or they don’t.

The problem with not using a bridge page or collecting their contact information.

After they land on the sales page of the product you’re promoting.

It ends for you, you don’t have any way to follow up or warm them up to purchasing if they didn’t in the first place.

email marketing for affiliate marketers

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High Ticket

If you’re planning on promoting high ticket products.

Then using email marketing as an affiliate is pretty much required.

As I’ve talked about in my other blog posts.

If you’re planning on starting an online business.

specifically in the affiliate marketing area.

I would only ever recommend promoting products that offer a monthly recurring commission or high ticket.  

A high ticket product would be something that would cost $500 or more with 20% or more commission.

One of the main reasons that I always tell new affiliates to either do recurring or high ticket.

It is because it actually takes the same amount of effort to sell a product that costs 100X more.

But unlike doing low ticket products, you’re not having to make hundreds of sales a month to make a substantial amount of money.

As you could imagine though, it is very unlikely that someone is going to purchase an expensive product from someone that they don’t know.

And the difficulty only increases as the cost of the product that you’re promoting does.

Collecting their contact information really gives you the ability to warm them up and build a relationship with them.

Which will help them become more inclined to purchasing something from you.

Increased ROI

Implementing email marketing as an affiliate marketer will give you the ability to increase your return on investment.

This applies whether you’ve paid for your leads or you’ve gotten them from organic traffic methods, like a blog.

Like I’ve mentioned before, even in this blog post.

If someone believes in you, they’ll believe in whatever it is you’re recommending to them.

Getting your potential customers into an email list or an automated workflow.

It will give you the ability to really personalize your email marketing campaigns.

Which results in you monetizing on each person more than once.

I can consistently make $.50-1.00 Per Person that I have on my email list every month. 

This is specifically in the make money online industry..

But keep in mind that this isn’t including the initial amount of profit that I made from getting them onto my email list.

Now I know that it might not seem like a substantial amount of money.

But it is just extra revenue on top, and it can really start to compound and add up as your list grows.

Say you have a highly engaged email list of 1,000 people.

That would be an extra $500-1,000 per month that you wouldn’t have had if you directed to an affiliate offer.

Having an email list also opens up other avenues.

Once you have a lot of leads coming in and you’re list is of a substantial amount.

You can actually sell emails, which is referred to as Solo ads.

Which is basically where you can send out an email to your list directed to someone else’s website and they’ll pay you per email sent.

Places like Udimi are dedicated platforms to selling or buying solo advertising.

Which is a great way to make some extra money online.

Or utilize their platform to grow your own email list!

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