eHarmony Affiliate Program Review

If there’s anything timeless in this world, it’s love. Everyone craves it and believes in it, so it’s not a surprise that industries with love as their theme continue to thrive. If you’re thinking about jumping on love’s bandwagon as a dating website affiliate, you can check eHarmony’s affiliate program.

eHarmony ranks among the highest commission-paying affiliate dating websites. At present, it offers a 30% commission for every referred person that signs up to their account plans. You’ll also gain $10 when your referral orders and completes eHarmony’s relationship questionnaire.

This article will review eHarmony’s affiliate program in terms of what it is and what it offers. It will also weigh in the pros and cons of being an eHarmony affiliate and provide you with some tips on marketing dating sites.

What Is eHarmony?

eHarmony offers a scientific outlook to the way it matches its single users within the site. It uses a model derived from successful relationships to analyze people’s compatibilities before matching them. Having been around since 2000, it’s also a highly trusted and authoritative dating site.

eHarmony Affiliate Program Review

Advantages of Becoming an Affiliate of eHarmony

You’ll get these benefits if you chose to affiliate with eHarmony:

  • You’ll receive a 30% commission from every referred subscription purchase. Typical affiliate commission usually falls on 5% to 30%, so you’ll notice that eHarmony leans on the high commission category. If you’re good at marketing, you can easily earn a lot while helping people find love.
  • Your referral cookies last for 45 days. This gives you a month and a half, which is a pretty decent number when compared against other dating affiliate programs. Of course, it means that even when your referred user exits eHarmony and forgets about it for a week or two yet eventually comes back to sign up, you’ll earn the commission for that client.
  • You’ll obtain updated advertising materials and special offers from eHarmony. eHarmony treats its affiliates as partners, so it ensures you possess regularly updated materials that can help you market its website. It features the mindset that succeeding together is crucial within businesses.
  • You’ll possess a broad audience, who likely already heard about eHarmony at one point or another. Since eHarmony holds a high level of trust and authority within its industry, convincing people about its legitimacy shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Besides this, eHarmony regularly runs television advertisements as well. Because eHarmony is a big dating site, your audience should fall into a broad category.

Disadvantages of Affiliating With eHarmony

You may find these as discouraging disadvantages if you affiliate with eHarmony:

  • You’ll need to sign up through eHarmony’s affiliate partner. For the general eHarmony site, you’ll need to sign up on CJ Affiliate. Meanwhile, Awin Affiliate is your go-to site to start affiliating with eHarmony if you’re in the UK.
  • You can’t immediately claim your affiliate earnings from CJ or Awin. Both CJ and Awin have laid-out terms regarding commission earnings withdrawal. You can check them out on CJ’s and Awin’s respective websites.
  • Dating industry affiliate marketing tends to attract a huge crowd. If you don’t like competing with plenty of other affiliates, you may find this as a deal-breaker. 

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eHarmony Affiliation Process

As mentioned earlier, you will need to sign up for a CJ or Awin membership to affiliate yourself with eHarmony. Both sites are reputable and ensure that their member publishers and advertisers are trustworthy as well.

On both sites, you’ll need to provide your promotional properties and company details. CJ and Awin will need to check if you can join as a publisher first before you can apply to eHarmony’s affiliate program.

Potential Earnings From eHarmony as an Affiliate

At present, eHarmony’s affiliate program offers a 30% commission for referring a customer to purchase a membership subscription. You’ll also obtain $10 once your referred client finished eHarmony’s compatibility quiz.

Taking eHarmony’s current prices into account, you could potentially earn:

  • $17.99 when someone purchases a 1-month plan at $59.95
  • $35.95 when someone purchases a 1-month plan at $119.85
  • $53.91 when someone purchases a 1-month plan at $179.70
  • $71.82 when someone purchases a 1-month plan at $239.40

eHarmony Affiliation Policies

The policies you’ll need to read over depends on whether you signed up on CJ or Awin. However, in general, eHarmony possesses some protected SEM bidding keywords, a protected SEM display URL content, and special instructions for search marketing publishers. 

It’s important to note that infringing on eHarmony’s terms can result in the forfeiture of your earned commissions and eventually termination from the affiliate program itself. Likewise, on both CJ and Awin, inactivity within them can subject you to penalties, so be sure to read the site’s policies, too.

Should You Join eHarmony’s Affiliate Program?

eHarmony offers quite an attractive affiliate program with its high commission scheme. You’ll also have access to an updated supply of advertising materials and promotions, and you’re guaranteed a 45-day cookie tracking.

However, if you’re against affiliating with a saturated market, you may find this discouraging. You may also dislike how you need to sign up to another website to partner with eHarmony. Yet, again, remember that the choice depends on your preferences and plans.

If you specialize in the dating niche, there’s no problem with advertising eHarmony as an affiliate. You’ll most likely find it enjoyable to market love, so why not make money out of it? On the other hand, you may find it challenging to market eHarmony if you don’t have plans in place or an interest in its industry.

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Marketing Dating Sites

If you’re thinking of affiliating with eHarmony, it’s best to know how to market dating affiliate programs. It’s always wise to start with a marketing plan that consists of a mixture of these:

  • User testimonial utilization: Nothing is more powerful than a testimonial from a legitimate user that potential customers can relate to. If you place user testimonials on your landing pages or blog posts, you’re increasing your conversion chances. Imagine being lonely and then reading about how someone found love through eHarmony—you’ll likely wish to sign up as a member and take their questionnaire.
  • Blog posts and others: Blog posts are crucial to affiliate marketers. Besides helping them reach, relate to, and convince their target audience, blog posts help your site rank on Google, as well. In turn, this allows potential clients to find you. Hence, it increases your chances of having people sign up through your link.
  • Social media outreach: Most of the world’s population possesses a social media account. Besides that, social media still ranks first as a way to find potential partners. Take advantage of your target audience’s social media usage and start promoting your affiliate dating program there.
  • Campaign creation: If you want to go all out, you can create and run campaigns to promote your affiliate. This ensures you’re seen and heard by your target audience. It also significantly increases your click-through rates, resulting in better conversions than simply posting on social media accounts.

Final Thoughts

You know that love is timeless and something plenty of people desire, so you’re thinking of marketing it by becoming an eHarmony affiliate. eHarmony boasts pretty good benefits to its affiliates, which it even sees as its partners.

eHarmony offers a 30% commission for subscriptions bought by the referred customers and $10 for every completed compatibility test. It also supplies its affiliates with up-to-date advertising and promotional materials, so you can guarantee it won’t leave you behind.


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