Dotcom Secrets Book Review & How To Get It For FREE

Not just another “how-to” book on digital marketing..

Dotcom Secrets Book Review, The UnderGround PlayBook To Growing Your Company Online..

Whatever industry you’re in if you haven’t begun moving portions of your sales online you’re, leaving money on the table.

There is an art to selling products/services online and if it’s something you’ve never done there is a huge learning curve..

Even though the sales process and the concept of sales funnels is nothing new.. People have the tendency to have a difficult time visualizing or being able to implement those same strategies online.. Which is what DOTCOM SECRETS is all about..

Dotcom Secrets Book Review | What’s Inside The Book

Russell Brunson the owner of Clickfunnels has put out some amazing books over the last few years Dotcom Secrets was his first released in 2015. It is a fairly short read, at 254 pages packed with valuable information from the first to the last. With all sorts of fun drawings and images that help you visualize some of the concepts that are being discussed within the book!

Foreword / Introduction

The beginning of the book talks about Russell Brunson’s upbringing and how his interest in sales started at a very young age. He also touches on the ability to sell anything online because an issue people tend to have is falling into the “will it work for me though?” trap…

Where he talks about his first entrepreneurial venture online which was selling stuff related to potato guns while he was in college..

Dotcom Secrets Book Review

He also goes on to talk about how to relate the old media to the new and debunk the conception that sales funnels are a new strategy being implemented in businesses across the globe.

Section One: Value Ladders And Sales Funnels

To start off the book the begin to teach the concept of how you’re are going to be able to identify and appeal to your dream customer.

Upon getting your dream client into your ecosystem you’ll take them through your value ladder. Whereas they continue to ascend through the stages the perceived value goes up but so does the price.

Dotcom Secrets Book Review

Ideally, you would like to sell people your best, most expensive product. But it’s unlikely someone would buy it from you if they didn’t know who you were yet.

With a value ladder, you can offer something to people at a lower price point or even something free, To get them into your sales process and you can begin building a relationship with them.

Then once you demonstrate the value you can actually provide, you’ll get a certain percentage of buyers climbing up your ladder to purchase your more expensive services or products that you’re promoting..

If someone believes in you, they will believe in what you’re selling.

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Section Two: Your Communication / Follow-Up Funnel

The next section of the book is all about creating your own online persona that is going to give you the ability to identify with your ideal customers and help you build an audience.

Dotcom Secrets Book Review

The more you are able to identify with your ideal customers the easier building a following will become. You’ll be able to understand what they are going to be receptive to and ultimately build a loyal fan base. Which will result in people purchasing whatever they can from you for the simple fact that it’s from you.

There are 4 elements you’ll need to become the “Attractive Character” 

  • Have A Backstory 
  • Speak In Parables 
  • Being Able To Share Your Own Flaws And Mistakes 
  • Have The Ability To Be A polarizing Figure
Section Three: Funnelology Leading Your Customers To The Sale (Over And Over Again)

The third section of Dotcom Secrets goes over the processes behind your sales funnels and the strategies to not only get people into your sales process but keep them there once they’ve gone into your sales funnel.

Dotcom Secrets Book Review

This section of the book teaches you about how to maximize your up-sells and down-sells throughout your sales funnels which results in the ability to make more profit off of each person. Allowing you to scale and grow your company even faster. 

Section Four: Funnels And Scripts

Part 4 of the book is where Russell goes into detail about all of his top sales funnels.

We learn psychology he uses behind each funnel and how they work. Then, most helpful of all, he provides you will fill in the blank templates so you can implement the same strategies within your own business!

He also goes over the specific rules he uses for structuring the perfect One Time Offer (OTO) Or Time-sensitive offers, enticing people to purchase from you even more than before.

Dotcom Secrets Book Review

The seven funnels he goes into are the:

  1. Two-Step – Free plus shipping Funnel.
  2. Self Liquidating Offer Funnel
  3. Continuity Funnel
  4. The Perfect Webinar Funnel
  5. Invisible Funnel Webinar
  6. Product Launch Funnel
  7. High Ticket, Three Step application Funnel

What I like about all of these examples are based on real experience and implementation from Russell. Whether it’s for his own company Clickfunnels or companies he works with.

Section 5: Clickfunnels 

The last section of DotCom Secrets is basically a short advertisement for ClickFunnels. As mentioned earlier, it’s the software used for creating the types of sales funnels that Russell has been teaching you in the book.

This last section isn’t very information-packed but you can check out my other article: Can ClickFunnels Replace Your Website?

How To Get Dotcom Secrets For Free!

An amazing part about Dotcom Secrets or any of Russell’s books for that matter is you can actually get them for 100% free. 

If you go to platforms like amazon or elsewhere to purchase this book you could expect to pay around $11.00-20 USD but if you actually purchase it through Clickfunnels they will give you the book for free you just pay a small shipping fee.

Dotcom Secrets Book Review: The Value that this book will bring to your business and the amount of information packed into the short read combined with the free + $7 Shipping makes this one of the most powerful tools you can add to your belt, for less than you spent on coffee this morning! 

I recommend buying from his website because this allows you to see his 2-step Free plus shipping funnel in action. You get a first-hand look at how the funnel works, and the value he provides as you go through his funnel.

As Russell mentions in the book, you should always try to re-engineer successful funnels, and this is a great way to do that.

Grab Dotcom Secrets! W/ Bonuses

I believe in this book so much that if you grab your copy of Dotcom Secrets by clicking the link above or below this post I will personally add a bunch of free bonuses!

What You’ll Get From Me If You Purchase Dotcom Secrets!

  • 180 Done For You Email Templates (In The Make Money Online Industry)
  • 8 Done For You Sales Funnels / I will Send You Copies Of all of my high converting sales funnels that I use throughout all of my online businesses 
  • Free lifetime access to my affiliate marketing masterclass / 43 part video series that teaches people how to start an online business without having their own product or service. 

To get access to all of the bonuses along with your book, get Dotcom Secrets here, And I’ll email your bonuses within 24 hours! 

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