Commission Hero Review – Is It a Scam?

Commission Hero is a popular affiliate marketing course on the internet thanks to its grand promises. After all, who wouldn’t want a $1,000 payday daily? However, is Commission Hero a scam or an excellent affiliate marketing course?

Commission Hero isn’t a scam. It’s the best training resource on using Facebook ads to promote affiliate offers, but it’s not ideal for beginners or the budget-conscious. The program’s cost, overreliance on Facebook ads, expensive upsells, and tricky refund policies earn it a lot of flak.

Overall Rating40/100
Ease of Use40/100
Purchase Worthiness60/100
Success Rate40/100

Pros of Commission Hero Course

  • A legit business model based on real-life business results.
  • The best resource in using paid traffic to promote affiliate offers.
  • It’s created by Robby Blanchard, a self-made affiliate millionaire who was named ClickBank’s top affiliate in 2019.
  • Uses Facebook as a medium and source of traffic when driving affiliate offers.
  • Allows two monthly installments for people who can’t afford a one-off payment.
  • Promotes profitable products from ClickBank affiliate network.

Cons of Commission Hero Course

  • It’s quite expensive to try and doesn’t offer a trial.
  • Its entire marketing strategy focuses on using the Facebook platform to drive affiliate sales.
  • It relies on Facebook ads, which are expensive to run.
  • It requires additional paid tools with a recurring monthly subscription.
  • It comes with expensive upsells with a monthly subscription.

Should You Buy Commission Hero?

Before you go off getting an expensive affiliate marketing course, it’s advisable to consider if it’s right for you in the first place.

New affiliates are often spurred to buy the course believing it’ll provide an automatic ticket to great wealth. But it’s only a detailed blueprint, not a golden ticket.

Unfortunately, many hopeful affiliates who commit to buying the course don’t follow through with all recommendations, and it kills their chances of success.

If you’re starting in affiliate marketing, shelling your hard-earned cash for an expensive course might not be the best course of action.

While the course comes with a bevy of testimonials showing extraordinary proof of income, the results aren’t guaranteed.

The course will equip you with the necessary skills, knowledge, and guidance to use Facebook ads to push affiliate offers. But you will need additional paid tools and an advertising budget of at least $20 to $30 a day for at least a month to get any meaningful results.

Your success also hinges on the ability to pick and promote valuable products and courses from ClickBank. While ClickBank itself is a reputable platform, some of the products on there can be dubious.

On the other hand, if you’ve been around the block and have had some success in the affiliate marketing scene – you should consider getting this course.

Commission Hero will help you refine your ability to harness Facebook ads’ power to successfully promote affiliate offers. It’s an easy-to-follow course with a few moving parts that will guide you every step of the way.

As an affiliate marketing blueprint that centers on Facebook ads, you need to follow the course to a tee. Otherwise, skipping a step or glazing over some instructions can dim your results.

If you need additional help, you can sign up for the $297 a month Inner Circle membership. The membership comes with: 

  • One done for you marketing campaign a month
  • Weekly Q &A with Robby Blanchard
  • A special group for Inner Circle Members

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Why Commission Hero Is Worth It

With the right execution, Commission Hero is worth its weight in gold. Many students have successfully used the system to generate tens of thousands of dollars in income.

Here are some of the reasons that make the course a worthwhile purchase for affiliate marketers.

It’s a Tried and Tested System

Commission Hero teaches you to generate traffic from Facebook ads and drive them to landing pages with your affiliate offers. Landing pages or squeeze pages let you capture email addresses from interested parties and build an email list.

You can then use the email list to launch an email marketing campaign selling affiliate products from ClickBank.

Robby Blanchard, the creator of Commission Hero, followed the course’s principles to generate millions of dollars in affiliate marketing revenue.

He used the information on this course to become the 2019 ClickBank top affiliate. ClickBank is one of the biggest affiliate marketing networks globally, so it’s highly competitive and features some of the best affiliate marketers in the world.

It’s Super Detailed

Since a seasoned affiliate marketing veteran created commission Hero, it features everything you need to succeed in affiliate marketing. The course targets both

The entire course comprises 12 training modules with over 40 videos. Following through with the training will help you breeze through the process of setting up an affiliate marketing business.

Commission Hero will teach you to:

  • Pick the right affiliate offers
  • Find the best images for your ads
  • Set up converting landing pages
  • Create Facebook accounts and pages
  • Set up Facebook ads
  • Track your marketing campaigns
  • Refine email marketing

It Uses a Reliable Source of Traffic

Commission Hero teaches a marketing strategy that centers on generating leads from Facebook. Facebook is the biggest social networking site globally, with more than 3.4 billion users in 2020.

There are 190 million Facebook users in the United States, making a sizable pool for all affiliate marketers to tap into.

Robby Blanchard takes the time to help students improve their skills and ability to turn Facebook into a lead-generating magnet. You learn how to create Business Manager accounts, ad campaigns, and fan pages.

The course will teach you how to engage your followers and update your pages to keep your pages active and generate leads.

It’ll show you how to create a marketing campaign, create ads, create custom campaigns, and how to launch them successfully.

Facebook has been cracking down on spammy pages promoting affiliate offers or selling dubious products to improve user experience.

Following through with the course will ensure that you don’t cross the line and get your Facebook account banned or suspended. You also get to learn some ninja tricks to help your lead generation efforts.

You Learn How To Create Converting Landing Pages

Creating effective landing pages is the key to all online marketing success – whether in affiliate marketing or running an eCommerce store.

Robbie takes you through his time-tested method of creating landing pages with high conversion rates.

Having a skilled veteran to guide you through this tricky part of online marketing increases your chances of success. It decreases the learning curve and keeps you from making catastrophic mistakes that could cost you a fortune.

You Get To Join an Active Online Community

All Commission Hero customers are invited into a private but active Facebook group. In this private group, you get to interact with Robbie Blanchard and other successful students from his course.

You can read other student’s success stories, seek clarification if you have a question, and pick the minds of those who’ve come before you in the course.

The Facebook group is a stockpile of information and can help you catapult your online affiliate marketing efforts to a higher level.

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The Downsides of Commission Hero

As with other online training programs, Commission Junction isn’t perfect. Here are a few issues to be aware of:

It’s Pricey

While the course promises students the ability to generate up to $1,000 daily, Commission Hero costs $997. If you can’t raise the entire amount at once, you can pay in two $597 installments, but that would cost you an extra $197.

If you’re struggling to raise the initial payment, you’d best not commit to a payment plan as the program comes with additional expenses.

It Requires Expensive Paid Tools

On top of shelling out almost $1,000 for Commission Hero, you need to budget for additional paid tools with a monthly subscription. You’re unlikely to succeed if you don’t get the paid tools since they’re baked into the course.

You Need an Advertisement Budget

You need to spend a daily minimum of $10-$20 on Facebook Ads or $300 to $600 a month. Given that most of the affiliate products come with a 40% margin, you need a considerable ad budget to get huge profits.

Unclear Refund Policy

Commission Hero doesn’t have a clear refund policy and often requires people to demonstrate that they tried and failed before they can claim a refund.


Commission Hero isn’t a scam but an expensive course about using Facebook ads to run affiliate offers. The course is created by Robby Blanchard, a seasoned marketer who was named ClickBank’s top affiliate in 2019.

The course comes with expensive upsells with a monthly subscription, requires expensive paid tools, and an advertising budget of at least $300.

People who fail when using Commission Hero fail to adhere to its teachings, pick terrible products, run afoul of Facebook, or have an insufficient advertisement budget.


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