ClickFunnels Vs ClickBank: Which One’s Best For You?

The ongoing question… Clickfunnels vs Clickbank…

When you’re first starting it can be overwhelming, trying to figure all of the ins and outs. The what, the how, and the who.

I’ve been seeing a lot of misinformation lately. Mostly from people that have success with one platform who try to build the “bandwagon” and discredit other programs but to give you A definitive answer to this question I would have to know all of your circumstances or plans when it came to starting your online journey.

Which I don’t.. So I’m going to write out all of the differences between the 2 platforms so you can make the educated choice of which one would be better for you! Or even both! 

Clickfunnels Vs Clickbank?

To understand which one would suit you better we need to know each of them separately.

What Is ClickFunnels?

Clickfunnels is A landing page software that allows you to build landing pages, sales funnels, and map out your online sales processes without the need of knowing how to code. It’s very user friendly and can be picked up pretty quick even if your not someone who is very technologically advanced. They also offer an affiliate program for their software/services and they also have a few digital and physical products that you could promote.

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Clickfunnels vs clickbank

Sales funnels are by no means A new process but over the last few years Russell Brunsen the owner of clickfunnels has made it his mission to somewhat normalize the term in the digital space.

Their affiliate program consists of books, online training and programs backed by some of the biggest entrepreneurs in the industry.

Just A Couple For Example: 

  • Dean Graziosi | Author Of Millionaire Success Habits 
  • Robert Kiyosaki | Author Of The Rich Dad Poor Dad
  • Grant Cordone | Real Estate Mogul 
  • Tony Robins | Public Speaker 

ClickFunnels is mainly A service / A software company but they also have an amazing affiliate program that allows people to make a healthy income online by promoting their products.

One Of The Best Investments You Could Ever Make Is The One Funnel Away Challenge – Where You’ll Be Taken Step By Step Through The Process Of Setting Up Your Own Sales Funnel And Including Up-Sells And Down-Sells Even If You Don’t Have A Product Or Service Of Your Own! Check It Out Here 

What Is ClickBank?

Clickbank is A dedicated affiliate network. Where people who have different products or services upload them to Clickbank for affiliates to promote. Much like Groupon, they pay A percentage to the affiliate and to Clickbank but they are getting sales and traffic that they would not have otherwise.

A big problem that I see when people are first starting to get into the affiliate marketing world is they’ll watch A video on youtube that will tell you to pick A product and promote it. Then they’ll go about spamming their affiliate link all over Facebook or wherever they can hoping to get commissions.

And they might make A few bucks or have some success at first but it won’t become sustainable or predictable in anyway.

Clickfunnels vs clickbank

The beauty of Clickbank and that it is A dedicated affiliate network is that there are thousands of products that you can promote in every industry you could imagine. So it wouldn’t really matter what type of following you have or are trying to build. You can find a pre-existing product and sell it!

This also means that there are more options which means less saturation or competition for you or the product that you decide to promote.

However, with all of the options and products to choose from there is bound to be poor products or low converting offers. So the problem I’ve found with trying to solely promote Clickbank products is spending the time and money (if you’re using paid advertising,) to actually find that winning or profitable product.

ClickFunnels Vs Clickbank? Which One Is The Best?

Now they’re kind of hard to compare because one is a dedicated network for affiliate products while the other is an actual software company that happens to offer an affiliate program. However, this is A question that I get asked a lot.

Clickbank can tend to be easier for people who aren’t in the make money online industry because they can find A specific product that easily identifies with their ideal customers while Clickfunnels will force you to be A little more creative on how to pitch it to people who aren’t specifically trying to make money online.

Whether you’re new to online business or you have a bit of experience.

I would highly recommend not just doing one or the other.

Use Both, Find products to use in your sales funnels and create irresistible offers creating your own bonus stack with various affiliate products.

This is what is going to make you stand out and in a highly competitive market, that’s exactly what you need. Sometimes you’ll even be able to build A better offer than the actual company that owns the product because you’ve combined so many things that the value is more. 

That is what separates successful affiliates from ones who have little success…

Which one will you be? 

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