Using Clickfunnels For Online Courses

Online courses are the in thing right now and if you’ve been anywhere in the digital space I’m sure you’ve seen an advertisement talking about free training which ended up being a webinar to warm you up on the idea of purchasing their program.

Being someone who has not only bought multiple but has created my own masterclass. I have come to the conclusion that using Clickfunnels for online courses is your best option.

Using Clickfunnels For Online Courses

The versatility that Clickfunnels Offers, you get to chose whether you want to use a webinar building up and teaching people about what your course is about. Warming them up and making them aware of who you are. You can capture leads and collect email’s which can be later used to promote your course to people who don’t end up purchasing. The beauty of not having to jerry-rig A bunch of platforms together and make all of the work in unison is by far the best part! Not to mention all of the templates that they already have so created your course becomes less time consuming and doesn’t feel like such A daunting task.

Clickfunnels For Online Courses

Clickfunnels is probably one of the popular platforms used for creating online courses because It is A all in one platform that you have full control over. It isn’t like other platforms that will set A price based on the content you uploaded. You have full control of everything

You can receive payments through Clickfunnels for your course and you can set the price. Whether that be A thousand dollars or Free.

Creating your course is just like building A sales funnel within their platform so if it’s something you’re familiar with it’s going to be A breeze. If not Clickfunnels is really to get the hang of because it is very user friendly!

Clickfunnels For Online Courses

This is what the backend of your membership area looks like. You can edit each lesson individually by opening the editor and once you’ve done that it will automatically import it into your course section. Your live course would look something like below.

Clickfunnels For Online Courses

You also have the ability to track your members that are taking your course. Seeing what sections are performing well and what isn’t so you can edit as needed and really cater to your ideal customer.

You can see how long each video that each person watches and if they are taking certain modules over others.

Using Clickfunnels for online courses also give you the ability to utilize upsells and downsells, or one-time offers.

You also have the ability to put buttons throughout every crevice of your course. Really making the most out of your Affiliate Marketing.

Click Funnels Reigns Supreme When It Comes To Funnels And Landing Page Software So Why Wouldn’t You Use it For Your Course?

I know that getting ready to create a course can be A daunting task. I know it sure was for me when I spent 3 months Perfecting my own. Which is why I wanna make life easier for you!

You can have an entire copy of my masterclass shown above, so you can just start plugging in your content and don’t have to spend the next 6 weeks with all of the technical stuff!

You do need to be A member of Clickfunnels though.

If you are you’ll be able to import it directly into your account and start editing it.

If not You’ll need to sign up for their 14 Day FREE trial but you can cancel at any time and not be charged!

Click Here To Get Your Online Course Template.

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