How To Get ClickFunnels For Free! 1 Easy Way To Get Your Subscription Paid For

Clickfunnels is an amazing tool to have but it carries A pretty hefty cost, especially for someone new so how can you get Clickfunnels for free?

I’m not talking about some unethical way where it’ll be frowned upon by the company or seem like some sketchy deal where you’re getting something for free when you shouldn’t be.

The method I’m going to be talking about isn’t going to actually negate the cost of your monthly subscription to their software but will be utilizing clickfunnels affiliate program to build up A monthly recurring revenue of at least the same amount that your plan is costing.

Allowing you to continue to use Clickfunnels for free and bring in A couple of new clients for them.. So it’s beneficial for both parties!

Getting ClickFunnels For Free Through Affiliate Marketing

ClickFunnels For Free

For those of you that aren’t aware, Clickfunnels offers one of the most aggressive affiliate programs around right now. They offer you A starting payment of 30% commission for every person that you can refer to their software and they sign up.

So what does this mean to you?

Unlike some affiliate networks/programs Clickfunnels offers you A monthly recurring commission which means you’ll be paid every month when your referrals pay their bill for as long as they continue to use the software.

There are 2 plans when using their software:

Basic Plan For $97 Per Month | $29 Per Month For Each Referral 

Platinum Plan For $297 A month | $89 Per Month For Each Referral 

So that means with only 4 referrals you can pay for your monthly cost of using Clickfunnels and have some profit. 

What Is The Best Way To Get ClickFunnels For Free?

The first method I want to talk about for getting referrals is utilizing A feature that Clickfunnels offers called the share funnel.

Which is where you can share your own built funnels or ones that were shared with you with other people.

Upon doing so 2 things can happen.

If they are an active member of Clickfunnels they will be able to import those entire sales funnel into their account right away without there being any issue.

However, if they aren’t an active member they will have to register for A free 14-day trial to start using it, and if they sign up for the free 14 day trial through your “share link” it would be the same as if you sent someone directly to your affiliate link prompting them to sign up.

The reason that this becomes one of the best ways to pay for your subscription is that it is utilizing the Clickfunnels affiliate program but you’re also giving the potential referral some type of value instead of just sending the to A sales page and hoping that they’ll convert.

And the easier that you can make it for A potential referral to use the software, the longer that they’ll continue to use it which inadvertently means the longer that you’ll be paid.

I’ve even gone as far as sharing funnels and setting them up for people and have had great success with that!

How Do You Share You Funnel With Someone?


How To Get ClickFunnels For Free

From your funnels, back end you’re going to want to click the top right settings button

How To Get ClickFunnels For Free

Then it should be at the bottom of your screen like the picture above (you might have to scroll down to find it) 

That is your share link so if you send that link to someone it is going to give the option to get A cloned version of your sales funnels.

The link can be pretty intimidating and look pretty ugly especially if you’re planning on sending it to people that you’re not very close with I would recommend using something like to shorten your link and make it more presentable.  (Would Recommend Doing This For Most Affiliate Links) It is just A free tool that shortens links and makes them look more presentable.

Check Out Bitly Here

Where Are You Going To Find People That Want To Sign Up?

This is A question that I get asked All of the time and I see a lot of people making it a lot more difficult than it has to be.

At first, reach out to friends or acquaintances that you have that are in the same industry/career field as you.

If that doesn’t work, jump into Facebook groups related to your business and start interacting with people in there, building relationships then help people out getting their funnels set up and you’ll be getting Clickfunnels for free in no time!

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