Canva Affiliate Program Review: Is It Worth It?

Canva is primarily known for its great graphics that can be used for any social media platform, from a YouTube thumbnail to an Instagram post. In today’s world of digital presence, Canva’s products are largely sought after, and as an affiliate marketer for Canva, the possibilities of converting site visitors to an active user of Canva is also quite high.

The Canva Affiliate Program is worth it as it allows you to register as an affiliate and earn revenue by referring new users. Every time a user clicks your affiliate link to sign up for Canva, you earn a commission off of it. You can earn up to $36 for each new subscriber.    

Keep on reading to learn more about the various aspects of the Canva affiliate program, specifically regarding:

  • The registration process
  • The kind of support you will receive from Canva
  • Payout options
  • How to track your results

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What Is Canva?

The company was founded in 2012 by Melanie Perkins and is headquartered in Sydney, Australia. With over 18 million users across 190 countries, the company has achieved a great reach already. To make it more accessible, they also provide their services in over a hundred different languages.  

canva affiliate program review

Canva enables social media users by providing them with graphics that they can then use to create presentations, posters, thumbnails, and even logos. The application has numerous photo filters, fonts, images, and layouts that the user can choose to create their own unique art in their style.

Canva comes with a drag-and-drop tool and a host of images and illustrations that can be juxtaposed on top of each other or over video or any other media in order to add finishing touches to the artwork.

The Google Play Store has many reviews of Canva’s mobile app version. It has also been selected as the Editor’s Choice app on Google Play Store.  

Two other free photography and imagery sites, Pixabay and Pexels have been acquired by Canva recently. This will only add to Canva’s already vast library of images and illustrations.  

Canva is available for use in all sorts of mobile devices, both iOS and Android, desktop, and iPad.


In order to understand the Canva Affiliate Program, it is important to understand the features of the app and what makes it truly stand out.

At a high level, Canva app has three basic kinds of features:

  • Photo Editing
  • Graphs
  • Print

While the photo editing app feature allows you to crop pictures and add speech bubbles and texts, there are also stickers and filters, and textures that you can apply to the image to make it more appealing and unique. You can also control the intensity of each of these micro features to enhance the sharpness or blur an image.

The user can create engaging infographics for your audience by feeding in raw data and generating an infographic with the help of this feature. As a user, you can also create a host of other kinds of graphs such as pie charts, Venn diagrams, area graphs, and comparison charts.    

The print feature allows you to create designs that are absolutely stunning and have them printed for you. They go a step further and deliver it as well to your doorstep.

Their print products are extremely high quality, and you will not find any discrepancy between what you see on your screen and the final printed product.

Pricing for Users

The price point is yet another essential factor that determines your success rate as an affiliate. The chances of site visitors converting to actual users depend a lot on the price.

It should not only be priced so that the potential user sees a value for money in the product in the long run, but it should also be affordable on a month on month basis. Canva understands this very well and has broken down it’s pricing accordingly.

Canva offers three different plans to its customers. The first one is free, where users have limited access because it is free. The second one, Canva Pro is priced at $9.95 per month, but it is billed annually. The third one is Canva enterprise, where Canva sells their app’s services to corporations at a price of $30 per month and is billed yearly.

As an affiliate, most of your sales will happen with Canva Pro. This is priced so that the potential buyer will only look at the per month price, which is $9.95 and seems affordable for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

In turn, it will make the job easy for you as an affiliate as the price point is great, and so it is likely that they are more inclined to become a user.

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Canva Affiliate Program: An Overview

So, now that you know about the company and understood the product and what makes it great for potential consumers, it is time to explore the affiliate program in detail.

The affiliate program is designed so that anyone can join and become an affiliate for Canva for free. The affiliate network that Canva uses is called the Impact affiliate network. Some key things that you need to know about this affiliate program are:

  • How to become an affiliate
  • Commission rate
  • Cookie duration
  • Payout threshold
  • Payment options
  • Benefits of joining the affiliate program
  • Disadvantages of joining the affiliate program

In the later segments of this article, we will look at each of these points in detail to understand how the affiliate program can benefit you and how you can use it to generate maximum earnings.

How to Join the Canva Affiliate Program?

You can register as an affiliate with Canva by clicking on the “Join Now” button on their affiliates webpage.

Once you click the “Join Now” button, you will land on an application page. This page will ask for some basic information such as your name, email address, company details. On this page, you will also have to set up your password for your Canva affiliate account.

There is an agreement you will be asked to read. This includes the terms and conditions related to the affiliate program. You also have the option to download the agreement copy for future reference.

After you fill in the form and accept the terms and conditions and you have officially joined the affiliate network for Canva, you can start promoting Canva Pro on your website to drive more traffic who are likely to convert to active users at Canva.

The membership is free of charge, and there are no fees or annual payments or a cut of your commission that needs to be forfeited in order to become an affiliate with Canva.

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Promoting Canva Pro to Earn Commission

Canva is already present in many countries around the world. As an affiliate, you can increase the reach of Canva Pro to a lot more users who will benefit from Canva Pro.

You can do a lot of promotional campaigns on your website, blog, or vlog to spread awareness among people and increase the global user base for Canva. An affiliate link should be included in your promotional content, which allows your audience to click and land on Canva’s web page.

This affiliate link will work in two ways. It will make it easy for your viewers or listeners or audience to go to Canva’s page where they can make purchases, and it will also help track any particular sale that happens from a visitor who uses your link to be tracked back to you.

This will help determine how much sales you generated and make you eligible for the commission amount accordingly.

Make sure that the content you produce is relevant for your audience and the way you tie up the Canva link to your content is also just as seamless and does not seem out of context.

Having content that your audience can relate to will increase your credibility and also increase the likelihood of them clicking on any affiliate link you recommend.

How Much Can You Earn Using the Canva Affiliate Program?

As mentioned on Canva’s website, you can earn up to $36 for every new user who signs up using your affiliate link. The payout options are regular and flexible.  

The Impact Affiliate platform controls all payment processing. They will use the affiliate link tracker to calculate the amount due to the affiliates before making the payouts.

The affiliate program is designed so that all invoicing of locked actions, that is, conversions of visitors to paid users, are done on the 17th of each month, and each such locked item becomes an “Approved Transaction” under the Program Terms Agreement. The payout then happens after 15 days from the end of the day the locked action occurs.

The referral window is also quite large compared to other affiliate sites. Canva affiliate program gives a 30-day window from the first click. That is, if a person went to Canva’s website using the affiliate link on the first day of the month but only signed up as a Canva Pro subscriber by day 29, even then, the affiliate will be eligible to earn a commission on the sale made.

Canva Supports Its Affiliates Every Step of the Way

Canva affiliate program is not just about embedding an affiliate link provided by them and waiting for sales to happen. Canva goes a step further and provides support to its affiliates every step of the way.

You will get access to the tools required to promote Canva effectively and earn commissions as a result.

Canva provides an email as well as live chat support for all its affiliates. The live chat support is available at all hours of the day to help you overcome any impediments that may stand in the way of your commissions. Any queries or process-related questions that you may have will be quickly answered by the Canva email and live chat support.

Canva also provides you with the tools necessary to do your job more efficiently. For instance, they provide you with a dashboard that helps you track your results. The cookie-based software for affiliate tracking makes sure that affiliates are credited for any conversion that happens within 30 days of the first click.

Regarding payments, there is a lot of flexibility, and you can choose your mode of payment and the frequency in which you expect to be paid so that you can access your earnings sooner.

Who Is Canva Affiliate Program For?

In order to reach the right audience, the content you create will also need to be aligned to Canva’s products, or at least you will need to find innovative ways to link your content with what Canva has to offer.

Ideally, Canva is great for design influencers, design educators, and content creators with a very large audience base. Anyone who is into graphic design or into designing websites will be particularly interested in the products that Canva has to offer.

They will have access to a lot of tools that will help the customer be able to create graphs that are data-driven and use icons and fonts on images, among other things.  

If you are a vlogger or an Instagrammer who is also a part of the design community and frequently posts articles and other posts on design, then Canva affiliate program is just for you.

Similarly, a design educator who regularly interacts with people who are keen on learning more about design and design aesthetics, then it is likely that those who learn from you are likely to pursue and explore something you recommend.

Having a large audience too makes you a great candidate for the Canva affiliate program. If you can generate more than 1 million monthly visits on your site, then it is likely that your audience base is quite varied and may also include design enthusiasts.

The art lies in generating content that compels your visitors to check out the websites that you recommend by clicking on the affiliate link you have provided in your video or blog post.

At the end of the day, your content will help you increase the footfalls on your site and to Canva’s site as well. The more traffic you generate for your site, the more is the probability of a larger number of potential buyers funneling down to Canva’s website.  

Commission Rate

Canva’s website claims that a commission of up to $36 per sale can be earned through this affiliate program.

Canva’s payment structure allows them to pay per sale. Their commission rates are extremely good for a relatively new affiliate program. They offer a 100% commission for monthly subscriptions, which is $12.95 for the Canvas Pro subscription.

In case a user decides to pay annually, you are eligible for a 25% commission rate, which comes up to a little more than $35.

There is also a new customer trial commission rate that allows you to earn $6.50 for each of the new customer trials. This number remains constant whether the customer decides to purchase a monthly subscription or a yearly one.

So, to break it down further, your earnings for each new customer trial for a monthly subscription would be $6.50 + $12.95 = $19.45. Your earnings for each new customer who signs up for a yearly subscription would be $6.50+$29.85 = $36.35.

These commission rates are quite high compared to most other commission rates for affiliate programs available in the market today. If you want to learn the strategies that will help you make money with Canva affiliate program, take a look at this video:

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Retaining Cookie Information

The affiliate program allows cookie information to be retained for 30 days. This means that any sales that happen using the affiliate link from your site within 30 days from the first click will be tracked back to you, and you will be eligible for earning a commission from the sale.

A 30-day cookie retention policy is a fairly large window provided to affiliates. Most of the affiliate programs only offer a 7-day cookie retention facility. By giving a larger cookie retention period, the window of opportunity also increases.

For instance, if an affiliate program only had a 7-day cookie retention policy, then it would only pay for sales made using the affiliate link if the visitor converts within 7 days from the first click. If the visitor chooses to subscribe on day 8, then the affiliate will not be paid, even if the visitor first got to know about the product line of the company through that affiliate link.

By extending this window to 30 days, affiliates get a larger window. Any conversion that happens within the first 30 days from the first click gets credited to the affiliate. This is so much better than the 7-day time frame.

Payout Threshold and Payment Options

Under this affiliate program, you will be eligible for a payout when you accrue $10 in sales. This is a very low threshold giving the flexibility to the affiliate to have access to the payout amount easily.

Canva offers flexible and regular payment options to its affiliates. Under this affiliate program, you can set up your preferred methods of receiving payments, whether it is through e-transfers or direct to your bank account or through PayPal.

You are eligible for the payments 15 days after the sale is completed, and based on your invoicing cycle, the payment will be credited to your account.

It is important to note that the commission payments are non-recurring. That is, you do not get a payment each time the subscriber you brought in renews their account with Canva. It is structured as a one time only payment structure.

If a new subscriber takes on a monthly subscription plan, you get your commission only for the first month. For any subsequent renewals, you will not be eligible for an affiliate commission.

Benefits of Joining the Canva Affiliate Program

There are numerous benefits of joining the Canva Affiliate Program. Here is a list of the most apparent benefits of this program:

Great Earnings in Commission

Canva affiliate program offers some of the highest percentages in commissions. As seen earlier in this article, there is a 100% commission in certain cases and a fixed earning for every new customer trial.

Payment Threshold Is Low to Ensure Quicker Pay Out

The payment threshold in this affiliate program is kept low at $10 to ensure that affiliates can access their income quicker and do not have to wait to achieve a huge target number to access their income.

This also helps eliminate the stress that comes with achieving a minimum number in sales figures. The affiliates can access their income much quicker and without the hassles and stress of obtaining a certain number.

Offers Great Support to Its Affiliate

As has been mentioned earlier in the article, Canva provides round the clock support to their affiliates so that nothing comes in the way of their sales and commission. Their web chat facility and email support are available all the time, and they are there to answer any query you may have regarding the affiliate system or any payment-related queries.

In addition to the web chat and email, they also provide other tools such as the dashboard that allows you to keep track of your sales and see how much commission you will be paid in a given time period. 

Provides Tools for Your Marketing Campaign

The Canva affiliate program offers promotional tools such as banners to use in your marketing campaign, whether on a website or a blog, or even a video advertisement. It is key to nail the landing page of your website to be able to garner your audience’s interest, and with the right promotional tool this becomes easily possible.

The affiliate marketing management team can also be contacted in case you have any queries regarding the Canva affiliate program. The support team is always there to help you if you have any questions or need any help with your marketing campaign.

Cookie Retention Is for 30 Days

This is perhaps one of the biggest advantages that you will have as a Canva affiliate. There are other affiliate programs available that might pay higher or have a relatively lower payout threshold, but to find an affiliate program that allows the cookies to be retained for up to 30 days is not common.

Having a longer retention period increases your chances of getting commission paid for every conversion that happens within 30 days of the first click through your affiliate link.

Is a Very Well-Known Brand

Selling products from a well-known brand makes it easier for the affiliate to garner more sales as the people may already be aware of the brand name. Added to this, the high rating that this app has on the Google Play store also increases credibility.

You just need to then tell your audience why they should consider subscribing to Canva and its benefits. Your audience is very likely to see the benefit of taking you up on your recommendation and purchasing the subscription.

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Disadvantages of Joining the Canva Affiliate Program

While there are great advantages to joining the Canva affiliate program, in order to make an informed choice, you should also be aware of the few other things and consider those as well before you plunge into the affiliate program at Canva. Here is a list of the key areas of concern regarding the Canva affiliate program:

There Is No Deep Linking

Deep linking allows the visitor to jump right into the material they are looking for and not get distracted by the other parts of the article. This is especially helpful in affiliate marketing if you are to bring in traffic to your web page who have keyed in the search words for Canva Pro.

However, since deep linking is not allowed, you cannot do so, thereby losing a major advantage that technology has granted us and is being used across the web on many other affiliate programs.

Non-Recurring Commission

The commission payout is just a one-time payout and does not get credited anew every time a renewal happens.

So, in order to have a steady stream of income, you will have to bring in new users every time, and you will not get any payment if the old users continue or renew their subscriptions.


As of today, Canva has over 18 million users who make the most of the endless choices of graphic designs available on Canva’s website. There are millions of photos that they could use. If done well, the Canva affiliate marketing program is guaranteed to succeed with a product like this.

The more your target audience is aware of the benefits of using Canva, the more likely they are to buy it. It is just a matter of making them aware of the many advantages of using Canva if they would like to make their social media presence more prominent.


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