The Best Free Tool To Find Blog Post Ideas In 2020!

Having some type of structure or idea for what your article is going to be about is crucial.

Some people get the notion that, when you start a blog you can just start writing content about anything and everything.

And technically you could, but the chances of people landing on your articles high on the rankings of Google will be lower.

Plus having some type of focus prior to starting your post will help prevent you from hitting a wall or getting writers block.

So what do I mean by “Blog Post Ideas”?

blog post idea

What I mean by finding blog post ideas, is finding keywords or search terms to write your articles based around.

Depending on how new your blog is, the industry you’re in and if you’re already ranking on Google for other posts is going to play a huge role in what type of keywords you should be writing blog posts based around.

Say for example you have a brand new blog.

On paper it’ll look like a great blog post idea.

A ton of people are searching for it on Google, so why wouldn’t you write an article based around it?

Naturally, more search volume equals more competition.

Not that competition is a bad thing, but as a new website you should avoid it like you did the corona virus.

You really want to go for the low hanging fruit.

Search terms and keywords that have very little search volume.

It sounds backwards to spend time writing content for keywords that have very little search volume.

But being able to rank on the first page for a blog post idea a few times is going to give you more exposure than appearing on the 50th even if the term was searched thousands of times.

I mean how many times have you searched for something and ended up towards the back end of the pages to find what you were looking for?

Most people don’t even go past the first page.

It’s not impossible to rank high as a new website, but it is significantly harder.

You’ll be writing articles against sites that have been putting out content for years and have authority in the search engines.

As your site grows and starts to climb the ranks of Google.

You can become more and more relaxed on the type of keywords that you write blog posts based around.

And use blog post ideas that are more competitive, because as you put out more and more content your posts will start ranking.

Not only for the Focus keywords you wrote your articles about, but hundreds of others that you didn’t even mean to.

Which is a common misconception, that your website can only rank for one thing.

Your site / blog, overtime will rank for hundreds if not thousands of keywords / search terms

So what is the best free tool to find blog post ideas?

Well what is the one thing that everyone is searching for..


Everyone is searching how to, what is, “ok Google”, or a DIY video.

Yet for the longest time there was only one software company that shows you search terms in question form…

And it’s really expensive…

I stumbled across AnswerThePublic a few months back…

And this tool has been a game changer when it comes to finding amazing blog post ideas.

This beautiful Search engine optimization tool gives you everything from: Who, what, when, where, why and VS.

And the best part about it…

It’s Free to use.

The amount of searches you can do per 24 hours is limited.

But unless you plan on writing more than a few massive articles every day you won’t need any other SEO tool..

Especially if you’re just beginning your blogging journey.

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How to use AnswerThePublic To Find Blog Post Ideas!

You can either head over to or you can click here to head over there.

Upon landing on their website it’ll look like this:

blog post idea

Within the red box is where you’ll enter a word semi related to your industry or niche.

Say for example you have a blog about dieting and working out. You could type in “Meal Plan”

You can also change the region and language that you’ll be trying to rank for. 

As the search engines change and the rankings do based on geographical searches.

Upon doing a search, a visualization of the picture below will show up.

blog post idea

As you could probably tell, the search term that I used was “Make Money Online

Because while I’m writing this article, I might as well find a couple more ideas while I’m at it, right?

The dark green indicates high search volume, competition, and a more expensive cost per click. (Paid Adverting)

The lighter the green gets, the closer it is to zero competition / search volume.

Keep in mind that, this is a live tool of Google searches. And if it wasn’t being searched for it wouldn’t be showing up.

So even if it shows zero searches per month, it is getting some and it will be way easier to rank for these terms!

blog post idea

You can also hover your mouse over the term that you’re interested in and it’ll give you the exact numbers.

If you aren’t fond of the visualization, or your neck hurts from reading all the search terms around the circle… 

blog post idea

You can click data in the top left corner and you’ll be taken to a text screen where it’ll list all of the search terms and the competition.

blog post idea

Although one of my favorite parts about this tool is that they offer search terms in the form of questions

That isn’t all they have.

They also have visual graphs for Prepositions and Comparisons.

Then they also list every related search term, as well as all of the search terms related to that keyword in alphabetical order!

blog post idea

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Is it actually Free?

Now, some will be skeptical that the tool can actually be used to find blog post ideas for free..

They do offer 2 different paid options along side their free version.

blog post idea

I’ve personally used their free version to find all of my blog post ideas for the blog that you’re currently reading.

As you’re allowed 3 searches daily on the free version and I wouldn’t have enough time in the day to write 3 full articles by myself.

Keep in mind that they also offer an affiliate program, so if you do end up going for the paid version.

You can recommend this product to friends or people that you know who’re in a similar industry that could benefit from using this tool.

Which would negate the cost of you using the service, or even make some profit!

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Want to try AnswerThePublic out yourself? Check it out by Clicking Here

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