The 6 Best Home Based Business Ideas

The entire world is online, so there isn’t any reason why your income shouldn’t be as well!

But what is the best home-based business?

There are so many options out there nowadays..

But what I’ve seen happen more often than not over the last few years since I’ve been working full time in the digital space.

Most people will try to highlight their business model as being the best.

It’ll get packaged up all nice and shiny, making it look like it has all of the answers that you’re looking for.

Come across as if it’ll be easy or like you’ll be making thousands of dollars in a matter of minutes.

The majority of people don’t want to talk about the serious pitfalls that some of the online business models have. Which usually happens because they’re trying to get you to buy a course.

Being someone who has dabbled in various online ventures over the last few years, I’d like to share with you some of the things that I’ve learned.

This hopefully will help you avoid wasting time, or jumping into a home-based business that doesn’t truly align with you!

Which was something I did myself.. I Invested thousands and spent countless hours building a business for just under a year to decide on going to a different route..

The 5 Best Home Based Business Ideas That You Can Start Today!

best home based business

1) Affiliate Marketing

The first and best home based business I want to talk about is affiliate marketing. It is actually one of my favorite methods for making money online.

Whether you’re new or have some experience becoming an affiliate can be very lucrative if done correctly!


For some reason whenever I mention affiliate marketing to people who haven’t heard much about it usually tends to gravitate towards thinking that it is some type of scheme or scam.

When in reality it is probably the most common way that people are making money online and have been for years.

You’ve probably even purchased from affiliates and haven’t even known it.

It is merely a modern interpretation of a very old business model.

You make a sale and upon doing so you receive a commission.

Much like a real estate agent would receive upon selling someone a house.

Or a car salesman would after someone purchased a car.

The reason why I like this business model the best is because you aren’t required to have a huge up front investment to start making money. 

You promote someone else’s product and you get paid! You don’t deal with customer service and aren’t responsible for everything that entails branding a product.

There is thousands of products you could promote, maybe even millions.

Dedicated Networks Like: Clickbank, JVZOO, And Warrior Plus are full of products you could promote in every industry imaginable.

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2) Blogging

Starting A blog is an amazing way to create a substantial amount of money online.

There is a lot of ways that you’re able to make money from blogging.

But 2 of the most common ways would be Affiliate Marketing Or Ad Sense.

This isn’t a method that you’re going to start seeing results from right away, or you’re going to make money overnight.

However, once the ball is rolling and your blog starts getting traffic, you’ll be able to create a monthly recurring income / passive income. 

best home based business

Blogging combined with affiliate marketing is in my opinion the best home-based business that you can create.

You’re not going to have to spend a ton of money on advertising, you can basically start a blog for free.

And you can literally write content about anything that you’re passionate about!

So instead of creating a home-based business with the sole focus of making a profit.

Your main focus is doing something you enjoy but monetizing from it..

A couple of examples of this would be this blog that you’re on Nightime Nickels.

I’m very passionate about making online and not being a part of the corporate rat race.

So I write articles that talk about my experiences or things that I’ve learned, which I enjoy doing.

But I’m able to monetize on things through my blog that I talk about.

Say you’re interested in cooking and you start a blog that gives recipes and talks about different ways of cooking.

Throughout your articles, you’re able to recommend a pan that you use from Amazon, or a kitchen utensil and maybe some spices.

And if someone purchases one of those through your blog post you’d be paid a commission because you’re an affiliate for those products.

The second way that you’d be able to monetize from your blog is Ad Sense.

Which is basically where Google pays you to place advertisements on your website.

Which does require a good amount of visitors to your site every month.

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3) Niche YouTube Channel

People get the notion that you need to go viral or have a massive following on Youtube to make money from it.

Having a niche channel is very similar to a blog.

There are many ways that you could make income from it but the most common ways..

Again are affiliate marketing & Ad Sense.

Getting to the point where Google will pay you to place advertisements before your videos will require you to have a substantial amount of views.

And the amount you’ll be paid will vary drastically depending on the industry of which you’re making video / who is viewing them. 

Not that you can’t make a good income from both, just know that it isn’t a set amount.

Say you had a channel that was about investing in the stocks.

Google would pay more to place advertising before your videos than they would for a channel that created kids cartoons.

This is because the viewer base is more likely to spend money or click on an ad.

This means the marketer who is paying google to run ads is going to keep buying them!

best home based business

Some will say that Youtube is the holy grail of traffic right now or the best home-based business at this time…

This is because there is more time spent on their platform than ever before and everyone is looking up videos..

Which you’re to make a substantial amount of money without having to go viral if done correctly.

As an example, I’m going to talk about a review video.

Say you create a video reviewing one of Clickfunnels digital products: The One Funnel Away Challenge

For every person that signs up for it through your affiliate link, you’ll receive $100.00 USD.

You get 5,000 views on that video and 1% of them, sign up.

You would make $5,000 USD off of one single video. 

You don’t have to do that specific product, I’m just using that as an example.

As you can see, even a video with a very small amount of views can make a serious amount of money if done correctly.

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4) FreeLance

You’d be surprised by the number of things that people will pay for on Freelance networks.

I’ve seen everything from teaching someone how to play a video game.

All the way to tackling a huge digital project for multi-million dollar companies..

best home based business

Becoming a freelancer is an amazing method to really perfect your craft while being paid.

You can undercut the pricing of your services so you’re able to build your portfolio and gain experience.

This was the exact method I used when I started my digital marketing agency.

If you’re good with Photoshop or can edit videos you can make a killing from freelance networks like FIVERR or UPWORK

5) Create An Online Course

Now I know you’re probably thinking..

What would I create a course on and why would someone pay me for it?

Digital courses are a booming industry right now..

And they’re just going to continue to grow..

I’ve invested thousands over the last few years into courses that help me get to where I’m at today..

best home based business

You can create a course on literally anything that you’re good at..

Whether it’s a 15-minute video course that teaches people how to knit sweaters for their cat..

Or it’s an in-depth 10-hour masterclass teaching someone how to do a handstand..

Whatever information that you have or skill someone else could benefit from it’s just a matter of getting them to see it! 

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6) Digital Marketing 

Learning a high-income skill such as digital marketing can be a game-changer…

Not only is marketing the lifeblood of every single business out there..

90% of the business owners don’t know what they’re doing when it comes to advertising on the internet..

With all of the options nowadays..

Google, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, Tick Tock, and More…

You can imagine the learning curve is quite big but…

If it is something that you’re able to master you can make a killing…

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best home based business

Whether you decide to sell your digital marketing skills as a service to local businesses.

Or you go the route of promoting affiliate products with paid advertising

Learning this skill is invaluable and is only going to be worth more as time goes on!

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