The Benchmark Affiliate Program Review – To Join Or Not To Join?

Benchmark Email offers a range of digital marketing services at a competitive price.

And since it’s a subscription-based service being an affiliate for them gives you the ability to create a recurring commission.

As this is my favorite type of program, I’m going to be reviewing Benchmark’s Affiliate Program in this blog post.

Meaning if you’re able to get a referral to sign up through your unique link, you’ll be paid a commission every time that person pays their bill. (Their Program Caps Out At 30 Months)

This means if you’re able to get a referral to sign up and they stick with them for over 30 months you’ll only be paid a commission up until that point.

How To Join Their Affiliate Program?

I found it to be more difficult to sign up for their affiliate program than it can be on for other platforms.

Not because they require you to go through a screening process or provide any additional information about your business or plans of promoting.

But because they use it as a gateway for you to sign up to their Free email marketing service to get access as an affiliate.

Just like most other affiliate programs, you can find the section to sign up at the bottom of their website.

benchmark affiliate program review
Click The Button Partners
benchmark affiliate program review
Then Click Learn More To Begin The Sign Up Process

Alternatively, you can click here to be taken directly to Benchmark’s Affiliate Program Page.

What Is Inside Their Affiliate Area? 

Like most affiliate programs and networks that you join, they provide you will relevant material to promote their content. 

Such as Banner Ads and Videos Like the ones below:

They also provide you with text ads as well as some signature ads that can be used to promote their services as well. 

They also break down a 5 step guide to becoming a successful affiliate, which contained some valuable information, yet it will take a lot more than 5 steps! 

If you’re looking to learn how to build traffic to any affiliate product you want I’d highly recommend checking out a book called Traffic Secrets!

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What Is Their Commission Structure?

As an affiliate, you’ll be paid out a 25% Commission for a max of 30 months per referral. 

Other than the entirely free service they charge based on the size of the email list and how many emails per month you plan on sending out.

Like most other Email Marketing Software Companies. 

So I’ll break down the Minimum you could expect to make depending on whether they paid monthly or annually.

Whether they decided to purchase any of the additional add-ons that they offer and how much you could make each month per referral.

Number Of ReferralsPaid MonthlyPaid AnnuallyPurchased Add-Ons

While the pay-out is pretty measly on their base plans, they do have the potential to add up and create a significant amount of recurring revenue if you’re able to find people that need the additional add-ons.

Or customers that already have an established email list or are looking to change email marketing providers as they charge per email sent.

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How Do They Pay-out?

Depending on whether you’re based in the United States or not their pay-out will process differently.

You will be required to fill out a W-9 Form whoever you’re located though.

US Residents

  1. PayPal
  2. Check
  3. ACH

NONUS Residents

  1. PayPal Only

You will be required to have a minimum of $30 in commissions pending to be able to cash out if you don’t have it will be rolled over until you do.

Payments are sent out on the 15th of every month.

Benchmark Affiliate Program Review | PROS & CONS

What are my honest thoughts when it comes to promoting this company as an affiliate? 

I’ve broken down some of the pros and cons, that way you can figure out if it’s a good fit for you or if you want to spend your energy promoting something else! 


  • They’re are an established company that has been around since 2004. So you don’t have to worry about it being some new unethical product or service.
  • Albeit small, due to their base cost of service, you can still create a monthly recurring revenue promoting their company.
  • They have a free plan, which means getting people to sign up would naturally be easy. As it doesn’t require any type of payment and could be promoted passively in the hopes that people would sign up down the road.
  • Low competition, it isn’t very saturated and you won’t be competing with hundreds of affiliates offering the same thing as you.


  • The base pay is minimal, you could promote almost any other email marketing software company and receive a greater commission.
  • The 30-Month cap on recurring commissions, the longer someone uses their service, naturally, their email list will grow and have to pay more per month. Other companies would offer you a lifetime recurring commission.

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Join Or Not To Join?

100% you should join their affiliate program, but would I promote this primarily when someone is looking for an email marketing software?

Definitely not, for me, there are just so many better alternatives.

Not just as an affiliate, but even as a customer standpoint, you can get the same level of services at a fraction of the cost somewhere else.

However, I do like the fact that they do have a 100% Free plan, as most email marketing companies don’t offer this.

So you could potentially use this alongside other promotions when a referral is turned off by pricing you could direct them to Benchmark’s free plan.

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