The 5 Best Alternatives To Clickfunnels & A Full Cost Comparison.

I love Clickfunnels…

I really do, I believe in their software and I believe in Russell Brunson.

Sales Funnels can improve your income stream no matter the industry..

They’re proven to have higher conversion rates when it comes to sales..

Yet the $100 Monthly Price Tag that comes along with using their software can deter a lot of people..

So what are some of the best alternatives to Clickfunnels?

That’ll allow you to implement some of the exact same strategies into your business for a fraction of the cost..

Whether you’re going to use alternatives to Clickfunnels or not we first need to understand why this is a very important tool you should add to your belt.

Why Use ClickFunnels Or Its Alternatives?

Having some type of sales focused software that allows you to build landing pages is going to greatly increase your lead generation, sales, and overall revenue.

Over the years they’ve proven to have higher conversion rates.

As they have fewer distractions on them, and their sole purpose is to prompt people to either buy something, enter their email address, or leave.

alternatives to clickfunnels

Over the last few years, Clickfunnels has normalized the term: “Online Sales Funnels

By no means is it a new concept, or something that hasn’t been being used throughout businesses for many years.

While ClickFunnels is a perfect integrated system that allows companies to build web pages, landing pages, sales pages, set up billing pages, and more with a single system.

But it can be expensive or too much for your needs.

Whether you are looking for different services or a lower price for an alternative solution, there are plenty of options out there.

Finding the right Clickfunnels alternative means searching the right landing page software builder that integrates with other software apps or things that you’re already using!

So let’s look at some of the other options that you have when it comes to building out your online sales funnels!

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Alternatives To Clickfunnels

#1: BuilderAll

Builderall is a platform that claims to be the all-in-one digital marketing platform.

It offers a variety of tools/solutions for its customers at the convenience of all of them being in one place.

It has 3 main pieces:

  • The canvas Funnel Builder –  Gives you the ability to create your sales funnels by rearranging page elements
  • The Pixel Perfect Builder – Allows you the create web pages and landing pages without needing to know how to code.
  • Mailing Boss – A built-in email marketing / Auto-responder built into their platform. (Something That Clickfunnels No Longer Offers)

BuilderAll also has 27 other tools.

Pre-built templates that cater to just about any industry, Design tools, e-learning app, a webinar platform, Facebook chat integration, social proof, and script generation.

And much more which makes it among the leaders for this type of platform or marketing software.

alternatives to clickfunnels

BuilderAll Pricing

They offer 3 different pricing packages which comes with different features depending on which one you chose.

They also offer a FREE 14 Day Trial, so you can try out everything in their platform before committing to a subscription.

  • Web Presence: $9.90 Per Month | Gives you access Web Builders, hosting, support, and other basic features.
  • Digital marketing: $29.90 Per Month | Grants access to everything in the previous plan, as well as unlimited access to their apps, SSL Certificates, Mail Boss and other benefits.
  • BuilderAll Business: $49.90 Per Month | Everything From Previous Packages Plus just about every tool that you’d need to be successful with eCommerce or any online business operation. It also comes with additional marketing features and extra things for affiliates of their product.

They have an amazing affiliate program, which offers a recurring commission, my favorite way to create a passive income stream!

Head Over To BuilderAll And Start Your 14 Day Free Trial Here!

#2 Ontraport

People who go with Ontraport as their platform have the freedom of creating their own marketing templates from scratch.

Or use Ontraports pre-built ones, Now I know that this doesn’t sound like an uncommon feature.

But unlike other platforms, they’ve taken it to the next level of done for you.

You have the ability to just enter in your information and they’ll automatically plug it into their designed templates.

alternatives to clickfunnels

Main Features:

  • Powerful CRM (Customer Relationship Management) – This is the main feature that they like to highlight. As the CEO and founder of Ontraport struggled with finding software that suited his needs as a small business owner. So he created his own!
  • Marketing Tools – Besides automating your email marketing you can also use postcards on-demand with Ontraport. Set up Two-way SMS messaging And Facebook audience integration.
  • Automated Campaign Workflows – Their workflow builder is completely visual, Which makes it so nice when creating your workflows as you can see each step that your potential customers will go through. They also offer training if workflows are foreign to you!
  • Open API Integration – You can virtually integrate Ontraport with any other software that you are using. Even Platforms like Facebook & WordPress.


  • Basic: $79 Per Month | You can save up to 1,000 contacts. This plan is complete with unlimited email templates, SMS texting message services, and Ontrapages. It is suitable for small scale enterprises.
  • Plus: $147 Per Month | Saving capacity of up to 2500 contacts. It comes with the benefit of free account setup and unlimited email templates — ideal for small to medium-sized firms.
  • Pro: $297 Per Month | Up to 10,000 contacts. Subscribers enjoy free email consultation and free account setup. You can also send unlimited emails. This plan can serve medium to large-scale businesses.
  • Enterprise: $497 Per Month | These accounts can store data for over 20,000 contacts. You are not charged for email consultations and your personal accounts are set up absolutely free of charge. As well as the luxury of sending out 200,000 emails per month at no additional cost. While this plan seems like it is quite expensive, the amount of features you’ll be getting is quite a steal for a bigger business.

Just like ClickFunnels, Ontraport also offers a 14-day-free trial period, after which you have the option to upgrade to either of the above packages. In case you decide to cancel your subscription after the free trial phase, you can do so at no additional cost.

The versatility that they offer alone makes this one of the best alternatives to Clickfunnels.

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#3 SamCart

Samcart is a feature primarily for eCommerce.

It is suitable for people who are looking to start their journey and open an online store.

Or for people who’ve already established a brand and have an existing online presence.

This isn’t as much of a “landing page” Or “Sales Funnel” builder as the other alternatives to Clickfunnels I mention throughout this post.

But this is a great tool you can integrate to your existing ones or one that you chose throughout reading this post.

If you’re selling something online, having this tool combined with your sales funnels is a must!

alternatives to clickfunnels


  • Mobile-Friendly – As you could imagine, the majority of the population’s traffic, sales and engagement is done from mobile devices. Yet there is still a lot of companies out there that prioritize desktop or computer. Samcart ensures that whatever you’re selling, your customers will have a seamless experience whether they’re on their phone or their home computer.
  • Checkout Page Templates – They offer 18 checkout templates that you can fully customize. Adding similar products to the checkout page or adding pop-ups for “customers also bought”
  • A/B Split Testing – The A/B testing feature will give you the ability to figure out which check out page/cart is performing better. Price can also be utilized with this tool. Sometimes selling the same product for a higher price will perform better because people relate higher prices too higher quality.
  • One-Click Up-Sells30% of online sales can be attributed to upsells. They direct your customers directly from a product page to the check-out.
  • Coupons – Can be used to invite new customers to make a first time purchase and repeat customers. People will continue to spend money with you when they feel like they’re saving money.
  • Abandoned Cart Follow-Up – The rate of abandoned carts in online sales is high. However, SamCart will save your potential customers’ cart. Allowing them to resume where they left off. They also give you the ability to follow up with people who’ve abandoned carts. Where encourage them to finish their purchase.


  • Basic: $19 Per Month | You’ll pay a 1% in transaction fee with the basic plan but you will get access to 12 Checkout Templates, Credit Card Processing, Unlimited Sales Of Products, Email, and Chat Support. The basic plan will also have their watermark/logo on your sales pages.
  • Pro: $99 Per Month | You get access to an additional 6 checkout templates, No processing fees, one-click upsells, trials, subscriptions, A/B Testing, Payment plans, and Webhooks
  • Premium: $199 Per Month | This package includes everything from the previous as well as extra training, an affiliate program, and additional support.

SamCart focuses more on the check out section and your cart. Using this tool combined with your landing page or funnel building software can be a game-changer.

As they competent other, I did want to add it in this post as an alternative to Clickfunnels because if you’re someone who strictly does e-commerce, you could do just fine with a product like this

Check Out SamCart Here!

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#4 Thrive Themes

Thrive themes have a plethora of packages and options to chose from.

They offer various tools within a single platform.

Everything from Lead generation, to building out fully functional sales funnels and websites.

They have SO MANY “done for you” templates and can guarantee that they have a great starting point for what you’re needing.

And if you don’t like theirs, you can fully customize your own to fit the needs of you and your customers.

To use their platform you will have to use third-party apps to do the payment processing.

And you’ll have to use an email autoresponder if you’re planning on following up through email.

This is one of the best alternatives to Clickfunnels if you’re using WordPress.

alternatives to clickfunnels


  • Landing Page Design – Thrive Themes gives you the ability to craft the desired landing page or sales funnel of your dreams! They do offer a lot of “done for you” templates, but I wouldn’t use them as a plug and play method. More of a starting point or to give you an idea of what you’ll want yours to look like.
  • Mobile-Friendly Pages – The majority of people interacting with your website, sales funnel or landing page will most likely be using their mobile device. Yet a lot of landing page software companies still prioritize loading on desktop. Thrive Themes gives you the ability to edit everything on your pages in 2 different versions. Mobile & Desktop. That way you know everything is always loading and looks the best possible no matter what device a customer is using.
  • Thrive Theme Analytics – Measuring your site’s performance is crucial. Thrive Themes allows you to add tracking codes and back end coding needed to track your visitors without actually messing with the core files of your website. This will enable you to install the Facebook Pixel and Google analytics to your WordPress without using any plugins.
  •  Social Options – You can display icons that will direct people to all of your social media accounts. As well as share your website or blog posts throughout social media seamlessly
  • Integrations – You can link your Thrive Themes account with various other platforms that you’re using. Whether that is your email marketing like Mailchimp, Getresponse, webinar software, or texting software. These integrations allow you to run effective sales campaigns while making the process more manageable at the same time.


Thrive Themes pricing varies depending on what tool or program that you’re wanting to use.

Single License: $67 One Time Price|  Can only use the specific thing you paid for on one website. 334 Landing Page Templates, unlimited use, support and updates

5 License Pack: $97 One Time Price | Same as the single license you just have the ability to use it on 5 different websites.

Thrive Membership: $227 Per Year | The cost of Thrive Membership is $19 per month. You get unlimited access to their landing page builder but you also get to use their other 9 tools.

Keep in mind if you’re looking to only access the landing page building software you’re going to want Thrive Architect.

Which can be found within their product page.

Check Out Thrive Architect Here! 

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#5 GetResponse

The last alternatives to Clickfunnels that I’m going to mention is Getresponse.

Traditionally the only service that they offered was email marketing.

You can even integrate their autoresponder service to your Clickfunnels account.

However, they’ve evolved over the years and now they offer other online marketing services.

You can now use their platform to create auto funnels, landing pages, webinars, auto-responder messages, and manage your e-commerce store.

alternatives to clickfunnels


  • Create Landing Pages |  Most online marketing platforms require you to use some type of third party software for building your landing pages. GetResponse gives you the ability to create high converting sales funnels within a single platform. Which all come mobile friendly and optimized!
  • Customer Relationship Management Tool | The amount of customization that you’re able to do when it comes to crafting your email marketing campaigns is amazing. Creating personalized messages and campaigns that actually change based on your user’s interactions or from previous purchase behavior
  • Webinars | You can host webinars on Getresponse. Webinars can be a useful tool to educate potential customers about you and your brand. The pricing per webinar will change depending on which plan you decide to go with.
  • AutoResponders | Autoresponders are automatic messages or emails that your customers will receive based on their activity on your site. You get to fully customize this entire process, with the ability to set a specific time to send emails or to send different ones if they weren’t opened.
  • AutoFunnel | The auto funnel feature is the service that revolutionized Getresponse from an email marketing company to one that can cater specifically to e-commerce companies. They’re 100% automated and don’t require your input.


  • Basic: $15 per Month | Up to 1,000 Members on your email list. Can send unlimited Emails.
  • Plus: $49 Per Month | The plus plan lets you host $1,000 subscribers and includes webinars, sales funnels webinar funnels, and every feature available in the basic plan
  • Professional: $99 Per Month | This plan features paid webinars, and the number of attendees increases to 300. The email list remains at 1,000 subscribers.
  • Enterprise: $1,199 Per Month | This plan is suitable for large enterprises. The size of your email list grows to more than 100,000. You also get all the features available in the other plans and an account manager.

Get a Free 30 Day Trial To Getresponse Here!

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