Affiliate Programs for Small YouTubers

Small YouTubers face stiff competition from the bigger and more established channels, affecting their earning potential. Instead of relying solely on advertising revenue, you can delve into affiliate marketing to boost your earnings. But are there affiliate programs for small YouTubers?

Some of the best affiliate programs for small YouTubers include Amazon Associates, Skillshare, Envato, BH Cosmetics, and Adobe. These programs have low entry barriers, and you won’t need a sizable audience to qualify. You can review the products on your YouTube channel to promote affiliate offers.

Affiliate Programs for Small YouTubers

Affiliate marketing allows small YouTubers to earn additional income from their channels by promoting affiliate offers. Read on for a more in-depth look at some of the affiliate programs that accept small YouTubers.

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How Does YouTube Affiliate Marketing Work?

Affiliate marketing is merely earning a commission by promoting a product or service offered by another company. In most cases, affiliates build affiliate websites, but you can also achieve the same goals using YouTube.

As the name suggests, YouTube affiliate marketing entails creating and using a YouTube channel to push affiliate offers. Since YouTube is a video platform, it’s the perfect entry point for new affiliate marketers.

Unlike blogging, which requires you to polish your grammatical command and writing skills, YouTube is more forgiving. You can get away with demonstrating how a product works and referring people to the embedded affiliate links.

Let’s take a close look at each of the five affiliate marketing programs for small YouTubers.

BH Cosmetics Affiliate Program

BH Cosmetics is a household name in the cosmetic sector, and it carries a diverse range of affordable but high-quality products. It’s also home to one of the most attractive affiliate programs for small Youtubers.

BH Cosmetic offers its affiliates an 8% commission on each sale. Since the company carries a huge inventory, its affiliates stand a chance of earning huge amounts of money.

Better yet, BH Cosmetics offers an extended 90-day cookie, which ensures that you get paid for leads even when a customer takes three months to purchase a product.

The BH Cosmetics affiliate program is highly lucrative because it pays affiliates a flat 8% commission on sales plus bonuses. Small YouTubers have a real chance of increasing their affiliate income.

Due to its superior range of products and multiple offers such as free shipping, BH Cosmetics has a good reputation, a huge market presence, and a large customer base.

Due to its solid reputation, its affiliates have no trouble making sales, and the customers already trust the products. The company puts its conversion rates at 6.46%—6 times higher than the industry standard of 1%.

BH Cosmetic program is on hand to help its affiliates grow their reach, increase their sales, and boost their income. It offers affiliates 24/7 customer service, monthly newsletters, and runs regular offers and promotions.

Amazon Associates Affiliate Program

Easily the most popular affiliate program for Youtubers, Amazon Associates covers just about every conceivable niche in the world. Amazon is the largest e-commerce and thus carries a limitless inventory.

The large selection of products makes Amazon’s affiliate program the perfect choice for new affiliate marketers. The giant retailer has a huge market presence and an even larger customer base. In any given month, more than 200 million people across the world visit the e-commerce site.

Amazon offers affiliates a sales commission of between 1% and 10%. However, most of the popular products fall in the 1 to 3% commission bracket.

On the bright side, Amazon is a household name in the online shopping scene, with most of its customers making monthly purchases.

With Amazon’s affiliate program, you earn a commission on every product that your customer purchases from the site, not just the product you’re promoting. That drastically increases your chance of making a killing each month.

Amazon Associates offers a 30-day cookie, payouts once a month, and is open to people from across the globe.

YouTubers include their affiliate links in the description below each YouTube video on their channels. You can include a link to the product and equipment you’re reviewing as well as the equipment you’re using to shoot the video.

Adobe Affiliate Program

If you’re a creative individual interested in photography, graphic design, or shooting videos, you can’t go wrong with the Adobe affiliate program. Adobe is a household and trusted name in the creative industry.

The firm provides a host of bundled award-winning software solutions popular with photographers, studios, and filmmakers. It has a large customer base and a global presence.

The Adobe affiliate program carries a diverse commission structure on various products to give affiliates numerous monetization opportunities. 

In addition to one-off sales, Adobe offers subscription services, presenting affiliates with a chance to earn recurring commissions.

Adobe affiliates get a 30-day cookie and can earn as much as 85% of converting monthly subscriptions. Adobe products fall into two categories that offer different commissions.

Creative Cloud & Document Cloud

  • 85% of the first monthly subscription
  • 8.33% one-time payment for a yearly subscription

Adobe Stock

  • $72 on monthly subscriptions
  • $72 recurring payments on annual subscriptions
  • 8.33% on single purchases
  • 85% of the first month for three standard monthly assets.

Adobe affiliate program offers marketing banners, text links, and exclusive promotions to help affiliates increase their conversion rates. It also sends daily reports to help affiliates track and improve their marketing efforts.

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Skillshare Affiliate Program

Skillshare is an educational platform that curates more than 33,000 online classes. The platform allows learners to attend online courses taught by some of the world-leading practitioners.

Skillshare leans towards the creative crowd but covers a diverse subject matter, including business, design, and photography.

A fun approach to learning and leveraging accomplished celebrities and A-list actors as teachers have made Skillshare one of the top online learning services.

Skillshare runs an affiliate program that lets affiliates earn a $7 commission for each converting lead. Unlike most programs, Skillshare pays you for every customer that signs up for a free trial or premium membership.

A 30-day cookie ensures that you get paid if a referral signs up on the platform within a month. The program makes monthly payouts on a net-45 days cycle. 

It might seem like a long time between payments, but it means that you’re assured of a payday in the middle of each month. The platform pays you 15 days into the new month.

The platform runs special promotions each month to attract more users to the platform. Such offers increase affiliate conversion rates as more people join the forum to snag the discounted rates.

Envato Affiliate Program

The popularity of online shopping continues to fuel the demand for new personal and business websites as people rush to establish an online presence. Envato is a leading marketplace and community for creative assets and solutions. 

It allows members to buy and sell digital products, including website themes, motion graphics, production music, software codes, and more.

Envato offers three affiliate programs to cover its three main categories:

  • Envato Elements: Products in this category include WordPress themes, fonts, and graphics. Affiliates earn $60 on a monthly subscription and $120 on annual subscriptions.
  • Placeit: This is a user-friendly DIY design tool that allows people to create beautiful logos, designs, videos, and mockups. Affiliates earn $50 for every new annual subscriber they refer, $20 on monthly subscription, and a 50% commission on one-off transactions.
  • Envato Market: It’s a creative marketplace for WordPress themes, plugins, videos, and more. Affiliates are entitled to a 30% commission on every successful first-time purchase.

Affiliates can join one or more affiliate programs run by Envato. Depending on your target audience, you’re better off joining all three and increasing your earning potential.

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Small YouTubers can drastically grow their earnings by venturing into affiliate marketing. Numerous reputable companies are looking to partner up with content creators and promote their products and services.

Small YouTubers can promote a range of items on their channels, including physical and digital products and services.

Some of the best affiliate marketing programs for small YouTubers include:

  • Amazon Associates
  • BH Cosmetics
  • Adobe
  • Skillshare
  • Envato


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