Affiliate Funnel Clones Review: Is It a Scam or Legit?

If you’re looking for ways to make money online, you’ve probably come across countless affiliate programs.

All of them promise to make you enough money to replace your full-time income, which often seems too good to be true.

Affiliate Funnel Clones isn’t quite as popular as other memberships, but it has a secret that makes it a bit better.

Affiliate Funnel Clones is legit if you’re able to follow their step-by-step instructions. Start by building your network, focusing on quality content, and copy-pasting your affiliate links. It’s one of the simplest tactics, but it takes time. This program takes a few months to start making money.

Throughout this article, you’ll also learn the following information about Affiliate Funnel Clones:

  • How you can sign up and start making money fairly quickly
  • Pros and cons of the AFC program
  • Comparisons to similar memberships and which you should choose
  • Whether or not Affiliate Funnel Clones is worth your time

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Perks of the Affiliate Funnel Clones Program

Making money online is thought of as one of the riskiest business opportunities.

Everyone wants you to send them hundreds of dollars for a chance to make it back in a few months, followed by steady income. However, for every person who makes the promised money, there are many more who fail.

affiliate funnel clones review

Fortunately, Affiliate Funnel Clones doesn’t seem to make as many false promises as other affiliate programs.

Below, you’ll find five proven perks that make Affiliate Funnel Clones a good choice for some people.

  1. Hundreds of people have tried the program. Rather than it being brand-new without any proven results, Affiliate Funnel Clones claims that they’ve had hundreds of people who’ve managed to create a decent income for themselves. They give you an opportunity to take part in these results.
  2. You don’t need a website to get started. The vast majority of affiliate programs require you to have a blog to post your links. However, AFC has a unique membership that doesn’t require email lists or websites, taking countless hours out of your work schedule. It’s easy to get started without these factors.
  3. It’s incredibly easy for beginners to work their way through the interface. Some programs have complex tutorials and an interface that makes it challenging for those who are just starting. If you’re not used to making an income through affiliate commissions, then you’ll enjoy these courses.
  4. Speaking of which, there are several courses to guide you through the process. You won’t have to figure everything out since the customer service team does everything for you. If you have any questions, they’ll be able to answer you shortly. Regardless of your experience level, nobody’s complaining about good service.
  5. Plenty of campaigns come with this program, allowing you to choose the route you want to go to. You’ll be able to decide your niche and start making an income from anywhere in the world. All you need is a reliable internet connection and a computer to get started.

As you can see, there are more than enough perks to make Affiliate Funnel Clones worth the effort.

However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with a few cons. In fact, AFC has faced its fair share of skeptics and critics who’ve had bad experiences. To know if they outweigh the benefits, read on.

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Downsides, But Not Deal-Breakers

Since it’s so undeveloped compared to high-end affiliate programs, Affiliate Funnel Clones has a few holes that have to be explained.

They’re not the best when it comes to in-depth value, but some people believe that the low price makes it worth the investment.

If you’re a pro, then you might be disappointed by the lack of education.

Here’s a list of cons of the Affiliate Funnel Clones program:

  • According to How to Make Honest Money Online, experts aren’t going to find much value in this program. It uses the same formula that many high-end programs use, minus a couple of extra bits and pieces. That being said, beginners might enjoy the content since it comes at such a low price.
  • Unfortunately, the low price is met with a few add-ons. If you want full access to what this program has to offer, you’ll have to spend more money beyond the initial sign-up fee. You’ll learn more about the costly nature of this program later in the article, but just know that the add-ons can be quite frustrating.
  • A lot of the content found in this program can be found for free on the internet. Why spend money to learn about affiliate marketing when you can get it for free? The first few lessons are common knowledge to experienced marketers, but the traffic sources and campaigns are where the investment is worth it.
  • The ways that they show you how to make money can be overwhelming for beginners. While the program is beginner-friendly, you’ll have to take your time to write notes and soak up all of the new information. It can seem far too broad, which leads to a lot of people quitting and asking for their money back.
  • The company tries way too hard to promote itself as the best brand on the internet. It’s no secret that every company wants to earn your money, but Affiliate Funnel Clones continues to use gimmicks and fancy wording to ensure you that you need to spend your money on them.

It’s up to you to decide if the pros are better than the cons, but there’s no denying the cracks in this program.

Fortunately, the initial price isn’t too bad. If you’re lucky, you’ll make your money back and start profiting in a couple of months.

Before you start investing yourself in Affiliate Funnel Clones, there are some things you should know.

In the next section, we’ll discuss the in’s and out’s of AFC to paint a clearer picture.

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What You Should Know Before You Join the Membership

It’s tempting to get every promising money-making scheme that you come across. After all, who wouldn’t want to make money wherever they go? If it seems too good to be true, then it is.

Affiliate Funnel Clones has plenty of benefits and downsides, as you previously read.

That being said, there’s more information that you need to know before you open your bank account for them. Let’s discuss these features below.

There’s far more work than the company admits

It’s simple work, but they act like you won’t have to do anything other than copy-pasting their links.

The truth is that you’ll be creating YouTube videos and designing other webpages to drive more traffic.

The company preaches a practically hands-free approach, but that’s far from the truth. If you’re not comfortable making YouTube videos, you might run into trouble.

You’ll have to deal with websites, even though they say you won’t

As mentioned earlier in the article, you don’t have to create websites (buy the domain, have it hosted, etc.), which saves you a lot of money.

However, they give you five websites that you’ll have to grow. In other words, you have to do all of the work and decide which ads you want to promote on the website.

You’ll likely promote their program to other people

When you win bids for the ads that you’ll use, you’ll have to spend hundreds of dollars. Some users have claimed that they weren’t able to find an ad for less than $300.

If you’re trying to save cash, then this method isn’t the one for you. Some of the ads promote Affiliate Funnel Clones, which can be bothersome.

You’re fully-equipped to decide whether or not you should join AFC, though there’s a lot more to learn throughout this article. If you’re ready to get started, proceed to the next section.

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How to Sign Up for the AFC Program

Signing up for this program is surprisingly easy. A lot of other memberships have 3 or 4 pages of content that you have to go through if you want to get started.

Then there’s the dreaded approval process; Another problem that you won’t have to deal with when you’re joining the Affiliate Funnel Clones program.

Follow these steps to sign up for the membership:

  1. Start by choosing between the one-time payment or the monthly subscription. Interestingly enough, the one-time payment offers more benefits and costs less than two months of the monthly subscription. In other words, if you intend to use this product for more than one month, you might as well get the one-time payment option.
  2. Choose your delivery method. Your method will be an email address. Consider making a unique business email that you can use for everything related to the affiliate program. Using a personal email is an option, but a lot of people end up getting overwhelmed with emails that mix between bills and sales.
  3. Select a payment method. You can choose a credit card, debit card, bank account, or PayPal account. Fill out the necessary information to ensure that you’re able to get the service, then verify that it’s gone through. They’ll send you an email verification to make sure that you’re who you say you are.
  4. It comes with a 14-day return policy, so keep your order number saved. If you decide that you’re not getting enough value within the two-week period, you’ll be allowed to get a full refund. Once the sale goes through, you’ll be able to access the program and start building your affiliate funnel.
  5. You’ll be billed monthly unless you chose the one-time payment. Note that there are a few add-ons, some of which have monthly subscription payments. Make note of the billing date (it’s typically either the 1st of every month or the same date that you purchased the product).

Signing up for the program is as easy as it gets. If you decided that it’s going to improve your finances, then you can get started immediately.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with online business transactions and how to operate affiliate programs, you’ll find everything that you need to know below.

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How Do You Use Affiliate Funnel Clones?

Using Affiliate Funnel Clones isn’t too difficult, especially since they provide numerous tutorials to catch you up to speed. You won’t feel left out or behind everyone else in the program. Once you get approved and your payment processes, try following the tips below to get started with the program.

  • Log into your primary private account. You’ll have a username and password that you should’ve created when you went through the payment process. If you lost your username or password, you can request a new one via email. Make sure you keep your passwords safe and secret.
  • Choose an autoresponder and an ad spot. You’ll have to copy-paste your ad into the box to get going. Your ad is given to you by AFC, so you’ll only have to copy it from the aforementioned primary account page. You can generate new codes with every product since they’re trackable.
  • Go through their traffic sources. One of the most impressive parts of this affiliate program is that they offer traffic sources to help you make money. However, they’re not free. You’ll have to spend money to get exposure, but that should be expected with any online money-making process.
  • Glenn Review shows us that the autoresponders will create the leads for you, so it’s important that you choose the right ones. Fortunately, AFC provides a plethora of options so you don’t have to do too much work. For those who aren’t as experienced in the industry, this bit is a huge help.

These simple suggestions will propel you to the front of the program. However, it takes time to start making money.

Unlike the advertised profits and seemingly instant results. The Affiliate Funnel Programs takes a lot of time to start making a good income.

If you have a bit of patience and you can test the program, you’ll likely see positive results.

Comparing to Similar Affiliate Courses

Thankfully, you’re not stuck with choosing one affiliate program. There are dozens of courses that make the same promises, many of which deliver top-notch results.

For example, Wealthy Affiliate is one of the internet’s top programs. It allows you to make websites in any niche that convert viewers in buyers.

If you’re looking for an alternative route of making money through affiliate commissions, then you could try travel programs. For instance, TripAdvisor, Priceline, Booking, and many other travel companies allow you to make a commission for every transaction. Advertise their products on your website and make money for each purchase.

For those of you who need the assistance offered by Affiliate Funnel Clones, Rakuten has won several awards for its programs. You might also enjoy FlexOffers, AWIN, Amazon, and other companies that teach you how to sell their products and services for a commission.

The main difference between AFC and other affiliate programs is that they focus on how to get it done rather than how you can sell their product. Make no mistake; You’ll likely have to advertise AFC’s membership at some point, but it’s not as direct as other companies. If you’re looking to learn how to get started with a simple format, you’ll love Affiliate Funnel Clones.

There are many similar programs that guide you through the process, but most of them aren’t as budget-friendly as AFC.

That being said, it’s a good idea to look through all of the options before making your choice. Figure out which one fits your schedule and learning necessities, then start piling on the work every day.

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How Can You Increase Your Earnings?

If you go through the step-by-step process that’s suggested by Affiliate Funnel Clones, there’s no doubt that you’ll make money.

The issue is that earning an income could refer to a few cents or thousands of dollars. This service is proven to have results, but the results could vary drastically.

Whether you’re having trouble earning an income or you want to improve your current results, these suggestions will increase your earnings in due time:

  1. Try all of the campaigns before you focus on one of them. There are five different routes that you can take with this program, so there’s no need in picking one randomly. If you test each of them, you’ll be able to decide which one best suits your preferences. This suggestion will make it easier to make money in the long run.
  2. Do the one-time payment rather than spending a bunch of money every month. The one-time payment costs less than twice the amount of the monthly payment. You’ll also receive access to a members-only community, which can prove to be priceless if you’re able to get advice along the way.
  3. Consider some of the add-ons. Although it’s annoying that there’s more money to be spent, you’ll gain access to over 20 affiliate funnels and a ton of extra content. It’s hard to beat such a good offer, especially since most of the add-ons are a one-time payment that doesn’t require a subscription.
  4. Listen to all of their tutorials. If you’re a pro, then it might be frustrating to listen to loads of info that you already know, but there are a few unique tips found in the program that are more than worth it. For example, they teach you how to master Facebook to sell more and get more commissions.
  5. Try a variety of offers. Although Affiliate Funnel Clones offers its ads, you can try several others from a list that they suggest. They’re so confident in their product that they don’t need you to promote it. The results sell themselves, so you can choose any of the offers that you come across.

Increasing your profits through AFC isn’t nearly as difficult as it would be if you were on your own. All you have to do is take advantage of their tools to improve your business and make more income.

Are you trying to figure out how long you’ll have to wait? Read on.

How Long Does It Take to Make Money with Affiliate Funnel Clones?

Affise points out that it usually takes about six months to start making money with affiliate marketing.

That doesn’t mean that you can quit your job in half of a year. In fact, you’ll only start to see a trickle of income for the first year. Most people don’t notice a major difference in their income until about 9 to 12 months.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to know how long Affiliate Funnel Clones will take. Affiliate marketing is a tricky business that requires knowledge, timing, traffic, and more.

If you work hard enough and everything aligns, you’ll have great success. Sadly, there’s no guarantee, which is why so many people are worried about wasting their time and money.

The good news is that AFC teaches you the basics of affiliate marketing. Even if you end up quitting, you’ll have the knowledge to build an online income. You won’t be stuck wishing you’d started. The longer you wait, the longer it’ll be until you start seeing a steady income.

AFC claims that hundreds of their customers have seen three figures per day once they reached the traditional income mark. That’s far from everyone, but people who quit end up reducing the average.

Even if you’re making the bare minimum of three figures ($100), you’ll be earning $3,000 per month.

That’s not bad considering you won’t have to put more than 10 hours per week into it! Dedication and patience are the keys to success. After that, you’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Is Affiliate Funnel Clones Expensive?

You’ve read everything about this program, so let’s get down to the reality of it…

It’s not cheap!

The basic membership currently costs $24 per month, whereas the one-time payment costs $47.

Note that these prices don’t include taxes and other fees. It might seem fairly low compared to the vast majority of affiliate memberships, but they’re just the start.

Once you get into the add-ons, you can sink quite a bit of hard-earned cash into this program. For example, the Premium package adds another $47 on top of the current total. With taxes, you’ll be at $100 between the one-time payment and the Premium membership.

But that’s just the start…

They also have an email vault access fee of $27 and an affiliate studio with a monthly payment of $47 or $297 per year.

Let’s break down your two options below (assuming you get all of the add-ons, which the company highly suggests):

  1. If you decide to get the one-time payment plan and all of the add-ons, you’ll be paying $121 before taxes and $297 per year. That means you’ll spend $418 before taxes right away.
  2. If you decide to go with monthly payments, you’ll have to spend $71 per month and $74 right away. It might sound like a better deal, but that leads to a whopping $852 per year, not counting taxes.

Note: These prices are subject to change, and they don’t include taxes. They also don’t include the prices that you might have to pay to get the right funnels and ads, which can cost hundreds of dollars. In short, this program is good for beginners who can get enough value from the base payments, but the add-ons can break the bank for some people.

Is This Affiliate Program Worth It?

Johnn Reviews claims that the Affiliate Funnel Clones program is worth it for anyone who’s tech-savvy. If you know your way around the online business world, then you’ll thrive beyond the add-ons.

On the other side of the argument, it’s not quite the best choice for people who don’t have enough money to sink into the program.

You’ll gain some valuable knowledge from the basic access fee, but there’s no doubt that the add-ons become essential to long-term success.

Your income potential will be capped if you don’t have the additional sales funnels.


If you’re ready to spend the time and money, you’ll make it back and enjoy the profits. There’s some top-notch info in this program that can’t be ignored.

If you’re confused by the business world and you’re not comfortable spending a few hundred dollars for AFC’s recommendations, then you’d be better off trying other affiliate courses.

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Affiliate Funnel Clones might not be the most popular affiliate program on the internet, but there’s no denying the effectiveness of this money-making membership. Aside from the frustrating add-ons and the long time waiting for results, you’ll find it to be a rewarding expense. No business is guaranteed, but dedication and hard work will improve your chances of success.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the post:

  • You can sign up and start posting your affiliate links in a matter of minutes.
  • There are a few add-ons that are required if you want full-access to the program.
  • You can choose to get the one-time payment option or spend monthly payments on the subscription.
  • Increasing your earnings is as simple as spending more on traffic leads and autoresponders.
  • There’s a bit of up-front work required, which isn’t advertised in the sign-up process.


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